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How old did Oikawa, Daichi , Asahi and Kuroo have their fist kiss? I love your blog very much .

thank u love <3 


• he was 13 and it was with a classmate he liked, they liked him too and they dated… for like 2 weeks. such young heartbreak. But his only true love is volleyball


• had it with the first person he dated, was 14 years old. They had gone out for a about a year before they kissed. Later broke up bc high school- new people- new start or smth


• when he was 14 he was on this train and it was so full of people bc rush hour ya know- accidentally got kissed by this other high schooler when the train suddenly stopped


• had his first kiss at a truth or dare game at a school trip when he was 16. Was a ball of excitement bc whoo first kiss right