rainbowtrail2013  asked:

I was wondering if you could do head cannons for IwaOi to comfort each other. Like how Iwaizumi would comfort Oikawa and how Oikawa would comfort Iwaizumi. Stuff like that please

Oikawa and Iwaizumi even each other out pretty damn well, sure they are like chaos most of the time but they care very much about each other even though they might not show it. 


• he would let his actions speak louder than words, lingering touches and kinds smiles while giving Oikawa his whole attention

• makes both of them some nice warm tea to drink while sitting on the couch cuddling close to each other

• 100% will bring out his constellation projector light thing because space cheers Oikawa up. 


• he will reassure Iwaizumi that all will be okay, it’s okay to be sad and that he will always be there for him to let him cry on his shoulder 

• will build a blanket fort because when they were kids they’d do that when they felt down to just have a safe heaven away from everything

• will lay beside him and hold his hand in his, stroke his thumb reassuringly against his hand, press kisses to his forehead 

I did the voice recognition for some characters. Let me know if you want a specific one though!

Hinata Shoyo: Unity show you
Kageyama Tobio: call grandma to be you
Tsukishima Kei: squishy McKay
Yamaguchi Tadashi: yeah I’m good turn off
Yachi Hitoka: Joshua Tucker
Asahi Azumane: I said he is in my name
Tanaka Ryūnosuke: tunica renal scan
Nishinoya Yuu: mission are you
Narita Kazuhito: naruto cause of Hitler
Ennoshita Chikara: I know she do Shakira

Kuroo Tetsurou: cooter turtle
Kenma Kozume: can I cousin

Oikawa Tooru: or comma total
Iwazumi Hajime: it wasn’t me kush cagey
Matsukawa Issei: what the cowboy he say

Ushijima Wakatoshi: fushiji Milwaukee tool
Tendou Satori: tender Saturday