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Which seijo members do y'all think would be attracted to a girl with a tiny waist but pretty round hips? Like curvy...but not in the mainstream sense? Like, still small, but everyone is always surprised to see how large her hips and butt are because she wears baggy clothing all the time? If you couldn't tell already, I'm describing me lol. I get a bit self conscious about my size pretty often because clothes never fit right. I really can't confide because people tell me to stop complaining...

All of Seijou would like their partner regardless of body type

Oikawa, Hanamaki, Yahaba, and Watari don’t make a secret of how much they adore their partner’s figure. They shower them with endless kisses and praise over how beautiful they look, running their hands over their sides, hips, and lower back. Whenever their partner mentions they feel self conscious about their body, they’re all quick to help them feel better, assuring that they’re just perfect the way they are.

Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Kindaichi, Kunimi, and Kyoutani are a tad more shy about expressing that, but make it obvious that they love every part of their partner’s body. They’re more touchy, especially around their partner’s waist, and always have an excuse to have an arm around them. If anyone talks shit about their partner’s figure, they won’t hesitate to step in and defend them, with either strong words or some… minor threats.

Oikawa is actually a very safe driver. Look, he’s even using turn signals… sort of.

Full disclosure: I saw this star wars fanart a week and a half ago and thought “So cute!! I want to draw something like that, but with an HQ team.” Then I put that thought away until I made this piece this weekend… And upon review discovered I unintentionally copied even the same vehicle… so… full credit for the idea to OP. I just wanted to draw something summery with the seijoh kiddos for a new desktop wallpaper/header img ;;;


I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?