“Is there a problem?  Besides, I’d like Aoba even if he wasn’t a guy.”
“I got it!  Can’t do anything about it!  You better take care of him, then!  Aoba’s a real Idiot!”

Day 4: Alternate Universe

The Musician and the Mute

Aoba lives in a big city, taking care of his brother Sei.  He works from home as a translator, but his true passion is music.  He creates electronica on his laptop (think Goatbed) and listens to his favorite bands and sometimes his own stuff as he hangs up he and Sei’s laundry to dry.
Noiz lives across the alley, and Aoba’s clothesline happens to be planted right next to his window.  He is a Hacker and a poet, but he is also mute.  He and Aoba communicate through notes on the clothesline since Aoba doesn’t know sign language.
Eventually, Noiz makes his way to Aoba’s apartment, and since Aoba doesn’t know sign language, he confesses his love with a kiss~

I have grown REALLY attached to this AU tbh.  I had fun with color schemes and Aoba’s hairstyles.