aoba and the gang

aoba johsai third yr headcanons (gang gang)

-iwaizumi cracks his knuckles constantly and it makes oikawa so uncomfortable
-matsukawa gives the best back massages, he refuses to give them to hanamaki because he makes noises that sound super sexual
-iwaizumi actually dresses really well and has been offered multiple modeling gigs, but he declines all of them because he thinks he wouldn’t be good at it and look really unnatural / uncomfortable
-oikawa is the one who encourages iwaizumi to finally take a job, and gives him pointers that make iwaizumi blush just from how charismatic oikawa is
-iwaizumi has a habit of grinding his teeth in his sleep and has to wear a mouth guard, hanamaki literally cried from how cute he looked (“ur like a little baby wrestler haj please kill me”)
-hanamaki loves fruit snacks more than himself, has given oikawa’s number to one of his fans in exchange for the scooby doo one’s
-oikawa has a suuuuper cute giggle and also snorts when laughing and it’s one of the most endearing things ever, if you see oikawa gigling you will 99.9% see one of the third yrs looking at him dreamily
-iwaizumi has pranked matsukawa by painting a picture of him on his back that matsukawa absolutely DESPISES instead of the pretty sunset iwa promised to paint (oikawa got a baby carrot stuck up his nose and matsukawa was laughing so hard he couldn’t control what face he was making, resulting in the ugliest picture he has ever seen of himself)
-oikawa got a carrot stuck up his nose from a dare by matsukawa, he literally had to go to the nurse’s office and they had to extract it w tweezers
-iwaizumi was scolding oikawa for overworking himself and being careless when oikawa told iwaizumi to mind his own business. iwaizumi got so angry that he grabbed the front of oikawa’s shirt and as he pulled oikawa closer to him he tore an entire strip of oikawa’s shirt down the front
-matsukawa and hanamaki walked in and stared at the entire strip of fabric in iwaizumi’s hands and oikawa’s shirt that was now a shirt-vest-jacket before they all made eye contact and laughed hysterically for eternities
-matsukawa has had his eyebrows filled in by oikawa and he legit looked like that one dog w eyebrows (mobile tumblr sucks dick idk how it works so if you want the pic of the dog w eyebrows dm me)
-matsukawa is an avid gum chewer so he always smells minty fresh (ayy)
-oikawa had braces for two years in middle school and he once walked into makki and mattsun screaming at pictures that iwaizumi showed them (he looked so cute that the first pictures in hajime’s camera roll is him laughing with green and blue braces)
-hanamaki unironically wears toeless socks
-matsukawa is constantly eating snacks, he literally always gets in trouble in class so everyday he has new ways of sneaking them (one way involved hiding them in his sleeve, he raised his hand to answer a question and an entire bag’s worth of chips just fell one by one on ground, the teacher made him do his work standing up)
-they all have matching boxers and there’s a conspiracy theory across campus that all of the volleyball boys are genuine stans of the spice girls (iwaizumi has “scary spice” written across his butt, oikawa has “baby spice”, hanamaki has “ginger spice”, and matsukawa has “posh spice”)
-iwaizumi’s first modeling gig involved a shirtless scene that was in the promotional video for no more than 2 seconds, the school newspaper printed the scene on the front page and hanamaki & matsukawa frantically collected as many of them as they could just to cover an entire wall in the club room w them
-iwaizumi was also confessed to multiple times that day and blushed the entire time
-hanamaki plays the piano and won the school’s talent show with his own original song, “i don’t look like chicken little” (nobody really knows what the title means but the song is incredibly depressing and melancholy, oikawa was about to pass out from trying not to laugh out loud because of the song title)
-oikawa and matsukawa do yoga together and have grown to be pretty good at it, they also look GREAT in yoga pants
-matsukawa skips sometimes when he walks without noticing
-iwaizumi has a hoodie that says “#1 hanamaki stan” and he wears it all the time
-hanamaki snores so fucking loud, during sleepovers and camps matsukawa has literally tried to suffocate him because he was so tired
-hanamaki is also very aware that he snores loudly and tries all kinds of home remedies to try and stop it
-iwaizumi doesn’t care abt what people think about him and likes embarassing oikawa tbh so if tooru says no to hanging out when he’s in a bad mood and closes up on himself, iwaizumi will literally fall on the ground and whine like a 3 yr old until he agrees
-hanamaki’s 18th birthday present included iwaizumi shirtless and a messy “HAPY BDAY MAKKI” across his chest and abs (matsukawa wrote too big and they ran out of room), a pic of iwa then is now hanamaki’s phone wallpaper
-oikawa sleeps with an eye mask and wears a matching top and bottom pajama set
-oikawa is actually kind of a health nut, always spending his lunch money on smoothies & eating the vegetables and the occasional octopus sausage from hanamaki and iwaizumi’s lunches (matsukawa always shares his rice w him because he is NICE and rice is the BEST)
-iwaizumi and hanamaki are horrible at cooking, they have accidentally made a ramen noodle cup literally explode in a microwave at oikawas house (put it in for 20 minutes, not 2)
-matsukawa loves eggs so much like scrambled and boiled and sunny side up? YES he is a fan
-hanamaki’s hair is so soft and he loves when ppl touch it so all of the third yrs just pet him to get his attention instead of tapping his shoulder or somethin
-matsukawa always has earbuds in and offers every1 one of them if they ask what hes listening to
-he always looks so relaxed so almost everyone’s ears ring when they realize hes listening to heavy metal
-oikawa is very ticklish and gets jumped by hanamaki and matsukawa all the time it sux but is also very fun

-evn though theyre easy going kids they always promise to stay together every year, no matter what

thas all 4 now folkz

haikyuulovercompany  asked:

For the bad boy AU: TendouXReader. She shows up to a party she isn't supposed to thanks to her best friend even when Tendou literally order her not to get involve with the people he is involved with, and some guys end up cornering her, and Tendou ends up getting in a fight with them. Thankss babee. I hope this wasn't too much. You know I can't control myself with this boy.

When I imagined this AU, I didn’t really take into consideration how dark it could be, so I apologize if I’m running more in that vein maybe than people were wanting or expecting. I will try to set warnings so people know which posts to avoid.

Warning: Depictions of violence and harsh language.

You shouldn’t be here, you really, really shouldn’t be here, crowded into a dark corner watching as the house you’ve been drug to by your supposed best friend continues to fill up with more and more people. For the most part, they don’t look too threatening, the majority people who heard through the grapevine about a “killer house party” in the neighborhood. Which is how you, a fringe member of the Shiratorizawa gang, ended up surrounded by Aoba Josai knights. It isn’t because you want to be here, it’s because you felt you had to…to protect your best friend…who is currently making out with a boy whose name you’re fairly sure she doesn’t know.

At best, it’s uncomfortable being the only Shiratorizawa member here and at worst, dangerous because of the bad blood between Aoba Josai’s leader and your own. But you won’t leave her and so you stand quietly trying to blend into the wall to wait until she’s done having her thrill.

Being the girlfriend of a high ranked gang member, you have a better understanding of the goings-on behind the scenes, the reality of the violence behind the romanticized notion of being with a bad boy or girl. But you wouldn’t trade Tendou for the world; he treats you like a queen which is why not only are you dealing with feelings of irritation and nerves, but guilt. Because he told you never to come here and you can see why in the form of two members who’ve spotted you.

It was stupid, really, to place yourself in a section of the room with no quick exit, no way to get out if you were cornered and that’s exactly what you are.

“Well, well, well,” one of them says, smoothly sidling up to you, voice dripping with attempted seduction, “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. What’s yer name, sweetheart?”

“I…um…that is,” you stutter, knowing that to give your name would be suicide in this den of lions.

He chuckles, leaning closer into your space. “What’s the matter? Cat got yer tongue?”

You shake your head rapidly, crowding back further against the wall only encouraging him to step closer but when he catches sight of your necklace, the one with a beautiful white swan, he lets out a bark of laughter loud enough to catch others’ attention. His eyes narrow, fingers coiling around your wrist like a snake and you feel your pulse thundering in your veins. “You’re really stupid to have come here, bird brain.”

His sharp tug has you crying out in surprise, body flying from the dark corner to a suddenly very and unfortunately bright room. “Looks like we’ve caught ourselves a stray swan,” he bellows loudly bringing more eyes to stare and burn upon your skin.

“They’re sending bitches to do their recon now? How far the mighty have fallen,” another pipes up from the couch. You look up, imploring your friend to go get help. Somehow she reads your mind and scrambles off before anyone really sees her.

Turning your attention back to your abuser you say as strongly as possible, “I’m not here on recon, I was with my friend but we were just leaving.”

Another grabs you by the collar, hauling you to your feet, a deep dark sneer on his face. “I don’t think so, baby cakes, you’ve got a lot of nerve comin’ here and you ain’t leavin’ till we say so.”

“What do you want-“ you begin but are cut off by another exclamation, this time from a female voice.

“It’s her! She…she belongs to the monster!”

The one holding you looks in your eyes, grin spreading to a maniacal width. “Oh, this is just too good. I owe that freak some pay back.” He flicks out a knife making you whimper in fear which he devours like a hungry wolf. You feel the cold press of steel against your cheek followed by a stinging heat as he slashes down, drawing a thin red line upon the smoothness of your skin.

“Let’s send the monster a carved-up swan as a present,” he declares, the series of hoots and hollers in agreement making your blood run cold. Just as more are closing in, a loud outburst of surprise is the only warning you get when your abuser is wrenched violently backwards sending you to the floor.

“What the fuck!” shouts another, the distinct sound of fist to flesh meeting your ears. 

More jostling, more shouting, some screams from the girls still in the room. You turn around on  hands and knees, horrified to see Satori surrounded by knights. A second later, one of them falls to the ground clutching his stomach, followed by another being flung into the couch toppling it backwards. Watching Satori fight, you’re suddenly very aware of how he came to be known as “the monster.”

His hair is wilder, made so by the attempted grabs and pulls from his opponents, his eyes blown so wide in his fury that you fear he’ll pop a vessel. His teeth are grit, grim determination in his countenance as he takes on knight after knight, some getting good hits in before they’re tossed or kicked aside. Anyone else at this point would have been overwhelmed but Satori’s instincts in fighting and his ability to guess from where the next attack will come are frightening. He catches punches that should have met with his face, avoids leg sweeps like he’s skipping rope and manages to connect what look like flailing limbs to their targets with shocking precision.

But even he can’t keep this up forever and the two of you are surrounded. Eventually some knights corner him, locking his arms out leaving two others to punch and kick him viciously, your screams of protest and begging to stop falling on deaf ears.

“What the fuck is going on here!” a voice bellows from the stairwell and all motion ceases, attention turning to the second in command of Aoba Josai as he descends the stairs. Iwaizuimi reaches the bottom landing, eyes narrowing when he sees just who it is his gang has in their clutches.

Racing forward, you startle him when you fall to your knees and bow. “Please, Iwaizumi-senpai, make them stop. We’re sorry, I’m sorry, for being here. I was with my friend…and…I didn’t want to be here but she did and-“

“Be quiet,” he orders roughly. Looking at his underlings, Iwaizumi flicks his wrist, the motion like the unlocking of a key because the next second Satori is released. “Get what’s yours and get out,” he directs to him.

Tendou stands up, blood running down his temple and hauls you to your feet. He’s beat to hell but you’re the one struggling to stand so he draws you into his arms in a cradle. Looking at your face which will no doubt be sporting a scar, he flicks his gaze to the one who cut you.

“Watch your back, pretty boy, this isn’t over,” he growls and walks out.

When the door shuts, Iwaizumi breaks up the party, sending the rough and rowdies to get their punishment from Kyotani for acting without orders. As he retreats  to the sanctity of his office, Tooru’s voice from the door way of his gives him pause. “And what was that all about?”

Glancing in the room, Iwaizumi sighs heavily. “I think we’d better prepare for a rumble, the monster isn’t going to take his girl getting cut lightly.”

*Santaolalla’s guitar playing in the background*

Here I am with my homoerotic au

The group fucks shit up and another gang attacks them. So Sly gets stabbed and Sei ends up taking care of him like a good boyfriend. 

Sei is a huge nerd, so he starts to repair computers in order to save some money, rent a trailer and buy meds for his precious blue haired hottie.

DRRR!!x9 is officially translated and sold in my country yesterday, and I was so excited to read it especially the pool scene since it wasn’t in the anime (even though I’ve already read it online)…
Kururi, Mairu… please bully Aoba more… I really like seeing the other, other side of him (you know, ‘the good boy’, ‘the blue square leader’ and ‘how do I even interact with girls I only have guys in my gang’ side)
And Aoba, just ask Kuru— both of them out already, it’s not that hard…I’m waiting… ლ(΄◉◞౪◟◉`) ლ

Let's think about boyfriends kicking ass together

Clear and Mink beating the fuck out of the bad guys together. Mink realising that Clear isn’t the perfect little flower that he appears to be, and descends into shock when he realises that Clear is far stronger than he will ever be (he loves it really).

Noiz and Koujaku fighting on the same side rather than against each other and realising just how badass they can be when they work together. The both of them realising they’re in love at this very moment, as the bodies hit the floor.

Aoba teaching Human! Ren some simple self-defense to make sure he doesn’t feel scared in his new body around gangs. Aoba accidentally hitting Ren in the face and feeling really guilty and begging Ren to punch him back as payback, only to be pulled into the biggest warmest puppy hug he ever did have.

Vitri kicking ass. Period. It’s just another normal day for Morphine.