aoba and the gang

*Santaolalla’s guitar playing in the background*

Here I am with my homoerotic au

The group fucks shit up and another gang attacks them. So Sly gets stabbed and Sei ends up taking care of him like a good boyfriend. 

Sei is a huge nerd, so he starts to repair computers in order to save some money, rent a trailer and buy meds for his precious blue haired hottie.

What are Mikado and Aoba even?
  • Mikado: I stab Aoba with pen
  • Aoba: *screams*
  • Mikado: sorry about that *innocent smile*
  • Mikado: hang around in this creepy building site with me Aoba and plan a gang war whilst being watched by yakuza...but do you need help with your homework? I don't want you to get in trouble.
  • Mikado: *sets bitch on fire*
  • Aoba: are you hurt senpai? let me help you up.

(Mikado): stop shouting, you’ll wake the gang up!

(Aoba): stop acting like we’re their parents!

[the blue squares peek through the door, looking sad]

(Blue squares): are you guys fighting because of us?

(Blue squares): whatever we did we’re sorry…….

(Aoba): NO! We’re just, uhh, having a very loud discussion.

(Mikado): go back to bed kids, we’re fine.


There we go, pencils down. This was a….Thing. That. Sorta ate my brain ages ago. I wanted to get more than just some blueline framing down in my sketchbook. Just snapped quick photos, because my scanner is loud as shit and I’ve got two people trying to sleep in my house (it’s 4am). Maybe one day I’ll actually sit down to ink this and put the - frankly weird - dialogue in. KouAo have an accidentally existential conversation about their robot (and not-so robot) pals (…and not such pals?) this was honestly just an excuse to draw BeniRen snuggles. I did not mean to have to draw so many hands, and I never want to do it again.

I’m so excited for Saturday

because people who don’t read the Drrr novels will finally get to see (hopefully):

  • New awesome characters
  • New very creepy characters (and the return of some old ones)
  • Akabayashi in action
  • Ruri’s backstory
  • More of Vorona and her interactions with Shizuo
  • Seiji in the middle of the Namie/Mika conflict
  • Kasuka <3 seeking advice from Shizuo
  • Anri taking care of a cat
  • More of Shinra and Celty in love <3
  • Izaya finally making friends, I meant allies, more like people who hate him but who are stuck to him and his goals
  • The Orihara Twins in swimsuits
  • Akane training to get stronger and making some fun friends
  • Aoba being Izaya II (but we already knew that)
  • The Van Gang being crazy and funny as always
  • And Kida trying (too late) to stop what Izaya already launched

Can’t wait

as i just read a fic dealing with aobas emotional aftermath of the mink route almost gang rape:

yes, its awful. yes, everything mink does in the main game is terrible. no matter his reasons, he hurts aoba incredibly. 

i would never forgive someone like that in real life. the difference? its not. its not real life. and i enjoy exploring characters. but for me, personally, what is most important: aoba forgives him. im serious, only because aoba forgives him could i get interested in mink and enjoy the brilliance that is the recon mink route.

no one (that is smart) is saying the main game mink happenings are okay. and if you think mink thinks so im sad you misunderstood his character severely. he is deeply regretful and guilty. he doesnt apologize for it because theres no way you can apologize for it. so once aoba wears him down he does his best to treat aoba as the angel child he is instead to atone for what hes done.

im,,, not sure what my point is. some people claimed n+c is making the mink main route as a romantic and desirable one. when clearly, its not? its shown countless times how awful it is. what an impact it has. the whole point is to show what toue did and what that turned mink into. 

yes its a kink filler, but thats what its fictional for. there are people that have strange kinks that dont have anything to do with their real life, just with their imagination.

i think it wasnt really shown how aoba felt disturbed by it months after much because aoba is too accepting and forgiving. we see so even in his bad routes. even when he suffers he empathizes with them, knows why they do things, is beyond understanding.

rape is awful and unforgivable. but this is a game. its an adult game with heavy themes that the fan is allowed to explore because its not reality. 

you can be disgusted with mink and not forgive him.

you can enjoy his character and explore, if you acknowledge his actions (and frankly ive only ever seen mink haters being unreasonable. mink lovers always know what he did was horrible. its part of understanding the character.)

just leave each other be, because this is fandom, and one loaded with torture, abuse, murder and rape. just hating it would be stupid. we all came here willingly. keep reality apart from fandom and see the characters’ complexity.