aoba and the gang


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Oikawa Tooru

  • Species: Biological Ghoul
  • Kagune: Bikaku
  • Mask: Gold, bronze, and with fleck of silver. It covers the upper half of his face, shows his eyes, and curls/secures around his head via a second part that goes on the crown of his head that resembles, well, a spiky crown.
  • Alias: Grand King (I had to)
  • Rank: ~A+
  • RC level: A naturally high level, his increase in RC cells seems to strengthen his kagune and he heals very fast (for a ghoul).
  • Affiliation(s): He’s the leader of a small group of ghouls. They don’t have an official name, but many refer to them as “Aoba” for the reoccurring theme of the color blue in their masks. They don’t have a goal, and only travel together to hunt and gain hunting grounds easier. // Student.
  • Other: Friends with an investigator named Iwaizumi Hajime. He has a ghoul nephew whom he is very protective of and is dedicated to teaching him the ropes and how to control his kagune.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Species: Human
  • RC level: Regular RC level for a human. Very basic.
  • Affiliation(s): CCG- He is the mentor of Kyoutani Kentarou.
  • Class: 1st Class
  • Quinque(s): He has two quinques: One that is modeled after a sword using a Rinkaku kakuhou that’s been named Chihei, and another that that is simply a pistol gun that shoots q-bullets. Even though guns & q-bullets aren’t usually used by investigators about 3rd rank, Iwaizumi likes the simplicity of it. He gave no name to the gun.
  • Other: Friends with a ghoul named Oikawa Tooru, commonly known as “Grand King”. Iwaizumi and Oikawa are childhood friends, and although Iwaizumi is an investigator, he knows that Oikawa is a ghoul but doesn’t do anything about it and has, occasionally, steered the other investigators away from him. This is only on the agreement that Oikawa won’t do anything stupid and only kill and eat criminals/lowlifes.

Matsukawa Issei

  • Species: Biological Ghoul
  • Kagune: Koukaku
  • Mask: His mask covers the lower portion of his face; nose, mouth and chin. It goes down his neck and is dark grey in color with a large, blue, Cheshire-like grin.
  • Alias: Because Iwaizumi tends to steer attention away from Aoba, and because Matsukawa typically hangs in the back, he doesn’t have an official nickname given. He does, however, have a number: 2330. Everyone in the ghoul community just knows him as Mattsun.
  • Rank: ~B+
  • RC level: Standard RC level of a biological ghoul.
  • Affiliation(s): Oikawa’s gang.
  • Other: He’s Hanamaki’s partner and typically goes on hunting missions (that are supposed to be solo) with him. He knows about Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s friendship, and while he trusts both Oikawa and Iwaizumi, he’s still uneasy and won’t take his mask off if Iwa’s around.

Hanamaki Takahiro

  • Species: Biological Ghoul
  • Kagune: Rinkaku
  • Mask: His mask is like Matsukawa’s in that it covers the lower half of his face and goes down his neck, but it doesn’t have the grin painted on it. Instead, there are only blue vertical lines covering it.
  • Alias: Like Matsukawa, he does not have an official nickname but does have a number: 2331. Everyone in the ghoul community just calls him Makki.
  • Rank: ~B+
  • RC level: Standard level for biological ghouls. Biology-wise, he’s just like every other ghoul.
  • Affiliation(s): A member of Aoba (Oikawa’s gang)
  • Other: Matsukawa’s partner and often goes with him on jobs Oikawa gives them. He’s a bit more easy-going than Matsukawa in that he trusts Iwa a bit more. He still doesn’t like having his mask off if he’s around, but he doesn’t panic if Iwa catches him without it on.

Yahaba Shigeru

  • Species: Human
  • RC level: Relatively low, even for a human.
  • Affiliation(s): CCG
  • Class: 2nd Rank
  • Quinque(s): Yahaba has a quinque modeled after a bow staff using Koukaku kakuhou. The staff is split into eight sections with are all still connected, however, they are able to move on their own. Each section has 5-10 small blades. Yahaba is able to spin each section, creating a sort of razor-type motion. No name given.
  • Other: Looks up to Iwaizumi and was a bit disappointed that he didn’t become his pupil. However, he is still a very good investigator on his own, if a bit timid. Partner of Watari. He also has a strict opinion on ghouls (Ghouls are bad and should be killed) but he admires the beauty of their kagunes and survival skills and adaptations.

Watari Shinji

  • Species: Human
  • RC level: Standard
  • Affiliation(s): CCG
  • Class: 2nd Rank
  • Quinque(s): Modeled after a halberd using a Bikaku kakuhou. Apparently there are hidden features to it, but Watari hasn’t been able to figure out what they are or how to access them.
  • Other: The partner of Yahaba. Very dedicated to his work and always gets paperwork in on time.

Kindaichi Yuutarou

  • Species: Biological Ghoul
  • Kagune: Koukaku
  • Mask: Curls around his face with a strip that goes across the bridge of his nose. Dark black, covers his forehead, and has a strip that goes down the space between his eyes and connected with the strip across the bridge of his nose. Basically it covers all of the skin around his eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Alias: Number 485
  • Rank: B+
  • RC level: Standard, if a bit low for a ghoul. Fluctuates with how much he’s eaten.
  • Affiliation(s): A member of Aoba. Lower in rank that Hanamaki or Matsukawa, but Oikawa saw his potential and wants to watch it grow.
  • Other: It took him much longer than it takes the average ghoul to learn how to control his kakugan.

Kunimi Akira

  • Species: Biological Ghoul
  • Kagune: Rinkaku
  • Mask: Covers his full face with no openings for mouth, eyes, or nose. Slate-grey in color, and very impassive.
  • Alias: Number 921
  • Rank: B+
  • RC level: Slightly high for a ghoul.
  • Affiliation(s): A member of Oikawa’s gang along with Kindaichi. Lower rank than Hanamaki or Matsukawa, but, like Kindaichi, Oikawa saw the potential.
  • Other: He’s surprisingly stronger than the average ghoul of his rank, and very skillful in using his kagune.

Kyoutani Kentarou

  • Species: Human
  • RC level: High for a human.
  • Affiliation(s): CCG- Iwaizumi’s pupil.
  • Class: 2nd Rank
  • Quinque(s): No name has been given to his quinque. It’s a pair of dual swords connected by a chain using a Bikaku kakuhou.
  • Other: Looks up to Iwaizumi a lot and works hard to not disappoint him. Looks down on ghouls, and doesn’t know about Oikawa’s status as a ghoul.

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Here I am with my homoerotic au

The group fucks shit up and another gang attacks them. So Sly gets stabbed and Sei ends up taking care of him like a good boyfriend. 

Sei is a huge nerd, so he starts to repair computers in order to save some money, rent a trailer and buy meds for his precious blue haired hottie.

Let's think about boyfriends kicking ass together

Clear and Mink beating the fuck out of the bad guys together. Mink realising that Clear isn’t the perfect little flower that he appears to be, and descends into shock when he realises that Clear is far stronger than he will ever be (he loves it really).

Noiz and Koujaku fighting on the same side rather than against each other and realising just how badass they can be when they work together. The both of them realising they’re in love at this very moment, as the bodies hit the floor.

Aoba teaching Human! Ren some simple self-defense to make sure he doesn’t feel scared in his new body around gangs. Aoba accidentally hitting Ren in the face and feeling really guilty and begging Ren to punch him back as payback, only to be pulled into the biggest warmest puppy hug he ever did have.

Vitri kicking ass. Period. It’s just another normal day for Morphine.

(Mikado): stop shouting, you’ll wake the gang up!

(Aoba): stop acting like we’re their parents!

[the blue squares peek through the door, looking sad]

(Blue squares): are you guys fighting because of us?

(Blue squares): whatever we did we’re sorry…….

(Aoba): NO! We’re just, uhh, having a very loud discussion.

(Mikado): go back to bed kids, we’re fine.