KouAo Week Day 4: Marriage

If we are talking about Koujaku and Aoba’s wedding, other than the groom themself, i think Tae-san will be the next happiest person for their marriage. She’s already knows Koujaku since he was a kid, he’s like another grandson for her. She would be really happy to accept Koujaku as another member of her family and trust her grandson to be with him.

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“It’s okay, I’m here.” Aoba whisper as he kiss Koujaku’s forehead. The older man wrap his arms around Aoba’s slender waist, holding back his tears as his heart beat slow down from another nightmare that woke him up. “Hey Aoba… you remember that magic trick you did when we were kids? Can you… do it again?” His lover blush but comply with the request. Despite his embarrassment, he sing softly as he hugs Koujaku’s head to his chest, “Pain pain go away, come again another day~”

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