AoAA Update

Hey Everyone,

We apologize for the delay in updates! 

We’d first like to thank everyone who submitted to the anthology! 
Its so exciting to see so many beautiful work together and we cannot wait to have them printed in book form. We still have a few artists we need to get credit information from but besides that its just editing and making the book have a nice presentation that the mods have to focus on. 

We’re aiming for the end of August to be when the book will be available! Until then we’ll try and give you updates when we can! 

As always thank you for your patience and hard work.

We hope you’re all doing well and let us know if you have any questions!

- Mods of AoAA


Here are my first drafts for @aoaanthology ! I’m doing two pieces, a single-page for Haleth and a double-spread for Eowyn.
I wanted to do something LOTR + something Silm, and give a change to what I usually do. Which mean less elves, more race of men ! Here you have a crop of the Haleth piece draft and two possible versions for the double spread. I haven’t chosen yet, feel free to express preferences. It’ll probably change 3656848 times before the final drafts but oh well…


Guess it’s done??? Though I’ll wait til tomorrow (local time) to submit it to the mods in case I want to do any last minute revision

Anyways I figured out how to cheat by using photoshop ‘match color’, which saved me tons of time ゜ω゜ But because of that method I came up with so many different coloring versions… the first pic is from one of them the 2nd is another.


If you see any details it’s mostly just an illusion. I can’t draw details. → →