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Hell Yeah Teen Superheroes Awards 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! I’m proud to announce that the voting for the first edition of Hell Yeah Teen Superheroes Awards is over and the results are in! We had a really fierce rivalry, as in the most categories the result was a tie. As such I had to choose between either giving no award and disappoint you guys OR take an advantage of a fact I myself did not cast my own votes at all and act as a tie-breaker. It’s not the most fair way of doing things and I’ll rather find something better if we’ll be doing these awards next year, but it will have to do in a pinch. So, here are your winners

Best Ongoing Series

Possibly the hardest choice to make as a tiebreaker in the entire contest. We had a tie between Four exceptionally series and I had a severe headache trying to chosoe which one deserves the award the most. In the end a rather sad factor proved to be deciding one. Because the action packed All-New Wolverine, the wonderful puzzle that is Gotham Academy and always proving to be in close touch with real problems through well-crafter metaphors Ms. Marvel will stay with us for anoter year or at least a part of it, the last book, sadly, came to an end. But even if it didn’t, I trurly believe that the tale of ongoing journey and evolution of young god in his pursuit of redemption, with great characters and a touch of meta deserves all the praises. The winner is Loki: Agent of Asgard by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett

Best Limited Series

And luckily this one did not need a tie. While the winner might have caused some controversy among the fans of the team whose name it was using and had strong competition in return to the classics that was Convergance: The New Teen Titans and the epithome of crazy awesome that was Ghost Racers, it managed to win by the vote. You could say this series…outrun the competition. The award goes to Runaways vol.4 by Noelle Stevenson and Stanford Greene

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Best Writer

Another strong competition. Patrick Gleason in Robin: Son of Batman, Tom Taylor in All-New Wolverine and G. Willow Wilson in Ms. Marvel and A-Force had proven they deserve to be here, it’s the latter’s partner on A-Force, whose work on DC Comics Bombshells stole hearts of the fans, elevating Marguerite Bennet to the first place.

Best Artist

Karl Kershrl, Erica Henderson and duo of David Lopez and David Navarrot all provided us with excellent illustrations, but in this case they had to make place for Felipe Smith, who personally drew finale to his All-New Ghost Rider series and then added fan-favorite short story in Secret Wars: Secret Love.

Best Female Character

In the middle of fierce battle between two dark action ladies, Laura Kinney and, returning after long absence, Cassandra Cain and internet’s belowed Squirrel Girl, one unexpected cadidate managed to sneak and snatch the victory. Congratulations to this charming, Batman-hating young lady, with dark past and great future ahead of her - Gotham Academy’s finest, Olive Silverlock

Best Male Character

The candidates of this category come from great families - Loki, adopted son of Odin and Damian Wayne, Son of Batman. However, the winner comes from much humbler origins, but managed to impress many either by how he takes care of his younger brother, deals with a very nasty spirit in his head or races fellow Ghost Riders. Needless to say, there is more to Robbie Reyes, than you might have suspected. 

Best New Character

Category enteirly dominated by the ladies. Having won Best Female Character, Olive Silverlock tried to also grab a victory here, but has been stopped by Shanna Strand. I don’t think she’s gonna mind though, since the award went to her best friend and another star of Gotham Academy - Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi.

Best Story Arc

Gotham Academy’s mystery story Pizza Club, adventurous Doomed Youth of Runaways and hilarious Squirrel God of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - all of them are great and trurly deserve a nomination. But sometimes you just cannot beat a good old redemption quest, and the one Damian Wayne ventured on in Robin: Son of Batman story The Year of Blood was especially well-crafted.

Best Single Issue

Between the final chapter of Year of Blood in Robin: Son of Batman #6 and preultiamte chapter of Loki’s Last Days in Loki: Agent of Asgard #16, the award goes to a more standalone story, combination of digging into character’s mind and motivations and beautiful, more experimental art style - We Are Robin #4 by Lee Bermejo, James Harvey and Khary Randolph.

Cogratulations to all the winners, runnerups and especially all the wonderful people who made these great comics come to life. Let’s hope that 2016 will be as full of them as it’s predecessor.

Hell Yeah Teen Superheroes and Happy New Year, everybody!