aoa sabretooth


As both Magneto and Apocalypse are infected by the newly-engineered Legacy Virus, Magneto was able to defeat Apocalypse with a huge cost. Emma Frost mercy-kills Magneto by shutting down his mind before his powers flare out of control. 

- Age of Apocalypse v2 #4

Please be AoA Magneto, AXIS-REVERTED Sabretooth and Mystique with some semblance of a fucking conscience.

I sincerely hope this isn’t the “villain squad”. I don’t mind if it’s somewhat of a rehash of the recent X-Force concepts, just please please PLEASE leave some sense of a moral compass.

I’m not saying we have to follow said compass all the time, but how about we only have these characters get really vicious on those that truly deserve it.

Ah hell…I just negated the whole moral compass thing, didn’t I?

It’s funny how easy that can happen.

Except when it isn’t.

Let’s just all agree to be happy that Jake isn’t an Omega-level mutant, okay?