Loki & Verity.

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of friendship.

Loki Deaths/Rebirths 2004-2015

Just for comparison’s sake. Apologies in advance for not putting this under a cut! Or for leaving out certain details as I wanted to keep the summaries brief.

2004 - Thor vol 2 #85 - Loki Death (along with everyone else)

With the end of Asgard at hand, thanks to you-know-who, Thor cuts the threads of the god’s fates, attempting to free his people from the endless cycle of repeat storylines Ragnaroks and finally give them proper peace in death. Shockingly, it doesn’t quite last.

2007 - Thor vol 3 #5 - Physical Rebirth (in Sif’s stolen body)

Thor wakes up from a long nap, informed that he’s needed on Earth and that all his fellow gods currently exist within mortals there. Possessing the Odinforce, Thor now has the ability to free them from these people, and does so very carefully until lil brother figures out how to screw up his plans.

2008 - Thor vol 3 #12 - Physical Rebirth (in his own body, with a makeover)

Loki needs help to screw around with past events, but can’t do such things in Sif’s body, so he enlists the help of sometimes-daughter-Hela to restore his old body back.

(Take note of the burning & fire themes here, because they’ll become a reoccurring presence.)

Of course, Loki will not switch to using this new body regularly for a few more issues. (Poor Sif.. :(  )

2010 - Siege #4 - Death

Attempting to save Asgard from trouble that he started, Loki is destroyed by the Void. Whether accidental or intentional (since he just got done signing a ‘Get out of Hel free’ deal with Hela) is still open to debate, but one thing for certain is that his brand new body is most definitely destroyed.

2011 - Thor #616 & #617 - Physical & Mental Rebirths

One quick storyline later, and with the threat of soul-devouring Disir at large, Thor is ready to bring Loki back. But, for whatever reason, (I personally think it happened because Thor was being nostalgic about his childhood with his brother, shortly before he summoned him) Loki is now a child. In both in appearance and memories.

2012 - Journey into Mystery #645 - Mental Death & Rebirth

To save billions of lives, Kid Loki needs to prevent Mephisto from using a fear crown which was created from his thoughts. A companion spirit, whom claims to be something akin to the original Loki, suggests that if Kid Loki allows him to take over his body, he will be erased from existence, rendering the fear crown useless.

Hence, this phantom spirit (aka Ikol, Loki-copy or eventual Aoa Loki) now exists within Kid Loki’s body.

2013 - Young Avengers #11 - Physical Rebirth

In order to aid the Young Avengers against an evil that he intentionally unleashed, (are we sensing another theme?) Loki states that he needs a power-upgrade in the form of an older body. One magic ritual later, courtesy of Billy Kaplan, and Loki has finally grown into a pair of horns.

The transformation seems intentionally a mirror copy of Siege Loki’s first appearance, right down to the green smoke. And there is physical burning occurring. Actually, the only time Loki has been reborn without fire is when Thor is involved. In those case, lightening is present instead.

2015 - Agent of Asgard #13 - Physical? &/or Mental? Rebirths…?

With guilt from the past and fear of what is to come, Loki is pressured to make a decision. Should he destroy himself once more or simply accept the role of the villain? Instead he chooses a third option. One towards additional changes.

Within his mental plane, he places the horns upon his head. This is quite contrary to the last visit within this realm, when he held the horned helmet against his chest in shame.

It is burning, just as his physical self is doing in real time. A moment later & Loki’s body appears to be obliterated. (or turned into a carpet stain, to quote King Loki)

8 months later, Loki’s lost his shoes and gloves, lowered his shirt, spiked his hair and still hasn’t gotten around to seeing a dentist. 

His memory appears faint, but the fact that he remembers where his best friend lives, is a hopeful sign. 

To be continued..?