Okay so imagine group X, group X is your favorite k-pop group whatever it may be, a girl group or a boy group.

So group X is preparing to debut in a country other than Korea, they recorded a mv, learned a new language, worked really hard! You are proud of them and they are happy for what they did!

It’s the big day, let’s say that they will do a stage to their debut, they are there and all the audience waiting for them, but then when they start to sing the audience start to scream hateful words toward them because they didn’t worked hard enough or because they are not from the country and they look the situation and feel bad and get upset with all the situation! 

You are a fan, they are your favorite group, how do you feel about it?

Now imagine that group X is actually EXP EDITION. The k-pop fans did the same as the audience did with the group X. WE did the same as the audience, we said hate words to them even if they worked hard to learn a new language and to do something, even if they are not good they deserve the chance of at least try! When a korean groups debut in other contries like Japan, China and even EUA every k-pop fan get happy and excited, but if a western group decide they want to sing in korean they are wrong? 

Just think about it, and see what would you say about EXP EDITION situation if it was a korean group doing the same, would you get mad? Would you get upset if your favorite group debuted on America and american people started to hate them and treat them as trash? They are humans doesn’t matter what, they are working for this and deserve the chance to try even if it’s a experiment or whatever, who are we to hate them without know them?

My favourite smurf

I’ve wanted to draw Blue Man Group for a while because he’s my favourite X-Men character and now I have so

The odd lines around his boots and gloves weren’t mine- for some reason my program added them automatically so… okay.

Drag him around your dash!

Why do you guys crave western validation so much?? A group can have had incredible achievements in Asia but oh no they aren’t popular in the west therefore non of that stuff matters. A lot of you guys have the mentality that if a group isn’t popular internationally then they aren’t popular at all.

full offense but channel + on vlive is the lowest way of milking money out of fans. the only way fans can communicate with their idols real time and watch behind the scenes content is stripped away from them unless they are willing to pay a stupid amount of money. it’s so low.