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So we know the McCoy will defend Spock (willingly but don't let anyone else know) but does Spock ever defend McCoy?

I mean, yes, in tos he protects Bones from a physical attack all the time, when the Romans threw them in a ring, in The Empath (Spock tried and failed to protect Bones) there’s a tonne of those examples. 

Imma delve into a headcanon of mine, if we’re talking defending Bones’ honour or having a go at someone who disrespected him, I like to think that Spock does so, but subtly. I think Spock refers to Bones by various titles and talks him up, but once he’s actually talking about Bones blatantly he’s nasty. Like, “Our Chief Surgeon is extremely skilled, you may be assured you are in good hands.” “The Captains’s close friend has extensively researched this area, I will confer with him before I respond.” “One of the crewmen on board was raised on a farm, he has taught me a great deal in relation to animal care, thank you.” “Doctor McCoy is regularly mistaken, you can safely disregard his comment.”

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Hi!!! Crazy synopsis for episode three! Do you think, because Radcliffe and Jemma are working together to save May from 'Lucy,' that Radcliffe will spill something about Aida and that could lead to Jemma and Fitz's "argument" of sorts?

@the-nerdy-stjarna  said: Super excited that they will be pairing Simmons and Radcliffe in 4x03. Will be interesting to see how their dynamic differs from Fitz/Radcliffe and Fitz/Simmons. Your thoughts? Also, do you think May’s illness (that presumably is Lucy related and will play a major role in 4x02 and that she will presumably be cured from) may pave the way for more Philinda development?

@wakandandperthshire said:  said: Hiiii!! Based on the latest synopsis, do you think May’s impending illness will be a big push for Philinda? The first episode had so. much. tease!! :)

@complimentandasmile  said: What did you think of the synopsis for ep 3? I think Jemma will know about Aida in that ep, or in the fourth.

Hope you all don’t mind I combined :D.

Yes, In case anyone missed it we got the Title and Synopsis for 4.03 Today…


Coulson, Mack and Fitz try to locate and neutralize a rogue group looking to stop Inhuman Registration worldwide; Simmons and Dr. Radcliffe have only a short time to save May before she succumbs to her illness.

Guests: John Hannah, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Jason O'Mara, Gabriel Luna, Mallory Jansen, Parminder Nagra, Alexander Wraith, Lorenzo James Henri, Patrick Cavanaugh, Ricky Saenz, Devon Libran, Valery Ortiz, Derek Hughes, Preston Flagg, Stephanie Maura Sanchez, Jen Sung, Dale Pavinski, Michael Cory Davis, Aaron Gaffrey, Adriana Diaz

We has suspected something like this happened (on all fronts here) though I will say I was surprised the group that Coulson, Mack, and Fitz are dealing with is an pro Inhuman/anti Accords group…essentially this will be their version of the Watchdogs (though hopefully not as crazy and violent in getting their point across).  And likely be comprised of both humans and Inhumans.  They also have to be dangerous enough to get Coulson to leave May while her life/sanity is in danger.

  • We know from behind the scenes stuff that Elena is with Coulson, Mack, and Fitz as well at the fancy hotel.  She is either helping them fight, she was referred too as an asset in 01.  But its hard to say but we need to be prepared that Elena might be on the other side of this.  I really really really hope not but we need to have it on the radar. 

This also confirmed that Lucy did something to May….and its not going to be pretty guys.  Just warning you 2 is gonna suck for feels.  Make sure we have the blanket forts secured.  They either find information in the box or in that facility that Mack and Fitz are at to tell them what they were messing with in that box.

The Jemma and Radcliffe team up here will be interesting to say the least.   We know that like Fitz she’s been hanging out with him over hiatus and she was impressed with/identified Radcliffe’s tech in 01. We don’t know just how much she likes him yet and if she works with him as well as Fitz does. I didn’t pick up on any “I can’t stand him” vibes.  I do think that they will work well together and come up with a cure within the episode (along the lines of FZZT perhaps) or going into 4 tops.  If they don’t figure it all the way out they will figure out what they need, ie if they need to track something down in 4 to complete it.  

AIDA could very well come up, or be there.  Either Jemma finds evidence of her on something of Fitz’s (IE he leaves a tablet laying around), Jemma knows Fitz and she senses something is up (confronting Fitz or Radcliffe about it), or Radcliffe brings it up.  Option 2 Radcliffe tries passing her off as his assistant (Jemma ain’t falling for that) when he comes to help with the cure.   We all agree that if was a bit manipulative of how Radcliffe got Fitz to agree to help with her.  Again his heart is in the right place, he wants to help people, but his methods for getting there might become more and more grey as we progress here.   He manipulated Fitz with the protection thing and using the friends they had lost.  With Jemma….her guilt might be the key to getting to her.  We know she blames herself for everything.  So imagine how she is going to be with this May situation.  May got ‘infected’ because she sent May to get Coulson.  She will think not only May’s infection is her fault but whatever damage May days while infected (remember don’t get attached to the red shirts).  Radcliffe could sneak in a “well I have another way,” kind of thing in here.  

If Fitzsimmons do have a fight about this I don’t think it will be too bad.  Jemma will understand why he withheld (she has to withhold things from him due to her job) while at the same time be peeved as all get out.   Fitz will know he deserves whatever tongue lashing Jemma has in store for him.  I think that after the initial “What the hell were you thinking?!” is out of the way the conversation will shift to what to do about Aida next.  Once Jemma knows, Shield will know as well.

This will most definitely bring Philinda closer together as we seem to be gearing up for an odd mix of FZZT/Watchdogs/Magical Place going here.  We are apparently going from 0 to 60 here with them now as the “everyone gets attached to something,” thing kicks into high gears.   I’m sensing a theme here and at some point this season we will see half of those major relationships in danger as they explore this theme.  Okay, Back to Philinda. Not only will whatever is messing with May be scary.  Ming talked about her being in a bad place and super paranoid, paranoid May is very dangerous to herself and those around her.  So we’ll get some nice concerned moments from Coulson in late 2/early 3 as he watches her struggle.  

Something else I find interesting is May is in a situation where Coulson won’t be able to do anything to help her other than support.  The cure will all be on Jemma/Radcliffe to find.  Perhaps this speaks to how the “attached” thing will play out.  That when the other half gets in trouble there is nothing they can do.  At least in FZZT Fitz knew enough to be able to help Jemma with the Anti Serum…Coulson just can’t, he doesn’t have the science background to do it.  There is no facility to infiltrate to get one and no one to get the cure out of.  Worse he’ll be pulled away onto another mission (and his head won’t be fully in the game…this could lead to mistakes).

What I hope to see come from this is that May lets him in, lets him help her heal from the aftermath and thus bringing them closer together.

We can’t forget we’ve got Daisy and Ghost Rider out there. They will likely be our C plot and with Gabe’s presence I’m suspecting Daisy “sees Robbies’ other side” or gets to know his other life outside of the Rider.  Maybe a run in with one of the gangs at some point.

Okay as always more info could totally blow this out of the water but its where I’m at now.