I finally got around to making fanart stuff for my fav bnha fics. This one here’s from @sevi007‘s Smile Again! It’s sort of a “what if” branching off from the fight between AfO and All Might, and it includes tons of great interactions. Please read it, I love everything about it…

I’M SORRY it’s so messy and the writing is so skewed and Izuku looks weird I did part of this on a moving vehicle OTL

you know what i like about aos? how its not just a reboot, but its a /reimagining/. the characters and stories and everything is new and original, while still recognizably playing off of tos.

for example, aos spock was bullied as a child, and /watched his mother and entire planet die/, and because of this, he shows much more emotion and embraces his human side. you can even see his emotions on the surface, like when he first meets kirk or when his mother dies. its /obvious/.

but tos spock didnt went through a different life, and because of his struggles, he’s decided that hiding any proof of his human biology is what he has to do to survive. he’s put on a 100% vulcan façade, and is ashamed of his human half. you can tell, because he tells kirk he is ashamed of their friendship, and hides when his emotional side comes out. looking at him, you’d even think he was 100% vulcan, because the most emotion he shows is an eyebrow raise.

idk man i just //love// star trek so much and i decided to use spock as an example but i couldve gone on and talked about everyone.

@nightsbird this is so sweet!! I’m in love with AOS too~

Okay just imagine.

Spock brings Jim to New Vulcan (as friend) for whatever reason. Some Vulcans are insulting Jim since he’s human (Vulcans gave Spock a hard time for being half human so just imagine how they would react to a human.) which upsets Spock because Jim is his friend cough and future boyfriend cough. But Jim speaks the current language of the Vulcans and Old High Vulcan (”I got bored with modern Vulcan.”) and knows exactly what they are saying about him. 

The insults don’t bother him so he just shakes his head at the Vulcans and plays a dumb blonde human since he likes people underestimating him. (All the while Spock Prime finds the whole situation humorful. Vulcans, in arrogance, are calling his younger self’s t'hy'la dumb when their arrogance makes them blind to fact Jim knows exactly what they are saying.) Then some Vulcan decides to insult Spock and Jim tells them off and insults them back much to everyone surpise (excluding Spock Prime). 

SpockFact #19

Spock is completely unaffected by the wiles of a tribble. While the rest of the crew appears to be soothed and almost hypnotized by the coos of the furry creatures either Spock’s intense mental training or some factor of his Vulcan genetics causes him to oh my gosh did you see that? That tribble just came right up to him. Like, he didn’t even have food for it and it just waddled right over. Holy shit, now it’s cuddling him. Jim. Jim, get the camera. Now it’s purring, this is just too precious. Jim get a picture of this. Yes, Jim, Spock knows you’re busy, but this is important. Spock has been blessed, Jim, it’s time to start taking this seriously.