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Hi! The follow was a bit of a finger slip, oops, and since we love all Tumblr users equally and don't want to play favourites, we will awkwardly unfollow you now and no hard feelings! Sorry!

That’s actually kind of comforting to know. I was trying to figure out if I was on some sort of watch list or something…

The last chapter of my story, (sigh.)  It is funny how attached you become to a story when you write it.  I am working on a third part of the series.  As I said a bit before this will have to do with Phryne’s Dad invading their home and happiness.  And my idea for Jack’s support during this, is sort of like when you see two movie stars who are married to each other, if they are a happy couple one is there in silent support but steps back to allow their mate shine in the spotlight.  MY BRIDGE OUT OF THE ABYSS by Rithebard - Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries via @ao3org

Anyway let me know if you like the end of the story,  I kind of had a hard time letting go.