Donate to the Organization for Transformative Works

Have you donated to the OTW (AO3)?

It is very much the best thing that’s ever happened to my writer self—I’ve built confidence, honed my craft, read hundreds of incredible stories, and met wonderful friends.

I couldn’t give much, but every bit helps. I’m so very grateful for the Archive. <3

Signal boost it up, darlings.

@ao3org is such a wonderful service for readers and writers.

AO3 Downtime Planned

The Archive of Our Own will be down for 30 minutes of maintenance between 22:00-23:00 UTC on July 13 (what time is that for me?). This downtime will allow our Systems team to update Redis, our in-memory database, and move it to a new server.

If we begin experiencing problems with Redis, the downtime may need to start sooner and without notice. If that happens, we will keep you updated at @AO3_Status on Twitter and ao3org on Tumblr.

ao3org  asked:

Hi! The follow was a bit of a finger slip, oops, and since we love all Tumblr users equally and don't want to play favourites, we will awkwardly unfollow you now and no hard feelings! Sorry!

That’s actually kind of comforting to know. I was trying to figure out if I was on some sort of watch list or something…