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Do Y'all remember the first time you read an ao3 fic or got the ao3 website like that day changed my fangirl life in such a good and big way

I've read some of the most beautifully written works of literature on that website it’s literally just so amazing 

 I'm really thankful for it cause like even when my life sucks I can always go there and read something to cheer me up and 

like guys there are so many so many fics on there of hundreds and hundreds of ships and that’s like so cool (and mine are never canon so I need this)

and yeah idk where I was going with this probably sound super dramatic but I really love Ao3 

I love it in fanfiction, movies, or in some type of series where Person A confesses thier feelings or Person B just finds out about Person A’s feelings and Person A is doing dumb ass shit to escape an awkward situation

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Even though it hinders growth I really fucking love it

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