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Me: this fan fic is shitty af.
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My Destiel "To Read" List is SO fucking long.

1) Special Relativity Time Travel AU, 65K, Summary: Dean Winchester is one of the best Time Jumpers the Agency has. When the mysterious, never seen Director sends him to 2008 with only a name and a death date, Dean has one month to find his target and complete this solo mission. Finding the target was easy enough, Castiel Angelus ran right into him. Now if he could just keep Castiel alive until the death date without damaging the time line, Dean will complete this mission.

2) For Love, For Glory 1940’s AU, 83K, Summary: It’s the 1940’s, the war is tearing Europe in half, and the Nazis have a plan to uncover an ancient weapon belonging to the Egyptian gods that can tip the scale in their favor. With the help of a librarian named Castiel, it’s up to Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively a professor of archaeology and treasure hunter, to get to the Lost City of Amun-Ra and stop the Third Reich from achieving world domination. But with a missing father, secret societies, and an unexpected romance, things get more than a little complicated in this race against time. Loosely based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

3) The Menagerie Circus Au (kinda), 56K, Summary: Monsters, angels, demons and all of the creatures that go bump in the night are no secret. In fact, they’re rare and many desire to see them. The Menagerie accommodates that. The Menagerie is a freak show and a circus all wrapped up into one that shows off its collection of creatures all across America. Castiel is one of the last angels left on Earth and he’s lost all hope of ever escaping The Menagerie. That changes one day when a new exhibit comes, Dean Winchester. But is the Hunter turned performer really what he seems, and what does he want from Castiel? And can they really escape from the clutches of The Menagerie?

4) Caim Fantasy AU, 20K, Summary: In the fae kingdom, Dean is a simple carpenter, living with his family a fair distance from the palace. That distance isn’t far enough to keep palace problems away, as a power struggle that jeopardizes the kingdom pulls in first his brother Sam, and then Dean by proxy. Castiel, a palace guard, is intent on doing his duty to the kingdom when he meets Dean. Together, they must find a way to balance the forces vying for power - but first they must find their way home.

5) The Big Afraid Superheroes AU, 38 K, Summary: Dean likes to mind his own business. Between juggling a daytime job as a mechanic, his secret identity as one of the City’s masked vigilantes, and trying to repair the relationship with his brother, Dean doesn’t have time for much else - let alone relationships, romantic or otherwise. Castiel is the superhero Dean keeps running into and whose mind seems to be set on befriending Dean, whatever it takes.

6) We’re the Cliche High School AU, 28 K, Summary: Dean Winchester is new to the senior year, and he’s kind of your stereotypical bad boy. Castiel Novak does not want to sleep with him. He doesn’t.

7) A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead Murder Mystery, 77K, Summary: Maybe it’s the little girl whose disappearance turned into a murder, and whose murder turned into a cold case, and who has now apparently decided to move in with him. Maybe it’s the unacceptable hole left in his life when his dumb best friend and partner in (the prevention of) crime decided to go and get himself killed. Maybe it’s his brother, whose high-profile career and fantastic girlfriend and first-child-on-the-way are steadily leaving Dean in the dust. Pick one. Pick all of them. The why doesn’t matter so much as the what, and the what is this: Dean is pretty sure he’s going completely, certifiably insane. Sure, he hasn’t started wearing all his clothes inside out, and he still showers on a regular basis (anyways, that’s not crazy, just a little eccentric); but there’s no getting around the fact that he just threw away his life, his career, and his reputation by dragging out his mom’s old necromancy book and summoning a Class A Forbidden Entity to his attic. A cranky one, too. With horrendous bed-head.

8) Contrapasso Murder Mystery, 59K, Summary: There’s a town in Wisconsin that doesn’t exist. With no way in without human help, Castiel, seeking out a group of missing angels, asks for Dean’s assistance. He finds Sam with his brother, alive and well and free from Lucifer, with no explanation and no memory of how he got out of Hell. Inside the town that doesn’t exist, there is murder and madness and a creeping cold that leave Dean, Cas and Sam fighting for their lives and for each other. As the town shifts and changes around them, descending into anarchy, the three of them find it increasingly difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not.

9) An Exercise in ‘Worthless Tattoo Artist!Dean, Coffee Shop AU, College AU, 26K, Summary: Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.

DISCLAIMER: I have NOT read these fics yet. If I love it, I will post it on my Destiel Fic Rec List  :)

As you can see, I have a LOT of reading to do at my hands! (Hey, I’m not complaining really) :) 

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How Cas Got His Soul

Angst, Fluff & Smut

(Dean x Castiel)
Words: 9163 - 3 Chapters/3K Words

Summary: Starts with Season 12, Episode 22/23. Cas has seen what will happen. He’s a bit scared, but it’s not about what he’s got to do. It’s about his feelings for Dean. It’s also about the nephilim about to be born. Cas knows things are going to change and he’s not sure he will be able to handle it.

Dean has no idea why Cas is acting like he is. He’s not the same angel he’s known and loved all these years. Why? Dean’s determined to find out.