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anonymous asked:

Alright! Since you're fine with it, I would like to request a simple smut with Arthur and Reader where they have a happy ending, living in their own place and Reader is pregnant. It could be their first child, or they could already have some little ones running around! But they are both majorly turned on by the fact that reader is pregnant and that more children are on the way

Got it, anon!

Here ya go, pure lemon just like you ordered. ;)


“No Expectations”

Rating: Explicit 🍋

Word Count: 3,608

Tags: female reader, breeding, pregnancy— you get the idea. ;)



“Think that’s what you told me that night too, when we got drunk. Told me that you’d fuck me till it caught, right?”

“What possessed you?” he grunts, eyeing you from under his lashes as he brings his chin down to his chest as he pants, his gaze heated, “I ain’t ever heard you talk like this…”

Smirking at him from your place on the mattress, you feel your insides pulse with want.

“You like that,” you whisper, eyes widening some upon your realization, “You like the idea of havin’ me like this, don’t you?”

Jesus,” Arthur’s chin falls against his chest, and you look down, noticing how his cock presses urgently against the fabric of his pants.


Manip for one of my favorite fics right now, All Our Days.

“We none of us expect to be in smooth water all our days.” —Jane Austen, Persuasion.

If you have yet to read this WIP, I highly recommend it, it’s beautifully done, the world building is incredible and the character development is a masterpiece. 

“Old Friends (And New)”

Rating: Explicit 🍋

Word Count: 2,711



Written for a ko-fi donator who asked for: female reader, touch-starved reader, Mary causing drama and somehow insulting the reader (unintentionally) while Arthur and Reader are out on a date, possible alleyway smut scene?

“So, how do you like Saint Denis?”

You look around, taking in the town and seeing it for what it is for the first time.

Since the gang has taken up residence in Shady Belle, you’ve heard about the city you’ve shared such close proximity to. You’ve never been in a city like this, having grown up in the distant country further out west before you ended up getting picked up by the Van Der Linde gang. So being here, in such a bustling and massive city, it’s a strange thing.

Your eyes widen at the sight of a trolley as it passes by as you and Arthur leave the theater, and you shake your head, “It’s different, that’s for sure.”

“I would say it’s nice, but I don’t like cities.”

As you walk past Hotel Grand, you both laugh amongst yourselves, that is until a voice cuts through your moment.

“Oh, Arthur!”

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the mercy kidnapping (of my goddaughter)


Alternate ending to 3x19; filled with spoilers

After finding out from Ms. Weiss that Evelyn was not sixteen, as she had told everyone at school, Betty had panicked. This woman, who was pretending to be ten years her junior, was actually married to Edgar, the man that had been posing as her father and was now trying to marry Alice and adopt Polly’s twins. None of that made sense. Polly was the mother of Juniper and Dagwood, and even though Betty and Penelope had been able to get Dagwood away, Juniper was still trapped inside the walls her stolen college money bought.

That little girl, a little over a year old now, did not deserve a life in a cult. Her brother had been rescued, thank God, but Betty would be able to sleep at night if she could just get her niece out of that environment. That’s why she called Toni. She needed to get Juniper out of there.

Betty was nowhere near ready to take Juniper in and raise her. She knew that, but she didn’t care. Taking care of Juniper by herself rather than letting Polly or her mother take the young girl into the cult sounded like a much better idea. Betty had Veronica’s support, even if she had been around Archie a lot in the past few days, which meant that she had access to a very valuable resource: money (one of the most crucial parts in aid of raising a child).

Even so, Betty still needed to get her goddaughter out of the building first. She had found one of Polly’s old car seats that she had used for the twins before she had moved to the Farm, along with her mother and some of her friends. Betty, always the prepared one, had secured it in the backseat before she took off. She was anything if not concerned for the girl’s safety.

Read Here on AO3
The Best Prize
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Even after the million cuts and bruises that he gets every night at the boxing ring,
its the million kisses from his husband and son that keeps chanyeol going.
Author: Anujaaphale
Length: Oneshot (really short)
Status: Completed 
Genre: Domestic, Fluff, Romance 
Rating: PG

Words have meanings

Stop using words ‘dehumanization’, 'fetishizing’, 'objectification’ and 'sexualization’ lightly. 

It’s not about the ship you don’t like or the AU that makes you cringe. It’s about serious 'life and death’ real-life problems. It’s about slavery, trafficking, rape, hate crimes.

We use 'sexualization’ to talk about presenting children and teens, usually female, in a sexual way. It’s about the fashion industry, magazines, all kind of content that normalize a horrible thing like SEXUALIZATION of kids and get PROFIT from it.

It’s not about grown-up actors!

This is sexualization of a child. It’s not okay. And I do hope that everyone understands why.

and this is an adult handsome man, and it’s okay to find him sexually attractive

Objectification’ is treating someone as a MERE (sexual) object. The keyword here is mere.

It can be used to anyone. But on a systemic level during centuries, it was used toward women It’s about constant, internationalized discrimination It’s about sexual dress-code.

It’s about harassment in the workplace.

It’s about using naked women to sell everything from cars to chips. 

It’s about raping women, because of short skirts.

It’s about killing women. 

It’s not about wanting someone, it’s about defining the value of someone based on their 'hotness’. 

It’s not about superheroes having abs!

It’s not about saying a man, who appeared in one scene without a shirt.

It’s a systemic action based on power disbalance.

Fetishizing’  - people who use it for shipping and/or a particular real-life person simply doesn’t know the meaning of the word (it’s opposite ). In a negative connotation, it’s mostly used as a synonym to 'racial objectification’ and once again mostly toward women.

One could fetishize LQBTQ+ e.g. gay men, but for that to be true, that person must be sexually aroused by any gay man, not a particular couple.

And for that to be problematic that person must use their fetish to oppress gay men e.g. as a boss to force gay men to wear a dress-code, use censure to media, harass real-life people.

Writing M|M fanfiction does not equal fetishizing gay relationship.

As much as writing about High School does not equal fetishizing minor.

Writing ABO fetishizing transpeople. 

And writing hurt/comfort does not equal fetishizing pain.

It could be but not more than any other pease of content.

AND for people in the back


(and fetish isn’t a bad thing in general)

I find bearded men hot, but I can be and have been aroused by not bearded men, and not men. When I see a bearded man I don’t see him only as a sex object. I can evaluate his other qualities, and even if I do have sex with a bearded man, his beard is not the key point of sexual actions. 

And then there is dehumanization!

 I fucking lost the ability to type when I saw the word ’dehumanization’ used to address a 'bad ship’.

You fucking can’t use such word as dehumanization and mean 'things I find a slightly bad’, because that’s not the fucking meaning of that word!

Fucking educate yourself!

Fucking google terms that you don’t know!

Learn the history, read books, watch something except marvel!

 Words are our greatest weapon.

Words shaped our history.

Words have meanings and bad things happen when people forget the meanings of words.

We did it, loves!!

A hundred million thanks for your cooperation on the person who stole Stare. They took it down from AO3 and I’m sooooo glad they did!! I really hope they learn from this. Stealing content whether it’s writing or artwork is just not a cool thing to do. It’s okay to be inspired by something, Wolves Among Us is inspired by The Company of Wolves but it is in no way the same idea word to word.

Especially being an English Major, we take plagiarism as something very severe. You can honestly get kicked out of my college for something like that. But I’m glad that person did the right thing. Thanks to everyone commented or reported that person! The power of the people, man!! We did it!!

Everyone knows the legend and the myth of King Arthur and his brave knights. Ask anyone in the street and they could name a few, Sir Lancelot, Sir Tristan, Sir Galahad, and so on and so on… but no one ever wondered or cared why they never heard the name Sir William Wilson

Chapter 2: Link Here 

Beginning: Link Here

Part 2 of: The face of the man who loves you series: Link here

That Writing on my Arm - Chapter 3

Cole tapped his fingers on the wooden desk. Zane would be here soon to work on the project and his room wasn’t even clean. He banged his head on the table, trying to wake himself up.

Clean up your room Cole.

What time did he say he was going to be here again? Maybe he did have enough time… He stood. He would fix his bed and clean up the clothes strewn all over the floor.

He set out for the bed first, throwing blankets on top to make it look presentable. Picking up a shirt, he heard the doorbell ring. “Crap.” Cole picked up as much he could and shoved it in his closet before running downstairs and opening the door to a patient Zane.