I was shaky with sweaty palms and all the whole time omg! I told him that i just found out about it last week and that i bought tickets right away when i found out he was gonna be here. He thanked me and I told him how i really loved in the sdcc interviews how he keeps shooting down everyone calling Ward the Big Bad. That hes doing bad things for what he thinks is a good reason. He said “You know, Coulson’s way is not the only way.” and I mentioned the post I saw about Hydra/Shield parallels and his eyes got wide and he was like “Yes! The same!” I said how I belived his redemption arc was coming but I really think it’s just a case of it getting worse for Ward before it gets better. He was really attentive and shook his head as he thought about it. I told him how excited I am for next season because we’ve always seen Ward following orders and how he was trying to help Kara in his own way and because it was cut short he’s just enraged now and we really get to see him be the monster everyone thinks he is. He agreed and then we took the selfie and and I think I squeezed his hip lol. I told him I’d be seeing his panel and had a photo op later and he had a huge smile while he said great and that he’d see me later. I was so nervous I forgot to give him my gift so hopefully I remember at the photo op lol. I had to find somewhere to sit and charge my phone and type this out before I forgot anything. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW EVEN CUTER AND COURTEOUS HE IS IN PERSON OMG!

AoS at Halloween

Imagine agents of shield at Halloween.

Of course Coulson dresses up as Captain America. He loves his stars and stripes but anyone who mocks his choice of costume has his fake shield thrown at them so they all keep their comments to themselves. The term Capsicle is let slip a couple of times when he is caught unawares by one of Fitz’s ice cubes.

May goes dressed up as a ninja. Mainly for jokes and because Skye and Coulson dared her too and she’s not going to back down from a challenge. Plus Skye always carries on about the ninja thing so maybe this will put an end to that. No one dares to laugh at Agent May anyway. She plays a few pranks and scares the shit out of the others when they come around corners.

Funnily enough Ward dresses up as iron man/Tony stark. Turns out he’s a big fan and also one of those cosplay girls crowding around stark tower. Coulson and Skye never let him live it down. Who new Agent Ward loved to cosplay?

Fitz shows up as Iceman from the Xmen. He even kept annoying everyone by turning the thermostat down when he thought no one was looking and throwing ice cubes at people. Coulson found his shield very helpful when Fitz got out the ice cubes.

Simmons comes as Rose from Doctor Who which no one else really understands. She spends the night spouting timey wimey stuff and confusing the heck out of everyone. She’s a true Whovian at heart.

Hunter shows up dressed as Thor. Everyone gives him crap about his choice of costume but he now thinks he’s a god. He gets decidedly drunk and waves his hammer about yelling that the others are unworthy. They come very near to shooting him with an ICER.

Bobbi turns up as a goddess and can’t help taunting Hunter all night. She looks like she was born a goddess and bears no resemblance to the she-devil that Hunter is always likening her to. As she and Hunter both arrived as deities it was inevitable that they would disappear at some point during the celebrations together to have their own celebration in the back of one of the SUV’s.

Skye is the last to show and comes out wearing tactical SHIELD clothing and boots. She is pretty much dressed as an agent and everyone looks at her in confusion. They thought everyone was dressing up? That’s when she says that she’s come as Agent May.

imagine Jim has a tradition of secretly making someone homemade soup whenever they get sick on the Enterprise and even though there are like 400 crewmembers he always makes each sick person their favorite soup and leaves it anonymously at their door and one day Spock gets sick and Jim spends all night staying up to make him delicious plomeek soup on a crappy little hotplate. 

witness statements

A T.R.A.C.K.S. fic.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” Sam (that’s Samuel Lawrence III, young man, S.L. for short if you’re in a rush) says to Jennifer on his right; to Shireen on his left he says, “I am never traveling by train again. This is ridiculous.” He’s sitting on an old steamer trunk in an orchard because the train broke down in the middle of nowhere. “You know what happens if a bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere?” he asks the sharply dressed man taking his statement. He introduced himself as a locomotive incident adjuster (whatever that is) with the railroad but he’s one of those SHIELD fellas if Sam ever saw one.

“Wait for the next one to come along,” the man - who cannot be more than thirty - says dryly. (Sam is far from his first interview of the day and it’s really shocking how many train-related incidents there are that SHIELD has to cover up.)

“You wait for the next one to come along!” Sam says. “And you know what you do if a plane breaks down in the middle of nowhere?”

That gives the “adjuster” pause.

“You die!” Sam says definitively. He leans back into Shireen’s comforting arms. “And that’d be a helluva lot more fun than this.”

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I think my favorite part of meeting Brett though was definitely when he saw this on my home screen for my phone..

and was like…”OooooO what?!?!?” it was almost like he’d forgotten about it or something idk but it was great. One of my favorite promo pics honestly.

And then the staff girl next to him said it looked like he was putting her in a chokehold lol.

I don’t think he even said anything to that just got up and stepped next to me for our picture!

pissedoctahedron asked:

That moment when you play Inquisition and have to listen Hawke bitching about blood magic *shut up Hawke, you banged, are banging and will bang 5ever blood mage so stop lying to everyone* Anyway, have you played whole dai?

I headcanon that as Hawke lying out his ass to stay safe because the Inquisition is so painfully Pro-Chantry whether you want it to be or not. You’re the /Herald of Andraste/ and surrounded by Chantry Mothers and the hands of the Divine so Hawke is just there like, blood magic? Oh yeah no I hate blood magic. Yep. Totally hate it. *tugs down sleeves* Never touched the stuff. Haha, hey, anyway, you guys see that Mets game? 

I have played all of Inquisition yes. I joke because it crushed my soul. 

Recently, we launched our San Francisco boutique with Atlantic-Pacific blogger Blair Eadie. When asked about her alice + olivia look she said,


“I am head over heels for color blocking and this skirt and top made for the perfect combination.  I have always been a fan of bright colors and bold prints - something Alice + Olivia does so well. I felt that this outfit captured the essence of the brand.”


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