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hi Shery, what’s difference between the real Satan and Satan from manga? I hope you explain to me

In fact I don’t know accurately about Real Satan. All I know, is the result of information from Abrahamic religions! I must mention, I am not interested in him..

anyway let’s talk about him

Real Satan

I will talk about his story of the result of the 3 Abrahamic religions, I will not focus on just one religion!

  • His story

Satan brother became Satan, In heaven he was named Azazel, he was also known Lucifer. Azazel Lucifer was very faithful to God, he was one of the best angels.

God loved him and gave him the name Azazel! but Azazel rebelled against God, becoming too arrogant..

At the moment of his rebellion, he became known in name Samael. He ended up, in expulsion from heaven!

- At moment Lucifer was expelled from heaven, he asked God to make him immortal, God is very generous, despite Azazel’s rebellion, he fulfilled his wish. Thus Azazel became immortal!

but on the Judgment day when everyone dies, Satan will die.

- If you don’t understand, I mean Satan will be the last living being who dies and then Azrael angel of death!

Lucifer was expelled from heaven and fell to earth, he became named Satan. He is also known in the name Iblis!

- I don’t know about his appearance, but I’m sure.. it’s not his appearance as the artists are drawing him, his appearance in paintings, just an illusion of artists! Who believes the drawings and paintings, I’m sorry but he/she is funny. Because I am sure no one saw him. Humans are not able to see angels Or demons.

Mentioned in one of the Abrahamic religions, Satan was beautiful. This was one of the reasons for his arrogance! not mentioned in any religion, his appearance changed after being expelled from heaven, which concluded that it is still beautiful!

  • About his feelings and qualities.

I can realize he’s an incredibly rebellious person. He seems very arrogant

I think he is someone who likes to control.

It seems to me that he doesn’t like to subject anything!

  • The reason for his hatred for humans.

It was mentioned from one of the Abrahamic religions. That Satan’s vision for humans, that he is better than them!

but God loved His creatures; Satan looks like “How God loves humans and they’re menial creatures!” ,which made Satan envious and hated humans!

God forgives humans, but never forgives Satan’s rebellion, which made Satan hated humans more!

  • About his children

I don’t know if he has children, but there is no birth in heaven. In case he ended up living on earth, he must have had sons! But How?

One of the religions says that there are angels who also expelled heaven with him, the angels who followed him.

Satan hates humans and will not be subject to any human woman.

He’s also arrogant and certainly won’t do the disgusting thing to go with animals!!

No male can have children without a Female! This makes me ask “How?”

but I can say the angels who were expelled from the heaven with Satan, became called demons, maybe some of them could have been subjected to human women, they have children, reproducing over the years. there are demons females!

nut it is hard to believe that someone like Satan would be subject to even a demon female.. can we see how arrogant he is? Anyway; I don’t think he has children!

Now let’s talk about Satan from Manga Ao no exorcist

Satan Manga

  • His story

Well his story began, he was a blue flame! he doesn’t remember anything about his past, because he didn’t have a body. He has no memory or physical perception! His name was Rinka.


Rinka incarnated and began to discover himself. He ended up realizing that he was the king god of all demons! Then his name became Satan.


Satan’s vision was.. he’s better than humans, which made him rebel and live far from them. he wanted to be everything he wants to be!


but the tragic truth that Satan didn’t expect..

that his physical body cannot withstand its enormous power. which makes Satan suffer terribly, trying to preserve his physical body! it was useless.. the pain didn’t end. Satan returned to Section 13, read chapter 86 from page 28. read chapter 101 from page 30 to find out what this section thirteenth

his condition has been treated, but this is temporary, the pain will return. Satan realized he is in a war

  • he carefully…

he carefully observed that human souls fit with their bodies, they don’t suffer, which made Satan envious and hated them! Satan looks like “I better than humans, but I can’t control my body. How inferior creatures can be better than me!!”

- Satan declared war on humans to keep the section 13. section 13 that treats his pain


This war lasted for a month, killing many people. There is a human woman, she knew Satan. She went to get Satan out of the state of despair, anger and hatred that was living inside him!

Satan was in love with her, he wanted to believe her. He ended the war, only to be with her


- but humans wanted revenge and things went down for worst!

ended up destroying Satan’s body


he returned to Gehenna read chapter One page 31 to know what this Gehenna Satan lived there as blue flame for 15 years in despair, making him more violent than you can imagine.

  • About his feelings and qualities

Satan’s feelings are very complicated, difficult to understand easily

his reaction is unexpected

he is very arrogant, irritable, impatient, he hates incredibly loss!

He likes to read books..

  • About his children

He has ten children, 8 children and it is not clear how he got them.

2 twins from that human woman, which he fell in love with her.

Theory #26584

Shiemi’s grandma couldn’t go to the Amahara Garden not because she was getting older like she said in chapter 3, but was thrown out of it like Adam and Eve were for disobeying God. And who tempted Eve? Lucifer. And who did Shemihaza work with? Lucifer. I have the theory that whatever deal Shemihaza and Lucifer had, it caused the original Shemihaza to banish the Shemihaza we see in the past from the garden. And whatever it is, it most likely has something to do with our Shiemi. If my other theory about Shiemi being a Lucifer clone/nephilim is true, the original Shemihaza was probably pissed that not only was the past nephilim working with a demon king who is hostile to humans, but who also tainted the Shemihaza bloodline by mixing with Lucifer’s genes.

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