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SpockFact #96

Like all people who spend a great deal of time together, the crew of the Enterprise soon saw themselves picking up traits and phrases from one another. While it was indeed odd to see Scotty bounce like Bones or hear Sulu casually insert Russia into conversations, perhaps the most disturbing was witnessing Spock refer to a member of the crew with a very southern “darlin’.”


Steering off the topic of film, De Caestecker also lets me in on the fact that he’s a huge animal lover. “If I hadn’t pursued acting, I’d have probably wanted to do something in animal rehabilitation”, he remarks, as he cheerfully strokes the on-set cat who’s found her way into his lap during the interview.

I get that a lot of people really like the “we need to consider the consequences of science” theme in fiction, and I do as well. 

However, I get very uncomfortable that innovation that can be twisted into something evil, must necessarily and inherently be evil. 

Fitz did not create The Framework. He created a Virtual Reality training exercise, in order to help train new agents without anyone getting hurt. (Which, as far as I recall, was an approved and sanctioned SHIELD project that Jemma knew about and liked.) And we currently have Virtual Reality technology that exists in our world, and as I understand people are using it for all kinds of really good things:

  • helping terminal patients get to do things on their bucket list
  • help people terrified of flying disconnect from the world 
  • create beautiful fictional worlds for people to immerse themselves in as a way to enjoy their time (just a step above 3D movies??)
  • possibly teaching first responders how to deal with really traumatic situations

And those are just current applications that people are trying to improve and develop. There are TONS more applications that involve HELPING and improving people’s lives. Because you can potentially create an evil Matrix with virtual reality doesn’t mean the technology is inherently evil. 

If I recall correctly, Fitz’ job in SHIELD is to keep creating things that protect SHIELD agents and improve the way that SHIELD runs. Nobody complains about the containment module he created to help protect Inhumans? Or any of the other countless things he’s invented to help SHIELD? (Even though I’m certain if someone thought hard enough, they would be able to find an evil version of all of those.) The reason Radcliffe was able to build AIDA is because Fitz developed a realistic prosthetic hand for Coulson to improve his life. Should he not have done that? 

Yes, of course, it’s important to consider the consequences of the technology you create. But blaming a character for having someone else completely make a new, evil version of their technology with a mystical evil book that didn’t exist when the character made that technology is a bit far-fetched. 

  • Suguro: Why is your back all scratched up?
  • Rin: *Flashbacks to falling through bushes after leaping over wall on a stealth mission to retrieve an arrow that he had fired straight up in the air and had landed in the neighbor's yard because he didn't want to knock on their door to ask to get it back due to not wanting said neighbors to think he was trying to kill them with a total lack of archery skills*
  • Rin: I'm having an affair

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Hello, before anything else I just wanna say your drawings are so cool and amazing. I just saw your recent mephisto post and I was amazed. If it's not a hassle I'd like to request a mepphy and shiro drawing where they wear school uniform may it be college or highschool. Thank u and I hope u have a great day!

Hello! I am really very VERY happy that you enjoy my drawings! ♥(ノ´∀`)
It’s no trouble! It’s pure pleasure! o(≧∇≦o)

Maybe I’m a little too lazy, but I just dressed them in the uniforms of True Cross Academy  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ I also tried a little different style of drawing ~~

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