ao phang nga


Mind blown again. The magical world of SE Asia and all it has to offer is overwhelmingly outrageous. Thanks to a really special friend, Jenny Weigle, we had an unforgettable day kayaking through the sea caves of Ao Phang Nga, off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

We saw monkeys in the wild for the first time, beautiful tropical birds and kayaked through the most narrow and tightest sea caves that opened up into peaceful lagoons with mangroves for days.

We often had to lie back and flatten ourselves out in the kayak in order to fit through the caves. And when the tide comes up just a bit…welp, you’re stuck for awhile. Luckily we were a-okay! Sometimes the caves were so narrow the width of the kayak barely fit. I would not recommend this little adventure for those with even the slightest bit of claustrophobia. I wouldn’t consider myself claustrophobic, but when you’re in a pitch black cave (our dull flashlight did provide some light) in the sea, massive razor sharp oysters are mere inches from scrapping up your entire body and you just kayaked through an area called bat cave, your heart starts to skip a few beats and you get rather clammy. I just held my breath, thought about the good things in life like light, fresh air and being able to sit upright again one day. This seemed to work, because before I could get the images of the bats we just saw sleeping upside down out of my head we were in breathtaking, gorgeous surroundings once again.

What made the experience even better is that, unlike the other couples, we got to paddle the kayak ourselves with our guide in a seperate kayak. And by we, I really mean Adrian for the most part. I do just fine in open water, but navigating through the dark, narrow sea caves isn’t a strength of mine. Adrian on the other hand was a true pro. Let’s just say a kayak purchase is in our near future! The employees on our boat called Adrian “superman” all day.

We’re so grateful we had the opportunity to experience this. We’ll never forget. Thank you to the moon and back, Jenny!