k but in the future i want the okumura twins to be in another near death situation and Shura is worried af and sees there fine, and the twins expect ‘You idiots, wtf were u doing, baby satan, four eyes, I’m gonna kill u’ but instead she starts crying and just pulls them close and hugs them and tells them how worried she was and they’re so shocked and touched and emotional and they just hug her back? @/kato my pal please right this into the manga thnx <3

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can you do how amaimon would snuggle his s/o please ?

  • Amaimon is actually a big snuggler
  • Which surprised you 
  • He will lock you in his arms and doesn’t let you go easily
  • He’s very protective and territorial of you
  • He loves holding your hand as you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Or he loves the  you just take a nap draped over his body
  • He won’t move until you wake
  • He’ll just lay there with his hands wrapped around your waist
  • Absentmindedly playing with your hair
  • You both just sit and stare at each other whilst in each others arms
  • He creates forts full of his big brothers comfy blankets and body pillows that he stole from Mepphy’s room
  • You sit together snuggled up against a mountain of cushions throwing candy into each others mouths 
  • Literally you spend half the day netflix and chill, but with 50% less chill so it’s just cuddling
  • Sometimes Behemoth will come curl up near your feet, like a cat or dog would

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What kind of jewelery do you think the demon brothers and the okumura brothers buy to their s/o so the others know to "whom" they belong, but in a descretive way. Thank you and good job with the blog, really like it

Rin: He wouldn’t be discreet, he’d straight up buy a promise ring.

Yukio: He would buy a red string of fate ring for his s/o.

Mephisto: He’d buy earrings that match his polkadot neckerchief for his s/o.

Amaimon: Panda earrings ‘cause the panda lollipops are his favorite.

Lucifer: I can’t see him buying any jewelry to prove that his s/o is ‘his’, he’d prove that through his action and words.

Walking in

Renzou: Will freeze and just stare at his partner. This could quickly develope into sex if his partner is comfortable enough to keep on going and tease him instead of blushing and shrieking for him to get out.

Ryuji: Opens the door, sees what they’re doing and slams the door immediately. His face will be very red for the next few hours and he won’t talk to his partner for a while.

Yukio: Will tell them that they should close the door the next time or even better do it in the shower where no one can interrupt. He will then get whatever he needed out of the room and walk away like nothing happened.


So there’s two different endings for the Phantom Labyrinth of Time, the difference is in what he says, that has animation not used anywhere else of Mephisto!! This one has Rin’s name in the title while the other has Yukio’s (Rin’s has the better laugh imo :> Yukio’s is more of a chuckle)

On a side note, finally figured out why Katoh draws Yukio with a Yeti theme sometimes 

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What would be bons reaction to his s/o wanting to drink/ get drunk with him

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He’d be pretty taken back at first, he was kinda surprised you asked him. He asked why you wanted too and once you explained he said, “Sure, but not to much okay?” He agrees because he has always wanted to get drunk, just to see what its like, but doesn’t wanna get really drunk and have a hangover. What better way to experience something then with the person you love?

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He also doesn’t know how he’ll be when he’s drunk so he doesn’t want to get smashed and risk being a bad drunk, and be a prick to you. Since it’s illegal to drink underage and neither of you have fake ID’s, you both wait outside a shop for and hour asking passing locals to go in the shop for you, all of them refuse and tell you to go to the park like kids should. Until Mephisto happens to be walking by, and legit buys you the entire liquor isle, you didn’t even ask him but he just winked and said to have fun.

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He was initially nervous about it, but he didn’t know why, you had drunk before so you were fine. Bon may be a bad ass but he’s a light weight.He starts slurring his words and talking shit, and of course theres those all over the place, drunken kisses and touches that normally wouldn’t be quite as adventures sober. Theres also a lot of hilarious snapchats and drunked messages involved. He’s mortal by time he leaves your dorm, he stumbles home to his dorm, gets lost and sleeps in a bush. Koneko and Renzo find him the next morning and ofc Shima finds it hilarious, especially when he takes picture and sends it to Suguro’s mom.

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Hi, How would the Demon Kings and Saburota Todo will take care of their baby child when their s/o is out doing something like shopping or taking a bath idk

Amaimon: When you go to take bath Amaimon watches your baby from the table. He rests his chin on the table as he watches them. His expression is rather emotionless, but also intense, as he doesn’t want anything bad to happen. Your baby just stares him with those huge, expressive eyes, babbling a little.

When his child stares crying, the Earth King jumps to his feet, and starts making faces. He sighs when the baby smiles and reaches forward to tug on his ears.

Mephisto: He would read stories to your child while you are away. Not just any stories, either, he demonic stories to his child. He believes your child should know at least some of their heritage.

Lucifer: When you go for a bath, Lucifer easily falls asleep with your child holding onto one of his fingers.

Saburota Toudou: Honestly, as much as he would want to be in a bath with you, he’s happy to have some time with your baby. He falls asleep on the couch with the baby in his arms.