Teaser screenshots~

We’ve only got the first 10 minutes done, but part 2 subbing is underway (we actually started a little bit ago, but I got lazy and didn’t post anything, lol). Most of the screenshots are actually from the opening sequence, since most of the rest of the beginning is just a Mephisto dialogue, lol (gotta catch the audience up somehow, I guess). The first screenshot should be a familiar scene though…

The Impure King arc is one of the longest single story arcs in the manga, one of the best (IMO), and I think they do a pretty good job condensing it for this. I’m really looking forward to getting this done! I’ll be rooting for our poor translator too…go Facets! We’ve only got 2 hours and 50 minutes to go! ^^; ( *realizes that means for herself as well* orz )

Anyways, here’s hoping we can get this one finished faster than part 1!

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These are a little overdue but I finished editing and re-sizing!

Me as Sheimi Moriyami and my bestie sonicheroes as Rin Okumura! It was so hot outside and I grabbed the wrong memory card so we were limited on time and how many photos we could take, but it ended up being  a ton of fun getting nice photos for once. sonicheroes makes the best Rin