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me @ god: are you seeing this?
god: unbelievable

ft. wolf’s angelic smile


“Jemma’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is Fitz and Fitz.” - Elizabeth [x]


I’m just realising I never posted these here and @artemae is too much of a good photographer to not put these here (wig also belongs to artemae and command insignia handmade by @scoobygoobygoo)


This Day in Trek

Star Trek Motion Picture Films

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - December 6, 1979

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan - June 4, 1982

Star Trek: The Search for Spock - June 1, 1984

Star Trek: The Voyage Home - November 20, 1986

Star Trek: The Final Frontier  - June 9, 1989

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country - December 6, 1991

Star Trek: Generations - November 18, 1994

Star Trek: First Contact - November 22, 1996

Star Trek: Insurrection - December 11, 1998

Star Trek: Nemesis - December 13, 2002

Star Trek (2009) - May 7, 2009

Star Trek Into Darkness - May 15, 2013

Star Trek Beyond - July 22, 2016

Coming Home

Leonard McCoy x Reader

Finally seeing Leonard after a year long mission. 

You waited impatiently at the Starfleet docking station, along with the families of the other crew members of the Enterprise. This was it. After a year long mission, you were going to see Leonard McCoy again. Sure, the two of you had communicated over the year, but it was nothing like being in the arms of the doctor. You knew this was not the last time he would go off to space, he was far too loyal to Captain Kirk, which you admired greatly. But he did promise he would take a few months off this time around. Stay on the ground.

The Enterprise had been docked for a good 20 minutes before people finally started to shuffle out. You grew nervous, tugging at your jacket waiting for Leonard to come off the ship. You groaned as most of the crew descended off the ship, but no sight of your man. Then you start to see people you recognized, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty. This had to be it. Had to be.

And then like that, after a year without seeing the cankerous doctor you had fallen in love with so long ago, he was there. Grinning at something Jim was saying and smacking him on the back. Spock walked behind the two, hand behind his back but clearly engaged in their conversation. He looked the same, possibly his hair was a tad bit longer.

You started to move closer to the three men, maneuvering through the crowd, when Leonard’s eyes suddenly met yours. He halted in his steps, leaving Jim and Spock to keep walking without him. His lips pulled into a wide grin and he rushed toward you.

“Lee!” You cried out, tears falling down your face as he scooped you up into his arms. His head tucked into the nook of your neck, immediately he inhaled your scent. How he missed every molecule of your body. Your warm laugh. You.

“Darlin’, no words could describe how much I missed you.”

His voice fought to stay strong as you pulled from him, your hand holding his face. Leonard kissed you on the forehead, slipping his hand around your shoulder and leading the two of you toward Jim, who stood by watching with a smile.

Your heart was full again, your doctor was home.


  • me: i love that hikaru sulu is canonically gay and in a loving relationship with his husband. i love that he has a child. i love that the family is depicted in a healthy light, but also not made to be a big deal. i love how star trek has created wonderful representation for east asian gay people everywhere. it's such a beautiful thing, and regardless of how anyone else feels about it, i love it. i don't want this moment to be about anybody else, just about hikaru sulu and how he has nothing to be ashamed of.
  • also me: let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock--