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Jemma’s tiny smile when she finally gets to hold Fitz after they were in danger  (◠‿◠✿)

Top Ten Appropriate Anagrams For “Leonard Horatio McCoy”

Very appropriate anagrams indeed


Star Trek Medley - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)


get to know me - favourite movies [10/∞] | star trek into darkness, dir. jj abrams (2013)

Attention: John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-range torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail.

Blue Exorcist: Home Sweet Home (part 1)

Sooooooo I’ve been planning to translate the title story from the Home Sweet Home novel for a while now because it’s FRIGGIN ADORABLE and because chapter 94 is coming and I need everyone else to also experience the pain of reading whatever happens next in the manga after reading this cute little happy family story, misery loves company muahahaha

So here’s the first part! ^_^ Part 2 is partly done and should be up relatively soon as well.

This story references ojiya (wiki link), a rice soup that people tend to eat when they’re sick (kind of the cultural equivalent of chicken noodle soup for the US). Also I’ve taken some liberties in bits of dialogue where Rin messes up hard words, in the hopes that it will actually sound funny in English.


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petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.