Part 3!

I decided to just add a “SFX” for the one frame, because AnzuAme did a really cool effect with the text, and I don’t think I can duplicate it. (;A;) I also considered changing the last frame to a less literal “Answer me one question.” But I decided to stick with something that was more directly accurate. My apologies if the translation sounds a bit awkward. ^^;;

Also, aren’t Blue’s eyes so pretty in that last frame? Enjoy!

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Part 4!
I apologize if I got some parts wrong. I took some liberties, but I am a little unsure about terms like  ランクの低い奴, because I think normally we would use the term ‘n00b’ or ‘newbie’ or something. Also, in the fourth to last frame, the roller guy saying “So that’s how you’re gonna be?” is not a very direct translation, but I think it works. ^_^

Sorry again for the long wait!

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