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Tadaa! I was thinking it would be really fun to have a Mystery Dungeon game with Yu-Gi-Oh, and each dungeon would have different monsters that you could befriend like in the pokemon game!

The pixel sprites are from Yu-Gi-Oh Reshef of Destruction and the pixel backgrounds are from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games!

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hanzo having to leave his daughter with genj because of shimada clan reasons and the shimada clan thinks genjis dead (equal parts angst and fluff)

Hanzo’s Daughter 

“Papa.. where are we going?”.

Scanning the area with his sharp hazel eyes, Hanzo pulled the young girl closer to his chest protectively. “Hush love” he murmured, his lips barely moving as he checked the surroundings for any sign of a threat. The young toddler squirmed in the bundle Hanzo had wrapped them in, her long eyelashes fluttered as she tried to keep her almond eyes open. Sighing softly, Hanzo pushed himself from the tall ledge, the wind sailing through his black hair in the cold night sky until his feet came into contact with the snowy ground with a gentle crunch. 

He hated to do this. And he despised the fact he had no choice in his actions either. A letter arrived to him in beautiful penmanship at dawn - from his fallen clan stating that he was required urgently, on penalty of death if he ignored the request. Far from stupid, Hanzo knew the pain the clan could inflict. They murdered anyone who stood in their way of domination. Many years ago, he agreed with their morals and stuck to the rules that his father taught him.. yet it started to destroy him as the deeds he was instructed to carry out made him question his own being. He wasn’t a cold hearted killer.. surely not? 

Like lightning darting through the deep sky, the image of his own brother’s blood coating his hands flashed before his eyes. The taste of iron on his tongue, Hanzo’s body shook as he remembered the memory. He refused to ever let that happen to Anzu… He promised her mother that he would never let any harm come to her. 

“(y/n)?!” Hanzo screamed, his eyes blurry as tears spiked at his eyes. Around him, buildings were alight and cracking viciously - the stench of death in the air was suffocating. Calling your name over and over, Hanzo ran to every fallen house - roughly shoving debris to the sides in a desperate search to find you. “H-Hanzo” your weak voice called through the smoke, barely audible even to yourself. Spinning around, Hanzo’s eyes widened as he bolted towards you, his arms already reaching for the large pillar that was currently pinning you to the ground. Shaking your head, you smiled sadly as tears ran down your cheeks - reaching out for your husband, you pressed a hand to his face. “Don’t.. it’s okay”. Growling slightly at you, rage and sadness burned behind Hanzo’s eyes. “NO” he barked, his voice threatening to break into helpless sobs, “I am not leaving without you”. 

“It’s okay..” you breathed sharply as you felt the impact of the huge pillar begin to crush your bones. A weak smile tugging at your lips, you cried as you ran a thumb across your husband’s cheekbone. “Please, go find Anzu.. she’s in our room… She was sleeping when the attack began” you stammered, loosing all feeling in your lower body. “Promise me you’ll keep her safe?”. Ugly sobs spread across Hanzo’s delicate face as he pressed his forehead against your’s. Slowly, he nodded before kissing your forehead, “I will come back for you. Stay alive for me” he whispered, his body shaking. Running your hand through his thick locks, you sighed.. you knew you couldn’t promise that. “I love you Hanzo” you choked, the taste of blood rising in your throat. “I love you too (y/n).. i love you, i love you, i love you” he cried before hesitantly standing up. “Stay conscious for me love” he instructed before running into your house which was falling apart a bit more with each second passing.

Heavy uncoordinated footsteps pounding against the wooden floor, Hanzo threw himself into your bedroom and spun around frantically whilst looking for your child. There, on your bed lay Anzu. Wrapped up in one of your jumpers, she slept peacefully, her soft lips parted as her tiny hands clung onto the sent of you on your jumper. At this sight, Hanzo’s eyes soften. “My darling” he whispered, scooping your baby up and holding him to his chest, “everything is alright”. Kissing her tiny forehead, Hanzo, ran more carefully out of the building this time as the ceiling collapsed behind him - roaring as it burst into flames. Darting away from the burning house, Hanzo ran to safety where no falling debris would hit him or Anzu. Under a shelter, a couple of young mothers, children and old ladies sat huddled together - fear dancing in their eyes. Frowning at one of the mothers, Hanzo begged for her to hold Anzu for a few moments. The woman nodded sadly, pulling Anzu to her chest and holding her carefully. Before she had a chance to ask anything, Hanzo found himself running back into the flames.

Following the road that was littered in flaming debris, he ran back to you.. But as he screamed your name, his hand reached out to your weak body, the burning building above you collapsed - destroying everything underneath it. Eyes wide, Hanzo fell to the ground.. his legs gave out totally as he curled into a ball and called your name over and over, his body violently shaking in the overwhelming pain he felt in his heart.

From that day onwards, he swore he’d keep Anzu safe no matter what.

Walking along the icey path, Hanzo stepped up to a small house with golden light that shone out through the small window. His cold breath swirling in the December air, Hanzo hesitated for a second before knocking on the peeling door. After the gentle sound of footsteps and chatter, the door swung open. “Hanzo?”. Hanzo nodded, not taking his eyes of Anzu who was peering at her uncle in awe. “Genji” he clenched his jaw, “May… May I come in?”. Surprised at his brother’s sudden appearance, Genji opened the door wider and let the two in.

Walking into the living room, Hanzo sat down onto one of the couches and gently unwrapped the blankets off of Anzu, who was still staring at Genji. “I apologies for appearing without warning brother..” Hanzo stated, closing his eyes and feeling the warmth of Genji’s house on his cold limbs. “That’s.. alright…” Genji frowned, staring at the small child in front of him. His face was riddled with confusion as he glanced between the child and his brother. “Whose baby is this?” he asked, gesturing at Anzu who had her tiny arms wrapped around her father’s bicep. Hooking his large hands under her armpit, Hanzo lift the child onto his lap and stared at her. 

Naturally, Anzu took far more after her father with thick locks of black hair sitting at her jaw, almond eyes and a heart shaped face - yet there was something about the way she smiled and giggled that yanked at Hanzo’s heart as it reminded him painfully of you. “This is my daughter Anzu” he replied, placing a hand upon her head, making her squeal in delight. Genji’s eyes widened in shock, “Your daughter?!”. Kneeling down so he was eye-level with Anzu, Genji tilted his head as she copied him and did the same. “When…?” he asked, his eyes flickering up to meet his brother’s. 

Noticing the sharp ripple of pain brush across Hanzo’s features, Genji shook his head and smiled. “Ah forget it, it doesn’t matter right now”. Reaching forward, Genji lifted a finger towards Anzu, the metal plates glinting in the light. Glancing up at her father nervously, Anzu waited for his approval. Lips breaking into a soft smile, Hanzo rested his hand against her back and nodded, “it’s okay little one”. Turning back to face her uncle, she clutched to his finger and giggled gleefully. A grin spread across Genji’s face at this - Hanzo could tell that his brother already loved her.

 Standing up, Hanzo placed Anzu on the floor gently before turning to his brother, keeping his voice low so that she couldn’t hear. “I’m sorry to bring this upon you Genji, but the Clan has called for me”. All traces of happiness before vanished from the Cyborg’s face in an instant. Nodding gravely, Genji turned back to glance at the little child. She was so young … so small and helpless - he understood perfectly why Hanzo had come here. Resting a hand upon his Hanzo’s shoulder, the brothers shared a look that they both understood perfectly. The Shimada clan was no place for a child. “I understand” Genji whispered, “I will look after Anzu for as long as needs be”. Relief rushed across Hanzo’s features as he relaxed. “Arigato brother” he murmured, staring at the floor darkly.

Walking across the floor, Hanzo brought himself to the ground beside Anzu who was playing with an old carved dragon Genji had left on a table. “Anzu” he smiled, reaching his arms out. Bright eyes wide, Anzu toddled over to her father who swept her up into a bear hug. Rubbing her soft cheek against his shoulder, Hanzo brought his hand to the back of her head. “Papa is going away for a while.. You are going to stay with your uncle, he’ll keep you safe. Do you understand blossom?”. Frowning, Anzu pressed her podgy hands to either side of Hanzo’s face, her bottom lip stuck out slightly. “Is Papa okay?” she asked with concern. Smiling, Hanzo took either of her tiny hands in his and kissed her forehead, “Yes, Papa is fine, don’t worry”. 

Standing up with Anzu on his hip, he pointed at Genji. “Now, you have to look after you Uncle won’t you?”. Genji snorted at this and crossed his arms whilst Anzu giggled in delight. Nodding she reached for Genji who took her into his own arms carefully. Walking to the door, Hanzo picked up his bow and sighed - his back to Anzu and Genji. About to step back out into the severe winter, Anzu whimpered. “Papa! Wait!”. Turning to face them, Genji walked forward with Anzu in his arms. Before he could realise it, she flung her arms around his neck and kissed the tip of his nose. “I love you Papa!”. “I… I love you too blossom”


“She taught me all about real sacrifice. That it should be done from love… That it should be done from necessity, not without exhausting all other options. That it should be done for people who need your strength because they don’t have enough of their own.” 

― Veronica Roth, Allegiant    



With my Red Eyes, I’ll put Kaiba to shame.

NOTE: This is not from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Joey’s lines are from the 4KIDS Entertainment English dub.

Azureshipping - Fanfic Recommendations.

I literally have no idea if people still read fanfics about this couple since the show is like 20 years old but I’m going to make one anyway because I’m trash for this ship. Be warned though some of these stories will probably never be finished but definitely are worth the read.


Advice From a 5,000 Year Old Pharaoh by aphrael21

Kaiba needs a date. 

  • Teen, 78k, 20 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Jun 27, 2009}

Past, Present, Destiny and Future by Redenzione

The group are stuck in ancient Egypt and run across a past none know or even understand.

  • Mature, 12k, 3 Chapters, WIP {Last Updated: Feb 13, 2011}

Deception by Thallein

Ever since Tea can remember, she’s wanted to become a dancer. Now, her dream is finally within reach, but there is one obstacle standing in her way. Seto Kaiba.

  • Teen, 15k, 5 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Apr 19, 2004}

Feelings That Shouldn’t Be by Living Arrow

Living her dream in New-York, Anzu never expected to see Kaiba again, but when she does, he’s colder than ever. Anzu is determined to help him, can she pierce the walls around his heart, can she even stand what awaits behind them?

  • Mature, 101k, 39 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Sep 10, 2012}

Gold Digger by Anshu

“Don’t deride me,” he warned. “Don’t provoke me,” she vied. “Don’t resist me,” he approached. “You don’t possess me,” she survived. “You’re very angry,” he considered. “Yet, you remain deluded,” she defied.

  • Teen, 62k, 40 Chapters - Completed + Has A Prequel (Isn’t Finished Yet)

Like The Rain by Revolutionnaire Rouge

The rain has a funny way of getting in your eyes, but Anzu and Seto find that sometimes you need to blur the boundaries in order to see clearly again… And things are definitely starting to get blurry.

  • Teen, 125k, 15 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Aug 9, 2010}

Mixing Business with Pleasure by twilight eyes 8120

Anzu bit out, ‘Try a different flavor ice cream next time.’ 'I take it you don’t want to play with me,’ Kaiba accused, 'You’d have enjoyed it.’ He closed the door behind him. No matter what logic said, Seto Kaiba already meant too much to her.

  • Teen, 76k, 15 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Oct 17, 2007}

O’ Blessed Child of Mine by Flashchimp

“He may be your husband, but don’t forget, I’m the one carrying his child. I have a greater right on Seto than you.” Serenity’s words were like daggers to Tea’s heart, and she knew she had lost this battle.

  • Mature, 53k, 11 Chapters - COMPLETED.

Sapphire Dreams by AlienDemon

Mai and Joey invite Tea and Yugi to go to a club. But their night of fun is ruined when they run into none other than Seto Kaiba.

  • Teen, 31k, 10 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Oct 15, 2015}

Secret Indulgences by twilight eyes 8120

Her fingers stilled as she looked up, and noticed a familiar logo on his discarded jacket. His soft moan caused her to jerk back. It couldn’t be… him… fate wasn’t THAT cruel.

  • Mature, 25k, 6 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Nov 13, 2005}

Spectrum by AudibleHush

Anzu’s summer plans were primarily about rest and relaxation. They did not involve answering to the most arrogant jerk she’d ever had the displeasure of knowing. And they certainly didn’t involve falling for said jerk…

  • Mature, 50k, 9 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Nov 17, 2005}

The Bachelor by Flashchimp

Tea couldn’t believe what had happened to her. Her vacation had effectively turned into a nightmare because she had agreed to do a favor. Now she was a contestant on Domino’s very first Bachelor show. Worst of all, the bachelor was Seto Kaiba. How could she win his heart when her true desire was to wring his neck?

  • Teen, 137k, 15 Chapters - COMPLETED.

What Doesn’t Kill You by Azurite

Téa Gardner lost everything in a single night: her home, her family, her very livelihood. Of all people to help her in this time of need, Seto Kaiba is the one to give her another chance.

  • Mature, 547k, 28 Chapters, WIP. {Last Updated: Aug 6, 2016}

Where This May Lead by Geniusgirl The Original

I’m more than willing to offer myself. Do you want my presence or need my help? Who knows where that might lead? …Solace comes in many forms, from many sources. She is their source.

  • Kids +, 4k, 5 Chapters - COMPLETED.


Claustrophobia by TechnicolorNina

Anzu and Kaiba get stuck in a dark room … and nobody else knows it

  • Teen, 9k.

Cruel to Be Kind by Nietzsche’s Itch

Seto and Anzu meet in a lawyer’s office several years later, and find they have more in common than they did before.

  • Teen, 2k

Egyptian Silk by Valentine'sNinja

There was nothing like waking up to the feel of Egyptian silk against her skin, in particular the silk of his skin.

  • Mature, 4k.

Feel Beautiful by Geniusgirl The Original

While escaping Noa’s virtual world, Anzu realizes that you can’t waste time because your life just may be shorter than you expected. So, she acts.

  • Teen, 2k.

From Business To Pleasure by Higuchimon

Kaiba Seto never noticed when he fell. He didn’t even notice he’d stumbled in the first place.

  • Teen, 11k.

Getting Over It by DarkShadowFlame

Seto and Mai are dating, and neither Joey, Téa, or Mai is very happy about that.

  • Teen, 31k.

Reach by AudibleHush

So much space exists between them. The difference between smiles, and frowns, friends and isolation. And all he wants is to touch her.

  • Kids +, 2k.

Sente by Geniusgirl The Original

TO: skaiba @ “Téa’s single again. It’s been nine years. Do it for me if not for yourself… Yugi.” And then there’s the phone call.

  • Teen, 3k.

To See Her Dance by DarkShadowFlame

Looking at home among the tasteful décor of the Kaiba household hangs a glossy photo of a ballerina, the moment captured in midpose, the girl vibrantly alive.

  • Kids +, 2k.

Up Among The Trees by Artemis_Day

Anzu was really starting to regret going on this trip. First she’s attacked by monkeys, and now she’s been captured by some kind of wild jungle man with no sense of personal space

  • Teen, 3k.

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azureshipping - "dress to impress"

“Why can’t you just go with your secretary?”

“Because I’m not dating my secretary.”

"I’m sorry. I must have missed the memo that we were dating.”

"That’s not what I meant—- look, I just don’t want a bunch of flighty, overly perfumed women hanging all over me at this event.”

"Oh—- so I’m your bodyguard now?" 

Mazaki. You’re making this more difficult than it needs to be.”

"Well, you’re being more of an asshole than you need to be.”

Seto pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers. He could already feel the beginnings of a headache and she hadn’t even picked a dress yet. Maybe he should just take his secretary to the charity ball. At least she wouldn’t argue with him the whole damn night. The problem was that people — women in particular— recognised his secretary. The night would be much more bearable if he could have someone go that other women believed he was, well, going with.

Anzu had been preferable because she, unlike him, actually enjoyed these types of things. But she was beign so unfathomably difficult about it he was questioning why he thought she was a good choice to begin with. Though, considering she had agreed to try on a few gowns (with Seto’s approval, of course—- he wasn’t about to let Anzu Mazaki embarrass him in front of his colleagues), he thought she might be inclined to accompany him after all.

They’d been at the upscale dress shop for over an hour. Anzu was getting more irritated by the minute: one, because Seto hadn’t approved of a single dress she picked out, and two, well—- she’d somehow gotten roped into this in the first place. From behind the dressing room curtain, she continued to banter with Kaiba.

"So, what’s in it for me for going to this thing with you?”

“You’re putting a considerable dent in my wallet, isn’t that enough?” Really, though. After the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, and the makeup and hair, he was easily going to spend thousands of dollars for a single night. He hadn’t even accounted for the food and drink at the event either.

“Oh, you must get all the girls with that,” Anzu rolls her eyes, even though she knows he can’t see it. “Spending large amounts of money on them and all…”

Seto frowns. He didn’t understand Anzu at all. “Most wouldn’t complain about it.”

“I’m not most women.”

Christ, he knew.

The sound of the curtain sliding open has Seto looking up from where he’d lain his head back against the plush, red sofa outside the dressing rooms.

“Okay, how about this one?”

When Anzu steps out, it’s not what he expects. Powder blue— almost ice blue, really. Floor length; tasteful with just enough shimmer to catch the light without being overly flashy. When she does a three-sixty in the mirror, he can see the open back, with sheer overlay encrusted with crystals. His lips set in a firm line; analysing.

Anzu, for her part, feels like a queen. It hugs all the right curves and has a nice little slit up the side to show some leg without being too trashy. When she finally turns back around to face Seto, she’s expecting some sort of compliment. It really is a lovely dress. 

Stunning… Beautiful…

“It’ll do.”