Currently sporting these super cute nails! I did it last night! ^v^ 

These are my real nails! Products used are (OPI base coat, Seche Vite top coat, Essie in Muchi Muchi, Konad stamps plate # M77 & M79, pearl & pink stone decos and bow nail sticker)

I’m trying to improve my nail designs now! Let me know how you like my new designs and also my new watermark. LOL *O* Thank you!?


How I’ve been doing my makeup recently~

I love Anz Falcon! haha~

Where I Purchase my Circle Lens (o^^o)

So, everyone has been wondering where I purchase my circle lens and who I purchase them from.
Personally, I purchase my circle lens from:
Doll House and Lé Moo Boutique on Facebook.

Doll House Link Official Link:

Lé Moo Boutique Official Link:

The reason why I personally like these shops is because you get 1 on 1 conversation, honest and real opinions, truth and questions answered ASAP. I love these two sites and for me personally, I prefer these two.

Websites I buy circle lens from:

The reason why sometimes I don’t buy circle lens so much even though I love to wear them is because they’re pricy online. I first purchased my first pair on koreabigeyes because they have this deal where if you buy a pair of circle lens and do a review video and link them to the video by email, you can get a free pair with your next purchase.

Pinkyparadise was my second place I purchased circle lens and That’s where I purchased my GEO Angel Purple. It was pricy but very legit and I know that my eyes are safe.

Ilovecirclelens is a site I learned about from AnzFalcon. Even though they are pricy, I love how they always have a response to every question. I have not purchased anything from the site yet but I did recently and hope to give you all a review if I receive the lens.

So, these are the sites I purchase my lens and hopefully, this is helpful to all.

Hello Kitty bento~ Ham, sausage and scrambled eggs! LOL

As I promised on my Facebook Page(Like for more updates), I will post pictures of the Hello Kitty bento box I was working on earlier!

Finish product!!!

Sorry this was my first time so it still looks weird and noob… But hey, it still looks yummy right??? 

One of my inspiration to start making bento was my Tumblr friend Akane(Jani) aka Akane_x on Tumblr! I hope you like my sucky bento box Jani, I tried my best! 


My reaction:

  • When strangers think my daughter is my sister!
  • When people think I’m a teenager…
  • When I get hit on by guys, who are way younger than me.
  • (Cont.) When they fail getting my name and number. LMAO

What’s up Tumblr people?

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection Swatches

As I promised, I’ll swatch the whole China Glaze’s Crackle Polish Collection…

Colors from left to right:

  1. Lightning Bolt
  2. Broken Hearted
  3. Crushed Candy
  4. Cracked Concrete
  5. Black Mesh
  6. Fault Line

Anyway my base nail lacquer colors are China Glaze’s Platinum Silver and For Audrey… I’ll be using “For Audrey” color for the “Cracked Concrete crackle polish” since I think it wont show or pop more on a silver base color.

Let’s start swatching!!!

  • Cracked Concrete

  • Black Mesh

  • Broken Hearted

  • Lightning Bolt

  • Crushed Candy

  • Fault Line

  • I’ve noticed all of them dries “matte”, except for Fault Line since it has small purple flex in it. If you want them matte just leave it as is, or apply matte top coat. And if you want it really shiny then apply your favorite top coat.
  • The cracks and designs may vary on how thick or thin, your crackle polish application is. It actually cracks really fast so you might wanna do it quickly and in portions like “swiping one coat in the middle of your nails, then left side and right”. That way you apply equal coats on your nails.
  • They are really fun to use and the colors are all really pretty! My personal favorites are Crushed Candy and Cracked Concrete.

And for my huge announcement!!! One lucky blog follower will win not one! Not two! But the whole set of the China Glaze Crackle Polish collection soon!!!

Let me know if you guys like this post! In case you already own one of these “What colors did you got and Whats your personal fave?”