Anze Kopitar, hilariously braces himself for the bump from, Jeff Carter.

  • -Tall People-
  • Halak: so how tall are you?
  • Kopitar: 6'3".
  • -Short People-
  • Halak: so how tall are you?
  • Zuccarello: *grabs him by the collar* I am 5 feet, 6 inches, and three quarters and I will destroy you.


so I found this randomly in one of those $1, $3, and $5 toy bins and it was the only one and it was THREE FREAKING CENTS!!!!

Anyway turns out it’s Anze Kopitar inside and I’m not a kings fan but I know this would be awesome to have for a fan so you have until Saturday night Pacific time to like and reblog to have a chance to have him!

I’ll ship anywhere 💛 goodluck!

Janitor’s Closet- Anze Kopitar

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Ok so for some reason I was really excited when I got this request but then I got to writing it and… idk.. let me know what you guys think! Enjoy! PS- Sorry about posting my night one early last night to make you wait longer for this one! I’m really tired and stressed and pressed the wrong button!

Warning: heavy make out

Anon Request: Anze Kopitar imagine where things are getting really heated between you two (if you get what I mean) but one of his teammates walks in?


              This was most certainly not the way you wanted to meet Anze’s new goalie, Ben Bishop.

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