THE Sebastian

Ciel: -sighs while looking at a tree in the garden-

Sebastian: Young… Master?

Ciel: -sighs-

Sebastian: Is.. Everything okay?

Ciel: It’s today…

Sebastian: What is, my lord?

Ciel: Sebastian’s death anniversary.

Sebastian: But.. But I’m right he-

Ciel: Not you, you moron! -looks at tree again- My dog, Sebastian. -sighs-

Sebastian: Oh.. Right.. Sometimes I forget I was named after a damn DOG!

Ciel: -glares- Watch it! -looks back at tree- This is were he died, next to that tree… I remember that day as if it was yesterday… -sigh-

Sebastian: My Lord, do you know that the dogs are like trees?

Ciel: What? How so?

Sebastian: Both lose their bark once they’re dead. -smiles-

Ciel: ….

Sebastian: -smiling-

Ciel: Is that supposed to be a joke? Am I supposed to laugh?

Sebastian: I was just trying to lighten up the mood, my lord.

Ciel: By what? KILLING ME WITH STUPID JOKES?! Is this some kind of revenge for naming you after a dog?

Sebastian: ….. -shrugs- Mayyyyyybe…

Ciel: -narrows eyes- I suggest you leave now before you taste the back of my shoe.

Sebastian: ….. Haha… -walks away slowly- BYE! -runs-


Okay so I tried really hard to get pics of Cam, Noel, and Emmy (and the other cast members too), but the security told me I had to stay across the street which totally blows!! Sorry I couldn’t get pics of the guys:( I really did try my best but rules are rules. 

Anyyyyyways those are the lame pics I got…

 The one at the top is that hideous doll that Noel tweeted a pic of. I saw one of the crew members walking to the next location with them. So I asked if I could take a picture and he said yes, so there it is. Also, I saw a bunch of the extras with baby strollers, so I am guessing that these dolls are going to be fake babies in the strollers. I am thinking that Kev and Vee are at some sort of parenting class or something like that. But I could be wrong.

The next three are just WB trucks. Where they keep all their set stuff throughout the day.

There is a picture of a white tent, that is where I saw one of the twins (Brendan/ Brandon Sims) who plays Liam.

The last pic is of  Steve Howey (Kev). Again, I was across the street so it’s not that great of a pic, and as soon as I was taking it, he turned around.

I apologize again for not being able to get better pics. However I know they will film here again for this season, so maybe I will get a better chance next time!