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SLIGHTLY implied smut??? like waking up after it??? cause i just cant and wont write like smUT SMUT u KNOW im stiLL A BABY ANYWYAS ENJOY LOVE


The first word that came to Jeonghan’s mind as he tiredly reached over and patted the empty space that the girl he was in love with was supposed to be at. He furrowed his brows and slowly opened his eyes, squinting slightly.

“Y/N?” Jeonghan mumbled, slowly sitting up as the white sheets fell off of his upper body and cold air hitting his bare skin. He gulped and clenched the white sheets slightly. 

“You won’t regret this, right?” Jeonghan whispered as he stared into your eyes. 

He bit his lip before hurriedly getting out of his bed and wearing his clothes, combing his short hair with his fingers as he grabbed his phone, opening and frowning in disappointment when there weren’t any missed calls or texts from you. 

“Y/N… Where are you?” Jeonghan whispered as he stared at his phone sadly, sitting on the edge of his bed as he ran his fingers through his hair continuously. 

“I never knew this much people would buy groceries today,” you muttered, pouting slightly and sighing as you saw your phone that died on you just by checking on your shopping list a few times. 

You waited in line to pay and blushed slightly when you started to recall the memories you made with Jeonghan last night. He was so sweet and gentle and really cared for you and how you felt during everything. 

You bit your lip to prevent the grin that wanted to show up on your face. 

This morning, you woke up extra early to try and maybe make breakfast for you and Jeonghan. Of course, it took you a little longer than usual because you felt a bit… sore. 

And don’t forget Jeonghan’s sad, empty fridge– which is why you were at a grocery store right now. You shook your head lightly and chuckled, sighing. 

“Oh Jeonghan, what am I going to do with you?” 


Walking out with his umbrella, he frowned and sighed, “why is it suddenly raining when it was just fine a few minutes ago?” 

Checking his phone again, he bit his lip in worry and felt his heart break a little more. 


He widened his eyes and almost dropped his phone when he heard your voice. Fearing that he heard wrong, he slowly looked up with big eyes. 

There you were, in his hoodie, holding a bag of groceries and an umbrella. You were staring at him with this glow that he never saw before but already loved. He stared at you with a shocked expression. 

Smiling, you walked over to him, “hey, why are you up? You usually sleep for–” 

Yelping, you widened your eyes and dropped your umbrella when Jeonghan suddenly tacked you with a hug. He buried his face in your neck and had his arms around you tightly. 

You blinked in surprise and smiled slightly, “Jeonghan? What’s wrong?” 

Hearing him take a deep breath, he smiled against your skin and whispered, “nothing’s wrong anymore.” 

You blinked and slowly pulled him away, looking at him and not caring that the rain hit both of your faces. 

“Anymore? What happened?” You asked softly, cupping his cheek with your free hand that had the umbrella. 

Jeonghan smiled and just leaned in to press his lips against yours, causing your eyes to widen in surprise. 

“It’s just… You’re here so I’m okay now,” he pulled back. Before you could respond, he kissed you again.