anywho i don't know what's going on

omggggg I’m so tired I am just barely sentient enough to type anyway idk if I’m going to be able to finish this board for the weekend but I'ma try anywho like maybe Sunday??? very late Sunday

this isn’t even in this scene it’s from the one after what am I doing

I have this headcanon that little Honk was the type of toddler that gave good night kisses as a habit aaaaaand actually I don’t know where I’m going with this I just saw an old baby picture of mine

TUMBLR AND FELLOW MIRACULERS!! Here’s a little personal project I started recently instead of working on my final film project uggghhhhh. It is a WORK! IN! PROGRESS! I’m hoping to finish the full video with the entire song + better edits & effects in a couple days. 

Let me know what you think! This is the first contribution I’ve really made to the series (or any series, for that matter… seriously I usually don’t do this kind of thing). But I just really wanted to share my deep, deep passion I have for Miraculous Ladybug with the rest of you all.

Stay tuned for the full thing I guess?

You know, it really puts my flirting game under question when I think I’m hitting it off with someone in a bar and he/she drops the “so, can I have your moms number?” line. Either my pick up lines are shockingly bad, or half the suitors I meet have fantasised about the woman who birthed me in a gold bikini. So, that’s delightful. Anywho, I’m Billie and chances are all of you are about to hear these notorious pick up lines because I’m awkward as fuck with introductions.