Last night during the Fourth of July fireworks, Finney Docks collapsed likely due to structural damage. The day before, there was an earthquake that caused roots of a deadly nature to spring up. As well as a big ass tree in the middle of Gallows Grove. This shouldn’t have to be said, but we ask that you avoid the docks and the tree as well as any roots you come near. We lost four officers to the roots on Friday. Do not touch the roots. Some shops have opened up their doors to act as shelters and if a root has popped up anywhere near your personal homes, I suggest taking advantage of that offer. We’re working on controlling the issue as we speak.

Waiting to play a show in East Vancouver.

So weird out right now. Feels like I’m in an industrial town in the middle of California, I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near home even though I’m only a few blocks away from my girlfriend’s place. I can’t see the Vancouver mountains anymore. There’s factory drones but it’s feels eerily quiet. Smells of burning wood everywhere.

I kind of love it, though I really hope it rains again soon.