anywhere but here

So I have this theory about the all of the Mayday albums

So, in A Lesson In Romantics, the umbrella guy is walking away from a city

In Anywhere But Here, he is walking down a long street (within the tie)

In the self titled, he is reaching for something

And in Mosters In The Closet, you can see a hand reflection in a doorknob

SO.. this makes me think that all of the albums are like, puzzle pieces to some type of story?

Or maybe i’m just crazy and i’m over thinking


Ferguson to Palestine; Ayotzinapa to Hong Kong: solidarity forever–freedom, or nothing at all.

Solidarity with Mexico.
Solidarity with Ukraine.
Solidarity with Argentina.
Solidarity with London.
Solidarity with New York.
Solidarity with Hong Kong.
Solidarity with Ferguson.
Solidarity forever.
Solidarity for all.

We have NOTHING to lose, but our chains.