Designer Liu Fang, China’s most awarded designer, held her first Parisian show for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Paluopo, the Chinese cashmere specialist, during fashion week this September as part of the third edition of “China in Paris.”   Vogue China has described her creations as, “Sculptures of soft gold,“ but Liu Fang describes her style as more "futuristic.” “I combine the pure beauty of cashmere with complex knitting techniques that allow me to twist, overlay and entwine the fabric so the silhouette becomes like a sculpture.” (Paris Cherie)

I love the imaginative and fresh-eyed approach that Liu Fang brings to knits. Polished but deconstructed, her clever interplay between ribbed and open-weave knitted panels, asymmetrical hems, and origami folds is both edgy and classy at the same time. I can easily see items worn as-is or layered on both young and stylish mature customers alike. As for my personal favorites, I’ll take all the belted and unbelted “blazer” type tops, please.

Photos: AnyWearStyle