Spoilers for The Adventure Zone up to episode 67!

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol

this is titled “i-have-art-block-and-cant-produce-anything-except-bullshit-so-here-is-a-generic-¾-view-bust-of-lance-BUT-WITH-GLASSES.png” on my laptop. 

idk this is a college au or something he’s reading a really smart astrophysics book or whatever offscreen that’s why he looks so serious it has nothing to do with the fact that I CAN’T DRAW ANYTHING EXCEPT GENERIC ¾ VIEW UNSMILING BUSTS RIGHT NOW

klance under the cut just in case some of y’all dont ship it

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All the Chantry’s candles couldn’t compete with the spark that’s in your eyes

“What are you thinking about, Alistair?”

“….uuuummm… Lamp posts, definitely.”

I like how open Delirious is with most of the guys when it comes to making sexual/romantic jokes etc, but when he’s with Evan he gets all nervous when they even get close to making those jokes. Likeeee why /i think we know why tho/

anyway it’s adorable and i love them ♡


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[#오늘의방탄] 아미들과 함께 했던 <THE WINGS TOUR>가 마카오에서 대장정의 마침표를 찍었습니다. 멋진 떼창을 선물해준 마카오 아미들 고맙습니다💕 이제 우리 서울에서 만나요😄 #진의하트이벤트

[#Today’sBangtan] <THE WINGS TOUR> that we did together with ARMYs has come to the end of a long march in Macau. Thank you to Macau ARMYs who presented us with a wonderful sing-along💕 Now let’s meet in Seoul 😄#Jin’sHeartEvent

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** lyrics from strovi’s Execution Girl !! **

So judging by how Tsubomi and her friends were talking about gossip outside of school, and how eager her friends were to catch her in an embarrassing state (ch.94.01), I think it’s possible that there is some kind of low key rivalry and resentment between some of the girls. And if this were the case, it’d make sense for Tsubomi to be the main target, her being the school’s idol after all,,

Anywayy, realistically, I don’t think it’d be as dramatic as I depicted it in my art, I just really like exaggerating things lol

Smart Omega Headcanons

-Young Omegas being teased by Alphas for being so smart and the more insecure ones trying to dumb themselves down while others are just, “Yeah, so?” and the Alphas being so bothered by the Omegas simply brushing them off like that

-An Omega in high school being hit on by an Alpha who really just wants to get the Omega to sleep with them and do their homework for them. The Alpha crowding around with all their Alpha buddies in an attempt to pressure the Omega, but it backfires when the Omega becomes annoyed about running late for class and just being like, “Why would I want an Alpha who can’t even do their own homework?” and all the Alpha’s buddies are too busy laughing at their arrogant friend’s rejection to even care when the Omega turns and simply walks away, leaving a blushing and furious Alpha behind them

-An Alpha who is known as the class ‘delinquent’ due to their poor attendance and even poorer grades, but who also happens to be in love with the Omega that is the top student in their class and has very little patience for the Alpha’s obnoxious flirting and other antics. In an attempt to make the Alpha go away, the Omega says they will agree to go on a date if the Alpha gets an A on the next test and the Alpha agrees instantly. The Omega quickly learns that they’ve underestimated the Alpha’s determination and a couple weeks later they are making out in the Alpha’s car and the Omega is just, “For the record, you are still annoying as hell…and I expect an A on the next test as well.”

-An Alpha falling in love with their very intelligent Omega tutor and even long after they understand something they will keep asking the Omega to explain because when the Omega leans over their shoulder to explain they get such a nice whiff of the Omega’s sweet scent. The Omega being completely aware of what’s going on and going along with it because they actually really like the Alpha and they are waiting for them to do something more than sneak sniffs and glances

-An Omega who isn’t as intelligent as other Omegas so they develop a very fierce and sarcastic personality to try and hide their insecurities

-Two Omegas that like the same Alpha so they are constantly trying to be more impressive than the other and neither of them is really aware that the Alpha is a prick that only pays attention to them because he likes having Omegas fighting over him. The Omegas spending a solid week killing themselves studying for an important test and then both scoring 100% on it, both rushing off to show the Alpha and being very put off by his blatant lack of interest in their efforts. So one Omega finally points out that the Alpha isn’t worth it and storms out, the other Omega agrees and swiftly follows after and then they just start ranting about how stupid the Alpha is and then they start complimenting each other’s intelligence which leads to one of them going, “So, wanna go out sometime? I’m pretty done with pursuing idiots.” and the other is just, “Yeah okay, see you Friday?”

-An Omega becoming a teacher in a small town where it’s still frowned upon for Omegas to work. The Alpha and Beta teachers constantly insulting or discouraging the Omega, but instead of losing heart the Omega gets angry and becomes determined to work harder than anyone to prove themselves, and they end up with the highest scoring class and the adoration of all the kids. Their success not only silences the other teachers, but it encourages other Omegas to work if they want to

-An Alpha constantly trying to outdo an Omega in class and it annoys the Omega to no end because fuck Alpha superiority or whatever the hell is going on, so the Omega tries even harder and continues getting higher scores than the Alpha. The Omega low-key having a giant crush on them but having no intention of admitting any kind of weakness until one day after once again scoring lower than the Omega the Alpha is just, “How the hell am I ever supposed to try and court you if I can’t even get a higher math score than you!” and oh, they were trying to impress them

-An Omega living with their Alpha in college and the Omega trying to study but the Alpha is pestering them because they want attention and eventually the Omega convinces the Alpha to leave them alone for awhile…at the expense of them playing 'student’ for the Alpha later on

-A smart Omega who is constantly reading their textbooks for fun and their friends always call them a nerd but they don’t even care, they perk up every time they hear it because the Omegan part of them takes it as praise and they adore being praised for their intelligence