Hey ladies!!!! @callmepea tagged me to stop drop & toke so here are some bong rips from last night and my pre-workout blunt haha. Just found out how to use the filters on SC so yea i went crazy with that xD But anywayssss I’d like to see @sm0ke-her-0ut @that-deadhead @chocolatemamashighdeas @kitty-420-kat @astr0zombies @staying-happily-high @stoneroftheshire @themagicalmysticalwonders @fishfucked @bakedlilbae @auntiebl4zer @veeveeganja @nothing-but-dank @coffeepotsmokin get really fucking stoned!! & @ anyone else who wants to post a vid! I want more people to tag me in stop&tokes :3


I was tagged to do a selfie/selfie like your bias tag by: @junghoshigi @bootyhoseok @bangtanbighit @fire1stwin @minyooing @hobakery @mingramps @1-hope @whatbts this is so late but thank you for tagging me all of you are so cute and beautiful (◠‿◠✿) 

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My long overdue EXO concert story.

So I’ve been meaning to tell this story for a while because it’s so funny but I just… ANYWAYSSSS I attended to EXO'luXion in LA and I was in the pit REALLY close to the stage. I can’t remember what song they were doing when this happened because the world kinda went silent but I was just looking around at all the boys when I locked eyes with Baekhyun. I paused and just stared. He looked down at me and smirked and then proceeded to lick his lips really suggestively and I thought I was going to die! I felt my face go hot and I got really shy and just slowly lowered my head down onto my friend shoulder and I was pretty much hyperventilating.

She was like “wtf?” And I looked back up and he was smiling at me still and when I made eye contact again he started laughing. I couldn’t believe it. For the rest of the night whenever he was over by us he would like wink at me or smile really big. I shot a finger heart at him and he caught it. His smile is so infectious and beautiful. He was just really cute with me and I’ll never forget it. I’m pretty sure I’ll never recover from that hahaha!!! So yeah, that’s my story.

ahhhh im srsly gonna die now like helppp ive been studying at home for > 1 week now and tmr is finally the exam !!! (Tho i still have one more week to go bc another exam :))

Anywayssss my whole desk is now filled with sticky notes bc u know when u have an open book exam ur book will be surrounded by post-it tabs (and mine is shoo organized tbh *v* may as well show it to u guys after the exam hahaha)

so i feel like i might as well post a mini psa about my activity for the rest of the month. this week is my last week of school(thank fucking god), i will be around as always; just not as active writing wise as i would like. i work full time and that really kills my energy right there, however when i have random burst of muse writing seems effortless. anywayssss, i am graduating at the end of the month, right after my birthday as well as my friend is coming into town. there is just sooo much shit to do/preparation in the next couple of weeks i feel like i gotta apologize ahead of time. life should be back to normal when june rolls around and i shall be free and a little less stressed. blah blah blah, love u guise.

OKAY so I’m gonna go and chill over on mobile, it’s 8:30 am here I’m starting to feel tired now uwu but I got loads of posts in queue so I’ll be sending them out throughout today!! ( I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED *happy dances!!* ) Anywayssss if people want to talk my IM’s are open and so is the ask box if anybody wants to leave me something to get to when I wake up… I don’t mind!! - hint hint.


5/16 Crossfit training log

Today was just a horrible day and I hoped a good workout would make it better. It kind of did but I’m gonna get my eyebrows done and take all the selfies and blow some unfortunate persons phone up and then I’ll feel like myself again lol

15 cal bike
40 wall balls
30 KB snatches
20 kte push-ups on the rings
10 KB thrusters
200m run
40 walking lunges
30 sit ups
20 KB swings
10 burpees
200m run
Ughhh wtf is an engine these days?? This KILLED me. The bike before the wall balls was a HORRIBLE decision on my part. The kte push ups is something I’d never done before so they were difficult. The second half wasn’t too awful. Then I spent about 30 minutes rolling out my glutes and hips and stretching. I have to start doing this every day. The pain is out of control.

The boys were back squatting 245x8x4 and asked to hop in and i actually declined! Mostly because I haven’t done heavy and high volume in a while and didn’t want to fail in front of them. But I’m gonna try this out tonight at the gym, I think?

Since there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll see this let me just post what I wrote on the letter I was planning to give you.

“Okay first of all idk if writing this is the best idea or choice but oh well when do I ever make good choices or ideas? (Like rlly tho). Anywayssss, I just wanted to let you know that I’m super duper proud of you for completing high school. I honestly really hope life goes your way and you become successful because I truly believe that you deserve nothing but the absolute best in everything. Thank you for always making me so happy, thank you for always caring about me, thank you for always motivating me to do my best and do my things, thank you for always dealing with my shit. Sorry if I wasn’t the best you know girlfriend to you, I tried my best to be good because you deserve someone good even if you don’t think so. Whether we’re together or not you will always have a special place in my heart & I will always love you because you were the very first guy that I have ever dated that always loved me and cared about me and for that I’m super thankful & grateful. (really don’t know if that made sense oh well) you always saw the beauty in me that I never see, and you were an overall amazing boyfriend. Hell you’re an overall amazing dude with an amazing & adorable smile that I will always love (especially because of them dimples.) and I know that I probably already told you that stuff but i really don’t care. But yeah thank you again for everything, I loved spending my time with you. Those moments were usually nothing but the best, I’m so grateful to have had you so close in my life for an amazing 5-6 months, I don’t regret anything that I did with you or told you. I care about you a shit ton so if you ever need me by any chance I’m always here for you. I love you so much and I wish you the best of luck in your future and once again congratulations! ❤️❤️ ”

Yeah I didn’t get to see you to give this to you personally so sorry bout that bc I really wanted to give it to you.

feistyginny asked:

"Alright, quit being a baby then." Was probably best she keep her mouth shut at this point- but the grin wasn't doing much for making her seem innocent. That was when she cleared her throat. "Anywayssss, can I drive your car today?" ((Shut up it's not like you knew I was coming back))

   “–Really?” She licks him and then sticks him with an insult, too? Rude. He gave her a look after she asked a question that she should already know the answer to. “You’re jokin’, right?”

Soooo this happened lmao

Okay so like my friend came over this past weekend and she was saw one of my 5sos posters and was like ‘Oh I like them, especially the gay one.’ And I just sat there for a moment like ?!?! before I just said 'What do you mean?’ And she was like 'I just really like the gay one, his colored hair is cool as fuck and he’s adorable’ and in my head I just went !!!!!! She’s not even a huge fan so she didn’t even know that he’s 'not gay.’ Which hey, I’m just using quotations bc he’s never denied or said anything about being anything but straight. But I was just in my head like 'yes, my kitten-baby Michael, you must rise and go an love luke’

Anywayssss I thought I’d share that with you all. And yes I know I haven’t been posting and I am sorry. I’ll be making a post about that all tomorrow I promise. I’ve been stressed a lot with school and all that stuff that happened with my mom. So I hope you liked my irl story and I’ll talk to you all soon! ❤️❤️


Hey guyssss,
You might already know me as I’ve run this blog for a while. But right now I decided to turn this studyblr blog more into a languages one.
This doesn’t mean I won’t post stuff about other subjects or stationary (you know how obsessed I am with this shit), but I’ll focus more on the languages.

Anywayssss, in case you’re wondering my name is Martina, I’m from Italy and next year I’ll start Uni in Edinburgh (hit me up if you do too).
I can speak Italian (duh), English, Spanish and French, also I studied a little Latin.

Hope you’ll enjoy my staying!