“As soon as someone tells me: ‘You’re rather sexy,’ I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: 'You were voted the world’s sexiest man,’ I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? 'Thank you’ is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world’s sexiest man, anyway.“

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I just wanted to say thanks for rebloggin my cyclops earlier bfore I went to bed, it rly means a lot to me. Most of the time idc if I dont get notes but stuff I rly like/am proud of I want it to be seen&its disheartenin when it doesnt. So thank you!

Lemme tell you something. Your cyclops boy is so fucking amazing okay. Like damn. Firstly, your drawing looks fucking rad as fuck. Like holy shit I wish I could draw as good as you. Secondly, he likes wearing skirts and I fucking love it!!!! Like holy shit I wish I had that much fashion sense and could pull of that outfit!!! Anyway, what I’m tring to say is goddamn that is an amazing drawing and your artwork is incredible and your character is incredible and anybody reading this now should go follow @junker-rey and look at that precious cyclops and reblog it saying how good it looks. Okay, rant over.

In summary, I love that character, your art is incredible and everyone should go check out your blog.


So this is my main inquisitor for Dragon Age Inquisition, Lauri Lavellan. I finally finished the main game with him and now I just have to do the dlcs with him. He is my precious elf inquizzy and I love him dearly. Just so you know the first picture was when Dorian told him that he was going back to Tervinter so that’s why he looks so sad. Honestly my heart was breaking with Lauri’s but he wasn’t so selfish to tell Dorian to stay. Then of course the second picture is of the end with him and Dorian. I honestly can’t get over how cute these little shits are and I had to get a picture. Anyway this is my little elf so there you go.

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Hey precious admins ;; I'm so excited about these new admins! I used to feel bad for A. Vic for having to handle this blog alone, so goodluck babies!^^ Anyway, there is this KAISOO fic I've read somewhere. They have huge age gap, Kai goes to the club to meet D.O and then he gets jealous bcs he sees D.O talking to a girl. Kai installed a mirror somewhere near the bed to see how they looked while having xxx.

Hello! I’m excited too! It’s great to finally have help around here ^^ as for the fic you’re looking for, I think it may be Our love’s the perfect crime, it has a huge age gap and the jealousy bit, though it wasn’t kai who installed the mirror but kyungsoo - Admin Vic

Today was a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad day. I could list all of the things that went wrong today, but It’s not even worth it. Let me tell you the lowest point….In Walmart, see a precious friend that I miss dearly & she knows my insecurity issues. She knows how often I hear the words “You are beautiful.” Side note: everytime I hurt about not feeling pretty & wish my husband would tell me…I feel stupid because I don’t want the man to lie. So why would I have to coax him to saying something that he doesn’t feel anyway? It’s stupid.
Back to Walmart. She says, “You look beautiful.” I have hair blown all over from the Oklahoma winds & make up that is running down my face. Then she hugs me & says, “Boys, isn’t your momma beautiful?!” Little just looks sideways at her & says, “Yes?” And the big kid says, “He has to say that.” She hugged me again and tears started rolling down my face. Even my own children don’t think their mom is pretty.
So here I sit tears rolling down my face because not only do they not think I’m beautiful, but most importantly they haven’t learned how to treat a lady.
I can’t cry and then tell them, “Boys, you have to tell mom she’s beautiful even if you don’t mean it.” That’s horrible. Driving off a bridge sounds so much better. Then maybe their dad can find someone he deems worthy of the words “You are beautiful.”

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You alright, sweetheart? *rubs Blitz's back and looks at C!N* The recently-turned only feeds until they can hunt, or in this case stomach, other people's blood and not want to throw it back up. {Huh. You learn something new every day! Also where's Sans?} Killed him. Anyway, how are you feeling, Blitz? I mean, beside being a new vampire and all... (She's a Buff Orpington I believe! She's my precious cinnamon roll (beside my fat old cat who purrs when I pick him up like holy frick he's so spoiled)

[*Blitz looks at you and lets out a very low shriek* YOU TASTE BETTER THEN A SIRLOIN! *Blitz snuggles up to you* I feel much better then earl- F *They roll over to the side, their hands on their mouth* *The sounds of muffled profanity could be heard loudly in the ballroom*] *Neo laughs violently* Oh my gosh! You bit your tongue! [*Blitz glares at Neo*]

((Blitz is weird. That’s a really pretty brown. I don’t have any pets right now. When I’m able I’d love to have a few chickens. Aww I had a cat that would sit on our treadmills cupholder. -love, mun))