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harry ♫ ✉ ✿ ✍ ✎

- singing voice

Baritone voice with really sharp but warm tone to it.
Sadly, since he hasn’t been in a band for years his voice has gotten rather “lazy” from disuse and he has some problems hitting notes as perfectly as he did back in the day.
He and Sam used to sing together from time to time so he tries not to sing as much any more. Better not bring up too many memories of his thought-to-be-dead best friend.

Also he plays the guitar like a god  ;)

- texting habits

He prefers to send several short text instead of one long one. Types faster than he thinks.
And he absolutely loves using abbreviations in his texts. Eights all over the place.  Gr8 R8 8/8 M8  

✿ - laugh

Bright and cheerful. I’m not creative, have you noticed?
He does end up somehow sounding sarcastic while laughing though, even if he’s sincere.

- taste in literature

Flynn’s never really been one for classic literature, but he absolutely loves to read really obscure old books he finds in antiques shops, the kinds that practically fall apart as soon as you look at them, because he’ll often get a laugh out of the strange topics they cover.
Since spending time with Zoran he’s also grown quite fond of the writings of Nietzsche and a few other philosophers.

✍ - writing style

His writing can be quite circuitous and tiring to read, he takes ages to get to the point, honestly.
Unless he starts writing about a topic he’s really passionate about, then the diffuse mess becomes the most articulate and declamatory shit you’ll ever read.

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hi, you always have really great headcanons and way better solutions to problems than BioWare ever does so do you think there was any other way for the Mage/Templar conflict to end, or another way to dismantle the Circles?

asdfghjk!!!! THANK YOU - I’m blushing rn, I’m so happy people like my stuff!

So I wrote something already for how I sided with the Templars and how I re-interpreted what happens to the people you don’t recruit. 

And @grandenchanterfiona has a good thing re: In Hushed Whispers re-write.

I honestly think the war was likely going to happen anyway, so I honestly wouldn’t change the disbanding of the Circles. The reason is that the Circles are so INEXTRICABLY tied to the Chantry aka. the most powerful religion in Thedas - when you went against the Chantry, you were not merely stating a philosophical disagreement - you were considered a HEATHEN

Like, a mage being physically outside of a Circle w/o permission is considered APOSTASY. There’s a reason the Inquisition was strongly opposed and called heretics. Not upstarts. Not rebels. 


Trust me, that’s an important distinction.

And I’m surprised we didn’t hear more from the Chantry except one cutscene. At least the Chantry was smart and absorbed the Inquisition through electing a member of it as Divine, and co-opted the Inquisitor, which means, in the end, they are just as powerful as before.

So in terms of how the war would be brought to an end? The best I can think of is the thing I wrote above tying the story-line of Inquisition to whatever happens to the mages and templars. But otherwise, I wouldn’t see the war ending for a quite a while. Here’s some ideas though:

1. Some mages and templars agree to their own version of a Conclave and rebuild an organization - a college where mages study and templars assist - from the ground-up, OUTSIDE of the Chantry. 

The problem is that not every mage or templar is gonna agree to join your club. And then, you do bad things to bring them into line. 

Some templars who won’t go along with this could likely form an order of their own dedicated to “protecting the innocent” aka dispensing justice as they see fit. They’d have to be stopped somehow. And some mages won’t wanna join their club. You can either A. leave them alone or B. force them back in line somehow. The leaders could easily choose B

2. Some country not only agrees to take all the mages in, but they back up that promise with troops to protect those mages from templars. 

The problem with that is that the Chantry WILL turn on your nation, and it’s, ya know, the Chantry. You do risk the possibility of an Exalted March called against your nation - how effectively an essentially toothless Chantry can carry that out though, who knows? 

Who would do this? My best guesses are - Ferelden, Rivain, and my personal favorite, Orzammar. 

Why Orzammar? - Don’t tell me the dwarves wouldn’t LOVE having the Formari tranquil around or a bunch of battle-mages to help against darkspawn incursions. And mages have more access to lyrium without the Chantry. They also don’t have the same preconceptions of mages that most Andrastians would have. 

But what about abominations? Dwarves are resistant to magic, and can be templars. They might be more resistant to the mind-altering effects as well. 

And you don’t need templars when all the mages are underground.

Of course, that has its OWN problems. Mages would need to be emissaries - there’s still a lot of forced relocation - and Orzammar ain’t too thrilled on surface world communication.

I think a sort of guild i.e. College of Winterhold would be best.

That’s what I’ve come up with off the top of my head - I hope this was informative or cool or useful to you in some way.

Another slow day in Goodneighbor, not much excitement goin’ on. No fresh faces, nothin dramatic really. Most of the day I spent sittin in my office, puffin a Jet and throwin down some Mentats n whiskey.

Oh well, I bet tomorrow will be a bit more exciting. Hell, maybe I can finally get outta the Old State House n stretch my legs some.

I’ve playe enough chess with Fahr’ today to last a damn lifetime…

I’ll probably end up leavin for a bit an takin a stroll.. I dunno.

Anyways, feel free to stop by, so long as you folks don’t stir up any trouble, we won’t have a problem. Ya feel me?


Zoey Crop Top  -  5,000+ Followers Gift

I brought you something new today, as my 5,000 Followers Gift. A 3D(-ish) crop top. (See gif above) Well, it’s not a real 3D, unfortunately I still can’t make a whole new mesh from scratch, but it’s something similar to it, if you use simglass. But using simglass has its drawbacks. You might notice some transparency issues, and the biggest problem, you can’t use this top with hats, or any items in the hat section, because it uses the same UV map. (I had to give in an accessory section, because I couldn’t make it fit on the extra part section.) Sorry for that, and take that into consideration when downloading!!!

Anyway, this crop top was inspired by this crop top by the online store, Sabo Skirt. (again - they have amazing clothes btw, check them out!)

  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 8 colours
  • base game compatible
  • some transparency issues
  • can’t use with hats!
  • please read my TOU
  • don’t forget to put ‘Sims’ detail settings to ‘Very High’ & turn OFF laptop mode

Choose only one:  SimFileShare   /   Dropbox   /    The Sims Resource

Special thanks to all the amazing creators whose CC I used on my models and for @theslyd for the help.

Braid Bangs

I managed to make my first hair mesh! Yay! I finally decided to try out meshing! It took forever for me to figure out, but I think I got the gist of things. Anyways I hope you like it!

  • New mesh
  • 18 ea colors
  • Base game compatible 
  • Not Hat compatible
  • Tag me if you recolor this hair!
  • If you use this hair please tag me! I would love to see your creations!

♥  -T.O.U-  ♥

  • Don’t claim as your own hair
  • Don’t upload to any paysites
  • You can recolor but please don’t include mesh and link back to this post

♥  Enjoy!  ♥

Download: Simfileshare   /   Dropbox

*Please notify me if you run into any problems*


I don’t know if @krizpyart and @ladybeug have noticed by my sudden presence in their notes and inboxes but I’m hype for their miraculousbent au!

So here’s my second attempt at a canon style outside of panel edits, and it moves! If you like things that don’t move better then I got you holmes.

Anyway because this fandom seems to have a thing about it, please ask me before you use this art in any way and leave my mark on it! I swear I’ll be okay with it if you just ask.


Harumi Hironaka paintings 

I made these recolors a few weeks ago for a build in my game and I wanted to share them. I tried to get a hold of the artist and they never got back to me, but I’ve decided to share them anyway. I included my email and blog name so if they want them taken down they know how to get a hold of me. 

There is 12 swatches all of them are pictured. 

All credit goes to Harumi Hironaka and EA for the mesh. 

If there are any problems let me know. 


About Page 02 REVAMP: Original Color >> Replica by kuzuriha

Where is the proof of our existence?


  • An about page.
  • 3 custom links
  • Icon: 120x120px
  • Icon: @kuvshinov-ilya
  • All of the instructions are in the code. Please read them first! c:

Had a mighty need to revamp this page but could only manage to wrap it around this time. Also my first attempt playing with SVG and I honestly liked font icons much better than SVG…Anyway, if you have any difficulties or run into a problem please hit me on my ask! 

Please like and reblog if you like and or use this page! ^^

I am so fucking proud of Oh Sehun

Ok I just need to say it. 

I’m not 100% sure what he was implying by this. It could have been that he appreciates male fans being there or that he is attracted to men or any number of other things but anyway…

If you have problem with what Sehun said. You can do one of 2 things

1. Fight me

2. Unfollow

Or both I don’t care. 

Like yes he is still my bias. Yes I am still in love with him as a person. Yes he is still my ultimate bias. Nothing can change that and honestly if you can’t remain the same then you are a fake stan and need to fuck off of my precious Hunnie because you don’t deserve to like him. 

I will always support him and any other idol in any decision they make or anything they say (to a certain extent, like if they condone murder maybe not) and if you cannot than you have a serious problem. 

Spin the Bottle

Prompt: Jason Todd and “How much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it?” Thank you 💜💜💜 by an anon

From this prompt list

I had a hard time deciding who should be the one to say it, but I finally decided haha. Also, I just changed my theme, so if anyone encounters any problems with it, please let me know!!

Summary: You friend, and crush, Jason invites you to go to a party with him.

Parties weren’t your typical scene, but your friend Jason had managed to get you agree to go one with him anyway. If it was anyone else, you would’ve found a way to say no, but the thought didn’t really cross your mind when he invited you. You didn’t want to go to the party, yeah, but your desire to spend time with the guy you had a huge crush on trumped your distaste for it. Jason, ever the gentleman, had agreed to pick you up and take you home, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being at a party where you didn’t know anyone at all.

You had tried on about fifty different outfits and twenty different hairstyles, all ranging from ‘trying to hard’ to ‘not trying hard enough’, or, as you thought of it. ‘glitzy movie star from the ‘30s’ to ‘that one cat that always hangs around the dumpster out back and is missing an ear’. After finally deciding on an outfit, you paced around your room, waiting anxiously for Jason to show up before you decided that you hated your outfit and needed to change again. Luckily enough, he picked you up right on time (which you had not expected at all), and you ran outside to go meet him.

He was leaning against his motorcycle when you ran up to him. Looking over your outfit, he exclaimed, “Wow, look at you!” earning a bashful smile from you.

“You think it’s good?” you asked, gesturing to your outfit.

“Every guy there is gonna be jealous that you showed up with me, that’s for sure,” he told you as you got ready to leave. You thanked him, blushing slightly, and the two of you took off for whoever’s house the party was at. The ride there was slightly terrifying, since Jason had ways of ignoring certain traffic laws he didn’t like, but you enjoyed it because you got to hold onto him the whole time. It didn’t take long to get to the party, and the two of you walked in together.

Upon entering, you were struck by how you literally didn’t recognize anyone in the room. You had assumed that there would be a couple of your mutual friends with Jason, but no such luck. Grabbing his arm, you muttered, “How do you know this many people that I don’t?”

He chuckled and whispered, “I don’t know all of them. Isn’t the point of a party to meet new people?” When you gave him a look that very clearly said ‘I don’t want to meet new people’, he laughed again. “You don’t have to talk to all of them. I invited you because I wanted to hang out, not to have my friends steal you from me, anyway!”

You gave him a dry laugh. “How sweet of you!”

Grinning, he pulled you in and started introducing you to his friends. You had to admit, he was the perfect ‘date’. He was constantly including you in his conversations, making sure that his friends involved you in whatever they were doing, and telling everyone that you were with him. He was being so sweet and cared so much about whether or not you were enjoying yourself, in fact, that two people had asked him why they didn’t know that he got a girlfriend. The two of you laughed politely and said that it wasn’t like that, but it still made your heart swell. You found yourself imagining what he would be like if you went on a real date. You would probably like there to be a little more one on one action, but you had to admit that his friends were pretty cool.

There was, however, one girl who you didn’t like very much. She had spent a good twenty minutes glaring at you from across the room, and when she finally came over and introduced herself she practically hung on to Jason’s arm like she was going to fall off a cliff. You didn’t really appreciate her dirty looks to begin with, but once she started flirting with Jason you decided that you outright disliked her. Once she stalked away, you asked Jason who she was.

“Oh, just some girl that I used to have a thing with,” he told you, shrugging it off. It clearly wasn’t a big deal to him, but she seemed to want something more, and you couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Your feelings were only amplified when she returned to the group you guys were standing in carrying an empty bottle of vodka. “You know, I think this party is getting pretty boring. Let’s play a game!” She exclaimed, wiggling the bottle to make it clear what she wanted to do. Everyone in the group agreed, but Jason turned to you. He looked you in the eye, silently asking if you felt comfortable enough, considering you had just met most of the people. Under normal circumstances, you probably would’ve bowed out. Three reasons, however, pushed you to agree. 

1. You didn’t want to be the only one not playing.

2. You didn’t want to give what’s-her-name the satisfaction of cutting you out of something.

And 3. You realized that there was a chance, however small, that you would get to kiss Jason. How could you say no to that?

So you sat down in a circle with the rest of the group, crossing your fingers that you wouldn’t actually have to kiss anyone besides Jason. You wish came partly true, the bottle didn’t land on you, but you didn’t get to kiss Jason. Instead, in what could only be described as super gross, ol’ what’s-her-face got the privilege. Once the bottle landed on him, his eyes widened and he turned to look at you for a brief moment before she leaned in and kissed him. After less than a second, he tried to pull away, but she wrapped her arms around him and held him against her. You turned away in disgust before he pulled her arms off of him.

He wiped his mouth angrily as he glared at her, but opted to stay silent and not cause a scene. She, on the other hand, made eye contact with you and licked her lips. You, having reached the end of your rope, stood up and left the circle, muttering something about getting a drink. You made your way to the kitchen and just kind of stood there, unsure of what to do now that you were on your own.

Luckily, you weren’t alone for long. Jason crept up behind you, clearing his voice before asking, “Uh, hey, do you wanna go? I’m getting bored. And,” He scratched the back of his neck and laughed awkwardly before continuing, “I kind of already told everyone that I was leaving so it would be kind of weird if we stayed.”

You laughed and nodded eagerly as the two of you walked out together. Instead of going to his motorcycle, Jason turned to you. “You wanna go for a walk or something?” Of course, you agreed, and the two of you set out for a park a couple of blocks away. You joked and laughed the whole way there, until you finally sat down on some park bench together.

You don’t know why you asked, probably just to torture yourself, but you couldn’t help it. “So…are you and that girl, like, a thing now?”

He looked at you like you were crazy. “God no. One kiss during spin the bottle means nothing, especially one as shitty as that.” You giggled, and he continued, “I’m serious! I tried to pull away and she pulled me in! Who does that?”

“Someone who sucks, that’s for sure,” You smiled as you realized he disliked her as much as you did.

“Besides, she’s not really my type.” He gave you a cheeky smile and leaned back in the bench.

Sensing there was a joke coming, you smiled as you asked him, “Oh really? And what exactly is your type, Todd?”

He looked at you, his smile growing. “Oh, I don’t know. Smart. Witty. Funny. Utterly perfect. (Y/h/c) hair. (Y/e/c) eyes. Calls me ‘Todd’ sometimes when we’re joking around. Completely gorgeous. I could go on,” he laughed.

You gave him a bitter smile. “Well, call me when you find her, because she sounds amazing.”

He sat straight up and looked you straight in the eye. “Are you serious?”

“What?” You asked incredulously, not entirely sure what he meant.

He gave a sigh and shook his head with a small smile. “How much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it?”

“Wait, are you serious?” You inquired, not wanting to reveal anything in case he was just joking.

“Of course I’m serious! Every time I spend time with you, I can’t believe how lucky I am just to be around you. You’re perfect! That’s why I invited you to go the party with me, that’s why I made it extremely clear to every guy at the party that I was with you, and that’s why it’s never going to work out between me and that girl! I could go on, you know. The only reason I agreed to play spin the bottle in the first place was so there was a chance, however slim, that I could kiss you. And damn, I flirt with you at every possible moment, and you haven’t even noticed!” His cocky act dropped as he laid it all out for you, growing increasingly worried that you never realized what he was doing because you simply didn’t care.

When he stopped talking, you burst into a huge smile. “You know, if you wanted to kiss me that badly, you could’ve just asked!” with that, the two of you leaned in and pressed your lips against each other. You stayed with your lips locked for what felt like forever, but you did have to pull away to breathe at some point. Catching your breath, you began to giggle. “That was sooooo much better than a game of spin the bottle.”

Going right back to being cocky, he smirked at you. “Then we should do it again.” He wrapped you in his arms and began kissing you again, and you had to admit that you couldn’t agree more.

til kingdom come

Summary: The Altean royal court has its problems, just like any family. [Shallura fanbaby centric]

realized i haven’t given you guys any fic over the past few days/week, so i figured i’d post this. it’s a shallura baby oneshot, just a little more than a drabble. if there’s interest i’d be down to write more! anyway, hope you enjoy

Establishing peace throughout the galaxy was easier said than done, Amara had learned. Despite their parents and uncles and aunt having defeated Zarkon and his awful army years before she had been born, there were still rebellions and Zarkon-supporters to deal with. As the firstborn of her family, and future queen once her parents thought she was ready―and she’d prove it to them, some day (soon, hopefully)―Amara knew the responsibility of squashing out such threats fell on her shoulders. Easier said than done.

She shook back her long braid of silvery hair behind her shoulder, giving a light tug on the curls that framed either side of her face, sighing as she stared at a map of the galaxy on a tablet her Aunt Pidge had given her when she was 10.

“Having trouble sis?”

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That's no problem. :) So, maybe you know any Drarry with Draco in the Muggle world and getting to know it and staff? xd Thank you so much. (I just need one)

I’ll find a couple anyway :)

Along The Way (The Time Has Come) - Don'tDrinkColdCoffee

Harry’s decision to attend Muggle University hasn’t been an easy one and unlikely to be taken at all, had he known the first person he’d come to associate with college life was none other than Draco Malfoy. In retrospective though… There are worse things that happened.

Twelve Hours - eidheann

The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Open For Repairs - FeelsForBreakfast

After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things

feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary

the beginning // lh

part one of the guardian angel series

pairing; none
word count; 3.1k
warnings; some swearing? this is the tamest story in the series btw
summary; Luke is finally a guardian, tasked with choosing his very first dependant.
a/n; oml i am so excited for this series holy shit. i’ve literally created like a whole world there is so much stuff i’ve figured out about this universe that probably won’t come up in any of the stories but oh well. also this is the longest thing i’ve ever  published so that’s cool. anyways, let me know what you think?

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On abo!Ani and his problems: Telling the Mom. Anakin calls Padme up, like hey, 'We're gonna have twins. Can I tell literally anyone before they know anyway'. Padme (well acquainted with Ani's visions) calmly reminds him that she just got tested. it won't be a problem until you get home again ani. Anakin (sans vision) reiterates its definitely an issue now. Padme (unaware Ani has no father) tells him she's not pregnant. Anakin calmly (AHAhaha not rlly) explains, 'No, I am' and hangs the fuck up.


Somewhere in the galaxy, Obi-Wan Kenobi feels a sudden sense of Dread and just KNOWS whose fault it is. 

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im really sorry, but i stole your art to show to my friends that i could draw and now they want me to draw another drawing for them and i can't! help


As young as you were, you were still a part of a high-ranking werewolf family as Jackson told you. You had no parents to tell you so and you didn’t have much of a choice. You wanted to keep the peace with the wolves. Jackson was a nice guy, and you were good friends. You knew he liked you and thought you were special, but something told you he wouldn’t be the one for you. You were going to marry him anyway and hope it wasn’t for a lost cause. You lived apart from the Mikaelsons and the Bayou wolves, wanting to keep any sort of problems from arising between the two groups. Klaus always asked you to come stay with his family in Compound, but you always made excuses. You never thought that family liked you much, and your stance with the wolves was in a strange place. You felt more comfortable in your small apartment. Klaus came over most of the time, wanting to make sure you were okay or that you weren’t making trouble. But today, he was angry. You’d guessed he heard about you and Jackson, but you didn’t understand what it was that made him angry. You knew once he told you he cared about you, however, you chose to believe it was something to say to keep you from doing reckless things. “Hope’s asleep right now,” you told him as you closed her nursery’s door. You paused seeing the angry expression on his face. “Do you really think just marrying a stranger will solve the wolves’ problems?” Klaus snapped. “He’s not a stranger, he’s a friend. It’s been ‘close call season’ with your family and theirs. They know I’m friends with you and it would at least be in their best interest to-” “We don’t need their best interests. They are not a part of this Quarter. When the time comes, we’ll find another way to win their allegiances,” Klaus growled.

 “Why is this making you so upset?“ you asked. He didn’t answer for a second and you frowned. “Well, it’s too late anyway, whatever your excuse is. There’s a date,” you sighed, going to your room. “I haven’t made my feelings clear,” Klaus claimed quietly. You came back in the room with one of Hope’s toys in your hand. “Oh, you finally found a fuck to give?” you joked half-heartedly. “I’ve fallen for you, Y/N,” he said. You stopped in your tracks as you looked at him. “What?” you asked. “I’ve tried to say it before, but I’ve held back. You’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re full of light…and it’s only natural to love the mother of your child,” he said taking a few steps closer to you. “If you’re saying this stuff to get me to stop this marriage…” you said in warning. He swallowed as he watched a tear slide down your cold expression. You were shocked, a little scared. You never wanted to admit you fell for him, too. But you knew love was a concept that could scare anybody easily. Every time you saw Klaus you chose to attempt to ignore the warm and safe feeling that pounded in your chest that you’d felt since the day you met him. You wanted to say it now that you loved him, but you were still holding onto the saddening idea of this being one of his overboard excuses. You felt one of his warm fingers wipe away your tear, but your countenance never changed. “…If you marry him, I’ll know there’s nothing I ever could have done…to make you feel safe or wanted. And I’ll know that you don’t feel the same way…nor you wanted to feel it at all,” he swallowed. You took his hand off your face. “My problem is that I do feel the same way,” you told him quietly, “But you’ve lied to me a lot lately, Klaus. If you’re lying to me now, I’ll humiliate myself to think it’s the truth.” 

There was a minute of silence before you felt his hands come up to your cheeks again. “I couldn’t lie about something like this,” he said in an soothingly rough tone. You stood still as your face softened. “…Please don’t leave the city. Please don’t leave me,” Klaus nearly struggled to say.

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I am in love with Mori Fashion. But I live in florida and the style is too hot to wear here, even winter can be hot. Do you have any tips on how to dress Mori in hot weather. I am fine with wearing short sleeves and shorts. But can those be in Mori?

Hi Blossom!

I have the same problem too. The Australian sun in Summer is blazing and also due to the hole in our ozone layer, there’s a higher rate of skin cancer so excessive exposure is not ideal anyway.

Short sleeves and shorts can definitely be Mori, you just need the right pieces to convey the Mori feeling. 

Here are some examples of how to pull it off.

Sorry for the tiny pic! I have the same singlet the model is wearing underneath, with the giant lace. Really makes the outfit pop.

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                       &&.  ❝WELL, ANYWAY—

                                    dont        get       LAX      now 

                            IF THE STUDENTS KEEP CAUSING


                                          We might end up