Love Bug - Niall and Harry

this is for @2012niall

almost human;

member- jungkook

genre- idk, au

summary- the boy who risked it all for you cant seem to stay away. fallenangel!jungkook

a/n- ahh idk if this is what you wanted, but i like it? also, i ended up choosing little kookie because you were right- he fits it so well. anyway, hope you enjoy! (also, if you want, listen to this if you want. i had it on repeat while i wrote this)


Fallen angels speak. 

Smoke swirled around the room, the smell putrid and making the air stale. You choked on the aroma, desperately wishing for a breath of fresh air. Honestly, you didn’t know what made you decide to come here in the first place. It was dirty, and dangerous, and nobody would hesitate to kill you. But you needed the money. 

You took a seat between two men, one big and mean-looking, the other lean and young. The mean one gave you a nasty glance and made a comment about how little girls shouldn’t be here. You didn’t respond.

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anonymous asked:

Are you familiar with the hanahaki disease/AU/thingy? Do you think you could write something around that?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that AU so I had to look it up again ehe. Here I go… Also this is another huge headcanon so it will be in a read more

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@hellclaimed​ || Liked for a Starter

“Damn it, Luke. Just pick up the phone!”

     Leia closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose as she held the cell
to her ear. It had been nearly two weeks now since she had last seen her twin,
and whilst many other siblings could go so long without seeing each other, Leia
and Luke tended to keep in touch frequently when not together. Just to make sure
they were doing alright. 

When he didn’t pick up and she only reached his voicemail, she ended the call. Leia
had already left a couple of messages, there was no point over-doing it. He was 
probably busy with the case but that didn’t mean he had been hurt or was having
trouble with it. 

     Sighing, she put her phone away, glancing up at the bar before her and eyeing
it carefully. She had tracked Luke down to this town, but that was all she had found
out so far. She had no clue where he was staying, no clue what he was even hunting,
though it had been taking children… Always something that boiled her blood. With another
sigh, she strode into the bar and took a picture of Luke out of her bag as she moved to 
the counter.

“Hi, I don’t suppose you’d be able to help me out? 
   I’m looking for my brother. I’m sure nothings wrong,
   worrying is just my… speciality. 
   I think he’s been around here.
   I don’t suppose you’ve seen him around?”

                             new theme  is finally done !!    if you’re wondering where I’ve been — it’s working on it, plus piano practice, workouts, etc… should be on tomorrow to catch up on replies.

Hi! I’m starting this fitness tumblr to blog motivation and tips, as well as to try and keep myself on track. I’ve been on fitness binges before, but they never really stuck. I’m hoping this time to stay focused!


any fitness/fitblrs/health blogs please like this because I need to follow some!

i am rly excited about my gay cassandra pentaghast subplot but i have So Much Work™ to do so i don’t have time to write (for fun, anyway)

details in the tags. avoid if you don’t want potential spoilers for Lady Montilyet’s Impressions. still not sure it will be fully realized ever in the fic itself…