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Hi ciil!!! I was reading that bl manga that you talked about a couple post down and was wondering what's ur favourite really cute ones that you recommend? I haven't read many but I like your taste :D

HEY YIN!!! ^o^/// sorry this reply is so late ajhsdjj i’m glad you like my taste?!?! im always over the moon when ppl r feelin my vibe ANYWAYS some cute ones i can think of are: koimonogatari by tagura tohru, yamete kudasai mabushii desu by hiwatari haruki, negative-kun to positive-kun by hideyoshico, AND MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!! slow starter by ichikawa kei!! TT TT very cute and lighthearted….oh i also liked this charming one-shot from a while ago: something happening by satoko ida

(these ones are cute too but more mellow and thoughtful?! also more drama….i think you will probably like them….anything by hayakawa nojiko (i like kurayami ni strobe and yozoro no sumikko de a lot!!) and kii kanna’s stuff!! ALSO CANIS BY ZAKK IS A LOT OF CRAZY STUFF HAPPENING but i love it and the art is superb….)

Steal My Girl

Title: Steal My Girl


Thank you lovely anon for the line, I’m sorry I took me this long but I haven’t been really inspired lately (may be is the hiatus?), I really like this story and I think that the line fits perfectly with them, anyway I hope you enjoy it :D

“First Captain Cold and Heat Wave, then Eobard Thawne, and now Atom-Smasher? Why everyone wants to steal my girl?!”

“Don’t forget the Weather Wizard.”

“Don’t remind me of him.”

“He really was the worst; I think he kind of has a crush on her.”

 “You think? HE EVEN KISS HER!”

“I know, but what did you expect man? You are the Flash, the protector of everything that’s right, the savior of the city; of course every villain is going to try to use Caitlin to hurt you. Don’t you read comics or see movies? It’s Villain 101.”

“You are not helping Cisco!”

“Hey! Don’t get mad at me! I’m just making my point. But seriously dude, it’s like the first thing they learn in evil school; kidnap the hot chick who’s dating the hero and then use her against him. You should be use by now.”

“Hot chick who’s dating the hero?”

“What? Don’t give me that look, I’m being honest! Caitlin is a pretty attractive woman who happens to be dating the hero.”

“I know, and I’m not mad at you; it’s just that I will never get use to seeing Caitlin in danger, especially if I’m the reason she is in danger in the first place.”

“Lucky this time we were prepared, Caitlin’s tracker it’s working just fine, she is in a warehouse outside the city. See this is what I’m talking about! This has to be the second thing they teach them in Villain School ‘hide the girl in warehouse’ why can’t they hide her in a warm and cozy home? That would be less suspicious.”

“You know? I think you are right about that school; any way it’s the suit ready?”

“Yeah! My baby is ready for some action! You should be a viable to take him down this time.”

“Thanks man!”

“Be safe and try not to damage the suit to much.”

“I’ll try, but no promises.”

“They should listen to me more often; this would not happen if they allow me to create a suit for Caitlin!”

Since I saw Danielle and Liam McIntyre (Weather Wizard) at the Paris Super Hero Con (if I’m not wrong) I love how they look together, hence Weather Wizards crush on Caitlin.

Find the rest of the Fics here.

“Send me a line of dialogue and I’ll write a dialogue-only short fic!“

I’ll write anything Flash related but no Barry & Iris romantically involve, that I just can’t.

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for the fic meme if you want to still, larry #2!

Thank you thank you thank you. And sorry that it took me so long, but yesterday evening it was too late (3am is an ungodly hour i’m telling you) and today I was out and about :).  #2: things you said through your teeth

“What the fuck was that?” He said through his teeth, his eyes listlessly focused on the wall in front of him, Harry’s presence next to him being as much a comfort as it was a threat. Every knew now.

“I don’t know. I panicked.” Harry whispered back, his body stiff and hunched over, while his mind reeled through all the endless possible turns this night could have taken.

“You panicked?”

Louis elbow dug deep into Harry’s abdomen and Harry tried his hardest not to grunt too loudly. The pain was mostly background noise anyway. The prickling of his skin where a thousand pairs of eyes where dissecting him much more painful at the moment.

“Yes, I panicked.”

“You call that panicking? You just word vomitted! You just - “ Louis’ eyes started to flicker from one corner of the room to the other, the motley bulk of people and the blinding Christmas decorations starting to blurr together into a ripped piece of technicolor.

“Stop talking to me like I just pressed the button to a nuclear bomb. Didn’t see you do much talking back there either. Could have used some help, you know?”

His jaw was twitching, his head already pounding away, the intermittent thuds against his skull in an offbeat to the softly playing music around them.

“Well, I didn’t have much of a chance to say anything. You were too busy contaminating the air with your rambling and seriously? Nuclear bomb? That’s what you’re comparing this to?”

Louis’ fist twitched as he slowly turned his head a bit to the left, focusing on a missed patch of beard on Harry’s throat instead of the blank wall in front of them. Harry’s eyes weren’t an option just yet. He would be able to tell that Louis wasn’t angry at all. He would be able to tell, if Louis were to look into his eyes.

“No that’s what you sound like.” Could teeth fall out due to stress? The way he was grinding them together at the moment couldn’t be good for them.

“Excuse me?” Louis asked, his voice a high pitched squeal.

“I mean it’s not actually such a big deal? They must have known that it would happen eventually.”

And of course, it had been predictable. But that was not the point. The point was that this had been for them. This had been supposed to stay a secret. This should have been their get away. This should have been just for them. And now it was a disaster.

Louis squeezed his eyes shut until he saw tiny speckles of light dance behind his lids and when he opened them again and saw his mother briskly walking towards them, with Harry’s mother right behind her, he briefly considered covering his eyes with his hands. If he couldn’t see them, they weren’t there.

“They are going to kill us anyway. Kill us, skin us, disinherit us. We are dead men, Harry.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Lou.” He whispered, but his voice wavered and suddenly they broke like masts in the wind, and they were both shipwrecked, and they clung to eachother. Suddenly lax and pliant. The rope and anchor aligned.

“Louis William Tomlinson. Please tell me this is not true.”

Louis’ eyes flickered across the room, and when he caught Niall’s eyes, the lousy bastard that had sold them out, he was greeted with a wide smile and a thumbs up. He was so uninvited to the New Year’s Eve party.

“It actually kinda might be?” He said and tried to focus his gaze on Anne. She was always kinder on him.

“Surprise?!” Harry laughed and his hand in Louis’ was clammy and warm. The laughter that bubbled up inside his throat loud and bold and really not helping in this situation. Harry sounded almost manic. They would need to have a talk about staying how to act under pressure. Because this was embarrassing.

“You eloped? You got married without inviting your mothers?!? You -” Louis started to tune his mother out as soon as he realized that Anna was starting to add to the insults. A sweet ‘sorry’ in the end, would have to do.

“Next time, “ Louis said through his teeth, “Next time, you keep your mouth shut.”

Harry nodded and the ring on his finger cut deep into Louis’ palm. They were a forever kinda deal now.

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I see nothing has changed after all these years, after all these years you seem to be interesting... to others. No matter what they think or know S. had quoted it, not the exact words like Henry, but it fits perfectly. Anyway I hope you had the perfect day. And. Yes! He told me about his plans and I saw a few pictures on Fb. You deserve it, after all these years, if someone has earned... then you!

💕 Yes, I know he told me you knew, but he told me today, what can I say? I just said to Elena, I don’t know why me, she said the same, still it’s like a dream, why me, you know me, you know my mind, since? God a long, long time, you’re my best friend, someone who was there for e all these years, even when I was down, really down, you always helped me, when i cried you cried with me, you never told me to shut up, no you said you’re here, call me, how many nights we have talked, how many times you took my in your arms and you were the one who told me to hold on, to keep my head up, you’re my sweet Joe, you will always be my best. I love you my dear friend, thank you for everything.  💕

And maybe yes, maybe, just like you :) Thank you. 

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I'm casually stalking your Instagram 😂 and can I just say that your selfie taking skills have grown so much better since a few months ago!!! Also your hair! It looked good before but wow, was it long and wild! It looks so sophisticated now and it just fits your face. Anyways, you are gorgeous! I hope to be as good with makeup and taking selfies as you one day

Haha I went on a scroll back through my old stuff last night too and it’s ridiculous the amount of improvement there has been in my selfies and makeup application. And I’ve been considering growing my hair back out but idk 🙈 But thank you!




Tate McRae - My Own Little World (Audioswap to HER original song)

Hey everyone!! I thought I’d do an Audioswap to one of Tate’s solos using this old original song she wrote when she was seven. I ended up swapping her “Do Not Hang your Head” solo that she performed when she was ten. This isn’t the best of her ability as she’s much better now that she’s two years older, but she still was amazing and the choreography fit with the song. So, anyway, hope you like it ! If you do, please give it a thumbs up, and subscribe for more dance videos. Request down below if you’d like me to make any kind of dance related videos :)

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so I saw your post about the trinity in hogwarts houses and I spent a really long time thinking about it, so here is what I came up with: like you said, hannah is clearly a hufflepuff. after some analysis, I think that grace is a slytherin because slytherin's main four traits are cunning, ambition, narcissism, & resourcefulness and I think she fits into there pretty well. (cont)

I had a hard time deciding where to put mamrie because she’s right on the border of ravenclaw and slytherin, but I think ultimately I would put her in ravenclaw because of her quick wit and her ability to make puns so easily. some main traits of ravenclaw are wit, cleverness, intelligence, and a ready mind, which definitely fit mamrie’s personality. anyway I hope my short analysis helps you, I had too much fun coming up with these. have a great day!

This isn’t far off from my thoughts, but I had trouble deciding if Grace would be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, because Ravenclaw also values originality, and I don’t think any of these girls lack in that department. Thank you for the input, it’s lovely to hear that me and my fave are from the same house.

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I would love you forever if you could make a Taylor Momsen/Jai Courtney crackship gif.

I don’t know if this is very good because I don’t make crackships very often, but I though it was a cute premise and the gifs somewhat fit together ?? Anyway, I hope it comes of use to you. Neither of the gifs are mine. They were found in gif hunts. 

- Chachi

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Hii!! Your aesthetics are so detailed and impressive!! I'm sorry if this is a bother because you have so many but can I have one please? my sun is Gemini my moon is Gemini and I have a Leo rising :) thank you!

Hi, thank you so much. You’re not a bother, but there are a ton of requests. I hope you like it. Your combination is just a little too similar to mine for this to be perfect, but I hope you like it anyway. It doesn’t fit that much at all, but it’s pretty.

The combination of your signs produces both confidence and a very anxious nature. That doesn’t sound right, but it’s true. You have a lot of nervous energy, but that doesn’t necessarily make you shy or quiet. Your restless energy affects not just your mental nature, but also your emotional nature. You probably won’t admit to being fickle, because you probably have a very reasonable sounding excuse for why you end relationships. You move on very quickly. You might have trouble concentrating, but you are very artistic and intellectual. You’re an avid reader, but not a really deep learner. You learn a little about a lot of things and then move on. You’re a good talker, because speaking out loud is always easier to you than keeping anything inside. You like to be surrounded by people, because you fidget and worry when you’re by yourself. 

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why are you worrying so much that you will not be able to find someone to fulfill your spiritual and emotional needs?? the right person will come, but it can take time. you don't have to worry about this, dear, you will find that person, have faith ♡

what a sweet soul

yeah i guess i misspoke. i’m sure someone will come in my lifetime, buti’m craving companionship right now, like i just feel like partnership is what i need to grow in this phase of my life. hoping someone in ny will fit the bill. ANYWAY thanks for ur kind words what an angel u are