anyways i really liked this mv

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I'm confused if they are new or not? There MV is new but people have been saying they've been around for years just not releasing music so they had a TV show or something. They are CUTE especially tiny woozi, but I don't think they can ever pull off EXO sexy concept! They are really young like 1999 so they are too small for sexy anyways lol the only thing that makes me sad is that they have 13 members and exo used to have 12 but now we only have 9... I hope it doesn't end up the same :(

Oh okay ( oh dang they’re young ) I’ve never seen their mvs tho

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Okay so I really want to get into vixx but I don't know where to start. I've only really heard voodoo doll and I really liked that. What mv's and songs should I start on?

by getting into vixx you’re potentially putting your life in danger but hey we’re all in this together.
anyways you should check out eternity and error they’re rly good !! then you can slowly watch all their mvs and familiarise yourself w the members.

welcome to the family :))

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do you have a link to where the guy from legend(?) is singing in the car? im not really familiar with them but i want to see that vid!

no im sorry i dont have the link and idk where is it from but while we are at it ill link stuff that’ll help know you more about Legend :-) if you dont mind

• here is a guide made by officialsoyou and it literally has everything you need to know about them

here there is more info about Legend

and here you can see all of their mv’s

so there you go :-) they literally only have like 6 songs and are all equally amazing tbh. they are having a comeback soon called “Shadow” and im really hoping its a full or at least a mini album because i want more songs omg anyways i hope youll become a fan soon and if you want someone to talk about legend HERE I AM :-))

okAy , i`m sharing my thoughts on tumblr for the 1st time since kris left

listen up ,
i support zitao and he absolutely slayed it and i’m proud because he showed what he could do, the songs are really good and the sales are wOw too. Yall think he did diss SM bUt reading the lyrics, I THINK , he did diss exo and that`s the thing I don`t like

tao`s mv got banned by sm. Of course, this is sm and there are things WE DON`T KNOW. Maybe there is something between tao and sm.. like contacts and shit. Business is dirty. Money is dirty too.
anyway, i really like tao`s mv, i don`t really like songs with slow beats (like one heart and yesterday) but these songs are reALLY GOOD, the album too

in other hand, we have chanyeol, to be honest , i would do the same thing if i were him

you may hate them both or hate only tao or only chanyeol or love them both- your choice but 2 things cannot be denied:

  1. tao slayed 
  2. chanyeol stayed behind his group 

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i forgot suju had a comeback.... i watched the teasers but haven't watched the mv yet, they were funny lol. thoughts on their comeback if you've watched/listened to it?

i was expecting just a little more from the MV BUT i really like the song omg i found out the main girl was 14yo? wtf?? anyway, the MV was fun but with the girl’s age … idk i really like the song :^)

why is there still no apink song that I like :( I love them a lot after seeing them on shows, but their music has never appealed to me. Every comeback I’m like “maybe this time…” oh well. It has been the same thing with snsd since forever.

Anyways AOA, Mamamoo, Girl’s Day and Sistar all really blew me away this summer! I have lots of their songs playing in the car. And that latest MV by Bangtan too! Teen Top I was a bit disappointed in (although my nephew loves their comeback). Infinite had me drooling once again and I’m so in love with GOT7 atm thank you for those perfect and beautiful lyrics! :D soooo… what’s next?

okay so i also just watched the champagne mv and i definitely think i like the rise as one mv more… i like both of the songs equally (in fact i might even like champagne better, or at least im definitely more likely to get it stuck in my head) but i feel like champagne’s mv was really… excessive, and not in the good way. like, hello, guy surrounded by hot girls, when is this trend going to stop. i just liked some of the sets where yunho looked really good and the fact that my smallest son jisung from smrookies was there. i really liked the rise as one mv though because its just so pretty??? fuckign aesthetic.

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my time period as a fan / i don’t really know everybody was a fan so i just listened to their main songs but i never really liked them until their exodus album came out
my bias among the members & why / i rlly liked kai but after he sniffed himself….. anyway kyungsoo
favorite song / this isn’t even their song but when they sang sabor a mi at mexico music bank… and then el dorado or beautiful
favorite mv / miracles in december 
favorite choreo / growl
favorite era / call me baby 
cutest member / kyungsoo
sexiest member / lay or kai
best friend member / suho i guess
best smile / kai
favorite rapper / lmao 
favorite vocalist / kyungsoo
favorite dancer / kai
what i see for them in the future /  man i just want their health to be ok and  i want to fight the ugly racist goblin man tho

i dont really like bad blood as a song tbh but i listen to it anyways because even if im not watching the mv i love to visualize girls beating the shit out of each other

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tried to list songs w nice mvs anyways here you go!: so many details by toro y moi, don't wanna fight by alabama shakes, another one by mac demarco, move on by garden city movement, mind mischief and cause i'm a man by tame impala, pools by glass animals

aw I really like all of these! Mac is one of my favorites.

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Naaaw don't say that you're a loser! :< Tthinking of yourself that way causes so much harm, please try to fill your mind with positive thoughts instead!~ But ofc it's alright to cry, and I'm glad you're doing a little better again! <3 YEEES of course I watched it!! ^____^ It caught me so unprepaired! I thought it will be released on friday, but it was actually yesterday? It's so different and mature but it still has that special SJ feel and I absolutely love it! :D (part 1) - Kyu anon

(part 2) I just love this style for SJ so much! It suits them so well~ And the song is such a jam (it’s stuck in my head since yesterday like all SJ songs :D) and the MV is so well done, I’m really happy with it! ^.^ Yes Kyuhyun in the MV was absolutely breathtaking!! :O In these white and blue suits? I almost had a breakdown and really needed to leave the room for a moment… But they all looked sooo fine! Heechul really cought my attention too! Aaah but they all always do~ - Kyu anon :3

Yeah I know it’s not good to think like that. I’ve been good about it recently to be honest, like no negative thoughts for 2/3 months, but the past week… I dunno I got stressed and starting beating myself up again. But anyway, yeah, thank you! You’re much too sweet to be my Kyu anon, aah I don’t deserve you *but hugs you loads anyway*

Anyway… SJ. YES I WAS UNPREPARED TOO. I thought it’d be out today, but nah came out yesterday and I saw JREKML’s reaction to it and had to rush to find it. It was crazy! Heechul caught my attention too, he looks so good atm and in the video. And is it just me or does he seem more like his old self again? Happier and more enthusiastic in the mv? I dunno, but I loved it! Kyuhyun…. I may or may not have paused the video on his face and sat in shock for a few moments. Sometimes I seriously don’t know how he’s real, he’s so good looking and I’m just like… so speechless?!??!

And I completely agree about the style being so mature, yet so Super Junior as well. it’s one of the great things about Super Junior is that they can do so many different kind of styles but it still sounds so Super Junior. Like, it’s a distinctive sound to them, and I freaking love that. Tbh, I think it’s something that SHINee has too, and f(x), which is why I get annoyed with the amount of variety in EXO’s songs because they don’t have a sound yet. At least not imo. I wish SM would let them develop that rather than just giving them whatever doesn’t suit another artist? Unless that’s their point, but then that’s kind of annoying too. Luckily EXO is talented enough to pull it off, but still..

That was kinda rambly sorry, but yeah Devil was great and I loved it and I CAN’T BELIEVE SUPER JUNIOR IS BACK I want them to do a World Tour and come to the UK again so I can actually go this time because I didn’t know about it last time and I cried. =‘( I just wanna see them live come to meeee SJ!!!

Thanks for messaging me KyuKyu, I hope you’re well, but I’m sure you are with all your lovely positive thinking!! ^^

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Perhaps console ourselves that Ryeowook killed the parts he had in Devil and hope that he gets more screen time during the live performances? I suppose you could also gif Wook's cute chewing from the Starcast session. ^^ (I know you like his chewing... *waggles finger*) With regards to the MV though (I love the song itself!), I kind of felt there was a bit too much gratuitous "accessorizing" with women? I'm all for acting roles for women in SuJu MVs, but this wasn't exactly it... (IMHO.)

He knows how to make a good blank face because his face is so stunning anyway. Hmm I have something I need to finish gifing before I get to that but I will gif it because I do love watching him chew lmao it’s cute!! 

Yeah, I fully agree with you! I like the song though I don’t really like Heechul’s rap and that little part after his rap but I do like the song. Yes, I felt that way too! I really don’t like seeing women used that way, as if they are props (or accessories) that are there to look at. I agree!

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tbh i don't understand why ppl feel offended about your opinion on that got7 mv, it's not like you were rude or anything ? Btw i think the same as you about the mv. Anyway, i really like your blog, your drawings are amazing ! ♥

that’s the only thing keeping me calm, knowing that at no point I was actually offensive or an asshole :’D

thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoy them :3

IDK why the heck these two groups did this to me on the same day XD 

anyways since MVs were released at the same time ….which song is currently nicer to your ears at the moment

I’m INFINITE bias but honestly its taking me a few listens to get the whole feel of the song…but i do like it

While with GOT7 for me i havent really liked any of their songs since GGG but I’m really in love with this song from first listen

What about you guys?

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I can still ask things right? like your opinions? DID ANY OF THE ADMINS WATCH THE MV AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE LYRICS? WHAT DO YOU THINK???

I really really liked the song. I had captions on already so the lyrics started when the mv did.  The lyrics made me super emotional I think because I struggle with self esteem and outer appearance issues.  

But the MV also kind of made me realize just how much society focuses on outer appearance.  Now this is in no way me trying to lessen the impact of the lyrics or spread any kind of dislike to GOT7 in anyway because that’s not my intention.  I know they probably didn’t write the lyrics, but I wish the lyrics had mentioned that outer beauty isn’t the only thing that matters.  Like I wish they’d said her heart is pure or she’s very kind or her intelligence is like no other or something that touched on characteristics and personality rather than appearance. Because we’re not just how we look on the outside. We’re so focused on our appearances we forget about everything else that makes us beautiful and different and special.  Maybe that’s just me reading too much into lyrics and songs and things like that, but I hate how our society is turning out.  

As far as how I liked the song I actually loved it.  The lyrics though I wished had touched on things aside from outer appearances I thought were very sweet and I did like them.  It’s definitely going to be the song I listen to when I’m having a crappy self image day.

-Admin Sarah


yo! so i was tagged by kampfer-amazing for the 10 fave albums so here it is~ sorry it took so long, college stuff, ya know? anyway! here we go, in no particular order:

B.A.P - first sensibility (okay like, i have the actual physical album and no joke it has like, dents from where i was clutching it during the concert lmao)

BTS - dark & wild (really the only song i don’t really dig is hip hop lover :// but otherwise i loved it all)

Son Lux - Lanterns 

Gorillaz - Demon Days (i remember being like, eight and watching feel good inc mv on vh1 on saturday mornings and just loving it every time i never got tired of it) 

Phoenix - Bankrupt! (thank u best buy for always holding it for me even tho i told u like five times i’d come and pick it up and never did)   

Rap Monster - RM mixtape 

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - TGWTDT OST (okay i love this album i use it for studying music and it just gives off the coolest vibes)

Foals - Total Life Forever 

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream 

Parc Jae Jung - Step 1 (tbh i’m a huge poser and’ve only heard stalker but i love it so much i had to slap it in here) 

yup!! so…huh, i’ll taag juxtapositive, squishyfeelsprincess, jungkooksthighs and joyeurism <3