anyways i really liked this mv


AKB48 38th Single: “Kibouteki Refrain” requested by anon

“Every time I take a breath
I fall in love with you again
An unending refrain
I fall in love with you
A hopeful refrain”

ASFGHJK this is why allkpop sucks. They made an article about something that’s so ridiculous and have now blown it waaay out of proportion.
The MV is not “sexualising” the teacher WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET THAT FROM??? DID YOU EVEN READ THE LYRICS??? OR WATCH THE MV??????????
The MV is legit just showing the boys having an innocent CRUSH on their teacher. It’s p much the same as having a crush on a celebrity.
Ik the lyrics are saying stuff like you’re my first and last but I personally see it as them being inexperienced with dating and thinking they love her but it’s really just their first time experiencing liking someone or something along those lines.


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EXO: Against Police Brutality since 2016. 🚨

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this is gonna sound so dumb and annoying but do you have a list of every music video shinee has ever done in chronological order? i've been a fan for like 3 years but i swear i didn't even realize Amigo had an MV??... does it ....? and is there actually a Your Number MV (White Version)? since UMJ never posts full MVs anyway. i'm #LostAndNeedHelp. pls humor me and go ahead adding jonghyun/taemin/key's (minho's? onew's?) MVs too if you want bc i obviously can't trust myself ;_;

it’s not any annoying question at all! it really is difficult to keep tabs on how many music videos certain groups have released (ie: t-ara, lol), especially if the groups are older.

✨ group ✨
누난 너무 예뻐 (replay) (2008)
dance practive ver.
산소 같은 너 (love like oxygen) (2008)
dance ver.
아.미.고 (a.mi.go) (2008)
juliette (2009)
dance ver.
ring ding dong (2009)
lucifer (2010)
hello (2010)
「replay -君は僕のeverything-」 (jpn ver.) (2011)
juliette (jpn ver.) (2011)
lucifer (jpn ver.) (2011)
dance practice ver.
sherlock (clue + note) (2012)
dance ver.
dance practice ver.
sherlock (jpn ver.) (2012)
dazzling girl (2012)
1000年、ずっとそばにいて… (2012)
dream girl (2013)
dance ver.
dance practive ver.
fire (2013)
why so serious? (2013)
breaking news (2013)
boys meet u (2013)
everybody (2013)
dance practice ver.
symptoms (lyric video) (2013)
everybody (jpn ver.) (2013)
colorful (2013)
321 (2013)
lucky star (2014)
downtown baby (2014)
your number (2015)
black (dance ver.)
view (2015)
dance ver.
married to the music (2015)
performance ver.
sing your song (2015)
d×d×d (2015)
「君のせいで」 (2016)

✨ solo ✨
괴도 (danger) - taemin (2014)
dance practice ver.
♢  ace - taemin (2014)
→  concept video
crazy (guilty pleasure) - jonghyun (2015)
déjà-boo - jonghyun (2015)
할렐루야 (hallelujah) (dance practice ver.) - jonghyun (2015)
♢  하루의 끝 (the end of a day) - jonghyun (2015)
drip drop - taemin (2016)
press your number - taemin (2016)
performance ver. (i)
performance ver. (ii)

✨ subunit, etc. ✨
너무 그리워 (miss you) - sm the ballad (2010) (jonghyun)
hot times - sm the ballad (2010) (jonghyun)
maxstep - younique unit (2012) (taemin)
숨소리 (breathe) - sm the ballad (2014) (jonghyun)
delicious - toheart (2014) (key)
tell me why - toheart (2014) (key)

bodyguard (2009) (boys over flowers)
countdown (2009) (dream)
haru (2010) (haru)
green rain (2013) (the queen’s classroom)

mv appearances 
gee - snsd (2009) (minho)
gee (jpn ver.) - snsd (2010) (minho)
sound - vnt (2010) (minho)
trap - henry (2013) (taemin)
disturbance - boa (2013) (taemin)

vanilla love - onew + lee hyun ji (2008)
let’s go - g20 seoul summit (2011) (jonghyun)
eng. ver
etude fresh skin song (2012)
hold on - axodus + key (2015)


Can I get an iKon scenario where Hanbin gets jealous because my new music video consists of a really sexy dance with another guy

Originally posted by incrediyeol

No one ever said that it”d be easy to date an idol and they were right, but no one explained to Hanbin how difficult it was going to be for two idols to date each other. Don’t think of it the wrong way you and Hanbin loved each other very much and would never have it any other way. And he was very excited about your new comeback and the concept…That is until he found out who would be featured on the album and in the music video doing a sexy dance wit you.

“But baby, why him? And why does it have to be so sexy? And if it has to be so sexy why can’t it be with me,” he whined for the tenth time since you told him who would be in the music video.

“When I first told you about the comeback you didn’t seem to have a problem why now,” you ask knowing it was because he’s jealous. And he was jealous because of the special guest on the track which was your very good looking and talented Sunbae G-Dragon.

“Because,” he said with a pout.

You laughed, “That’s not an answer.”

He replies still pouting, “Well you didn’t answer any of my questions so why should I answer yours?”

You laugh and roll your eyes but give in anyways, “It’s him because he is featured on the song, It’s sexy because YG PDnim said it was time I had one, and if you are really that worried about it being too sexy why not come to the MV shoot and support me instead of whining? Besides I didn’t get all jealous when you were shooting your music videos that had you being close to other girls like Airplane or My Type or Apology or WYD.”

“ I wasn’t basically dry humping those girls though…And I am not jealous,” he states still pouting but now going to sit on the couch. You honestly loved it when he got jealous it was so cute. Before you started dating you would purposefully flirt with Jiwon just to get Hanbin to be a little possessive over you and it had worked.

“Why are you so jealous of Jiyong-sunbae anyways,” you ask going to sit next to him. It was a genuine question, sure you thought he was attractive almost everyone does, but he isn’t who you fell in love with.

 “He’s just so much better than me, so I am afraid that when you dance with him you’ll fall for him and leave me,” he replied softly.You couldn’t believe how genuinely broken he sounded as is you were already gone,

 "Hanbin don’t think like that. Jiyong-sunbae is indeed talented but I’d never leave you for him. I chose you for a reason and it’s not just because you are the cutest thing ever to grace my life,“ you said.

At that he giggled."I’m sorry jagi, I didn’t mean to be so jealous. But I was truly scared you’d leave me,” he says bringing you closer to him as he gives you a gentle kiss on the lips, “I promise I won’t think like that anymore… At least I’ll try to.” He gives you a wink before kissing you again and you giggle against his lips.

“I love you Hanbin never forget that," 

"I won’t, I love you too (Y/N)." 

The next day he came on to the set to watch and support you. Little did he know that because of his busy schedule you had to shoot all the sexy scenes with Jiyong that day. Hanbin was not pleased to say the least, he knew you loved him and was no longer scared you’d leave him but he still got jealous watching the way his Hyung was holding and touching you.When you were done filming you saw him and ran to him.

“Hey baby,” you said greeting him and giving him a quick kiss which he deepened making it last longer than it was intended to.

“You looked great,” he said wrapping his arm around your waist as he saw Jiyong approach.

“Hey Hanbinnie, isn’t she great you are one lucky man. Better keep a hold of her tight,” Jiyong said patting you on the back and you smiled.

“Hey Hyung yeah she is great and don’t worry I will. But if you’ll excuse us we have some business to take care of at home,” he says somewhat bitter but only noticeable to you.

Jiyong smiles, “Alright have fun you kids.” you both bowed as he left and you had to ask him.

“So what do we have to do at home?”

He smirks and discreetly grabs your butt, “We are going to go home and then I will show you how I can touch you better than he can.” You smiled and agreed and on the way home all you could think about was how you should make Hanbin jealous more often if this was the outcome.

A/N: I got something done yay!!! I got my laptop to work with me a little so I am going to try and get a few requests done. Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with their requests. Love you all!! ~Cia  


aaaaannnnddd some Running Man, or “Everyday I’m Shufflin” as quoted by mlsubbing…well sorta anyway cos aside from Adrien, they all look like they’re randomly skipping or something. Adrien’s outfit is referenced from Redfoo’s (if anyone’s seen the Party Rock Anthem MV). Adrien and Mari weren’t even gona hold hands buuutttt you know my shipping hand slipped. Nino and Alya are really rockin’!  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و ✧ ✧ ✧

oh yeah totally forgot! thanks to those who’ve reblogged/tagged about the running man dance move. it really helped and i also rewatched the episode and noted the quote by mlsubbing ^U^b

OMG forgot something else. *sleepdeprived* If I’m not wrong the show airs in the US in a few hours… SO EXCITEDDDDDDD. I’m happy for those who can actually watch it on the tv screen :D

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hey!!! you should look at a newly-debuted group: varsity! they're really good, i think you'd enjoy them (they're from cso ent.)!! ♥️

Okay, so I just watched their MV for U R My Only One and….wow. They’re so good! Why did I not check them out before?! And not even a million views!? Seriously!? That makes me so sad! It’s like discovering Up10tion (My boys! <3) all over again! 

Anyway, thank you SO much for the recommendation! I really enjoyed it and I know that song is going to be stuck in my head all freakin day. Lol. 

I really do appreciate it! Getting into new groups is so much fun! 

VIXX REACTION To their girlfriend liking being "Chained Up"

I just had so much fun doing this~! xD Thanks for requesting! Our ask box is still open, don’t forget to ask! 



“But… I thought you were into fluffy stuff, you see? Fluffy”


When you appear in a sexy lingerie with leather handcuffs and a chocker.

“Jagi.. what is this? We’re not in my MV”

I think Leo would be pretty flustered by your confession, but when he get used to it, he’d do it with you if you really wanted to~


“Jagi are you wearing what I think you’re wearing??”


“Wonsik likes what he hears.. When do we start jagi?” He was the one who came up with the Chained up concept anyways.. hehe


Hongbin was casually walking around his dorm eating when he enters his bedroom to see you ready for “action” wearing a choker.

“Wait what??”


“I’m ready jagi” Hyukkie might get a bit to excited about it hehe.


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

jongxuns said: can i just say that i’m feeling so ecstatic by the fact that you now allow asks?? i have been really busy with work so i haven’t got the time to stalk (don’t mind me heh) your blog in a really long while until today and boy am i glad i did. i just spent an hour reading through your asks and i have zero regrets! you’re a wonderful person and i love reading your insights <3 but anyway, im wondering why is jungkook your bias? because he’s my bias too and i’m really curious ^_^;;            

Thank you! Man, does it really take an hour to go through all my asks now..? I’m glad you like them though! It might as well be entertaining if it’s going to be that long;; Anyway, I actually remember the exact moment when I first saw BTS and became a JK stan. It was the summer of 2015 and I was eating soondae for lunch with two of my sunbaes when the MV for Dope came on. I didn’t care much for idols at that point but then I saw this dark haired dude in uniform come on with this stupid smile on his stupid handsome face and yup, I was done eating for the day.

^ 입덕계기. 탈덕 하고 싶다 국아.. 날 좀 놓아줘ㅠ..

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So I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the rwby fandom, and I’ve become a bit obsessed with OC teams. So this is just a little MV I made to give back I guess? I’m a huge nerd and I make nerdy things sometimes.

It took a long time to make this but it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to make another one someday with even more OCs, if there’s any interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this, I’m so sorry about the shitty quality but my computer physically could not handle rendering it any better, haha…

(So apparently when I watch it on mobile it looks a little off time and it’s REALLY ANNOYING and then when I watch it on my laptop it’s fine? I have no idea what tumblr is doing just take my trash, followers.Cries.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these amazing people:

@teambgfi-saga, @team-snst, @team-cacd, @ghost-church, @team-navy,  @team-pace, @teamdlia, @team-kaze-hunters, @huntsmen-team-sabl, @teamnova, @teamvcta, @teamdgtl, @team-cist, @team-star-huntresses, @huntersofhaven, @r3ally-bad-artblog, @team-umbr


Hello A.R.M.Y! So, yay!, our boys will have a comeback in February (i’m really impatient and ready to die!). Anyway! I saw a post on Facebook about the, maybe, date of their comeback and then I decided to search more and found some interesting things, I’m here to share my opinion so share yours with me too :D

• First (like you probably saw everywhere haha) the date! According to the MV we can see at 3:12 Jimin and Suga facing each other and also a small placard “chatroom 2,3”.

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My wifi cut off while writing this the first time so I’m sorry if this sounds rushed >.>

Most people believe that the progression thru the MV is War > Clan > Town but really there’s one extremely obvious detail that proves it’s actually Town > Clan > War. Cuz MX has their X tattoos in the clan and war scenes but not in the town scenes. You can’t just wipe off a tattoo >.> Anyways, most MX member’s tattoos were hard to find but thanks to Kihyun:

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You Goofy

Scenario: Jay is on a variety show and meets a quirky girl and Jay becomes interested in her.


Jay’s P.O.V.

Another day of interviews and variety shows. How fun! I know, I know. You might say “Jay you are your own boss. You don’t have to do this.” Well I do. That doesn’t mean I want to though. I gotta promote my company somehow.

This show sucks anyways. They try way too hard to be funny. I just pretend I’m having a great time, but on the inside I’m dying. I don’t think I can handle another half an hour.

Can something excited please happen!?

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

Oh that girl with that catchy song! I’ve never seen her face before. I know that theres an MV but I’ve been to busy to watch it. What if she’s really pretty? No, no Jay! Your smooth you got this. You can get any girl. Oh no! She’s really pretty! Ahh what to do!? STOP STAY CALM! Does everyone else notice how much I’m freaking out? Does it show? Okay I need to put my gangsta face on.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

She turns her head and looks at me. Oh god! Were making eye contact! Her eyes are gorgeous.

(Y/N) P.O.V

I’m standing backstage totally nervous. My manager is giving me a whole lecture on how I need to be polite and use my manners and how I need to hide my weirdness. How am I suppose to do that? I can’t control myself. I’m just weird. My mom always calls me Goofy after the big dog from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thanks mom. I hope that doesn’t get leaked out.

I released my first single two days ago along with an MV. I’ve already gotten so much positive feed back. Of course some negative but I don’t pay attention to that.

I really hope I make a good impression since this is my first variety show. This isn’t my favorite show. Honestly, it sucks, but it’s a start. At least the love of my life is here. Jay Park! Awww his name gives me chills. Thats the main reason why I’m nervous. What if he thinks I am too weird? I would die! But he looks so nice. And he is so handsome!

“Right?” Said my manager.

“What? Oh yeah right.”

“Good! Now go out there and remember tame the urge to act weird.” She said as I walked away.

“I doubt thats possible,” I called back.

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

I walk on stage walking and smiling. I try to not look at him because if I do, I might have a heart attack.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

I turn my head and look at Jay in the eyes. Why did I look!? Why is his mouth open and his eyes wide? Either he thinks I’m super hot or super ugly.

“It’s nice to meet you. You are so talented and beautiful. Please sit down next to Jay.”

I take my seat next to Jay and try to look natural. In the corner of my eye I can see he is staring at me. I look at him again and flash smile.

“Jay are you okay? Ever since she came out her you have been staring,” the MC laughed at Jay.

“Oh sorry. I can’t help it. She’s just so beautiful,” he says while looking in my eyes the whole time.

Oh what do I do? Oh bow, I have to bow. Manners, my manager would be proud.

Jay P.O.V.

The show is almost done and every second I like (Y/N) more and more. She is so funny and quirky. She is perfect! She’s beautiful, talented, and funny. I need to ask her out. If I don’t I will regret it forever.

10 minutes later

We all walk off stage saying our thanks and congrats and all that jazz. Then I see (Y/N) heading towards her dressing room.

“Hey wait (Y/N)!”

“Yeah? Whats up?”

“Uh um. Haha,” I nervously chuckle.“ Well I um. Uh gosh”

“ Is Jay Park at a lost for words?” She said jokingly shocked.

“Well of course. Any man at the presence of beautiful women like yourself would be.”

That did it. Shes blushing like crazy!

“Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?”

“Me? Really? You want m- I mean yeah sure.”

“Haha. Cool heres my number and text me when your free. Ill see you around. ”

“Yeah, see you,” She said shyly as she walked into her dressing room and closed her door.

“Yessss!” I whispered to myself so no one could hear.

(Y/N) P.O.V.

I close the door behind me and flop against the couch.

“My celebrity crush just asked me out on a date. Hm. Maybe I like this variety show after all”