anyways you guys have been real active

 // SORRY i’ve been so slow lately! WOW you guys are real nice, STAP REBLOGGING THAT YOU KNOW IM TRAsh

  ANYWays, my askbox is always open! Tags are alWAYs welcome, and if you have ideas or want to plot never be afraid to pop in IM’s! 

Also, if you guys want my Skype or go to friend me on there please lemme know first!! Just so I know who is who!

   Centaur Maes is still up so if you guys want to go and pester him, feel free! Hopefully I can get more active soon here!!

thank you, to those who have been ever so patient with me as far as my activity on here has been! i’ve been working overtime lately at 50+ hrs (and will continue to do so for the next five weeks at least kill me), and so every time i get home from work, i’m really exhausted & would rather do something else instead. rifp. anyways i’ll be making more of an appearance here this weekend!!! i truly look forward to writing with all of you wonderful people. (◠‿◠✿)

Hey guys

So I didn’t really wanna write something but I felt kinda guilty and decided to do it anyway. As you guys know I’m not really active and this has been like this for a while. There are a lot of reasons for that and I ain’t gonna tell you everything, because I don’t really talk about my problems (small or big) and I don’t like to share everything about myself.

But things have changed and now I am certain I won’t be able to be active for a long time. Longer than I thought, which makes me sad but I knew this was coming. As a fulltime law student, parttime trial supervisoer and parrtime fast-food worker (yes this is real and I love my job because my co-workers are a-ma-zing), I knew one day I wouldn’t be able to be active as much as I used to be.

I love Tumblr, I love my blog, I love my mutuals/friends (the real ones obviously .. lmfao), I love each of my followers .. and I even love my haters for spending so much time on me (and I can’t blame y’all, I’m amazing). But I love myself the most and I want to do what is good for me.

With these three very important tasks I have and with some private stuff that have happened. Very hard stuff. Things that made me really sad and basically broke me down for days. I just feel like I shouldn’t be thinking about Tumblr or any other thing that isn’t that important.

Because believe it or not I do feel guilty for not answering all of your asks (and I do get TONS of asks every single day so it’s even worse than you think) or reacting to your comments. I do feel guilty for just not being on here and answering you. It seems like I turned into this I have a lot of followers so now imma be a dick blog which is NOT true. But I don’t want to feel guilty for that because this is not a job or whatever it’s a blog I created for myself. So I don’t want to think about it anymore in that way.

Now I gotta read this thing to see if I said what I wanted to say lol brb.

Okay. So like I said this blog is going to be inactive for a while (idk for how long). Obviously there will be some reblogs once in a while that I do on my phone. Sometimes I might answer your messages. But that’s not a given.

I do wanna say that I’m fine though. I have amazing friends so I’m always laughing. And I know whatever is going on right now will be over soon. So I’m fine.

And for everyone who’s going to turn this into some stupid fandom war (because I learned fandoms can make people this petty not long ago woops) .. I feel sorry for you and your life :( Cause apparently you can’t see people outside of a fandom. Which is kinda sad. And weird. But thank god I do have a life (a great one) with ups and downs .. but important enough to make fandoms/tv-shows and ships basically unimportant as fuck.