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"the hushed conversations under Aaron’s duvet during the early, tentative days of their newfound relationship" OMG you have to write about this! You can't write this sentence and not to write more! Please?

Robert had stayed over often enough for it to be a routine, now. It was still early days, still those tentative first weeks where they were just getting used to each other again, mapping out the territory of their new relationship, but they were starting to build a sort of routine, and it had started with Aaron suggesting Robert leave some clothes at his.

Until now, Robert had been heading back to Victoria’s to shower and change after spending the night at Aaron’s, but now he had a drawer of Aaron’s dresser for some clean clothes and underwear, a set of pyjamas to sleep in so he could stop borrowing Aaron’s too-short tracksuit bottoms, and a random mess of his face-wash and moisturiser, and toothbrush, sitting on one of the lockers.

It felt real.

There was a lot they hadn’t done yet, as a couple, there was a lot Aaron still wasn’t ready for, but Robert couldn’t bring himself to care, if he was honest. What they had now, it was so much more, the nights they would stay up and just talk, and learn all the things they’d never had time to learn about each other during the affair.

It felt good.

It was past one am, now, the Woolpack quiet, pub shut for the evening, the rest of the Dingles who called the pub home in bed. He and Aaron had gone for a few pints, after work, and watched a shitty film in the backroom before they’d decided to go to bed, Aaron asking if he was going to stay with a hopeful smile on his face.

It was a new expression, one Robert hadn’t seen before, at least. Aaron would bite his lip slightly, looking at him with wide eyes and an almost shy smile, inquiring if he was going to head back to Victoria’s for the night.

As if.

Robert didn’t want to be anywhere Aaron wasn’t.

Shifting slightly so he was lying on his side, looking at Aaron intently. “Where’s your dream place to go on holiday?” he asked, continuing their new nightly routine of twenty questions, asking each other all the things couples should know about each other.

Aaron looked thoughtful, hair still damp against his forehead. He’d gone for a shower, before bed, his usual routine, Robert had noticed - he’d always been a shower in the morning guy, himself, but Aaron had shrugged and admitted he liked to wash the day off.

“Ibiza,” Aaron said, decisive.

Robert snorted. “Ibiza? You’re such a lad!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Alright, you wanker,” he shook his head. “What’s wrong with Ibiza? It’s got the sun, the alcohol….”

“The girls,” Robert mocked, earning himself a shove from Aaron.

“Haha.” Aaron rolled his eyes. “I went there once, you know.”


Aaron nodded. “Best holiday I’ve ever been on,” he admitted. “First time in my life I felt like I could be happy.”

“Why?” Robert asked, genuinely curious. He’d never much been interested in going to Ibiza, if he was honestly - he’d done the posh resorts in Spain, and Italy, with Chrissie, holidayed in Greece with mates once, when he was twenty one, but he’d never been too bothered about going to Ibiza.

“There was no hassle, no problems,” Aaron shrugged. “I got to hang out on the beach and drink with my mates, felt like a proper teenager.”

Robert gave him a soft smile. “I might not be up for Ibiza, but we should go on holiday,” he nudged, reaching across the space between them in Aaron’s bed, tangling their fingers together.


Robert thought for a second, thought of all the places in the world he wanted to see, all the places he wanted to go with Aaron. “Anywhere,” he declared. “Anywhere where I can have ya all to myself.”

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Okay I seriously do need to go to sleep now.

Quick recap of things we have confirmed tonight-

1. I’m gay

2. Dementia’s gay (and writes gay friend fiction for her friends in the college au)

3. Flug is gay (and would really appreciate if Dementia would stop writing gay friend fiction in the college au)

4. (The ghost is as of now unconfirmed, but as soon as Dem gets that Oujia board she’s figuring out if he’s gay and hot for Flug)

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Ok but now we need a fic with Aaron's reaction the first time Ellen calls him Papa. And if you get inspired something with Chas and Ellen cause well cause I miss Chas!

Ellen’s first word had been yogurt. Rebecca had filmed the grand occasion, and Aaron kept the video on his phone for when he needed a laugh, because Ellen yelling out the word yogurt over and over again, with a ridiculous smile on her face, is one of the best things he’d ever seen in his life.

She’d picked up a lot of random words since then. Dog, bob and spoon had all come before mummy and daddy, which Aaron kind of appreciated. Ellen was the most stubborn child he’d ever known, and the more Robert tried to get her to say daddy, the more she’d yell spoon, or dog at him.

Ellen had given in eventually, and her new favourite word was dada.

It was cute, not just for the dopey smile it always put on Robert’s face.

“Spoon!” Ellen waved her yogurt covered spoon at Aaron, a delighted smile on her face as she sat in her highchair, eating her lunch. It was a quiet Saturday morning, Robert having agreed to drive Liv to her new friend’s house in his ‘stupid flash car’ (Liv’s words, not his) leaving Aaron to sort Ellen and her breakfast (well, it was more like lunch now, considering she’d gotten them up at six am, and it was just ticking over to eleven, now.)

“Yeah, and the spoon goes in the yogurt, beans,” Aaron nudged, directing her clenched fist back toward the bowl, yogurt all over the tray, all over her clothes.

He’d forgotten how messy toddlers were, now Leo was the very grown up age of eight.

Ellen waved her spoon at him, grinning toothily at him. She was the image of Robert, right down to the colour of his eyes, her blonde hair sort of expected, considering her mum and dad both had blond hair.

But she was Robert. Ellen had looked a lot like Chrissie, actually, when she was first born, her hair the darker side of blonde, but she’d started to change as she hit two, ever a Sugden 0 though when she smiled, Aaron had discovered recently, she looked exactly like Rebecca, the woman they’d managed to reach a truce with, Ellen and her best interests the priority for the three of them.

Aaron twisted in his chair slightly, reaching for the cup of tea he’d put out of Ellen’s reach, the toddler having reached the age where she was liable to grab for anything, consequences be-damned.


Aaron couldn’t help the way his eyes widened as Ellen spoke, the nickname Robert had been trying to coax out of her for weeks falling easily from the little girls lips. “Dada will be back soon,” he reassured, because surely - surely - he’d misheard.

Ellen shook her head, spoon clattering into the half eaten bowl of yogurt with a splash. “Papa!” she said, more determined this time, tiny hands reaching out for Aaron.

Aaron felt like his heart was going to explode.

“Papa!” Ellen practically yelled, looking frustrated now because Aaron wasn’t moving, wasn’t saying anything.

“Yeah,” Aaron said, scooping Ellen out of her highchair, holding her close to his chest, breathing in the familiar powdery scent that always lingered around her, and the familiar scent of too much Johnson’s baby shampoo (Robert’s bad habit), Ellen smearing a yogurt covered hand against his cheek. “I am, I’m your papa.”

Ellen beamed at him. “Papa, play!”

If Aaron cried a little, when he put Ellen down on her mat in the living room, settling in to play with all the brightly coloured toys that had come to find a home in front of their fireplace, well -

no one except Ellen had to know.

Modern MirSan AUs: birthday parties

y o this is late being posted but here it is! requested by @mirsan ♡♡♡


•  their first year together miroku thought it would be a good idea to throw sango a birthday party

• he was wrong

• he sent sango on a bday day trip while hi"im and inuyasha set up the party

• when sango & kags came back and everyone screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANGO” miroku ended up with a black eye (by accident)

• when miroku’s birthday came up a few months later sango booked a mini yacht. he was so intoxicated he fell off the boat.

• another year after a day of doing sango’s favourite things with kohaku; miroku made a homemade dinner and they later watched her favourite movie. she cried from pure joy and it was her favourite birthday in years.

• sango gave miroku the go ahead to go to a strip club with some guy friends. when she went to pick him up his drunk ass kept saying “im inlove with a girl MUCH more beautiful than you” as he sing-songed “my sango” for the rest of the night and made her sleep on the couch. she wasn’t sure if she should be flattered or offended.

• during her birthday party miroku took sango to the side and was holding a box the first thing she said was “i swear to god if it’s a dick in a box again”
          • it was baby kitten they named kilala

• overall miroku loves birthdays and sango couldnt rlly care less about them but she goes along with it because her birthday makes him s o excited which is the best present she could ask for

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Dang it Pia hi anon that asked about wikia. I sent that before I'd finished GT and now I'm ch 9 of COFT and only now has it really truly hit me how much work it would be. Like you bring so many different kinds of mythologies in! And the little backstories that you drop are incredible. Don't get me wrong, I'm still *very* determined to see this wikia through and I'll update you when I have something sizeable to show, but man this is going to be a challenge. I really love mythology though1/2

and I’m Filipino and I’ve never even heard of tigbalan or the aswang before this and it’s so interesting! I’ve read mostly Greek myth and a few myths/fables here and there from other cultures and I never knew where to start with others so reading your series has actually been like, a really educational experience for me? And that’s actually why I want to do this wikia. It’s like my note taking guide you know? And also, your vocabulary! I’m really learning so much. I love it. Thank you.             


Hallo! :D

Okay firstly, like, the Philippines has amazing folklore and it’s so crappy that a lot of folks don’t know that because of the Eurocentrism of folklore in general (even my work is really Eurocentric, but I try and step away from just ‘oh wait another pixie’ every now and then - finding the line between ‘can I use this in a fictional story and be respectful’ and ‘but I don’t want to only write about the world’s Eurocentric fae’ is tricky, and I’m sure I don’t always get it right, but I like to try). So I’m gonna hook you up with some links because omg, man, the most amazing creatures and beings exist in Filipino folklore, which is often a mix of Malay, Christian and Indigenous narratives, depending on where you’re looking.

So here’s a gateway page on mythological creatures (the kinara I love reading about but I’ve never written about them), and here’s another on overall mythology and cosmology, including information about deities. I kind of wish they taught this stuff in schools. Like, I live in Australia, and I would have really enjoyed learning more about local Indigenous lore (that which is sanctioned as being okay for outsiders to learn about, because there’s a lot that’s not, which is completely understandable). Instead, y’know, we get taught way more about Greek myths - or Celtic ‘faeries.’ And that’s all well and good, but the world is a far richer place.

The wikia would be intense, but I’m sure other people would also help and contribute? Hell, depending on where I’m at with writing, even I might, lol.

And there are so many different types of mythology, folklore, cosmology etc. It’s humbling and amazing. I’m so so glad you enjoy that side of things too, omg. So glad. <3 I hope you’re doing well!

Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but...

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and, quite honestly, breaking my damn heart and need to share the pain! You see, I’ve always been drawn to this certain scene from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Specifically, that little device the prisoner is using and what it’s purpose seems to be. It’s purpose seems to be to project the users memories or mental images that the user wishes to see and in this prisoner’s case, her family that she was separated from or was killed by Ronan/Thanos. We can also assume that this device seems to be pretty common within the galaxy. Since the guards would allow a prisoner to have it in such a high security prison like the Kyln, we can also guess its pretty harmless. What I’m getting at is that what if Peter or Kraglin end up getting one of these doodads in order to help them grieve after the events of Vol. 2 . Peter would use it to remember all the good times he had with Yondu (i.e. when Yondu taught him to fly or shoot). Then there’s also Kraglin. Oh boy. He would not only remember all the good times he had with his captain (like when he was first recruited into Yondu’s crew, the times at the bar, etc.), but I can also see him using it to remember all his Ravager friends that were killed during the mutiny, who he had to watch die quite horribly and he was powerless to do anything or he would’ve been killed himself.

Then there are the times early on where the grief seems to be hitting both Peter and Kraglin pretty hard. Which leads to the two going into a secluded room with this machine and they begin to relive shared memories they may have of Yondu together and even talk to each other of a certain memory they really cherish. Crying, laughing, and just having general fondness for each others memories of their beloved Captain Yondu Udonta. 

Dr Who: The Tag Game

Tagged by: @spacegranted​ (ohh thank you! i haven’t done one of these in ages!)

Doctor you started with: Nine. Spent the first episodes of season 1 thinking the show was pretty bad. Then I saw ‘Dalek’ and was hooked.

Favourite Doctor: Three and Eight

Favourite Companion: Yeah, I can’t think of anyone better than Jo

Favourite Episode: Ack, so many! Um. The Natural History of Fear

DW OTP: Doctor x Master
Also Eight x Fitz

Favourite line/quote: ‘Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.’
Also, the daisiest daisy

Favourite Character that isn’t the Doctor or a companion: me!
Also the TARDIS

BrOTP: Doctor and TARDIS

Favourite DW fic (if you have one): It’s a really tough call, but ‘come to me with remedies’ is one I keep going back to (mentally ill Eight in the Obverse, how can I not?)

Favourite DW fanart/blog (if you have one): @actionfiguresfanart​ for telling such compelling stories through photos

If you could pick anyone to be the next Doctor, who would it be? (Why, if you feel like explaining): (i don’t have anything to say for this one)

If you could pick anyone to be the next companion who would it be? (Why?): why does Bill have to leave?!?! :(

Favourite fan theory: I love this little headcanon of mine

After Three got Bessie, they wanted to drive everywhere. It was ridiculous.

Dr: Let’s go, Brigadier. Hop in.
Brig: The meeting is one block away. Let’s just walk, shall we?

Dr: Good thing I got Bessie cleaned up this morning!
Benton: Doctor, we’re going two buildings over. Do you really need to drive?

Dr: Let’s go ::taking out the car keys:: Come on, Liz!
Liz: Don’t be ridiculous, we’re not even leaving the building.

Other fandoms: Babylon 5, Poirot, Broadchurch (though I’m behind…), Star Trek (and shows that I don’t think have fandoms like Cheers and Psych)

Tagging: oh geez, do I know anyone? if you guys haven’t done it and want to:  @natalunasans​, @naughtylupine​, @billspotts​, @crazytarawitch​ (hi. i haven’t talked to you in ages, but you still like dw, right?)

ok but if i wasn’t convinced before (spoiler i was) i’m 6000% convinced aaron is still taking drugs now because????? money arguments and a “”“”“devastating discovery”“”“”“ all add up to aaron still being on drugs 2 me

and also they dropped the splice storyline far too quickly 🤔🤔🤔

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1. What makes you the most emotional about your muse? 18. What aspect of your muse’s personality is most important to you? What aspect of your muse’s personality do you think is most important to them? Is it the same? Why or why not?

Musing about the muses

1. What makes you the most emotional about your muse?


Seriously, I’m not exactly much for crying buT THIS GUY. THIS FUCKING GUY. Has made me either tear up or actually fucking bawl on multiple occasions. Most recently, this message for Crummy made me actually cry while I was writing it. This boy is too damn sappy for his own good.

And there’s a few interactions Orion has had that have made me kinda wibbly. Sad man is sad and makes me feel bad for him.))

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now i know i’m going to be a uni student for another year i feel weirdly motivated to actually finish the uni au and I’ve restructured it a bit so it’s going to be like six chapters that are 15k (ish) each and once big bang is done and dusted i’m finally going to finish it 💃🏻💃🏻

listen i love bmc and all the ships, but can we talk abt friendships for a sec???

michael and rich going to 711 at 2 am together after neither of them can sleep. christine introducing chloe to some nerdy tv show and then them binge watching it for an entire weekend together. brooke and jeremy playing lazer tag against jake and jenna and losing by so much, jesus christ. jake and christine?? amazing friends, they watch star trek together. michael braiding brooke’s hair and listening as she complains about her parents. jeremy teaching jake about video games and talking about how much better michael is at them. jenna and christine gossiping together until far too late o’clock. them all going to pride together bc no one is straight aka the Purest Concept.

reminder that it is canon that sherlock was using a rum bottle for an experiment and went through the thought process of ‘oh no, if john somehow came into contact with/ingested this it would hurt him :( and since I can’t even stand the thought of that or the idea of something bad happening to John, specifically on my account, and since there is even the SLIGHTEST possibility that john might see this and for some reason - by accident or otherwise - come into contact with/ingest this in any way shape or form, I must put a LARGE sticky note taped to the glass just to make sure he doesn’t. just to be safe. better safe john then sorry.’

god though… chyler so openly talking about kissing girls irl like it just makes me so happy? she’s so fine with saying it, and saying it didn’t just happen once. and it isn’t a joke or something to just get a laugh, it’s actually something that happened in her life and she’s totally chill actually talking about it and doesn’t make it weird or make it some “sensationalist” kinda thing even if it only happened a few times and it didn’t change her life

and her saying the word lesbian, too. constantly calling alex a lesbian, not just gay. that makes me so happy to hear because she’s so ready to just say it. and most people don’t? they shy away from it like it’s a dirty word because society has programmed us all to feel that way. but it’s a beautiful word and a beautiful thing to be and her saying it so much and as often as she does makes me happy

anyway, chyler leigh makes me happy no matter what she does because she never does anything wrong or bad and is so supportive and amazing and beautiful… god i love her

i just love how there was such a stark contrast between jake telling amy he still has feelings for her (”i know you’re with teddy and nothing is going to happen, i just wanted you to know”) vs teddy telling amy he still has feelings for her (”why are you with him” “will you marry me”)