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A concise list of things I ship (in no particular order)

1. Stormpilot

2. Kylux

3. Finnrey

5. Han Solo x crippling debt

6. Luke and Wedge

7. bodhi rook and happiness

8. chirrut and baze

9. jar jar binks and getting away from me

10. rey and moana (listen it just works for me ok)

11. general hux and skin tight body suits

12. poe dameron and The Lip Bite™

13. r2 and 3po

14. Finn + my own shameless self insert

15. kylo ren and a box of four ply tissues

Shout out to people who followed me for my YouTuber art and put up with my endless reblogs with nothing to do with the YouTube community.

Y'all are the real followers that matter to me.

Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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hey mum, thanks so much for the all-nighter fic, i really appreciate it (also nb!alex makes me so fricking happy) also now the little motivational voice in my head is a combination of you/maggie/alex (especially alex because biochem is exciting in lectures but dreary when it's just drawing molecules) and anyway brain ramble over hope you're having a good day!!

Yessssss you got this!!! You are amazing and I believe in you hardcore!!! :D <3 <3 <3

If you’re a fan of Moulin Rouge or Great Gatsby, watch The Get Down because it was created by Baz Luhrmann, who also co-wrote and directed both films. 

If you like musicals, watch The Get Down. 

If you like 70′s aesthetics, New York City, hip hop, or disco, watch The Get Down. 

If you claim to want or support actual representation for people of color, watch The Get Down, which has a majority black and latinx cast and has, like, two white people who only show up a couple times. 

If you want LGBT representation, watch The Get Down. If you want to know a little bit about the history of black and latinx drag culture, ballroom culture, and LGBT culture, watch The Get Down. If you want to see interracial relationships, watch The Get Down. 

If you want to see well written, nuanced women who are complex and who actually make mistakes, watch The Get Down. 

If you want a glimpse into the way working-class people struggle with white capitalism, how poverty subjugates people of color, and the struggles young people of color from these communities face, watch The Get Down. 

Watch The Get Down. It hasn’t received a tenth of the amount of attention it deserves, and we know that it’s because it has a majority black and latinx cast. Tumblr can’t handle such things, but seriously I encourage you to watch it. 

can we destroy the idea that people must apologise for poor english because whenever someone says that to me i break apart because no no you’re perfect you’re learning another language different from your native one and thats so much more than so many others, who expect everyone to just know english fluently

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛


Dodie Clark Room Backgrounds


Remember that one legendary Irish Drinking Song