anyways sleepy time for me good night~

The Signs Sleep-Deprived

Aries: "I swear to God if one more person has the nerve to look at me one more time… ONE MORE TIME… shit is about to go DOWN!“

Taurus: "Ah yes, how I love to suffer.”

Gemini: Never sleeps anyways so what’s the point?

Cancer: "Today is a good day to eject myself into the sun!“

Leo: Hisses at people that make eye contact with them.

Virgo: Runs on 2.7382 hours of sleep a night anyways and has developed immunity to sleepiness.

Libra: Doesn’t care when it is, where they are, or who they’re with, they will pass out on the spot and not even the force of God could wake them up.

Scorpio: "Fuck you, fuck this, fuck that, fuck her, fuck him, fuck them, and fuck it! Fuck EVERYTHING!”

Sagittarius: Throws shit and pushes people that manage to get in their “way” and wreaks havoc upon those who cross them.

Capricorn: "I’ll pay you big money if you murder me here, right now. Immediately.“

Aquarius: Sleep is but a Concept™ for the Weak™.

Pisces: They’re really only ever half-awake anyways so what’s the point?