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is it really march 1, 2017???? making justin drew bieber 23?? and making myself be a fan of his lousy ass for 7 fucking years? im shook. in disbelief. happy birthday to the man who causes me so much grief, emotion but shout out because he (barely) knows my existence!!! kudos to you for distracting me from college work and for making me barely functioning in the real world. but honestly i hope this year is filled with so much love and happiness you damn fool. i can’t wish this old ballz enough fullness and genuine bliss an to have a fabulous birthday. im happy to have been a fan for so long, god knows it wasn’t easy!! love ya lots ya old fart. be happy babe, 23rd never looked better xx

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo haley

Jake for anon!

He also has a 4th outfit based on my screenshots which is basically his swimming trunks. I just didn’t bother with recreating it because it is essentially the same as his underwear (pictured above).
His boxers are taken from Cor Male MC with adjustments. 

Also, other LI’s will be done as well soon.


Pronouns/Name Announcement

So a week ago, I asked for suggestions for my name, because it was causing me (a lot) of dysphoria and I was struggling, and I have come to the conclusion for my name: Nathan (Nate as a nickname). I appreciate all the names sent in, but I had to go with my gut, which was Nathan, also I, over the past couple of months, have come to another conclusion. I will be now using he/him pronouns, as well as they/them pronouns. If you wish to unfollow me, because I am no longer a sapphic blog, I understand, but my blog is still a safe space where nb people, gender questioning people, queer people, literally anyone, can come, ask questions, and feel valid, safe and welcome. 



I started this a while ago but never got around to finish it properly.

Also instead of being this cold grumpy Hanzo I rather believe that he would be Supportive of his little brother.
Since it is his little brother after all and it’s fun with dyed hair

((Grönt är skööönt))


Zutara Week | Day 5 | Voyage

Confession: songfics are my weakness.

Tenerife Sea
 by Ed Sheeran was just begging for the Zutara treatment, but I thought a songcomic would be an even better challenge for myself.

I hope everything is legible, but I’ll caption it under a readmore.

Lumière, darling.

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