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Happy (A Boyf Riends One-Shot)

Notes: I spent FOREVER on this. And I know it’s very clunky at parts. But I hope you enjoy this.


Michael always thought that you should be happy with yourself and who you are. Who cared what other people thought? As long as you, yourself, was happy. Why the hell did it matter?

Which he knew that this kind of out-look on life wasn’t shared by his best friend. But Michael understood. It’s easy to see what others think and ignore yourself. That didn’t mean that Michael didn’t try to change that.

So what? They were losers. Weren’t well liked, weren’t popular. To Michael he was just happy to be himself and to have Jeremy. Jeremy was the best person in the world. Michael knew that the day that Jeremy defended him all those years ago.

Michael could always be himself around Jeremy. That he could tell Jeremy anything. Jeremy didn’t care that Michael was living by himself, that he was gay, or that he was Filipino. So in turn, Michael accepted himself.

But when Jeremy fell out of the formula, Michael didn’t expect that the equation would break completely.

Jeremy got what he wanted, his own formula, the squib. Jeremy had gotten what he wanted. And Michael couldn’t lie with the fact that he was glad that Jeremy was happy.

Jeremy was better off without him? So be it. Michael could live with that. Michael could live with being the loser. But as the days went on. He would periodically check his phones for texts. Weeks, he would somehow show up to his house after school before turning back. Months of him just trying to TALK TO-

So, it turns out being the loser wasn’t as great without someone being one with you. Michael always considered himself lucky to have a friend as cool as Jeremy. But it looked like that luck ran out for him.

It always seemed to do that.

Now, Michael doing research wasn’t because he thought Jeremy would come back to him. Well, mostly. He knew Jeremy was changing himself. To be chill. And those moments when Jeremy looked like a single bit like himself, there would be a second of shock. Then Jeremy would be sitting straighter, voice lowering, and barely have his eyes open. Not giving a care about the world around him.

He also began to notice Jeremy not eating as much as he used to. Sure, Michael was barely at lunch or the rest of the day anymore (spending it at 7/11 rather than sitting next to a lab partner who ignored you sounded a lot better). But was it possible for Jeremy to get any skinner than he was?

So it started with just asking once, curiously, cautiously, on a server. But then it grew, the stories, the news articles. It was all there. No more bullshitting. Michael didn’t care anymore about having his best friend back. He just wanted him ALIVE AND-

Well, it never seems to work that way. Sneaking to the party? Easy. But talking to Jeremy again was the hardest thing he had to do. And no preparation could’ve helped him with what happened.

“Get out of my way.”

“Or what?”

“Move out of my way. Loser.”


With a capital L.

A title.

He was no longer Michael, no longer His Favorite Person, no longer Player One.


Michael used to always think you should be happy with yourself. But what was even the point if not even your best friend liked you anymore?

He wished that he burned along with the house.

He wished that the firefighters hadn’t find him.

He wished that Jeremy would’ve came to see if he was even alright.

If Michael died, maybe someone would give a damn.

But Michael didn’t die, but he tried. The burns covered his arms, they didn’t even look natural anymore. It didn’t really matter though, his arms were already ugly enough before.

But he was surprised to see Rich at the hospital the day that Michael was allowed to go home. Rich was a mess. He looked around nervously, his body tensing several times a minute, despite being in a full cast. Michael could see all the pain in his eyes, his face.

Michael then remembered his Mountain Dew Red, the one he had brought with him to the party. For Jeremy. Still in his pocket.

He remembered walking in, Rich looking at him with panic in his eyes. Michael took off the cap.

“Rich, I know it’s hard for you right now. But I NEED you to swallow this.” Michael said. Rich looked at the bottle, and nodded frantically.

Michael slowly poured the soda into Rich’s mouth. He knew he needed more based on how long he had his Squip. Drinking half the bottle, before his head snapping down. Michael almost freaking out when Rich let out a huge yell. He backed away as nurses came to check on him, taking this as his opportunity to leave.

Michael hoped Jeremy wouldn’t end up like that.

Michael didn’t care for the medicine they gave him. Let his arms rot. It’s nothing compared to what he feels already. It didn’t really matter anyway.

It turns out that no one knew that it was him who was left in the house that night. More people were focused on Rich and about him not being drunk when he set the place on fire. Really, Michael didn’t give them a reason to notice. He showed up to school that next Monday morning, big red hoodie covering his new burns. Jeremy didn’t spare him even a look. Michael didn’t know if he was relieved or disappointed.

But somehow despite his ignorance to his medicine, they already healed within two weeks. Well, healed to be scars a color paling to his skin that he knew would be there forever. But as he stared at his horrid limbs, he saw the almost ruined pacman tattoo. He was surprised to even see it intact. But faded, and holes in the yellow face.

Michael knew that Jeremy always wore those long sleeves to cover his half. Who knows, he might’ve gotten it removed by now. Michael wouldn’t be surprised. It was all just pointless now. The tattoo, the video games, their friendship, his silly little-

No. It was all worthless. Worthless to Jeremy. Worthless to him. So worthless… y'know? Michael was tired of looking at it, his arms were damaged enough anyway. While he was at it, needed to burn some stuff too.

But Michael didn’t expect to see Jeremy’s dad. He didn’t know how he knew but he just, he had to get rid of it, rid of all of it. Rid of all the memories, the emotions, the feelings. He had to get rid of-


God, Michael just knew that he loved that boy more he could ever love himself. He had to get up, get his pants on. He knew that maybe Jeremy would never feel the same. But Michael had to support him.

Michael kept one new bottle of Mountain Dew Red with him. Even as he walked into the auditorium, sitting in the front row. Michael wasn’t looking forward to him trying to talk to Jeremy again after the show. But he was excited to see Jeremy in the show. He bet Jeremy would be great. This was pretty good for a school play.

Too good.


Before Michael had time to think about what he was doing, he got out of his seat and ran to one of the doors that led backstage. He couldn’t help but shout to his appearance, was he high? Maybe. But Jeremy’s face and hearing his own name on Jeremy’s lips. Made Michael the happiest he had been in months.

But Michael didn’t expect Jeremy to run after him. He thought he was gonna get one of Jeremy’s special hugs that Michael hadn’t had in so long and-

“Look out!” He heard Jeremy yell. He snapped out of his thoughts as he moved to see that Jeremy was trying to push him.

“Dude! What the hell?” Michael questioned.

“It’s my Squip dude!” Michael didn’t know how happy hearing the word ‘dude’ could make him.

“What do you want me to do?” Michael asked.

“Get me to drink it! Force it!” Jeremy yelled coming closer. His walk, however, was powerful unlike Jeremy. The way Jeremy’s body held himself scared Michael to taking a step back. But Jeremy grabbed his arm. Michael winced, almost dropping the bottle, pain shooting up him as Jeremy’s hand held him in tight grip.

“Michael? What’s wro-” but suddenly Jeremy’s face stopped. It was his face, but Jeremy wasn’t there. This face was confident, sneaky, and not anyone Michael had seen before.

“So, it was you. I had my suspicions, but best friend killing himself over a fight? A little cliche if you ask me.” The voice, it wasn’t Jeremy’s. Michael almost had tears coming out from the pain he was in.

“Y-you bastard.” Michael muttered.

“Imma cut you a deal. If you drop that bottle, I’ll give you what you want. Everything you wish for.” The voice said.

“W-wish?” Michael asked.

“Ah, Michael, Michael. Don’t think I didn’t notice. I may have had Jeremy blocking you, but I could see it. You love him.” Michael didn’t say anything, he needed to focus.

“I can give him to you.” Focus. Pull away, you need to save him-

“Michael.” Suddenly, everything was frozen. It was his voice. In that tone that Jeremy used when he talked about-

“Michael.” His face, so relaxed. So happy to be here. With him. The grip on his arm loosing. Another hand coming up to his face.

“Mikey, I…” That nickname, he hadn’t used it since they were kids! He didn’t know that he missed it so much!-

“I love you.” God. I was like everything Michael hoped for. Wanted. Dreamed.

“Jer…” Michael didn’t notice the many tears streaming down his face.

“Put the bottle down Michael… lets go get stoned in your basement!” He smiled, his grin… it was… off. It wasn’t as big. His eyes, almost too green and not enough blue. His hand on his cheek not having the slightest of shakiness.

This. Wasn’t Jeremy.

And it broke Michael’s heart in more ways than one.

“Mikey…?” It sounded so confused and worried…

Michael brought his hand to Jeremy’s. Held it, trying to memorize the feeling. It warmth. “I’m so sorry Jer-Bear… God, you almost lost me.”


But before anyone knew it, Michael twisted the cap off took Jeremy by the neck and put the bottle to his lips. Michael stared forcefully into Jeremy’s eyes.

“Jeremy! If you can hear me!! Swallow it!!!” He felt Jeremy’s hands take his arm again. Squeezing it tightly as Michael let out a yell of pain.

“Jer!! C'mon!! I know you are in there! Snap out of it!!!!” Jeremy’s eyes for that slight second flickered blue as he heard Jeremy swallow, then going limp.

Taking the bottle from his lips. Both of them collapsing, Jeremy on top of Michael. Then, Jeremy shooting straight up, and like many other students letting off a scream. All Michael do was hold Jeremy close before the ambulance came to get him.

The couple of days that Jeremy was in the hospital, Michael didn’t want to see him. All the guilt. God, he almost let everyone get Squipped because of his silly little crush.

God, he didn’t deserve to live.

But his legs carried him to his room anyway. To see him. He wanted to hold that hand again. But he couldn’t. Jeremy, Squiped or not, had a better life without him. But the one day that Jeremy woke up, Michael couldn’t resist coming over.

“Dude, what happened?” Jeremy asked.

What happened indeed, Michael needed to skip that part. “Oh man, it was genius! They were communicating with each other - they were linked! Which means… when you consider the kind of high frequency sonic disturbance needed to wipe a system that powerful…”

“Michael. My head still hurts.” Oh. Maybe not that much detail.

“Right, ah… turns out we didn’t have to destroy every Squip. Just the one. And the rest… boom boom boom!” Michael said imitating explosions. Hoping to make Jeremy at least smile.

Jeremy didn’t, he looked at Michael with a confused look that made Michael question if he was remembering what happened.

“I don’t get it. After everything I did…” Michael’s hand immediately went to his arm to rub it softly. He could still feel each scar through his sweater. “You were still there for me. Why?”

Because I love you.

“I can’t take all the credit.” Michael forced himself to say. “Your dad can be shockingly persuasive.”

“My dad?”

Michael was glad to see Jeremy’s dad wearing pants. Having a serious discussion with his son until…

“… Who is this Christine person?”

Right. Christine.

The one, Jeremy, he…


“H-hey Jer? M-Mr. Heere? I g-gotta go.”

“What? Where?” Jeremy asked, surprised.

Michael took a deep breath, and gave a smile. “I’ll see you later Jer.” And walked out before anyone could stop him.

Michael was surprised on how easily the school could fix itself. How just a week later, it was like nothing ever happened. Sometimes Michael wished he could do that.

And he could, he had to. This is Jeremy’s first day back. Just be Michael Mell.

“Michael!” He turned to see him, Jeremy wearing his favorite sweater and shirt. It made Michael very happy inside.

“Jeremy! My man, how you feeling?” Michael asked. The way that Jeremy’s face lit up, Michael knew he must’ve been doing something right.

And he was.

They were friends again. And it was like nothing changed. Well, almost. Jeremy still liked to hangout with the cool kids. Which was fine, Jeremy was not on the bottom anymore. Michael was happy about that. But he couldn’t deny that he was much happier with the fact that Jeremy mostly just spent time with him. Like when they decided to play video games almost every day after school.

“And I think Brooke and Chole are thing? I don’t really know.” Jeremy did like to talk about the cool kids. Michael didn’t really mind… but he just didn’t know what to say about it.

“Then… um… go ask if they are dating? Or ask Jake and Rich? I don’t know what to tell you dude.” Michael said.

“I guess you are right. But, I don’t wanna be rude.” Jeremy being nervous was a welcoming sight for Michael. He was glad that he was back to normal.

“C'mon dude, they’re your friends. I’m sure they’ll understand.” Michael said putting a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder in comfort. Jeremy smiled his small smile that made Michael’s heart beat slightly faster.

“Hey, there having this celebration that Rich is finally getting out of the hospital. Wanna come?” Jeremy asked.

Michael pulled his arm back, and turned to pick up a controller. “I don’t know Jer, I not really friends with them.” He shrugged.

“Rich likes you. He… said that you helped him.” Jeremy said.

“Oh…” Michael remembered the memory coming back. “Yeah, it was the least I could do. I had a bottle on me and-”

“Why were you at the hospital?” Jeremy asked, he seemed nervous to ask. As if this was something he was meaning to ask before.

“I… was just…” Michael tried to find some excuse.

“Michael…” Jeremy said.

It was almost like when he said it when-

“Was what the Squip said true?” Michael froze. The controller going ridged in his hands.

“Y-you remember that?” He asked.

“Michael.” No, he couldn’t get distracted, he had to…

“J-jer, I was j-just there. I helped him out. E-end of story.”

“Mikey…” Michael felt himself freeze again.

“D-don’t use t-that name against me J-jer. D-don’t.” Michael said as he put the controller down with shaky hands. He then stood up from the bean bag.

“I’ll g-go get s-some food ok?”

“Michael, no.” Suddenly Jeremy stood up and grabbed his arm. It wasn’t tight, but Michael still let out a hiss mixed of the slight pain and surprise.

“Michael? What happened? What aren’t you telling me?!” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy, it’s not your problem. It’s just my stupid-” but before Michael could say more, Jeremy lifted the sleeve of his hoodie and-

“Oh god.” He only lifted it to his elbow. But you could clearly see the damage.

The scars from the fire and the scars from his pocket knife that he kept now in his room. Jeremy gently held his arm.

“Please tell me that this… is the worse of it.” Jeremy pleaded. God he was so innocent. Taking his left arm, no. That was the one that didn’t have…

Michael’s tears then leaked out. Man, was he that weak? To hurt himself just because his best friend called him a… a…

“You remember… they mentioned someone being in the house… after the…”

“Michael, you didn’t-”

Michael looked to the floor.

“Michael, tell me the Squip was lying! Y-you were locked in there! Y-you weren’t t-trying to…”

Michael swallowed.

“Oh god Michael.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What the hell do you have to sorry for!?” Jeremy looked into Michael’s eyes. Tears spilling out, if only Michael had just-

“God damn it, this is all my fault!” Jeremy said, looking to his arm.

“Jeremy, it was my-”

“Let me see the rest of them.”

Michael held a breath, but knew he couldn’t deny the request.

Michael took his arm away from Jeremy, to zip down his red hoodie to reveal only a black tank top. Taking off his hoodie.

Now Michael couldn’t deny his slightly muscled arms. But that didn’t matter, they were destroyed with the pale scars that now decorated his body. And the darker scars that more towards his wrist. He held them out to his best friend for 12 years. He looked to the ground, nor bearing with the look that Jeremy probably had on his face.

Michael felt Jeremy’s warm hands caress his right arm. He knew that he wouldn’t find what he was looking for. All that was left would be the bits of yellow of what pacman used to be.

He the warmth disappear but could feel Jeremy walk between his arms until Michael could see Jeremy’s shoes only a couple inches from his. He then felt a warm hand on his cheek. He brought his eyes to Jeremy’s face as Jeremy’s other hand grabbed his hand.

Michael still had tears streaming down his cheeks to his neck, but Jeremy didn’t seem to care.

“I’m sorry.” Jeremy whispered.

“It was my mistake Jer, I did this to myself.” Michael said quietly. Bringing his other hand to where Jeremy’s was. Holding it.

“But I called you a-”

“Don’t say it. Please.”


“But, I’m sorry.” Michael said.

“What could you even be sorry for?” Jeremy asked with a hallow chuckle.

“I almost… dropped the soda Jer. I almost caused the freaking apocalypse.” Michael took a deep breath. “Just because he was saying all those things.”


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I-I thought it was so easy-”

“Why would you ever think that?!” Michael gripped Jeremy’s hands slightly. “You calling me that, in the same voice that you use when you talk about…”


“Christine.” Jeremy was silent. “Jeremy I couldn’t handle it, I would’ve done it. Believed him. Saying that I could have you. God… I’m so selfish. You even said that you…”


“You said that you loved me.” Michael whispered. “I could’ve thrown everything away just because you said that. God Jer. I’m so pathetic.” He loosened his hold so he could pull his hand away.

“No! You’re not.” Jeremy said, gripping his hand even tighter. “I almost just let him take over me. Because he made you so happy…”

“No… it was never him. The moment I realize led it was when he smiled. It wasn’t you. And… I just couldn’t live with it.” Michael said, looking into Jeremy’s blue, so blue eyes. “I couldn’t live without you.”

Jeremy didn’t say anything as he stared back at him. But before Michael could say anything else. Jeremy pushes likely to his toes to reach his lips.

Michael was surprised, but closed his eyes to enjoy the sweet moment.

But a moment became more as Jeremy moved his hands to his neck and opened his mouth slightly. Michael bringing his arms around Jeremy’s back, bringing him closer.

It was everything Michael dreamed of and more, he didn’t want to pull away just in case this was some cheap prank. It didn’t matter that his big glasses were pinching to his face, but that Jeremy was sucking on his bottom lip, letting out tiny moans, and playing with Michael’s hair.

But soon enough, Jeremy pulled away. Michael didn’t know how out-of-breath he was until it ended. Almost gasping for air. But it looked like Jeremy felt the same way.

“Michael… Mikey…” Jeremy chuckled. “I thought you hated that nickname.”

“No, it was just that other kids…”

“Hey. I get it.” He smiled, “I can’t live without you either. I’m sorry it took me forever to realize that.”

“Well, it looks like you’ll have forever to make it up to me.” Michael said, slightly pulling Jeremy closer.

“That I do.” And smashed there lips together again.

Michael wasn’t happy with himself, and it would take a long time for him to be. He cared about what people thought. But who cares? As long as Jeremy was there. Why the hell did it matter?

“I liked the building, not you.” PT.5

A/N: i hope yall find this is cute af 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 6,644

The following day I was leaving the studio office when I heard my name being called. The street was noisy so I didn’t register it until the second time but when it did my heart jumped thinking of whos voice it was.

I looked across the street and saw Shawn’s arm on the edge of the open window and sunglasses on, the setting sun was shining directly on him. I stopped dead in my tracks not expecting him at all.

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Something Different || Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader 

Warnings: Underage drinking and like one swear word. 

Summary: Peter decides he wants to attend Liz’s party but gets a little carried away. 

 Word count: 1.3k 

 A/N: So this is my first ever fic I’m posting so I just hope people like it but constructive criticism would also be accepted with open arms. Btw when I was writing this over half of it got deleted just after I had finished so I had to try remember what I could and rewrite. I was stressed to say the least lmao. 

I’m tagging my two loves who persuaded me to post this @tomsh0lland and @tomhhollands :-)

Peter Parker was the schools model student. He was quiet and awkward but he knew every answer to every question ever asked in the classes you shared.

You became good friends with the so called “genius” through academic decathlon. Quickly developing some interesting feelings which you prefered to try and ignore.
But Parker wasn’t exactly the social type. His idea of fun was staying in and building lego models with Ned, which you enjoyed too but sometimes you just wished that he’d actually do something a little more exciting. So when he brought up the idea of going to a party you were surprised to say the least.

You were in his room helping him design a poster for one of his classes when he mentioned it.

“Um so I heard Liz is having this party and I-I was sort of maybe thinking of going.” Peter mumbled avoiding any eye contact.
You laughed not thinking much of his comment but the silence that fell afterward made you rethink his sincerity.
“Oh you weren’t kidding.” You spoke feeling bad for not believing him.
“Yeah I just, I know it’s probably dumb but I thought maybe if I went I would get a chance to talk to Liz about something other than equations and formulas.”
Cue the feeling of your heart sinking at the mention of Peter’s huge crush on Liz Allan, the worlds most perfect girl.
You sat up on Peter’s bed trying to distract yourself from the feelings rushing through your body and focused on his proposal.
“Peter I think this is a great idea! We can finally branch out, maybe meet some new people!” You exclaimed already getting excited.
“Really? You want to do this ? Are you sure because I don’t want to force you into anything” He was already starting to regret his idea.
“Peter did you not here me ? I want to go, it’ll be fun !!” You smiled uncontrollably.

You stood outside Liz’s lavish suburban house along side Ned and Peter, who looked like he was going to be sick.
“Look you guys, I don’t think this is a good idea, I can call May. She can come pick us up, we can go get Thai food instead?” He rambled nervously, probably second guessing every life decision he had ever made.
“No Peter we are doing this, if it’s really bad we can leave but you at least have to walk through the front door.” You persisted, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the loud music and flashing lights.

You guys were standing in the living room chatting amongst yourselves when you noticed Peters eyes widen and his expression soften. You knew exactly what that meant, you turned your head and just as you expected, you saw Liz standing across the room.
Immediately Ned grabbed Peters shoulders and attempted to give him some sort of pep talk “Okay there she is, we all know she’s way out of your league but there’s no harm in trying. You can do this buddy”
Peter shot him a confused look but shook his arms and rolled his neck anyway. “You can do this. You totally got this.” He repeated, trying to hype himself up.
You groaned, sick of their stalling, and pushed him forward “Just go talk to her loser.” As much as you would have prefered him not to, you knew you had to support your friend one way or another.

Peter had made it half way across the room when he froze. You and Ned shared a knowing glance and it didn’t surprise you when Peter turned around and marched back to where you stood. “Nope nope I definitely cannot do this.” He didn’t stop walking and as he passed he grabbed your hand leading you towards the kitchen. “I think I need a drink.” He muttered.
This seemed to be Peters motto for the rest of the night.

A few hours had past, they had been somewhat eventful and Peter was now stumbling and slurring his words. The boy drank whatever he could get his hands on in hopes of it giving him some confidence. But let’s just say he got a little carried away.
By now he had reached the sleepy, needy stage of his drunkenness and lay with his head in your lap as you lazily ran your fingers through his now unruly curls.
“You know Peter, I think you’re too good for Liz.” You mumbled softly.
“Thanks but I know Liz is waaaaay to cool for me plus it’s just a silly high school crush.” He gave you a sweet yet drunken smile.

“Guess what though” He whispered “I liiiike you” He slurred.
“I like you too pete” You chuckled, glancing at your watch. “Actually I think it’s about time we left.”
Peter sat up and grabbed your face, squishing your cheeks. “Nooooo you don’t understand.” He whined “I really really like you, like more than Liz Allan like you. She’s nice and all but you’re just so …. woooow.”
You could feel your heart beat quicken and heat starting to rise to your cheeks. “Peter honey, you’re drunk.” You replied not wanting to get your hopes up.
“Just because I’ve had a little to drink doesn’t mean I can’t be honest sweetheart.” He pouted.
“Okay okay how about we talk about this in the morning when you’ve sobered up?” You suggested pulling him up off the couch
“You’re too good to me.” He grinned throwing his arm around your shoulder.

The morning arrived and you stood outside Peter’s apartment awaiting an answer. When May opened the door she welcomed you in with a warm smile. You had always loved May, she was like the cool aunt you never had.
“He’s in his room and judging by the state he’s in you guys had a good time.” She grinned, sipping her coffee.

You slowly opened the door to Peters room, softly whispering his name to make sure he was awake. A soft grunt came from the figure curled up in bed. You took this as permission to enter.
“How are you feeling?” You gave peter a sympathetic smile.
“Like shit” He stated bluntly. “I can hardly remember anything. How drunk was I?” He questioned, propping himself up on his elbows to look at you.
“Well let’s see …” You sat down onto his desk chair “You did climb on to a table, announce to the whole room that you’re Spider-Man and then attempted to shoot webs, sounds and all, and you were utterly confused as to why it’s wasn’t working” You laughed at the memory.
Peter groaned and buried his head in his pillow.
“But don’t worry no one believed you” You tried reassuring him.

Peter sat at the edge of his bed with his head in his hands.
“Oh and before I forget, there was one other thing.” You stood up and tried to suppress the grin creeping onto your face. “Something about liking me more than you like Liz ?” You raised an eyebrow at Peter. His head shot up and his eyes grew wide.
“I uhhhh” He fumbled not knowing what to say.
“Look it’s fine, I get it. You were super drunk and probably didn’t mean it. We’re chill” You chuckled and sat down next to him.
“But that’s the thing … I defiantly meant it, I just didn’t plan on your finding out like that” He spoke softly, staring at floor beneath his feet as his hand slowly made his way into yours.
You could hear your heart thumping louder than ever before and you let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god because I was afraid I was going to have to ignore these feelings forever” You beamed.

“I like you too Peter Parker” You whispered in his ear before kissing him sweetly, the taste of alcohol still lingering on his lips.

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Connor Murphy x reader, please? Could reader be really shy and blush a lot and wear oversized sweaters? I just really love oversized sweaters and Connor Murphy-

Title: Don’t Fight
Words: 1,177
A/N 1: I feel like my writing is getting worse with every post lmao sorry. IDK WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END. If you see any mistakes let me know!

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Everything You Are - D. S.

A/N: Okay, wow, I had so many different ideas for this one but I deciced to branch out a bit and get out of my comfort zone. I know some of the things that are mentioned can be a touchy subject for some people and I just want to make clear that I in no way, shape or form mean to offend anyone. 
Based on the prompts “Don’t you say that…not you.” and “I’m can’t keep fighting like this”
Requested by @noodleswdw And if you’re going throug something hard, no matter what it may be, I want you to know that you are loved, you are important and you matter.

You heard the door slam shut and your heartbeat instantly increased. Your anxiety kicked in and you wanted nothing more than to hide away. But you knew you couldn’t. You glanced at the clock and furrowed your eyebrows. 4:18 pm. He was home earlier than usual. You tried to take that as a good sign, maybe he didn’t drink that much today. But a feeling in your gut told you that you were in for a surprise.

His loud footsteps echoed through the empty house, making you shiver. The lack of chatter made you let out a relieved breath. He was alone. Suddenly, the house grew silent. You tried to listen for any noise, a sign of him being awake but there was only the silence. The phone vibrating next to you, signalling you were receiving a call, made you jump. The screen showed a picture Daniel. You knew he wouldn’t stop calling if you ignored him so you decided to pick up, not wanting him to worry. Only after taking the call did you realize what a mistake you had made.

You inhaled, trying to calm your nerves. “Hey (Y/N/N)!” The enthusiasm in your best friend’s voice made you let out a giggle “Hi, Dani” Your response came out louder than intended, making you cover your mouth and hope it wasn’t loud enough for him to hear. But no such luck this time. A low grumble was heard, followed by a thud and some curse words. “What was that?” Daniel’s question caught you off guard, you had completely forgotten he was still on the other line. “Uhm…nothing. Someone outside just dropped something.”

You wanted your voice to come out strong but the slight shakiness and hesitation in it were anything but convincing. Daniel must have noticed that and asked you again. Before you could come up with a new lie you heard a loud crash in the corridor. Not a second later your door was thrown open and hit the wall, making a few pictures fall down. “I knew I heard someone up here. Should have known it was you, you little brat!” By this point Daniel was screaming on the other line but you didn’t hear him, too focused on the man glaring at you. He noticed the phone clutched in your hand and snatched it from you. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun today” was the last thing that could be heard before the line went dead.

Daniel instantly jumped to his feet, not wanting to waste any time and hurriedly put on some shoes. The guys asked him where he was going but he ignored them, taking his keys and running straight to his car. The drive to your house would normally take him 20 minutes but he made it there in 10, hitting a few red lights here and there. He pulled up to your driveway and quickly jumped out of the vehicle, not bothering to lock it. He climbed the steps to your front door, taking two at a time, his anticipation growing. He pushed down on the handle, lucky to find it unlocked and threw the door open.

Daniel was instantly greeted with screams coming from upstairs. He ran up the steps and halted, now not only hearing the screaming but also your soft cries. He looked around the corridor, thinking about what his next step should be and searching for any type of weapon. From his position, he could see into your room perfectly and the scene in there made his blood boil. You were curled up on the floor, backed up to the wall with tears streaming down your face while a tall man was standing in front of you. The man screamed at you to look at him and when you finally lifted your head, it took every fiber of his being to stop Daniel from running in there. A freshly looking, red bruise was prominent on your left cheek, standing out against your pale skin. The boy knew he had to be quick. Glancing around the open space he spotted a vase on his right side, not too far from your door.

Carefully walking over there, he took the vase and stood next to the door, far enough so he wouldn’t be seen but still able to peek into the room. Another scream was heard, making you close your eyes. He saw the man getting ready to swing his fist again but before it could collide with your body Daniel stalked into the room and smashed the vase onto the man’s head, knocking him out immediately. His unconscious body fell to the floor with a loud bang.

The sound made you open your eyes again and what you saw in front of you made your heart stop. You looked at the lifeless body, then up at Daniel and put the pieces together. He quickly took your hand in his, pulling you to your feet and ran out of the house, not wanting you anywhere near that man when he woke up. The drive back to his place was silent, no one daring to say a word. He would glace at you every once in a while, but you kept your eyes trained on the window to your right, too ashamed to look at him. When the two of you arrived, he brought you to his room, ignoring the curious stares and questions from the four boys in the living room. You watched as he walked straight into the bathroom. Confused, you stood there for a minute before deciding to see what he was doing. You saw him bent over the bathtub that was being filled with water. “Okay (Y/N/N), you’ll get in there and just, just relax. I’ll go and put some clothes into the dryer to warm them up and when I get back I want you to tell me what happened back there, okay?” You only managed to nod your head and Daniel gave you a kiss on the forehead before walking out of the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts.

You had spent an hour in the tub and when you walked out, you quickly changed into Daniel’s clothes, appreciating the warmth and comfort they brought. You took one last glance in the mirror, your eyes lingering on your cheek a little too long and walked out of the bathroom. Daniel was sitting on the bed, his phone in his hand and a troubled expression gracing his beautiful face. You were mad at yourself for being the reason behind it. He lifted his head when he heard you and waved you over. As soon as you lied down he pulled you into his embrace, knowing you still needed to calm down a little. After a few minutes, he softly whispered “Please talk to me. What happened back there?” You were a little hesitant, you didn’t want to drop all your problems onto him but one look at his face was all it took for you to break down.

“You know how my mother had gotten a new boyfriend about four months ago, right? Well, at first everything was alright. He seemed like the perfect match for her and he treated both of us so good. But suddenly everything just…changed. We found out he had a drinking problem. At first it was only on the weekends. He would go out, come home around midnight completely drunk and just fall asleep. But weekends turned to every other day until it was every day. Two months ago, he lost his job and that’s when everything went downhill” you stopped talking, trying to calm your breathing. Daniel gave you a reassuring nod and took your hand, squeezing it a little. “Mom started working more hours so she could cover all of his expenses. She goes to work after I leave for school and doesn’t come home until late at night. Which means I’m home alone with him for at least 2 hours. 2 hours of complete torture.” You let out a bitter laugh, a few tears rolling down your cheeks.

“He had never been an aggressive drunk, you know. It was as if something clicked in his mind. It started out with throwing plates and breaking stuff but I guess that wasn’t enough to satisfy him. At first, he would only scream at me, call me names, sometimes he would push me. But it got worse. So much worse.” You whispered the last part, not able to talk about all the horrible things that monster had done to you. Daniel pulled you onto his lap and held you tight. “Mom doesn’t know about it. I mean, I know she’s suspicious, she often questions me about the bruises. I just don’t have it in me to tell her the truth. She would blame herself for everything. And then there was you…You’re my best friend and I know I should have talked to you but your life is going great.  You’re chasing your dreams, doing what you love. I didn’t want you having to deal with my problems.” You started crying harder “I can’t keep fighting like this, Dani, I just can’t. Sometimes I would lie awake at night and just think about how easy it would be to leave. I mean, it’s not like someone would miss me anyways…”

Daniel’s heart broke looking at the fragile girl in his arms. He hated himself for not noticing her suffering. He should have known. He was her best friend for god’s sake and yet she still felt like she couldn’t talk to him.

“Hey, hey, (Y/N), look at me. Don’t you say that, not you. You are the strongest person I know. You went through so much, all on your own, yet you’re still here and I’m so proud of you for that. I don’t want you ever feeling like you can’t talk to me. I’m always here for you, no matter where I am or what time it is, okay? You are loved by so many people and every single one of us would miss you. Your family, your mom, the boys…and especially me.” Daniel lifted your head so you would look into his eyes “You are the most amazing girl I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Intelligent, funny, caring, beautiful inside and out. In my eyes, you’re perfect and I’m so in love with everything that you are.”

Daniel’s words made your heart stop. The boy you had been in love with for so long just admitted his feelings for you. He looked at you, his eyes filled with so much love and hope. “Kiss me” you softly whispered and that’s exactly what he did. The second your lips touched his it was as if all your dark thoughts and fears just vanished. You felt safe in his arms, like you belonged there but most importantly, you felt loved. You pulled away but he didn’t let go of you.

“I love you.”

You closed your eyes, finally at peace. “I love you too.”

There were a lot of things that needed to be taken care of but for now you simply let yourself be happy.

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Todomomo/Kamijirou Double Date??

Note: This is a ~8000 word one-shot for Kamijirou and Todomomo, has a tiny mention of Izuocha (because my friend @c-jay321 loves them) as well. I hope you enjoy! The formatting also prob looks way better on comp.

This is entirely comedic and lots of fluff; Also a crap load of Kaminari and Todoroki bonding LOL 

In which Todoroki gets help from Kaminari

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1. Storm

Yes, I didn’t come up with an original title, but it’s whatever. This first fic is for @iwritefanfictionnottragediess !! It’s kinda short and I wrote part at 1am, but there should be other (hopefully better) fics to come!!

Words: 1167 

Read on A03: X

Keith grabs Lance’s hand and pulls him under the cover of a bus stop. Just in time, too. A huge strike of lightning lights up the dreary sky for a moment, and Keith feels Lance shiver against him.

“You okay?” Lance nods stiffly, still pressed up against Keith. He is completely soaked, wet from head to toe. The heavy rain falls from the sky, making loud splattering noises when it hits the roof. He steps away after a minute, sitting down heavily on a nearby bench.

“Take off your jacket.” Lance looks up quickly, red staining his tan cheeks.

“Wha-what?! Why?” Keith rolls his eyes at the stammering boy, reaching up to pull off his own jacket. Lance’s face only turns redder at that.

“Lance, your jacket is soaked and if you don’t take it off soon, you’ll get sick. Hurry up and take it off.” Realization dawning on Lance, he quickly peels away the soggy item.

He sits there shivering, wrapping his arms around himself. Suddenly, something warm is draped over his shoulders. Lance looks up to see Keith looking pointedly away while pulling his red jacket over Lance’s bare arms.

“Here.” Lance flushes, the smirks.

“Thanks… but how is this tiny crop top going to help at all?” Keith frowns, pouting.

“Well, excuse me for trying to help. I can always take it back.” Lance shifts away from Keith, grabbing at the jacket to pull it closer to him.

Keith clears his throat, looking away again. Lance swears he sees a light blush on his cheeks, but dismisses the thought. Keith was probably just cold. Catching Keith’s eye, Lance waves for Keith to join him on the bench. Keith sits, a comfortable distance away from Lance.

It grows quiet again, nothing but the sound of rain coming down around them. Keith is about to try and break the slightly uncomfortable silence, when Lance starts to speak.

“You know, I used to like the rain.” After a moment, Keith hums, and Lance continues. “I used to play in it, when I was little, until I got the flu one time. Mama scolded me but I still think it was worth it.”

Keith pictures this, a younger Lance running about in the rain, splashing through the mud. The thought of it brings a smile to his face. But somehow the melancholy undertone of Lance’s voice makes him sober up.

“And? What do you think of it now?” Lance hums, looking through the window of the shelter contemplatively. He shrugs a bit, still not turning back towards Keith.

“I’m not entirely sure. There are things I like about it, and things I don’t. It’s sad but beautiful, hindering but also helpful.” Keith cocks an eyebrow, the strange metaphor going over his head.

“What… exactly do you mean?” It’s not mean or condescending, the way he says it, instead it’s rather kind, and open. Willing to listen.

“It’s beautiful, anyone can see, but the dull grey of the clouds make it seem so sad. I guess, I relate in a way sometimes. It stops us from getting where we needed to be, but at the same time opens up wonderful opportunities.

Keith hadn’t expected Lance to be so deep and philosophical, yet he now finds it admirable, and he loves the concentrated look played out on his face.

"What kinds of opportunities have come from this?” Keith is teasing slightly, but he is also genuinely curious to see what Lance means. Lance, seeming to snap out of some sort of daze, flushes red and starts to stammer.

“D-did I say that out loud? Hah, I mean- I meant- I didn’t get much sleep last night I-I’ve got to go.” Lance moves to sit up, but a strong hand gripping his arm keeps him in place.

“Wait. Tell me what you meant, I want to know.” Lance visibly gulps, Adams apple bobbing in his throat. He strains against Kith’s grip again, but neither of them budge.

“No, I can assure you that you very much do not want to know, and that this is a bad idea. Let me go, please.” Keith’s frown deepens, his eyebrows scrunching up in discontent.

“No. Where would you go anyways? It’s pouring buckets out there, you’d be drenched.” Lance gives an exasperated sigh, dropping back down next to Keith. Keith grins a little bit at his win.

Please tell me.” Lance swallows thickly, wiping the hand of his free arm on his jeans.

“I- you can let me go, you know. I won’t run.” Keith gives him a skeptical look, but drops his arm anyways. Lance still doesn’t look at him.

“What I meant,” Lance begins slowly, “is that we get the opportunity to be alone. Together.” He’s blushing, a dark red covering his face.

“Wha- I don’t understand?” Keith isn’t joking, he really doesn’t understand what Lance is trying to say. He has an idea, and inkling, but he doesn’t want it to just be blind hope. Lance doesn’t elaborate further, leaving Keith’s question unanswered. Being the hothead he is, Keith won’t stand for it.

Keith grabs Lance by the shoulders, not too roughly, and spins him around so they’re face to face.

“Tell me what it means.” He hadn’t meant for his voice to be so weak, but that’s how it came out. “Please.”

Lance squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, then takes a breath. Reopening his eyes, he stares directly at Keith.

“It gives us the opportunity to be alone together so i can confess to you.” Lance smiles, a bittersweet smile with lips pressed together tight, and sighs. It sounds as if a ton of bricks have been lifted off his shoulders.

“Say it.” Lance’s gaze snaps back to Keith. Keith, who has a desperate look in his eyes. Lance blinks slowly, then opens his mouth.

“I like, no, I love you. I really, really love you.” A tear slips down his face, and Keith quickly brushes it away.

In a flash, his lips are on Lance’s and everything else goes numb. He barely registers the sound of rain falling, or the cars rushing past on the street, falling into a breathless rhythm with Lance’s lips. Lance had frozen initially, but now was kissing back with more vigor than ever. His hands come up to cradle Keith head, Keith’s hands finding Lance’s waist. Soft sounds escape their mouths, until they pull away gasping.

“I love you too, you massive idiot.”

Lance’s smile breaks into a grin, so wide it almost split his cheeks in half. Keith couldn’t help smiling along, lost in Lance’s happiness, happiness that he shares.

Keith quickly pulls Lance in for another kiss, humming happily. Nothing could be more of a perfect end to a stormy day.

When the rain does let up a bit, the two boys run as fast as they can back to Keith’s apartment. There they fall asleep, listening to the sounds of each other breathing in sync with the pounding rain.

On my knees and in your arms (Biadore) - nellie

A/N: Okay so here’s what happened. This idea is what inspired me to start writing in this fandom in the first place, but then the thought of writing something non-AU was too daunting so I started writing about lesbians instead. But this wouldn’t leave me alone and so here we are and instead of chapter two of Older I wrote this.

I don’t know where Bianca was when Adore left All Stars, but her being at home isn’t exactly the most unrealistic part of this whole premise so let’s just go with it.

Warnings: There’s a lot of swearing. It’s not super explicit, but there is some mature content so if gay sex isn’t your thing… well, actually, why are you even here?

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57 - Justin x Alex 🌸

57: “Is that my shirt?”

Alex sighed as he pulled off his coat, throwing it over the nearby wall hook before he made his way for the kitchen. He wasn’t overly hungry, he’d eaten with his family before he went out, but he knew if he didn’t snack again he’d wake up early absolutely starving.

It had been a long night at work, and Alex barely chewed his food, wanting nothing more than to climb up stairs into his bed and sleep. Since he hadn’t had any visitors he figured Justin must’ve been sleeping. His parents both had night shift and his brother was at college, so the two of them had the house to themselves, not an uncommon occurrence.

He tried to be quiet on the rickety stairs as he made his way to his room, and he tried even harder to have the door close gently behind him. Justin was snuggled up on the right side of his bed. Alex wasn’t sure when they started sharing together, nor was he sure when that turned into cuddles, but he’d grown to need Justin, so he didn’t ask questions.

Alex quietly changed into his pyjamas before he crawled up beside the wall, cozying up under the covers. Justin stirred a little bit, and while it wasn’t Alex’s original intention to wake him, he couldn’t help but call out to the boy.

“Is that my shirt?” Alex wondered,

“Yeah,” Justin whispered back, “its cold, and I don’t have anything warm, I just-”

“I’m not mad,” Alex assured him, “you look hot in it anyway.”

Justin rolled over and pulled Alex into his arms, burying his head in the side of Alex’s neck. Alex held him there, listening to his breathing while the boy feel asleep. Something he’d learnt about Justin was that he was at his most honest when he was barely conscious.



“Your shirts smell nice,”

Alex smiled, “thanks,”

“It’s okay. I just thought you should know. You know, because I’m a little bit in love with you and all,”

Alex chuckled, “I’m a little in love with you too, but sleep, we can talk about that some other time.”