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How is being blunt a bad thing?

Being blunt is a thing that can be a good or bad thing, I myself am a very blunt and brutally honest person, but I’m not rude, I know when to hold my tongue, I tell the truth when it hurts but I don’t say it with harshness and meanness. I think before I speak and I understand my truthfulness will hurt people, so I choose when to say it, and when I say it anyways, It’s because I know people deserve the truth, but I also know that sometimes the truth needs not to be told.

Being blunt can be a good thing when it is used in balance for the right reasons, too often its not though, and that’s where my beef comes in. A lot of people who are “blunt” or brutally honest” aren’t saying those things to help people or advance the conversation, they’resaying it to be an asshole, that’s why being blunt can sometimes be a bad thing.

Winter in the Sun

i really hope you like this fic @iavenjqasdf because i really stressed over this. i really wanted it to be good. im sorry its pretty short but i didnt really want to risk watering it down too much, i’d rather it was short and decent than long and not good at all.

anyway, its just a cheeky little sophelia fic based off of Winter in the Sun by Hypnolove, i hope you enjoy!!

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