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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

@marleyrose - prompt: “hey i got your package and opened it on accident and wow why did you order that??”

Moving in together was something that Alex had taken with stride. They moved into Alex’s apartment because it was nicer - then they moved into another apartment because it was bigger. 

And now they share a room, and bed, and a have a door that actually separates said bed form everything. And it’s all very domestic, and soft. And if Maggie and Alex weren’t so happy about it, they’d probably tease each other more on it.

But they had been dating a while now. 1 year, 6 months and 23 days to be exact. Not that she’s counting or anything. 

But she might have been. She might have been waiting since 9 months, 7 days, and 38 minutes into their relationship to find the perfect time to ask Maggie to marry her.

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Question Tag

Soooooo I was tagged by the lovely @je0n thankyouuuuuuu ann ilysm ❤️😘

how tall are you? 165cm heh

what color and style is your hair? dark brown and straight but kinda messy no matter how much i comb XD

what color are your eyes? dark brown

do you wear glasses or contacts? yasss cute ass glasses

what’s your fashion style? crop tops/ sweaters with jeans/shorts with black converse almost every time HAHAHAHAHAHA I like fashion but I don’t dress too complex

when were you born? january 27, 2004

how old are you? 13 eh

do you have siblings? yep

what school do you go to? even if i say the name u wouldn’t know anyway HAHAHA so yea an international school :D

what kind of student are you? what sort of question is this oml I guess I’m okay at academics? (stressing the “okay”) kinda sporty kinda lazy

what are your favorite subjects? stella just asked me this HAHAHAHHAHA ITS A GOOD QUESTION THOUGH I just realised I don’t have a fave subject but Science????

what are your favorite shows? hmm I’m not too sure cuz I watch movies more than tv shows but weightlifting fairy i guess? any kdramas

what are your favorite movies? THERE WE GO but this is a hard question wow hahahaha I’ll list my recent faves: Power Rangers, Fast & Furious 8 and also Guardians of the Galaxy

what are your favorite books? Definitely the Red Queen series I’ll never get enough of it

what are your favorite pastimes? eat, nap, tumblr…..

do you have any regrets? YES? SO MANY

what is your dream job? another good question that idk the answer to (hey don’t blame me I’m a kid who has no ambitions) but maybe a travel guide or smtg idk HAHAHAHA

would you like to get married? I’m not sure my brain and heart is pretty bipolar HAHAHA

do you want kids? how many? yea maybe 3 i guess

do you like shopping? depends on my mood actually i shop mostly for clothes and shoes tho

how many countries have you visited? 9 if I didn’t miscount ahahaha 

what was your scariest dream? I get scary dreams all the time but i don’t remember them lmao hahaha

do you have enemies? you mean my whole school?

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nah

put your phone on shuffle. post the first 15 songs:

i had to drag my lazy ass up the stairs to grab my iPad for this

  1. i need u - bts
  2. missing - teen top
  3. i walk the line - halsey
  4. begin - jungkook
  5. not today - bts
  6. lost - bts
  7. blood sweat & tears - bts
  8. save me - bts
  9. love is - teen top
  10. a dream in a dream - ten
  11. warning sign - teen top
  12. pick me - pd 101 season 2
  13. ah-ah - teen top
  14. good life - g-eazy & kehlani
  15. easy love - sf9

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Imagine Bucky always doing what avengers want because he wants to make them happy until Sam realises and tries to help him?

It’s like living with a ghost - a very obliging, unobtrusive ghost with no particular hobbies and one hell of a work ethic.

When he and Steve first caught up with Barnes, Sam was expecting there to be more…well, drama. You don’t just invite a traumatised assassin with a seven-decade bodycount to move in with you the instant he’s cleared for release by SHIELD’s psych team and expect it to go smoothly. But for Steve - and for Barnes, who is turning out to be astonishingly likable when he’s unarmed - Sam was ready to weather the storm as their newest roommate settled into his post-Hydra life.

So far, the worst thing he has weathered is Barnes’ total disinterest in the coffee machine, which he ignores in favour of boiling heaped grounds in a pot on the stove - a failing offset by the fact that he’s making coffee in the first place, so that every morning Sam wakes to to the scent of a hot, strong brew wafting under his bedroom door. Other things Sam has weathered include a living space maintained in perfect military order, a collaborative overhaul of Stark Tower security to preclude even the slightest chance of unauthorised access, and a beautifully unfussy audience for his various new recipe trials. Barnes also has an uncanny knack for staying out of the way: he’s never using the shower when you want it or hogging the TV when your favourite program’s on or stealing that last brownie you’ve been saving in the back of the fridge. He’s a bit spooky sometimes, but he’s never an inconvenience.

He makes it so, so easy not to notice. Not even to think about it. And when the penny finally drops Sam is kicking himself, because of course this is an issue. An issue that he’s gonna need to deal with.

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i feel like this antiquity being placed on a pedestal is much like europe being placed on a pedestal for you, sorry to go back to that anon from earlier. that isn't even me. i just wanted to open up a conversation about this, even though I'm a little embarrassed to show my face. i'm super glad you were a good sport and open to a dialogue. you've got a great head on your shoulders. now to listen to a damn kesha song. lady gaga, beyonce ... charlie puth or something

Nah I totally get it! I don’t post about it here but I’m fascinated by Polynesian culture. I haven’t looked too much into it but I really want to because it seems so interesting. I’ve always wanted to visit and see their cultures first hand but I haven’t yet had a chance. Europe is just a bit more accessible, I think, and also I have a direct connection to it through my family.

Also I don’t know, it’s not me *trying* to be lofty or anything but I just don’t like contemporary music? I like swing … and jazz … and this one Italian song called “Senza un perché” … but mostly I listen to classical because it fits my ears, I guess :)

What if...

…you lived in an apartment. On your left was Mark. On your right Jack. How awesome? Right?! Imagine all the run and frolics you will have.

NOPE! Instead they think its fucking hilarious to have conversations through 2 sets of walls. Thats right. Your apartment is the preverbal sting between their apartments (you know like with the 2 cups and a sting and you could hear..what..the other…person…erm…anyway) Not fun. They didnt even use microphones for collabs anymore. They just screamed at each other.

They did make you good cookies though at Christmas time.