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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Woozi: Solo Artist AU

Genre: Fluffity fluff fluff

On a dinner date out with your friends, you take notice of the live music that was being performed and the artist that is performing it.

  • you didn’t want to go out to dinner with your friends
  • why?
  • you had just started working a new job and wanted to save up your money
  • that and you weren’t very good at interacting with other people on outings
  • even if it’s a group of your closest friends 
  • you tried to convince your friends that you were unable to go
  • “COUGH COUGH CoUgh I think i’m terribly sick I can’t go out tonight”
  • “you’re literally saying the word cough out loud, y/n”
  • but of course, in the end
  • your friends forced you to go
  • and you only accepted because you really had nothing better to do
  • and because they promised you that there was really good food there

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Imagine Bucky always doing what avengers want because he wants to make them happy until Sam realises and tries to help him?

It’s like living with a ghost - a very obliging, unobtrusive ghost with no particular hobbies and one hell of a work ethic.

When he and Steve first caught up with Barnes, Sam was expecting there to be more…well, drama. You don’t just invite a traumatised assassin with a seven-decade bodycount to move in with you the instant he’s cleared for release by SHIELD’s psych team and expect it to go smoothly. But for Steve - and for Barnes, who is turning out to be astonishingly likable when he’s unarmed - Sam was ready to weather the storm as their newest roommate settled into his post-Hydra life.

So far, the worst thing he has weathered is Barnes’ total disinterest in the coffee machine, which he ignores in favour of boiling heaped grounds in a pot on the stove - a failing offset by the fact that he’s making coffee in the first place, so that every morning Sam wakes to to the scent of a hot, strong brew wafting under his bedroom door. Other things Sam has weathered include a living space maintained in perfect military order, a collaborative overhaul of Stark Tower security to preclude even the slightest chance of unauthorised access, and a beautifully unfussy audience for his various new recipe trials. Barnes also has an uncanny knack for staying out of the way: he’s never using the shower when you want it or hogging the TV when your favourite program’s on or stealing that last brownie you’ve been saving in the back of the fridge. He’s a bit spooky sometimes, but he’s never an inconvenience.

He makes it so, so easy not to notice. Not even to think about it. And when the penny finally drops Sam is kicking himself, because of course this is an issue. An issue that he’s gonna need to deal with.

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Transcript: Joey and Xefros' sixth conversation
  • Xefros: hello?
  • Xefros: hey, joey? its joey right?
  • Joey: yeah, that's right! and you're xerox.
  • Xefros: actually no im Xefros
  • Joey: oh. oops.
  • Joey: are you ok? what's going on? i thought we weren't supposed to talk?
  • Xefros: yeah...something weird happened, though. i think its safe now.
  • Joey: what do you mean?
  • Xefros: real quick
  • Xefros: do you have a green and white symbol on your chat window now?
  • Joey: oh, hey, yeah. that wasn't there before.
  • Xefros: ok i think were safe then
  • Xefros: to chat anyway
  • Joey: ok good!
  • Joey: i still don't quite get what the danger is, but...
  • Joey: i guess i'm going to need to trust you if i have any hope of getting out of here.
  • Xefros: well um
  • Xefros: some bad news on that front X:(
  • Xefros: a missile hit my hive and im buried under the debris in my lawn ring
  • Joey: buried?!
  • Joey: are you ok?
  • Xefros: ya...i think so
  • Xefros: i cant really move and my body hurts a lot and im kinda worried one of these drones is going to swoop down and finish me off
  • Joey: that's not ok at all.
  • Joey: you need help way more than i do right now!
  • Xefros: i dont want to be a bother...
  • Xefros: but i was about to say something to those effeX
  • Xefros: or i mean
  • Xefros: i was gonna say im sorry i cant help you anymore and were both stuck waiting to find out if the flames or the drones will reach us first X:\
  • Joey: nuts to that!
  • Xefros: X:o
  • Joey: i'm gonna save you!
  • Xefros: arent you stuck??
  • Joey: i was! but that missile knocked some boxes over that i don't think i could have moved on my own, so, in a weird way, it kind of helped.
  • Xefros: boXes?
  • Joey: yeah, they were blocking a vent shaft. i'm gonna climb up there and see where it leads!
  • Xefros: wow youre...
  • Xefros: kind of like a real-life action hero? wow!
  • Joey: oh shucks! i want to help you the way you were gonna help me.
  • Joey: and you were putting yourself at a lot more risk than i realized!
  • Xefros: i repeat: X:o
  • Joey: i've been meaning to ask, what the heck does that mean?
  • Xefros: oh you can use letters and numbers to make a little face.
  • Xefros: tetrarch dammek told me he likes it when i smile X:)
  • Joey: we have those where i'm from, but i don't know what the X means.
  • Xefros: oh those are my horns
  • Joey: your horns?
  • Xefros: ya?
  • Joey: like the guy on this screensaver?
  • Xefros: i...think so?
  • Xefros: thats probably not me though
  • Joey: but those are REAL?
  • Xefros: you not have horns?
  • Xefros: i thought they were out of frame
  • Joey: no! i don't have horns, jeez.
  • Joey: what a question.
  • Xefros: thats so weird!
  • Xefros: and cool!
  • Xefros: you really are an alien!
  • Xefros: i never thought id meet one!!!
  • Joey: well, today's your lucky day!
  • Joey: or, i mean. it really seems to not be that, but you understand what i'm going for here.
  • Xefros: i think so ya X:)
  • Joey: i'll be there as quick as i can, so, apply pressure to the wounds and try not to move too much.
  • Xefros: its ok
  • Xefros: the weight of the rubble crushing my body is pressing down on my wounds AND preventing me from moving at all X:D
  • Joey: man. xerox.
  • Joey: buddy.
  • Joey: we've really gotta work on your concept of what's "ok!"

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Can we have a scenario for one of your viole headcanons: the one where s/o is bandaging his injuries, while she tries to start conversation.

I try to keep reader perspectives gender neutral in these! (though the way I write them, I guess it doesn’t come up that much… ) Anyway, I feel like my style changed a bit between now and then, so I hope it’s still enjoyable!

Bandaging Jyu Viole Grace In The Bathroom With Your First Aid Kit

“Don’t… I don’t feel like talking. You don’t have to do anything.”

Honestly, it probably took a long time for you to get to this point together already; running into each other when he was clearly trying to avoid you, only to find him sporting bruises and scrapes and sometimes signs of something worse.

Coming home to find him on your doorstep, looking battered and heartbreakingly alone, would never be something you could get used to; getting him to allow you to patch him up in your bathroom would also never be something easy for either of you. He seemed to just want company, but he didn’t want to talk about anything – not what had happened, not the weather, not anything you could think of.

He just sat there, letting you move him about like a doll while you applied antiseptic to his scrapes and balm to his bruises, and then when it was all done he leaned against you, heavily, and wouldn’t let go. He still refused to talk about anything, or let you even move out of the bathroom, and so the two of you stayed there for a long time, until he was finally able to bring himself to ask a question.

“What’s your favorite color… ?”

Why is there so much hate for straights in the gay community? I have had a few people go off on me for no reason at all. Once a girl got pissed at me because I said “aaaaand?” when she said she was a lesbian. Shouldn’t you be happy I don’t care about you sexual orientation and want you to introduce yourself with something else? Another time I joined in on a joke with a lgbtq+ group and someone mumbled “Ew no straights allowed.” At first I thought that was how they joked so I played along and laughed, but then they started to slowly excluded me from the conversation. I’m not saying its everyone (my friends have shown me lots of accepting people) but jeez if I haven’t came for your throat why come after mine? I still have mad love for everyone though even the ones who don’t like me

I still feel like somehow this post will go wrong but hey everything usually goes wrong anyways

What if...

…you lived in an apartment. On your left was Mark. On your right Jack. How awesome? Right?! Imagine all the run and frolics you will have.

NOPE! Instead they think its fucking hilarious to have conversations through 2 sets of walls. Thats right. Your apartment is the preverbal sting between their apartments (you know like with the 2 cups and a sting and you could hear..what..the other…person…erm…anyway) Not fun. They didnt even use microphones for collabs anymore. They just screamed at each other.

They did make you good cookies though at Christmas time.