anyways im sorry if i forgot anyone

hello!! it’s megan aka mygjhs aka cinnamonsuga. i promised to do a mutual appreciation post when i hit 4k but i’m almost at 5k now and….wow. i honestly cannot believe so many people follow me. thank you from the bottom of my heart! even if i’m not following you, i appreciate you being here with me and screaming about our boys together. 

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hello pals, here’s a list of the rest of my favorite blogs because i couldn’t get them all individually done by 2018. i also recently got 13k followers and i haven’t done one of these in a long time, and it’s going to be a new year – so it seemed like a good time to make a follow forever. i want to thank you guys for dealing with me even if i’m annoying af and for making my dash so bright and adorable, yay!! and i want you all to know i’m always here if you need to talk to someone in case you’re feeling sad or happy or whatever. i love you all!! 

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(look at that shitty banner tho)

i reached 1k for a reason??? when i joined tumblr i thought no one would like this piece of trash blog and i still remember being dumbfounded when i had reached a 100 :’) thank you to everyone who follows me and to all my lovely mutuals! i couldn’t be more grateful, your support means the world to me :((  ily guys<3

i wanted to do a ff cause its been a while since ive done one and i love giving a shout out to all the people i love on here!! 

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hello there!! its me guys… so !! here i am, doing what ive wanted to do for a long time. it’s new year, the first day of 2018, and i wanted to take the chance to say some things.

i’ve always struggled when it came to expressing myself and letting my inner self out in the open, bc i didn’t like feeling that exposed, but if there is a thing i’ve learnt with the passage of the years is that one of the most important things in the world – if not the most – is sharing love and showing people they’re appreciated and cared for. so i may strech myself a little bit too much, but please keep up with me, i have never been good at expressing myself shortly :(

2017 has been a tough year. for all of us, in different scales. some of us lost many important things, from people to motivation, or a reason. we lost jonghyun this year and no words can express how big of a loss this was. i almost lost my grandma, and only i know how much this triggered a fear in me. it doesn’t matter how much we say life is precious and worth living, sometimes we just can’t see an end to it. a path, a destination. from what i know, anyone i know could be gone tomorrow, or even today, and the heavy realization of this sank on me like never last year. that’s why i think it’s so important letting others sincerely know their impact in our lives, it doesn’t matter if you don’t impact their lives just as much. that’s not the point of it. i’m sure you impact other people in a way maybe they don’t impact you. and that’s okay. we’re humans. it doesn’t have to be mutual to be real and significant. because in the end of the day that’s what makes all of us important. the things we feel and how all of it connect us with other people. happiness, sadness, fear, love and all kinds of emotions – they should be shared. don’t be scared about it. i swear you’re important, and you matter, you just have to believe it. please, keep going, you’re such an unique, precious thing to this world, and it would be such a loss to not have you. i love you, i hope you all have a happy new year, and – most of all –, so many love in your hearts that it feels like swelling and like it doesn’t fit your body ♥

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DAMN JO BACK AT IT AGAIN W/ THE SHITTY GRAPHICS but yes hello I never really thought this would happen??? i just came out here to do a lil reblog here and there and somehow i’ve been given the responsibility of raising 1 thousand children??? im love u all??? this is gonna be a mess honestly bc i dont have the energy or patience to do this alphabetically, (rip me), but yeah heres some lovely people that i follow and highly suggest. (´∀`)

Friends are bolded.

@lanceologist // @starryprince // @mcclaln // @klunked // @galactibi // @grandadcoran // @pidgegunderzon // @pngpotpies & @macnkeith // @slainmckogane // @rainybayards // @transkeef // @transkeiths // @beckology // @actuallyk lance // @wlwvoltron // @shiros-eyes // @thesearchingastronaut // @klancery // @redkeiths // @okayklance // @softhance // @spacehance // @polaroidpidge // @plsklance // @darklance // @bilancemcclain // @frostykeith // @platonicvoltron // @keithsbelt // @palevoltron // @witchkeith // @glowpidge // @holt-matthew // @hunksheadbands // @lesbiansallura // @lesbianspacenerd // @keith-jpg // @pining-klunk // @rvbins // @deitykeith // @doopity // @musicianlance // @pidgeisacryptid // @plaxvm // @keiiths // @lancesetter // @balmeragem // @queenbeemishapollens // @voldorks // @spokenrain // @spacemcclain // @radiantallura // @flyingmullets // @astrohunk // @punladin // @garrethunk // @reader115 // @starlightkeith // @cryptid-keith // @cryptidklunk // @klancemd // @astropidge // @softforklance // @caprisunmcclain // @vld-keith // @vld-matt // @vrepitsas // @archaicgloom // @broganing // @floronna // @slytherinbunny // @akiisamu // @starllura // @nekolance // @sapphic-katie-holt // @holtmatt // @rosyklance // @plsklance // @lactoseintolerantkeith

aaaaaand i think thats it! i’m sorry i couldnt do more(i dont art very well as we all know at this point) but i hope that if you see yourself on this list it at least makes you smile a little! thanks again for following me and just all around making me feel special. ♥(ノ´∀`)


oikawa-san is weak

Okay, so it has seriously been years since I had my last follow forever. I have been super busy with school and I really appreciate the people that have stayed by me with this blog through thick and thin, as well as the new people that I have followed and became friends with. So, in order to show my appreciation, I wanted to make a follow forever. PS: Im really sorry if the edit looks crappy! I threw something together because its finals week and I made this while taking a quick study break from physical chemistry. So, here is the blogs that I absolutely love and cherish. Thank you, everyone! 


@all-hail-taeyeons-jawline @dahyun @candyeon @felicitae @ayoshidae @asoomatic @foreverfany


@girlqroup @jungkookiesncreme @nayeoff @hyoyu @nayeoh @interes-taeng @girls-generation @generesabal @jumataeng @hyoism @gglove93 @jessipls @idiotae @icepearls


@sonesource @taeyeonified @taengs @sonuyhshidae @svnnyjjang @taeyeonies @taeyeoness @tiffkyu @tiffaeny @taendelion @yultra @ninepeas @taengtime @taenys @taenine @taengyeon-s @taenggeum @taengxic @taeny-ah @taeyeonniee @seoguma @ninthwish @taeoff @sweet-taeng @taecutie

i made this banner in 2.3 seconds so let’s just ignore it, and im also doing this on my phone bc im on vacation and forgot my laptop fjsjbdjs im so brave. but anyway i love each and every one of y’all so so much, and i could never thank y’all enough for putting up with my annoying ass. i hope all of you have a happy new year and a wonderful 2018. 💓 (also if i forgot anyone i am so sorry ok i love you too i promise)

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These are blogs that I kinda low-key stalk or just loooove seeing them on my dashboard! May or may not have a crush on them🙈..

@bitchmurderme @donutsfordylan @unknown-err0r @nattflikkan @cokexvodka @klebcld @rebsdomine @rebnnvodka @meinmorgue @virginiatechshooting @dylthegoldenboy @ericharrisslut @drpepperdrenchedfeet @hoenothero @actuallycolumbine @columbiner @erthiccharris @pure-bliss-and-halcyons @girl-of-ramirez @blu-vodka @rebvodka-closet-admirers @rebvodkabundyandfriends @perfect-imposters @the-loneliest-banana @nightstalkersdick @uziangel @rebsvengeance @spokstad @trenchgoddess @ericselection @completely-devine0420 @everlasting-contrast @psychosocialreb @an-admired-crime @disposable-nobodies @outersouls @vodkasunshinegirl @semiautomaticwrath @v0dkas-tec9 @dontbelieveinfate @lost-in-high-thoughts @dahmeresque @tec9bulletwound @rebuniverse @sunshineboiii @acid-spitt @dylklecold @dylankelboldsleftnut @truecrime-af @girl-meets-evil @vodkaesthetics420 @truecrume @pineapple-klebold @thecolumbinediaries @everlastingcontrastimagines @theodorebunny @trench-coat-mafias @reb-thinks-im-pretty @fearthenobodies666 @kleboldsgirl @ericharrissoul @library-shootout @truecrime-trash @its-tcc-103 @pumptkicks @vodkadoom @creepyspookystuff @vodka-n-rebbull @nostalgicxsea @vodka-is-my-fate @kleboldie @sweetmadnezz @dylankl3bold @911ikilledmymom @dreamsofdiamondeyes

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I love you anyway<3

In the last days of summer I found a new favorite cafe <3 (And then forgot to post this.) Hope everyone’s having a great start to school!
I love my calc and environmental sciences teacher, so things are looking out to be alright! It’s been hard getting through my senior brag sheet though :’(

I just hit 1.5k and I wanted to do a shoutout post! If I forgot anyone I apologize! I love all of you! Kissies!

Y'all should send an ask telling me how we should celebrate!

Anyways, here are some super cool blogs:

@sorta-phantastic @justphantastic @dantartica @pandorathesnek @ukesnotn-ukes @fandom-fanatic-118 @golddustphan

@glitterdan @instarbuckswithdan @pepperysloth @huggablegiant1 @blueyoonji @dodiesmile @dodieclarksuggestion @dodiedefensesquad @dodieclarkdaily @dodieislove @dodieisprecious @dodiesmile @dodieeclark @doodleoodledodie @dandelion-dodie @dandy-dodie @doddleoddity @awoohowell

@dodiesclarks @lemondodie-ig @lester-lemons @welcome-to-my-phantasyland @michaelwaltgeorge @angeryphil @an-important-nobody @rosepetaldaniel @dodie-at-the-disco @dodie-stuff @dodie-art @dodie-oddle @dodie-doddleoddle-clark

If I forgot you im sorry! I love you friends! Happy 2018!!🎉

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can u,, perhaps tell me some Cool ppl to follow like.... im starting fresh and i need to establish myself again i need more mutuals

this is basically a follow forever but

@andreil, @rosecallloway@kalebkrychek, @opalynch, @lillabard, @lilaabard, @noraeva, @rykesmeadow @rykemedows, @aaronwarner, @aly-naith, @adampairrsh, @aelin, @ninazeanik, @khazbrekker, @kettercrows, @bellaemyblakes, @cassiopheias, @czrenys, @dailynovels, @dailylit, @elains, @evasmonhs, @fionnsykes, @fcyre, @gianlucafalcone, @hsinlvegas, @halfwolff, @hynpos, @illuminosity, @lilyqvans, @mavencalore, @merflk, @neljostns, @oylmpians, @persrephone, @reykencbi, @softfeyre, @tylorswft, @vvolchitsa, @victorvalc, @vvhymack, @vrgil, @mcnstress, @williamherxndale, @petrichovr, @papakoscheis, @softalina

+blogroll + i am really really sorry if i forgot anyone!!

1K!!!!??? i really can’t believe that so many people follow me mainly because i’ve had this blog for only two months now? and mainly because i’m….a loser…..but u know what no matter my disbelief i’m incredibly happy and grateful that so many of u clicked on my blog and were like ‘ah yeah they seem cool’ like??? what??? i made this blog because i didn’t wanna spam my main blog with mx and i’m realy glad i did because i met so many lovely & amazing people on here and just…thanks mx for bringing this fandom together!! real sappy hours anyways this is pretty much a ‘i love my mutuals’ appreciation post so 💖💖

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mini bars, expensive cars, hotel rooms, & new tattoos

Stick In The Mud

Pairing: Archie x Reader
Fandom: RocknRolla
Warnings: mentions of loss of a family member, language
Apologies: @whirlybirbs @cyber-nya @missredherring @im-an-elf99 @kingsman-fam and to anyone who I forgot to tag. In fact, I’m sorry to everyone reading this. 

As this was your first full year with Archie, and your first Christmas together, you was more than excited. In fact, you started your present shopping in November. Archie had scolded you for doing it this early, and that “Christmas was silly, anyway.”

After a shopping trip solo one afternoon while your boyfriend was at work, you decided to stock up on the decorations. You picked up streamers, baubles, tinsel and some fairy lights for the tree that you also brought, making sure they all matched the theme colours of the living room. 

You never understood why Archie yelled at you when he came home to see all of the decorations up, two weeks before Christmas Day. Never had you ever seen him this irate about something so small, a Christmas tree. He demanded you take everything down, and so you did. The flat you lived in was left looking as least festive as possible, and that bothered you.

Standing with Archie’s arm draped around your shoulders in The Speeler with the rest of the Bunch, you noticed the lack of festivities here too. “So who’s still doing their Christmas shopping then?” you asked with a smile, that soon dropped when everyone went quiet. 

The only response you got was from One-Two, who shook his head. “We don’t bother with all of that, Y/N.” 

“Oh, so it isn’t just Arch’ who’s a Scrooge then, eh?” You said, giggling before everyone fell silent and Archie’s grip tightened on hour shoulder and your smile dropped again, when you saw the rest of the Bunch cringe at your words. 

The rest of the night was awkward, small talk was plentiful, and even the most talkative ones of the Bunch were quiet, they were sombre. You didn’t understand, you couldn’t put your finger on why.

That was until Archie ordered for you to take a seat as soon as you got inside your shared flat. You did as you was told, and you could tell he was serious by his eyes. They were serious, sincere, solemn. “The reason why me an’ the Bunch don’t celebrate Christmas…” he railed off, looking away from you while he gained his composure. “Is because it’s the last time I saw my mum, before, y’know, everything happened.”

He hadn’t noticed he was crying until you pulled him into your arms. He hadn’t cried like this since that day, and he couldn’t stop himself. You just held him.

Every year on December 25th, he plays out in his mind the very last words his mum said to him.

I’m proud of you, Arch’. 

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hey!! can you rec me some baek or sehun blogs???? thank you :)

baek blogs: @sefuns @byunlucid (is like fybaekhyun but with memes) @bhyunq @byunchen @byunmongryong @byunvoyage @byeolks @ethereal-baek @etherealbbh @baehkkyun @my-bobohu @babyun @babyuns 

sehun blogs: @deararchimedes @sebaeked @sehunsi @senfinity @sehuntiful @ohhsenshine @oohsenun @flawlessohsehun @oohsehun-ah

im trying to rmmbr more but my brain is failing me atm >< sorry if i forgot anyone!! all these blogs are great and i love their content a lot! also you can check the blogroll on my navi page for more nice blogs!