anyways im sorry if i forgot anyone

thank you guys for 1k??? like whoa ??? anyway i love you guys so much so i thought i’d do my first ff

the original goat cult™ gc:
sam @macaronidan ⭐️ autumn @philling-trashy ⭐️ julie @sorcererphil ⭐️ ali @shibes-howell ⭐️ mj @horizontalshift ⭐️ thomas @sakura-howell ⭐️sushi @snowflakephan ⭐️ & im so sorry if i forgot anyone else im so bad

general awesome friends/people i rlly like/rlly active people on my blog !!

emily @phansterdam ⭐️ emer @pugjumper ⭐️ idris @jesuscrotch ⭐️ hannah @philledwithpuns ⭐️ ariatna @lovelylilaclester ⭐️ ky @pansexualphil ⭐️ lucy @acephan ⭐️ alex @philtea ⭐️ camille @sweetpeachlester ⭐️ ivy @cloudyphilip ⭐️ isabella @phanamored ⭐️ ori @sleepyhowelter ⭐️ paige @roseyboys ⭐️ liza @dansforeheadcurl ⭐️ kj @lestersboy ⭐️ daniel @nutellalester ⭐️ michelle @lesterdreams ⭐️ sarah @plantpotphil ⭐️ jana @gloaminghowell ⭐️ milo @miloisqueer ⭐️ sky @validdan ⭐️ libbie @pvloggery ⭐️ wallace @starmadephan ⭐️ katia @dandromedas ⭐️ elly @beautyboyphil ⭐️ zainah @daintyhowell ⭐️ mary @glasshowell ⭐️

feel free to throw a truck at me if you think i forgot you,, just message me & i’ll add you i have the worst memory

Okay, so it has seriously been years since I had my last follow forever. I have been super busy with school and I really appreciate the people that have stayed by me with this blog through thick and thin, as well as the new people that I have followed and became friends with. So, in order to show my appreciation, I wanted to make a follow forever. PS: Im really sorry if the edit looks crappy! I threw something together because its finals week and I made this while taking a quick study break from physical chemistry. So, here is the blogs that I absolutely love and cherish. Thank you, everyone! 


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1K!!!!??? i really can’t believe that so many people follow me mainly because i’ve had this blog for only two months now? and mainly because i’m….a loser…..but u know what no matter my disbelief i’m incredibly happy and grateful that so many of u clicked on my blog and were like ‘ah yeah they seem cool’ like??? what??? i made this blog because i didn’t wanna spam my main blog with mx and i’m realy glad i did because i met so many lovely & amazing people on here and just…thanks mx for bringing this fandom together!! real sappy hours anyways this is pretty much a ‘i love my mutuals’ appreciation post so 💖💖

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oikawa-san is weak


first of all i would like to apologise for going missing for months! i had a pretty stressful mid-year exam and my holiday had been packed. forgive me! i am a complete mess of a studyblr 😨 i am very sorry that i don’t upload anything useful and to anyone that still follows me yall seriously deserve all my hugs!! 

anyways, i’m studying outside on my balcony today, so i decided why not upload something! reviewing my mid-year papers before the next term starts. insert sigh. 

hope everyone has a great day and here’s a quote i’d like to share: 

“Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.”


mini bars, expensive cars, hotel rooms, & new tattoos

anonymous asked:

hello do you have some phan blog recs? thanks 💕

hello friend !! ahhh this is so good that u sent me this bc i just hit 4k so it could kinda be like a mini ff ??? not everyone i follow has a ~phan~ blog so ill only tag the ones who do and my favs/good pals :)) heres a shitty banner that i just threw together lmfAO

(( in alphabetical order ))

@acephan @acoustichowell @adorablehowell @articulatehowell @attack-on-phann @attractivephan // @bless-howell @blisslester @bloomphan @btsphan @bulbasaurlester // @cloudshowell @crescendohowell @cringe-attacks // @dannyhowell @danstears @dansucc @darkphannie @dansomniac @dempheels @devilester @digitalphan @dreamyhowell // @feministdan @fireflyphil @forcelester @fuckinlester // @gleaminghowell @glimmeringlester @glowinghowell @greenteahowell // @happyhappyphan @hazyphil @hotlinehowell @howelllll @htmldan // @i-dunno-phan-you // @koiphil // @leftsharklester @lesterdans @lesterie @llguori @loveislester @lurkinghowell // @marvelphil @mrphilip @muralhowell // @nasameme @nasaphan @nebulouslester @neonlester @niphilism @nightphil // @okdaniel @oops-phan // @palesivan @phangar-io @phanmoonlight @phiru @phunwithphan @pinklester @playphil // @rebloggingphan @rustyhowell // @skeletonnpunk @sliceofphan @slumberphil @softestdan @spacecoats @stargazinghowell @stressedsivan // @theaterdan @thunderhowell @tiolester // @ukulelephil // @violethowell // @wokedan @wokephil

anyways this was suCh a long list im so sorry lmaoo but i figured i would do something small for 4k anyway so here it is !! hope this was helpful and thank u to everyone for following, it means the world to me 💓💓


So I took this picture about 10 minutes ago. This is what I look like 1 month and 5 days on testosterone. 

Life is weird for me right now guys. Its a mess. I started a new school this year. I went from a school of just under 400 to a school of 400 per grade, obviously totaling to over a thousand students. The switch has been good and bad. My classes are very very hard, with a lot of homework, but I have been able to manage them so far. My classes also make it very difficult to make friends, all the kids in there have been in these upper level classes together their entire lives so they have a pretty tight nit, hard to infiltrate group. We dont have any time to talk in class anyway because we’re so busy. Then the rest of the day is essentially set aside for me. Im taking a college course that meets every other day so on my days off I have two hours to myself. I use that time to sit alone and do my homework. I have gym class every day and the way I have navigated locker rooms has worked out okay so far. Its the last class of the day and i have a  free period before hand, so i just go in the middle of that period into the boys bathroom to change. THen I can just go straight home in my gym clothes after class is over. 

There are two guys that are from my old school that knew me before my transition, and theyve been giving me the eye. I wouldnt be surprised if theyre pointing me out to other guys. THere was one time in gym when I was doing the shuttle run and there were two guys that were like is that a boy or a girl? and then the other guy was like yeah thats a girl. I refuse to take my sweatshirt off ever. My binder works just fine, but my sweatshirt is my security blanket. I ran outside in the mile run when it was 78 degrees with my sweatshirt on. Anyways, going into the bathroom terrifies me because im scared im going to run into one of those guys, but ive been safe so far. 

The first few days of class, the teachers kept calling me my birth name. They were notified about me before hand but they have so much going on that they forgot. I had to correct them in the middle of attendance, effectively outing myself. That really sucked, and then they would call it for attendance the next day and be like wait! oh sorry, I meant Milo. SO that really really sucked. I didnt want anyone to know that name. 

I made one friend so far! Her name is Emma and shes a senior and shes really nice. Shes a loner like me and shes in my gym class so we talk about stuff, we’re super awkward but its getting better and im happy to have someone to talk to. And I dont think she knows that im trans which is nice. 

Today was the homecoming dance for my old school and my younger brother is a freshman this year so he was going. Our town is tiny with like two good picture taking spots, so everyone was at the gardens. I went with my mom with my nice camera in an attempt to get some good pictures and I saw all my old friends there. They all came running up to me and i said hi to them and they all just stopped in there tracks and were like oh my god YOUR VOICE IS SO DEEP AGGHHH and they kept making me say stuff so they could hear it. it was so nice and i miss them, but then a group of seniors walked by and i couldnt tell you the number of weird looks i got from them. and i was like oh yeah i remember why i dont go to this school anymore. 

So yeah testosterone has been amazing. im so hairy and my voice is so scratchy and my muscles are popping out on my shoulders (thanks pushups lol) and my face is COVERED IN ACNE.  so thats been a fun ride so far.

My one anchor is my gf. I love her so so much, she always knows how to say the right thing and how to make me happy. she has kept me sane. I dont know where i would be with out her honestly. shes so good to me. Thanks Kat. 

SO yeah sorry that was so personal and bitchy. Im in a weird place right now. i dont do well with change. anyway love you guys. thanks for making it this far if youre reading this. 

hey guys so i recently just reached 700 followers and cannot believe it!! you guys all voted for a follow forever but i think i’m gonna do tumblr awards as well cause it looks fun, ANYWAY let’s do it :))

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sorry if i forgot anyone!! love you all  ❤ ❤

whuuuut, is it already the end of 2016? what the heckie! this year passed by soooo fast, & i’m still here, trying to catch up to it lmao. anyways! this year has been the weirdest! stupidest! year ever. but it’s ok, i had you guys on my dash to make it so much better. & you did! which is good, you know, because otherwise i’d complain a lot more than i actually do lmfao

i just want to say thank you soooooo much for making this weird, stupid, annoying, depressed year so much better for me & i hope i get to still be in touch… with most of you (i want to change most to all ok)… in the upcoming years!!! i wish you all a happy holidays, happy hanukkah, happy new years, happy you, happy everything!! (but mostly a happy YOU)

listed in alphabetic order!

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really sorry if i forgot to mention anyone omg

Jumping on the bandwagon before it’s too late lol

I haven’t done one of these in so long, but I’m just so grateful for all the super cool people I follow, and especially all the new friends I made in 2015 (as well as the old ones obvs I love u guys).

Anyways happy new year + hopefully 2016 will be a great year for everyone!

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Hello everyone !! Pau here ∠( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 」∠)_
I have a lot of things to celebrate but I need to thank you guys before, because without you any of this would be possible.
First of all, a few days ago i hit 4k !! ♥ so thank you so so much to every single one of you !!! ♥ I never thought this blog would grow like that.
Also, in two weeks this blog will be 1 year old! omg time flies! but thank you again for those who followed me since the beginning and to the new ones as well, for staying even when I couldn’t be too active this year and I even changed my style from pastel to grey (?) (ΘεΘ;)♥ 
And last but not least, I wanna take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas!! and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!(this one was kinda weird so let’s hope for the best for 2017) !! 
So that’s it, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !!!  (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥

Bold: Fave blogs/graphic makers/friends 
Here are all the lovely people I follow, please check them out  (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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(And for my bad english T_T) 

!!!!!!!ok at first thanks to grace<3 nudejade for the lovely edit :’)

ok now i wanted to post this since like a week ago but like i didnt have time and i wont lie i am too lazy,anyway,i love you all a lot honestly i think that each of you is amazing and funny!!!!!!,i hope that all of you are having an amazing year so far.

forelounor (thanny i am so sorry :( gosh lately i feel so sad all the time but i love you so so so much and i hope you had an amazing birthday cause youre so so so so amazing and sweet and youre such a sweet and caring friend ily and i will make you something <3

thenewromntics i love you so much,i hope youre doing okay,i should send you an ask or something im sorry im not feeling really good lately but you know i love you so so so much and im gonna be for you always :)

gayforjade wtf lauren!!!!!!! my tru love!!!!!!! my wife!!!!!!!! i love you so so much youre so funny and you always send me sweet messages i feel so happy when i talk with youre perfect i love you so fucking much

floralkristen allison youre so real honestly i already love u a lot and like we should talk more youre so smart and sweet and i feel like theres so much more to know about you i love u zouistensquad

fairyperrie lili the fuck i miss u :( i love you so so so much we are friends since such a long time ago i love u a lot youre a queen so sweet and nice and i love you so much :) (i will make the post for you dont worry ily)

wannamoves rachel!!!!!!!!!! we dont talk that much but i love you a lot and i think youre really smart and cute and im agree with u most of the time honestly youre so cool and such a nice friend i love you a lot

perrielouise hey we dont talk that much but i think youre sooooooo sweet and kind and like we should talk more!!!!! youre perfect i love you

perriemafia siena!!!!!!!!! mom i love you so so so so much youre amazing and so funny and sweet i just love talking with you i miss u so much youre perfect grjfevje

mutuals (i love you all <3)

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people i admire from afar yay!!!

stewarter endlesslykristen ninadobrevadaily kristenforthewin kristenstewartdailys

leighloves1991 i love u a lot the fuck…….mom :)))))

ok fuck this is so so long and such a mess im sorry i didnt put it in order im just too lazy,you can drag me :) also u can drag me too if i  didnt reblog your selfie!!! (u should tag me in them) anyway ily all :) (im sorry if i forgot anyone u can tell me if i did :( )

In celebration of 1k+ followers I decided it would be cute to make a follow forever! Anyway thank you all for being so amazing and a thank you to all my followers ❤ you’re all wonderful!

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wowowowowow !!this??? is insane??? i’ve had this blog exactly two months, where did all of you come from??? it took me forever to finally decide to make nat, & i never dreamed i would get this kind of support. i love all of you & you have no idea what each & every one of you mean to me ( not just those listed here, but every single one of my lovely followers. )

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Hiii guys!! :)
I’ve been planning to make one of these for ages but I always forgot and never got the chance to. But since it’s holidays and I just got off my short hiatus I think it’s time to finally post one! :)

I was inactive/on hiatus for a few months and a lot of you has changed your URLs and even names lol so it was quite hard to find you. But I did my best and scrolled through my tag, ask and everything so I hope I didn’t miss anyone^^ This is my first follow forever so I’m sorry if it’s still a bit messy :/

oh and ignore the edit please it was inspired (?) by haroldhonestly (angelfaceharry)’s follow forever edit but i suck and screwed up lol sorry (oh, and i hope you don’t mind me making something that is similar with your edit :/)

bolded urls -> people that i consider as friends
italicized urls  -> favorites

A, B, C

acoustictommo, admireharry, adoraliam, angelfaceharryashickey, ashtunirrwin, banghorang, banginghoranbang, bashdanabeyonceaf, bigdaddypayne, bigloveforharrystyles, birdsnotbeards, blamedimplesblamestyles, blurberrys, bouncyhaz, boyfrombradfordbradcunt, britishlosersc0ldniall, calumgiggle, calumink, cherrypoploucoldpley, crazymofas, crokeniall

D, E, F

dimplelashton, donechapelel-called-her, eleanorsraybanselfystyles, ewzaynsexoticharry, fabulouls, famelou, fartyniall, fcvkhood, fellforhaz, fetusfringe, fkclou, fukczarry, fukswithniall

G, H, I

ghettozen, girlalmihgty, happyzayns, haroldfucksharoldless, harryandlouisau, harrystylesh, hateniall, havingstyles, hazcurlshazhugs, hazzzlou, heckzaynhemmings-hell, hharrytomlinsonhickeylirry, hipthrustshoran, hogwartzlou, hoimicidehomelschaple, hologramstyles, horanuds, hrrys, icytommo

J, K, L

jerkstyles, kindlymuke, knouislarryferry, larryindecemberlarrytrash, liamscape, lickharry, liferuinners, littelmix, louisheaux, louistmalik, louspanksluckyhemmngs

M, N, O

malikute, marinakinkmarshmallowirwin, mhorane, mlalik, mullingstabate, nachoniall, niallhoraens, nialljhorin,  nialllhoran, niallrayban, niallsgas, nllhorannouiswanks, nozayn,  nymphoniall, ofdecembers, ohemmoh, opinionnated, oppaniallouizayn

P, Q, R

penguinhoran, perrielik, perrieson, platinumalik, prettypinkperrie, purrhoran, radmalik, redzayn, royalmajesticzayn

S, T, U

salutepezzasext-payne, sexualls, sexxxmepayne, sizekinksquadsnowdrophemmings, snogsniall, snuglousoharried, specialniall, sterlingstyles, stylesasfuck, stylishhazz, tarzaynmalik, tavlors, teattosthe10inch, thirlcurves, tightbrightcalum, tomlimshire, tomlinbooties, tommostrunk, trashbabylouis, turnupniall, ughpunk, uhjavadd

V, W, X

whtieeskimo, whtieskimo

Y, Z

yorkzhire, zainmulik, zainstan, zarryaime, zaynattack, zaynismuslim, zaynmalif, zaynsbro, zaynsdick, zaynsfreepalestinetweet, zayntasy, zeymar

That’s all! I might have forgot to bold/italicize some URLs but anyways.

Thank you for making my dash looks beautiful this year, loves! I hope you all are having a great holidays and Happy (early) New Year! :D

I’m sorry if I missed anyone, I’m following over 700 awesome blogs and I love you all!!
xx - Aaya

so like im honestly surprised how far Eclair has gotten in her bakery and the friendships, acquaintances and other people that eclair has met in her life as far as this week and half of last week has gone. I’m honestly very happy with where I am as far as characterization goes. I’m so lucky to have you guys here to interact with and talk to, thanks so much for following, interacting and roleplaying with me. It means so much to me and I know I can’t exactly put everyone on this list, if I could I would, but I just want to say thank you to those that have really made Eclairs welcome feel warm and happy.

Note just because I don’t add you on this list doesn’t mean i don’t love you, because I do, I just can’t put everyone on here and my brain tends to like not remember things, but yeah like I said thank you all so much for being here with me today and I hope to interact with you all soon. Okay on with the list.

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hey sunshines! in honor of this thankful time of the year approaching i thought it would be a fun idea to say a small thank u to some cute lil blogs that bless my dash and make me happy so,, happy holidays stay safe and i love u!! this is my first follow forever woah so i apologize if it sucks aa

mutuals/faves bolded 

 @21lester @adorable-phan                              @amazingphan @amazinqphil @amazphil @asexualphil @asstheticlester @astronomicalhowell @astroyenomical @aurellialester @averyiscoldpizza @bishibashitroye @bangerzlester @blossomphan @blue-sugar-cubes @brilliantphan @brushedphan @buttercreamphan @callmeshinsenpai @camisadan @catastrophan @catlester @classy-emo @cometphan @cookiephil @chaoslester @crazytronnor @cringe-attacks @cutiepiedan @damndanhowell​      @dan-howell @dan-meme @dangerlester @danhowelll @danhowll @danielisaturnip @danisnotpastel @danisontnonfire         @dans-nugget @danscrotch @dauntlester @dinofs @dokidan @dreamyhowell @emolise @everlastingsivan  @fairlylocalphan @fetus-phan  @fightingphan @fireworksphan @flawlesshowell @flusteredphil            @fuck-phil  @galactic–phan @galaxyphan @glowinghowell @happy-phan @heavydirtylester @honeybearhowell @howellesters @lesterection @marissaisnotonfire @marvelester @marvelphil @moonphil @noblester @nutellatroye @ohphil @pastelhowell @phanbeans @phanscuddles @phil-lesters-legs @phil-why @philslesters @pianohowell @punkphan @queerdaniel @sarcastichowell @saturnphil @seasidephan @senpai-phil @sliceofphan @solsticehowell @space-phan @spaceyhowell @smileyphan @squishyhowell @starlighthowell @starlightsivan @sunshinelester @theycomefromwithin @todanhowell @tokyohowell @trashowell @troyeboyish @troylerhuh @troylermenot @twinkletoeshowell @whiskerhowell

if i didn’t tag you or like you got the tag notif but you weren’t on here, please message me and let me know! that happened to me once bc tumblr is screwy im v sorry if that happens to anyone as well!! 

edit: i made this super late last night so im sorry if i forgot anyone or didn’t bold anyone aah