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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 6

Please read part 1, part 2,  part 3 , part 4  and part 5 so this will make sense


Yoongi x Reader

Warning: This chapter has a gun in it. If you are concerned that it could be triggering, feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to give you more information of what happens and you can decide if you want to read. <3 (*spoiler*, I never kill off main characters, it makes me sad)

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

The phone rang three times before it was answered, and you were about to hang up when a voice sounded from the other side. “Kim Seokjin’s phone, how may I help you?”

“I, uh…” What were you planning to say? “Hello, this is Yoongi’s coworker and I’m calling to be creepy and ask questions about his personal life”? You supposed that was, in a way, what you were doing. “I met Seokjin recently and he left me his business card. It’s nothing urgent, I can call some other time…” You were starting to regret calling, this was a mistake. Yoongi’s life was his concern, not yours. But then again, if being around Yoongi really was as dangerous as Jungkook had said, perhaps Seokjin could explain why. If anyone would know what was going on, wouldn’t it be his brother?

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Pretty Like Her

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer

Warnings: Bullying, Loss Of Self-Confidence, Low Self-Esteem

Word Count: 1, 361 Words

A/N:  Hey!  This fanfic was inspired by a girl at my school that was being rude to me and really hurting my feelings.  On that day I just felt like writing, and so that is where this came from.  It is a little different, but I really hope that you guys like it.   I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy!


You walked into the facility casually, hiding everything you had just experienced.  You were picking up a late lunch at a local cafe when you spotted some girls from your school.  The girls had told you that you were fat, dumb, not fun to be around, all of this.  You had taken it silently and then caught a taxi back to Stark Tower.  When you got there, you went straight to your room.

When you had gotten into your room, you closed your door, stuck your food on your desk, buried your face in your pillow.  Tears began to slip down your face and soaked the pillow.  How could those girls say that kind of thing?  Were you really fat and dumb?  You now some people didn’t enjoy being around you when you nerded out, but it wasn’t that bad that no one wanted to be around you every.  You didn’t know that people were thinking that.

So you were different and needed a tutor when it came to math, but were you really fat and dumb?  Why didn’t you stand up for yourself?  You thought you were strong, but apparently not.   It turns out you were wimpy, so wimpy you couldn’t even stand up to two girls you went to school with.

“Y/N?  Is that you?”  Tony’s voice came through the door.

“Ya.  I am here.”  Your voice was slightly muffled from the pillow your head was still buried in.

“Are you okay?  Are you hungry?”  Tony knew you so well.  You usually didn’t shut yourself in your room alone.  If you did, you always ordered a pizza before you did.

“Thanks, Tony, but I got some late lunch before I came home.”  You rolled over on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

“Are you okay?”  Why did he care so much?  Why couldn’t you just spend some time alone?

“I’m fine.”  After a second of silence, the sound of Tony’s footsteps could be heard going into the distance.  You wiped the tears off your face and got up.  Walking to where you had thrown your bag and food, you retrieved your phone.  And with it, you sunk into the blankets on your bed with your phone.

As you opened your salad, you pulled up your pictures on your phone.  You began to flip through them, noticing how to some, you could look fat or dumb.  You had never seen it that way, but maybe they were right.  You suddenly didn’t feel like eating your food.

 You quickly composed yourself and wiped tears off your face.  You walked to the kitchen on your floor and stuck your salad in the fridge.  You turned around to Nat and Wanda standing near the doorway, looking at you.

“Hey, Wanda, Nat.  Pardon me, I have…homework.”  You started to walk out of the room, but Nat and Wanda grabbed you by each arm and pulled you to the table.

“We know something is up.  You are going to sit down and tell us what is wrong.”  Nat pointed to chair next to you.  You sat down begrudgingly but didn’t say anything.  Nat sat across from you and Wanda sat next to you.

“Spill.”  Wanda looked at you.  She wasn’t going to let you stay silent.

“It is nothing.  Just something a couple of girls from my school said something this afternoon. Nothing that you need to worry about.”  You attempted to stand up, but Wanda grabbed your arm and pulled you back down.

“Who were they, what did they say, and have you told Peter?”  Nat questioned like this was an interrogation.  These questions struck you.  Would you tell Peter?  He was a great boyfriend, but you didn’t think he needed to get involved.  

“They weren’t anyone important, just some girls.  They said some mean things, but it is nothing I need to bother you or Peter about.”  You were silent for a second.  “Why do you care so much, anyway?”

“Because we are your friends and friends care about each other.  Tony noticed something was wrong and told us right away.”  Nat put a hand on yours.  “You should tell Peter.”

“It isn’t a big deal.  I’ve got it handled.  Now please, can I go do my homework?”  You stood up, and this time, they let you go.

You didn’t actually have homework, but you didn’t want to talk.  Instead, you went to your room and turned on a movie to distract yourself.  What those girls had said was still bouncing around in your mind.  The more you heard it, the more you started to believe what they said was true.  By the time you went to sleep, the voices of those girls had fully convinced you that weren’t worth it.

*  *  *  *  *

When the next morning came, you skipped breakfast.  Maybe you could lose some weight by not eating.  While you waited for training in the afternoon, you buried yourself in studying.  Maybe you could get better at school.  If you weren’t smart now, you could change, or you would never be smart.  You heard a knock on your door, which was propped open.  You looked up to Peter standing with a sandwich for you.

“Hey, cutie.  I noticed you missed breakfast, so I brought you lunch.”  He smiled and stepped into your room.

“Thanks, but I’m really not hungry.”  You turned back to your studies.

“Okay.  I will leave it here if you change your mind.”  He sat it on the desk before coming over and sitting next to you on the bed.  “What are you working on?”  He looked over your shoulder.  

“Just studying for the Algebra test next week.”

“Would you like some help?”  You looked over at Peter.  You were smart enough to do this on your own.

“No, I am fine.”  You went back to studying, somewhat ignoring him.

“Are you okay?  Wanda and Nat told me that you had some problems with girls at school.”  You had told Wanda and Nat to not tell Peter, but they had done that exact thing.  You shut your laptop and turned to face Peter.  If he already knew, then maybe he could help.

“Why do you love me?”  This question shocked him.


“Out of all of the girls at Midtown.  You could have anyone, including Liz Allen.  So why, out of all of them do you love me?”  Peter understood and taking your hand, gave an answer that made your heart melt.

“Y/N.  I love you because you are beautiful, strong, talented, protective, smart, loving, and careful.  You are the best person I know and you mean everything to me.”

“They called me fat and dumb.  Told me I was not fun to be around.”  You looked at your hand intertwined with Peter’s.  “They called me ugly.”

“Well, they don’t see your true beauty.”  This made you look at him.


“If they don’t see how truly beautiful you are, they don’t deserve to associate with them.”  And that is why you loved Peter.  He could fix any problem with sweet words and his heart-melting chocolate brown eyes.

“What about those girls that are absolutely gorgeous?  I must be ugly compared to them.”  You had to get all of your doubts out.  You knew Peter would make it better.

“You don’t need to be gorgeous like Liz Allen, or any of those other girls.”  He took your face in his hands.  “You don’t have to be pretty like her.  I like, no I love, you just the way you are.”  Then, he kissed your forehead and pulled you close toward him.  You snuggled into his embrace.

When he finally pulled away from you, he opened your computer.  “How about you and I eat a sandwich and study for that Algebra test?”  You smiled at him, getting up and grabbing the sandwich.

“I would like that a lot.”  You handed Peter half of the sandwich.  He accepted it, pulling you close to him.

“How about we prove those girls wrong?  Let’s show them how smart you are.”  He kissed your forehead before turning to the computer.  Taking a bit of his sandwich, he asked, “Where do we start?”

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What series will you be doing fanart for next once fairy tail ends?


To be honest, isn’t like i’ll stop drawing FT fanarts (I still have a lot of ideas i haven’t draw yet) but my priority will be Sousei no Onmyouji (Specially Shimayu fandom, and BNHA probably too)

You guys should give a try to SnO! The author is a blessing and the story is very well written! I’m sure you will like it a lot!

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A Thousand Shallow Cuts

Part of the A House Made of Cards series, set after Glass and Water

A House Made of Cards | This Little Town | Glass and Water

Ritsu’s life is not different.

He packs his school things by lamplight, and he does it in skilled silence. He’s usually gone before anyone else is awake. Today though, there are small noises to accompany him in the morning. Ritsu’s silence is punctuated with the gurgle of his mother’s coffee pot and the thin wisp of her fingers flipping pages in her book. She sits in her robe at the kitchen table and watches Ritsu zip his bag. The lamp leaves her half in shadow.

“Will you be home normal time today?”

Ritsu shoulders the bag. “Not until after dinner. Coach Watanabe wants me to stay for track practice.”

“That’s right, track practice. …Do you think you want to join the team?”

“Coach Watanabe wants me to.”

“Do you have time?”

“I’ll make it work.”

His mother taps the pads of her fingers to her mug. It steams, a small packet of warmth in the cold October pre-dawn.

“…What about tomorrow morning?” She asks. Ritsu pops the dishwasher open and begins to unload the cutlery. He makes no sound, but his mother clears her throat and raises her voice anyway. “Do you think you can walk with Shigeo to school tomorrow?”

“Depends how much we get done at the council meeting this morning.”

“Try, please. It’s good for Shigeo to walk with you in the morning.”

“I’ll try.” Ritsu shuts the cutlery bin. He drags out the grating containing the plates and stacks them away.

“…Did he wake you up last night?”

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I haven’t realized there were this many people following me until this morning

I’m really glad you like my stuff enough to want to see more!! thanks for all the support and comments you’ve been giving me, i’ve never felt like i was a part of a fandom before mlb and i’m just feeling really special rn haha

And yeah, requests are still open!! i know i’ve been pretty slow with them, but next month i’ll be on vacations so hopefully i’m gonna be posting a lot more. I have like 3 comics i want to do already, but meanwhile, please flood my inbox with suggestions, pretty much anything mlb or svtfoe related


I ship them

AU where Simon and Baz are high school teachers who are always fighting and the whole school ships them


Professor Pitch and Coach Salisbury couldn’t be more different. Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch was the kind of professor that would pile the kids up with piles of foreign language homework, demanding a three page essay by the next class. Professor Basilton Grim-Pitch was the kind of teacher who could hear the faintest whisper in the back of the class. Professor Pitch’s class is the class all high-school students dreaded, even if language and literature was one of their strong suits.

Luckily, they had Coach Salisbury’s class to balance it out. Coach Simon Snow Salisbury was the kind of teacher kids wave to in the halls. Coach Simon Snow was the kind of teacher that asked kids which they preferred to do, football or basketball. Coach Simon was the kind of teacher kids could talk animatedly about the latest football match. Coach Salisbury’s class was the class that students looked forward to, even if sports wasn’t their strong point. 

Because of their different methods of teaching, there were countless of heated battles whenever their gazes met.

Once, Simon came up to Basilton while he was grading papers in his office.


“What do you want, Snow?” Baz says irritably. Half of it was because Simon Snow was disturbing him in the delicate process of failing almost every single student in the grade, and half of it was because Snow called him by that dreadful nickname. Meaning that, in return, Baz greeted him with the nickname Snow, which always got on Simon’s nerves.

“I was just wondering….. Why are you so harsh on these kids? You can’t expect them to write a three page essay in flawless french when they’re only teenagers.”

“I’m just preparing them for college.”

“Baz. They are in ninth grade. Can’t you give them some slack?”

“And why should I do that, Snow? It’s going to happen anyway. Why shouldn’t I prepare them for what’s yet to come?” Baz says, his voice rising in volume. The few students who are staying after school for homework club press their ears against the door intently, hoping that Coach Salisbury can talk some sense into Professor Pitch.

“I get that Baz? Can you just listen to me for once? You’re too harsh. They’re still kids, they deserve some slack. I’ve had them show up to my P. E. lessons dragging their feet, their eyelids drooping, claiming that they were up all night finishing the homework you assigned them. It’s outrageous Baz. And now they have the big end of the year projects, and you just keep giving them more and more. They don’t deserve this.” Baz doesn’t know how to respond. He looks at Simon, trying hard not to change his expression. All he really wants is the best from these kids, but he never knew he was hurting them. They were always too scared to tell him anything.  

“Please tell me you’ll try Baz,” Simon says, grabbing Baz’s hand. Baz is shocked by the touch. All the little freshmen hanging out by the door gave a little squeal and whipped out their phones, texting every single person they knew.

“Alright. I’ll try,” Baz says, rolling his eyes for effect. Simon smiles one of his smiles that radiates sunshine. For a moment, the freshmen in the hall swear they see a hint of a smile on the teacher’s face.

It didn’t take long for that little meeting to become known to the whole school. Small groups of people knew about it at first, and then people started questioning why Professor Pitch didn’t give them homework that day. And the next. And the next.

So as people got more and more curious, people started to come up with their own interpretations of what could be.

“Do you think that maybe Professor Pitch and Coach Salisbury could, you know, become a thing,” a girl whispers to another behind her hand. 

“OMG I never thought of that before…. But OMG I can see it now. I can see it a lot.”

“I know right? Wouldn’t they make a fantastic pair? Maybe Coach Salisbury can make Professor Baz less…. strict.”

“OMG does this world exist? Because I want to be in it.” Different versions of the same story were discussed around lunch tables and behind hands. Whenever Baz and Simon just happened to pass by each other in the halls, there was always someone who would erupt into a fit of giggles. Whenever Coach Salisbury went to discuss something with Professor Pitch, students would always press their ears to the doors, hoping to get even the tiniest bit of evidence that they’re falling for each other. All they got was heated arguments and Professor Salisbury stumbling over his words.

This didn’t stop the students though. In fact, the more artistic students loved to draw pictures of tall figures with long dark hair kissing boys with messes of blond curls, moles mapping out a constellation. The art teacher, Ms. Wellbelove, started to worry about her students habits, wondering how each blond boy looked exactly like her ex, Simon. Agatha Wellbelove, however, quickly dismissed it as a horrible fantasy and didn’t give a second thought on it. 

However, this was not the case for Professor Bunce. Professor Penelope Bunce taught math class. One day in her class, she noticed a particular boy who was always eager to participate in her class bent over his notebook, sketching fiercely. 

“Ahem, Mr. Van Eck?” Penny says, causing the boy to jump up, blond curls flopping over his forehead. He settled his blue eyes on Professor Bunce.

“Um… Yes Ms. Bunce?” he says, his cheeks going bright red. A boy with dark skin smirks at him. 

“What is the value of x?” Penelope says.

“Um…. What?” the boy says, confused. 

“Mr. Van Eck. May I please see what you’re drawing?” Penny says. Wylan Van Eck’s blush deepens.

“S-s-sure,” he says, handing over the paper, hoping that Professor Bunce won’t show the whole class. Penelope looks at the picture and immediately recognizes the two boys in the picture.

It’s a rough sketch of Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch and Simon Snow Salisbury holding hands while walking through a garden. Simon’s face, as always, radiates light as he looks at Baz with a goofy grin on his face, full of love. Baz looks back at him, a small smile starting to form on his lips. Penny is shocked. The art was so good. But it also made her wonder if these small little rumors going around the school deserve some credit. Looking at that picture, it made Penny see why these students shipped them. They were perfect for each other. 

“If you don’t mind, Mr. Van Eck, I’m going to keep this for a bit,” Ms. Bunce says, pocketing the picture to show Simon later. She wanted to make sure the students’ ship sailed.

So, Penelope Bunce approached Simon once she finished all of her classes.

 “Simon, we need to talk,” Penny says, getting straight to the point. 

 “What is it Penny? There’s cross country after school that I have to supervise.”

 “I think you should move on from Agatha and see someone else,” Penelope says, trying not to be too obvious. 

 “You mean date again? Yeah right, like any lady’s gonna want to date me.”

 “Maybeitdoesn'thavetobealady,” Penny says, trying to not make things awkward. It is not working. 

 “What did you say?”

 “I said maybe it doesn’t have to be a girl.” 

 “Are you implying that you think I’m….. Gay?” 

 “No no no no no. I’m merely implying that here may be someone who is perfect for you that just so happens to be a boy as well.” 

 “Oh god Penny. Just spit it out.” Penelope takes the picture out of her pocket and hands it to Simon. 

 “I found one of my students drawing this today….” she says, handing it over. Simon eyes it suspiciously, as if it’s a ticking time bomb. He takes it into his hands and carefully unfolds it. 

“This is the second time I’ve heard about it. Is there any truth to these rumors? Or at least something that can make it true?” Penny says. Simon has been a bit less joyful ever since Agatha broke up with him. She’s really trying to make him happy.

Simon stares at the picture, his brow furrowed. He recognizes both figures immediately. 

“What the freak, Penny?” Simon says.

“The students have been talking about this for quite some time….”

“I get it Penny, but seriously? Baz?”

“I don’t think they’re far from the truth, honestly.” Simon scoffs.

“This is mental. Who would ever believe such a thing?”

“Simon. It’s literally every student in the school, and I think even some of the teachers are getting on board with it. Basilton only ever listened to you.” Simon sits there, letting this sink in.

“Maybe it’s true for him, but it isn’t true for me,” Simon says, crumpling the paper into a ball and dumping the picture in the bin on the way out. Penny walks over to the trashcan and pulls the picture out, smoothing it on the desk.

“Don’t worry. It’ll happen someday,” she whispers. 

Simon ends up having to sit next to Baz on the after school bus. His conversation with Penny runs through his mind as Baz moves his bag aside for Simon to sit down. Simon swears he’s blushing.

All of the attention is on them. Every. Single. Kid on the bus has their gaze trained on the two teachers, holding their breath. Some people spaz a little when Simon blushes. 

“So um… How was your day Mr. Pitch?” Simon says, feeling that he has to say something. Even if it is awkward. Even if sitting next to him is awkward. Even if everything is awkward. Baz doesn’t answer, just looks at his book with a scowl.

“Okay….” Simon whispers quietly. The whole ride, Simon stares at his hands, unsure what he’s supposed to do. He can never be normal around Baz with what Penny told him.

Everytime the bus goes over a particularly big bump and Simon and Baz’s knees knock together, Simon himself almost jumps a foot in the air. Baz doesn’t react at all, but does seem to be hiding a smirk behind his book.

Finally, it’s time for them to get off the bus. Simon quickly gathers up his gym clothes and rushes out of the door, ready to just be in the comfort of his own home cuddling with his dog, Cherry.

Meanwhile, at El Casa de Pitch, Baz sits on his couch, staring blankly at the TV screen, his brow furrowed. He couldn’t make sense of Snow’s behaviour, or why he was acting so squeamish around him. Or why he even bothered talking to him. Maybe Baz should’ve answered. Snow was only trying to be nice. That’s all Snow ever was. Sweet, kind, a little ray of sunshine. Sometimes, Baz wishes he wasn’t dark and brooding. Sometimes he wishes he didn’t act like an emotionless vampire. Sometimes he wanted to feel. But today was one of those days that he was glad he could still look cool and collected. Today was one of those days he was glad he can force himself not to blush.

The next day, after a long time for both boys to think of the events from the day before, both boys came to different conclusions.

Baz dismissed Snow’s behaviour to his usual energetic composure. He decided that Snow must still be ticking from the day’s cross-country practice.

Simon however, reached completely different conclusions. He started to wonder what Baz was like and why nobody seemed to know much about him. He wondered if all there was to Baz was the hard surface everyone saw. He came to the conclusion that these thoughts were geared towards the hate that has been bubbling inside him for so long.

So, Simon finds himself literally running into the one and only Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.

“Oh I’m so sorry sir–Oh.” Simon says, as he bends to the ground to pick up all of the tests Baz dropped. His hand stops when Baz kneels down too and he sees that the man is Baz. Simon looks at Baz with a look that seems to be hate.

“Stop looking at me like that, Snow. It looks like you’re constipated.” Simon humphs and starts to gather the papers in a neat stack, with Baz helping him. A few times, their fingers brush and both boys feel as if electricity passed through them. Simon also takes note of the various A’s on the tests.

“What’s this?” Simon says, holding up a paper with 92% written on it.

“Oh um…” Baz, for once, is speechless. TIny hits of heat creep into his cheeks.

“I figured I was going to hard on them. They’re only freshmen,” Baz says. Simon smiles at Baz, putting his hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks for listening, Baz,” Simon says, no hint of hate in his voice. Baz, for the first time anyone has ever seen, blushes. All traces of the strict foreign language teacher have vanished. Now, he resembles more of a teenage boy who’s staring into the eyes of their crush. Maybe, in some ways, that’s what he was.

Simon sees the look on Baz’s face and it just fills him with happiness for no apparent reason. Simon, not really thinking at all about what he’s doing, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them, he realizes just how close him and Baz are. He realizes what he could do at this exact moment.

And he does. He does what both of them have had tucked in the backs of their hearts. He did what they both had fantasies about, but never really thought of.

Because it was on this day that Simon Snow Salisbury kissed Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. Somewhere in the background, you could hear kids squeal as kids watched their ship sail.

In a Different Face (Chapter 1)


Summary- Ever since their encounter with the Evillustrator, Chat Noir has starting vising Marinette more and more often…and she doesn’t necessarily mind either. It’s given her a chance to get to know him better and she starts to wonder if her feelings for this boy are more than she first thought. (A Marichat Fic)(Fluffy)(I’m naming the chapters after colors because why not?)

Read it below or here on AO3

            Chat Noir is pretty cute…to Marinette.

            To Ladybug he’s a good friend and a dedicated partner.

            Things are a bit different for Marinette though. Chat doesn’t know she’s Ladybug and for some reason unbeknown to her, she’s hesitant to tell him. So for the time being she’s going to keep her identity a secret between her and Tikki.

            The only problem is that Chat Noir has started visiting Marinette…a lot.

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Why is there so much hate for straights in the gay community? I have had a few people go off on me for no reason at all. Once a girl got pissed at me because I said “aaaaand?” when she said she was a lesbian. Shouldn’t you be happy I don’t care about you sexual orientation and want you to introduce yourself with something else? Another time I joined in on a joke with a lgbtq+ group and someone mumbled “Ew no straights allowed.” At first I thought that was how they joked so I played along and laughed, but then they started to slowly excluded me from the conversation. I’m not saying its everyone (my friends have shown me lots of accepting people) but jeez if I haven’t came for your throat why come after mine? I still have mad love for everyone though even the ones who don’t like me

I still feel like somehow this post will go wrong but hey everything usually goes wrong anyways

I’m so emotional I teared up because I accidentally deleted the screenshot I took at midnight last night with the Google search: How do snakes have sex

I feel like I should explain. Me and my few friends who were still awake were playing cards against humanity at midnight. And the instructions actually say you should discuss why you chose certain cards, and of course, we chose to play by those rules. We had some strange conversations oml.

Anyway, I played the card “flying sex snakes” for “why didn’t I do my homework”.

So I ended up explaining snake sex, but in the sense they are flying in the air, which would obviously stop you from doing your homework

Best Friend Or Boyfriend? - Draco Malfoy x Reader (Request)

Warning: Strong Language.

Request: “Could you make a one shot about you being hermiones best friend and you being on slytherin and your Draco’s girlfriend and threaten him into a break up for being a jerk to Hermione”


It was a bleak day in November and the rain was lashing against the library windows as you sat with Hermione trying to get through your latest potions essay.

“I’m so sorry about the other night Hermione, I don’t know what’s wrong with Draco. I’ve told him to stop but he just won’t listen-”

“It’s fine Y/N. Just forget about it.” Hermione cuts across.

“No, it’s not fine at all.” You state.

You were sick to death of the way your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, treated your best friend. It didn’t help either that there were people constantly wondering why a Slytherin would be best friends with a Gryffindor – especially when that Gryffindor was ‘know-it-all’ Hermione Granger.

“What he said was unforgivable and I’m so angry with him. We’ve not really spoken since.” You mutter, watching Hermione as she continues to flick through the pages of her book.

“Like I said, just forget about it.” Hermione repeats.  

You knew Hermione was trying to put on a brave face, but she was obviously very upset about what had happened.


Last Saturday night you had arranged to meet Draco in the dungeons after dinner. Hermione had kindly offered to walk you there and as you were supposed to be meeting Draco on his own you thought it would be fine. However, upon arriving you noticed he was with his gang; Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini.

“Oh great.” You’d heard Hermione breathe.

“What was that?” Draco had snapped, “You should be honoured to even be in our presence you filthy little mudblood.”

“Draco, please!” you had protested, but to no avail; Draco’s friends had already begun spurring him on and hurling abuse at her.

“Why the hell do you still hang around with this piece of shit anyway, Y/N?” he questioned.

“I think she does it so the idiot will do her homework for her.” Blaise chortled.

You remember the look on Hermione’s face as these boys bullied her for what must be the hundredth time and the feeling deep in the pit of your stomach of outrage and humiliation.

“Ah. Very clever, darling! I knew there must have been a good reason for you to force yourself to hang around with her and her putrid stench all day. Jesus, she doesn’t half reek, I can smell her from here!” he bellowed, turning around to look at his cronies for support.

“FUCK OFF!” you shrieked at him as you heard Hermione turn on her heels and rush off, “you may be good looking Draco, but you’re the biggest dick head I know!”

You remember how gobsmacked Draco and his friends had looked as you pushed passed them and made your way to your dormitory and cried yourself to sleep.


You were so unsure how you felt about Draco now; he had been your boyfriend since your third year, but Hermione had been your best friend for just as long.

“Hermione, what should I do?” you ask, knowing deep down that you mustn’t want to be with him if you’re having doubts in the first place.

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do. He’s your boyfriend. I understand that you love him and you’ve been with him a long time, but you have to ask yourself if he really is the kind of person you want to be with.” She sighs, “Whatever you choose, you know I’ll stick by you; you’re my best friend.” She adds with a smile.

You rest your head in your hands and think for a moment. It makes it so difficult that Hermione is always so kind and considerate even after your boyfriend has been an absolute arse towards her.

“I’ll go and see him tonight.” you decide, “We’ll talk things through and see where we’re at.”


Hermione gives you an encouraging smile as you walk out of the Great Hall.

“It’ll be okay.” She reassures, as you leave her to head down to the dungeons to meet Draco.

Your head is all over the place and your heart is racing, you try your best to look as confident as possible under the circumstances.

You’ve been avoiding Draco for days and you’re pretty sure that he’s still going to be angry as hell considering nobody has ever insulted him like you had done.

“Alright?” he asks coldly as you turn a corner and almost bump straight into him.

“Not really.” You admit; wiping your sweat soaked palms in your cloak.

“Same.” He states nonchalantly.

“Why do you do it Draco?” you ask desperately.  

“Do what?” he asks sarcastically.

“You know damn well what!” you begin as he tries to grab you by the waist, “No Draco! You can’t just keep doing this it’s not fair!” you exclaim, pushing him away from you.

“What does it matter, Y/N?” he quizzes, “I love you, that’s all that matters.”

Draco looks confused; he’s never had any girl reject his advances before let alone his girlfriend.

“It matters because she’s my best friend! Do you know how humiliating it is to stand there while you verbally abuse her and no matter what I say or do you just won’t stop?!” you cry.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. She’s not like us. You know how I feel about-”

“I couldn’t give a flying fuck how you felt about it Draco! She got her letter to Hogwarts and she has as much right to be here as you do! She’s the victim here not you, so will you just show a little compassion for once in your life or this is over.” You demand, fighting back your tears.

“What are you talking about? Don’t be ridiculous.” Draco laughs feebly while pulling you into his arms.    

“I’m serious, I can’t do this anymore. You never listen to me, you don’t understand me and we sure as hell aren’t on the same wavelength! All I want is for you to be civil with her and you can’t even do that for me.” You murmur, tears now spilling down your cheeks as you try to push him away again.

Draco tilts your head up to meet his gaze; his cold grey eyes looking into your own as he wipes your tears away with his thumb.

“Don’t cry, my love.” He begins, “if it means that much to you, I’ll be civil with Granger. I’ll tell the others to stop too.

“You promise?” you ask.

“As long as you promise not to let any more tears fall down that pretty little face of yours.” He grins, resting his forehead on yours.

“I promise.” You whisper, raising your chin so that your lips meet.

Draco kisses you passionately - not his usual kind of passion where he is rough and full of lust - but softly, almost apologetic.

“I hate to see you cry, Y/N. Especially when it’s my fault. I’m truly sorry I upset you and if it makes you feel any better I’ll apologise to Granger too.” Draco utters, taking your hand and leading you towards the Slytherin common room. 


I wasn’t really sure how to end this but I hope you enjoy reading it! 


Good Intentions

Summary: Seven, Zen and Yoosung decided to hang out over at Jumin’s place (Jumin did not sign up for this) when the three get into a messy wrestle fight. Unfortunately, Seven and Zen team up on poor Yoosung and decide to take things to the next level as soon as they pin him down: tickle the absolute hell out of him. 

Author’s note: Was finally able to finish this asdfjkasdf I finished Yoosung’s route a long time ago, totally fell in love with this adorable cutie and here I am, pulling this fic out of the trashcan. I think anyone with an older sibling, or worse siblings, has gone through this at least once in their life. I salute thee, I’ve been there 8]]] 
PS: Help I’m almost at 200 followers I’m nooo t o ka y don’t look at me fasdi jas

‘Twas one of those rare nights where all the members of the RFA had found a gap in their busy schedule to hang out and catch up face-to-face instead of chatting all the time. Jumin hadn’t really agreed to this, though, but that didn’t stop them from barging into his apartment and making themselves at home. Seven had quite literally forced the paperwork out of Jumin’s hands and pushed him onto one of his expensive couches.

Even after convincing him that one night off wouldn’t hurt, Jumin wouldn’t leave his phone alone, texting Jaehee and calling his colleagues every five minutes to make sure they did exactly as they were told. Zen even threatened to take his phone to which Jumin snarled in response and got up from the couch to finish his latest business call in the kitchen.

Right now they were watching a random drama Yoosung had found while flicking through channels and Seven got out some of the snacks he had brought along.

“’Cause I was sure Jumin didn’t have any,” he said and sent a mocking glare towards the kitchen door, fishing out some chips and popcorn and laying the bags on the glass table in front of them. “If you make a mess it’s your funeral, though.”

“The guy says he eats super healthy but maybe he has something like a guilty pleasure,” Zen mused after he had taken a seat right next to Yoosung who was already stuffing his face and moving towards the edge of the couch to be closer to the food. “Offer him some of those chocolate thingies. I’m pretty sure he’ll like those.”

Ooh, maybe I will. Let’s see if we can get him to admit he’s not a perfect human being after alls.”

Yoosung vaguely registered their words as he held the bag of potato chips, listening intently to every word of the actors on screen. His hand worked like a robot: scooping up a large amount of popcorn and practically throwing it into his mouth, barely giving himself time to chew before he’d throw in the next handful.

The other two didn’t seem to mind as much, probably because Seven had bought a lot of food and there was practically enough for the four of them to last for a week. Zen was leaning against the back of the couch, one arm lazily draped over the edge while Seven was busy playing a game on his phone but also trying to keep up a conversation with Zen about the series they were watching.

At last, Jumin came back from the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw them. “Oi! Stop eating on my couch!”

“We’re keepin’ it clean, so stop worrying,” Seven spoke up without even looking up from his phone. “Yoosung here, on the other hand…”

“Haven’t dropped a single thing!” Yoosung quickly said and held up his hands in defense. “You know I’m not a messy eater!”

“Right, you’re a messy cook,” Zen smirked and got a good punch in the arm for that remark. “Hey, hey! I have a photoshoot tomorrow! Be careful with my beautiful shoulder, will you?”

“Yoosung’s that one friend with anger issues, Zen, how could you forget?”

The three of them got into a rather messy wrestle fight, which Jumin definitely did not appreciate. Zen, thanks to his strict work-out routine, easily got the upper hand and worked together with Seven to help pin Yoosung’s wrists down, but Yoosung was having none of that and kicked out as much as he could. Jumin was yelling at them to “fucking quit it because I will call the police,” but the three easily ignored him, too busy trying not to lose.

It only took a few seconds before they rolled off the couch, almost knocking over the table, and Yoosung cried out in frustration as Zen finally managed to pin his wrists down on either side of his head while straddling his waist. Small bits of candy and chips were thrown into the air as Yoosung whined and flopped around like a fish on dry land and Seven barked out a laugh because Jumin looked so very offended and so done.

“You two always team up on me,” Yoosung huffed and screeched again when Seven gladly took a seat on his lower legs to keep them from kicking. “Oof, Seven, you’re heavy! Get off!”

“Nah, I’m quite comfortable. And hey, you didn’t say Zen’s heavy!”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“Muscles are heavier than fat, you idiot. I think you’re heavier.”

“Didn’t hear little Yoosung here complaining, though.”

“Guys!” Yoosung called out and tried moving his legs but Seven’s full body weight was enough to completely immobilize them. “Can you at least get off me if you’re gonna have some random pointless discussion?”

This was not very uncommon and even though Yoosung still had a lot of fight left in him, he knew he wasn’t going anywhere soon. This usually lasted until he’d get tired of struggling or give in and say whatever they wanted to hear from him and it was so frustrating because they always combined forces and it wasn’t fair.

It appeared they had stopped paying attention to Yoosung for the time being because Zen was very offended that Seven was practically insulting his beauty and grace while Jumin was still trying to get them out of his house by threatening to leave the RFA, which didn’t work, either. Neither Seven nor Zen seemed impressed by his words and calmly continued to debate and Yoosung laid his head on the floor, blowing his bangs out of his face.  

“Will you three stop acting like you’re five years old and go home already? I’m sure Yoosung still has a lot of homework to do anyway.”

“Was actually planning on playing LOLOL tonight but if these two oafs won’t get-off-of-me-right-now,” Yoosung puffed out, trying to lift up his hands and bending his knees again, but Zen casually pushed his wrists a little harder into the floor while Seven shifted a little to divide his weight more. “I won’t be able to.”

“You should do your homework, though,” Seven said and tapped Yoosung’s thighs. “If you promise you’re gonna do homework and do some reviewing, Zen and I’ll let you go.”

Ugh, no. They released a new weapon this morning and I haven’t had the chance to gain enough experience to buy it yet!” Yoosung started struggling again because now he really wanted to go back home to play. “It’s one of the strongest weapons yet so homework can wait!”  

“No, it can’t,” Jumin sighed, forever annoyed.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with our nerd here,” Seven added and nudged Zen with his elbow. “Yoosung needs a little encouragement, Zen.”

Uh-oh. Yoosung’s eyes widened at those words and he started jerking around once again when he felt Seven’s hands on his thighs and Zen calmly lifting his arms so he could wrap one hand around both of his skinny wrists. The only thing he could do was dig his heels into the floor and beg and plead before the attack would come, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  

His arms were now pinned above his head, his thin shirt ridden up enough to bare his taut stomach and Yoosung knew his fate was sealed as soon as Zen smirked down at him, wiggling his fingers right above his trembling skin.


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Hey guys! So I woke up a like an hour ago and thought about writing something for you guys before I went to do more homework. Anyways, this was an old request and I hope that the anon who made it, still remembers it. Love, Admin A

I had to runaway. I had to leave and never see him again. I couldn’t take it, my heart wouldn’t have made it if I stayed. 

Every time I saw them smile, a tiny part of me inside broke.
Every time I saw him holding her hand, my heart teared.
Every time they kissed, I couldn’t stop thinking that it should be me.
Every time I saw her, I knew it wasn’t love. 

Love was what I had always felt for Jongin, she was after another thing. I lied to myself at the beginning, saying I didn’t mind seeing them together. I thought I could get over it, that I could leave it behind. But how do you do that when the love of your life, belongs to someone else. 

“Are you okay?” She asked me after she told me they were dating. “I thought you would be happy for me” she pouted trying to act cute completely forgetting the times I asked her to help me. We weren’t really close, I barely knew her but somehow she found out about my feelings for Nini. She had promised to help me, yet she was only helping herself. 

At night I cried, I cried for the one I had lost. Many told me to show him my feelings, but I wasn’t like that. I didn’t want to ruin it, specially when I knew Nini really liked her. No one ever knew what was happening to me, Nini never seemed to notice the distance that grew between us. But the boys did, they would see the girl they didn’t get along with more than they would see Jongin’s childhood friend, me.
They had tried to call me, involve me, take me with them, but I always declined, I always said I had a lot to do even if I was just crawled in bed, reading the old book Jongin used to read me when we were young. I just didn’t have a place in there anymore and I knew it was time to go.
I had lost the battle. 

How much it had passed since the last time I saw him? I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t even remember his beautiful smile anymore. Traveling around the world might have helped me to ease the pain, but at night he was the only thing in my mind. I would always love him.
Did I ever think I would see him again? To be honest, I didn’t. I didn’t want to, yet there he was, in front of me under the rain across the street. He had recognized me after the years, he had smiled even after I stopped answering his calls. He had smiled for me, he had made me remember, remember how much I loved him. 

“Wait! Don’t go, not again!” He ran in my direction, grabbing my shoulder before I could vanish again. “Where… why did you leave?! I’ve been looking for you all these years?”
“Why… I just… I had to” I knew I sounded cold, but it was better this way.
“No you didn’t, you could have told me! It took me three months for one of the boys to open their mouth. I’ve been regretting letting you go this whole time”. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. For a moment I thought he meant it in the way I wished him to. But i couldn’t be sure, maybe he still saw me as that childhood friend. “Why didn’t you tell me you loved me…” It was pounding, I was cold. But his words were warm, and so were his arms that carefully surround me.
“Because it was too late… You have her”
“No. I never had her, you were always the one”
“Then.. why Nini. Why didn’t you tell me to stay?”
“Because… I never thought you would love me the same way I love you”

idk why i wrote this

what we should be

When she makes a cautious pun, testing the waters, gathering evidence for her theory, she’ll feel a burst of warmth in her chest as Adrien breaks into that cat-like grin that she’s oh-so fond of. She’ll notice the glint of joy in his eyes, and wonder if that’s really as bright as they can shine. 


ao3 link

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Cuddles and Cold - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: Cuteness! Lots of cuddles too!

Summary: Requested by Anon. Barry and his family were hosting a winter get-together at their house. You were wandering around, hoping to buy something before going to their house. That’s when the rain came. You ran to Barry’s house. Thank the Lord he welcomed you inside.

Word Count: 1576 

Winter sucked. Sure, there was snow, and Christmas, and New Years, but the only problem was cold, piercing rain. You never really minded the rain in Central City, mostly because it usually never rained. However, when it did, your feelings changed.

It sucked.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing out there? It’s pouring!” One of your best friends, Barry Allen, pulled you inside his house. He took off your soaking wet jacket and hung it.

You smiled, rubbing your arms. “Thanks, Bar. I’m so sorry for coming-”

“Don’t be sorry! Please, sit down. Make yourself at home and all.” He sat next to you wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Hey, you ok?”

You nodded. “Yeah. Sorry, I am about an hour early for the party. I was just wandering and-”

“Hey, I don’t mind the company,” Barry laughed. “You’re really cold. Do you want anything? Blanket? Sweater?”

“I’m fine, really.”

Barry stood up anyway. “Too bad, you’re gonna get some famous Allen hot coco.”

You rolled your eyes. “Famous or infamous, Barry?”


The two of you laughed.

“So… where is everyone?” you asked.

The wind whipped around you. Barry came back with some hot coco and a blanket draped over his arm. He covered you with the blanket and handed you the mug. “Well, Iris is out with Eddie. She needs some info on for her new article, and Joe is out getting some food for the party.”

You nodded. “Thanks.” You sipped the drink you were handed. Warmth reached your stomach. You sighed. “Famous hot coco.”

Barry smiled. “I’m glad you like it.”

You shivered. Despite the blanket and the coco, you were still cold. You slowly sipped your drink again.

“Hey.” Barry wrapped his arm around you, rubbing your arm. “You ok?”


Barry tilted his head. “Yeah, ok.”

You reached out and touched the hand that was on you shoulder. It was cold. “Barry, you’re cold, too.”

“I’m fine. Plus, I could just speed it up.” His hand vibrated. “See? I’m fine.”

“That’s tiring, Barry. Here.” You reached out, trying to drape the blanket over him.

“(Y/n), really.”

“No, you are freezing!”

“You need it more!”

“Since when?”

After much protest, Barry sighed and gave in. He allowed you to wrap the blanket around him. You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder. Barry, then, wrapped the other end around you. That pulled you even closer to him. Trying to find a comfortable position, you nuzzled your head into the the crook of his neck.

Barry cleared his throat. He craned his neck so you could have more room. Then, when it became too uncomfortable for him, Barry rested his head on yours. He closed his eyes and smiled. He quite liked the feeling of the two of you so close.

The two of you gulped. Barry and you were best friends and all, but your relationship never went further than that.

Barry kissed you on the head. He immediately blushed.

Your stomach was fluttering. You felt your blood pulse throughout your body. Suddenly, it wasn’t cold. It was hot. You gulped. “Warmer now, Allen?”

Barry laughed awkwardly. The laughing turned into coughing. “Yeah. I’m good here. You?”

You pursed your lips. “Fine. I’m fine.”

“Barry! I’m home - Oh!” Iris.

Barry and you jolted away from each other. The blanket fell. The coco spilled on your lap. You grit your teeth. “Oh crap!”

“Shoot! I am so sorry!” Barry exclaimed. One second gone, then back with napkins, he patted your wet clothes. Then Barry’s eyes widened. He was patting your thighs. He dropped the napkins and scratched the back of his neck. “Oh, I’m, um… I am so-”

You bit your lip. You dabbed yourself with the dropped napkins. “It’s ok, Barry. It’s my fault.”

Iris raised her eyebrows at the two of you. She wasn’t sure if she was upset that she interrupted your moment, or happy that she got to saw your moment. Iris just smiled. The young woman assisted you in drying your leggings before smiling and hugging you. “I’m glad you came, (Y/n). Sorry about the barging in and all that.”

“Perfectly fine,” you laughed. 

Iris gasped, loving the idea she came up with. “I need to prepare the house and things, so Barry. You should lead her to my room and get her a new change of clothes.”

“Uh…” Barry stuttered. “Well, I’m not exactly sure-”

“All settled! (Y/n), follow Barry!” Iris pushed you towards him.

After you got a new change of clothes everyone started to trickle in. Team Flash ate, laughed, talked, and even sang a few carols. Barry refused to do anything ore than one solo verse. Even so, his voice was amazing! Soon, the excitement faded, and everyone agreed to watch a movie.

You were next to Barry, snuggled up like you were before. Barry also took the liberty of getting a blanket and covering the two of you with it. He claimed it was so yo wouldn’t get cold again.

Then, Joe cam back from cleaning up, plopping himself on the couch next to you and Barry. The two of you shifted, so the man could have more room. Cisco then decided that the couch was more comfortable than the floor. He, too, sat down next to you and Barry. The two of you scooted over again.

With all of the moving around, you and Barry were so close, literally. You were practically sitting on his lap with his arms around your stomach. You were so stiff. You didn’t know whether or not to lean forward. Where would you put your weight on? The right side? Left side? Equally?

“Hey, (Y/n)?”

“Yeah, Barry?”

“You ok?”

“Yeah.” You gulped. “I’m fine. You?”

Barry nodded. “I’m, um..” He blushed pink. “I’m… fine.” He cleared his throat. He couldn’t really help but be awkward. A girl he found attractive in both looks and personality was very very very close to him.

You relaxed, but Barry didn’t. He stiffened, and was redder than ever.

Wanting to calm him down, your fingers gently stroked his hand.

Barry bit his lip. He interlaced his fingers with yours. The grip was loose, allowing you to slip away from him. You had no such intentions. You tightened your grip.

Barry smiled. He rested his chin on your shoulder. His head wandered, and his lips gently pressed against your shoulder.

You gasped, surprised at the sudden contact.

Barry’s eyes widened. He gazed at you. “I am so…. Wow, I am so sorry, (Y/n).”

“No.” You grinned. “It’s ok.” You bit your lip and turned around to watch the movie. You stared at the screen, but then Barry kissed our neck again. It made you shiver like a leaf in the wind. Your heart thumped against your ribs. Blood rushed to your cheeks. Suddenly, the cold of winter didn’t bother you at all. It wasn’t cold.

It was scorching hot. 

You smiled when Barry kissed your shoulder hesitantly. 

Barry laughed a little, loving your smiles. His thumb traced patterns on your hand and wrist. Barry’s smile grew when he felt your racing pulse. He couldn’t believe that he could do this to you. He expected something like teasing laughter or embarrassment, maybe even flat-out rejection. You two were best friends after all. 

With Barry’s comforting embrace and a boring movie, you soon fell asleep.  You r head fell awkwardly on his chest.

Barry gasped. He did not expect this. Barry licked his lips. Sure, you looked really cute and relaxed when sleeping, but your position seemed so uncomfortable. 

Barry sighed and moved you so you were right next to him. He laid your head so it was on his shoulder. 

You groaned in discomfort. You shifted in your seat. Your head fell onto his chest. Your hands grasped his shirt and cuddled. Satisfied, you hummed a little and smiled. 

Barry’s jaw dropped at the sight of you. He cleared his throat and wrapped one arm around you. His other hand laid dangerously next to yours. Barry licked his lips before taking the risk. He clasped grasped your hand. 

You sighed.

Barry beamed. That was phenomenal. just one touch, one hug, one snuggle, and his heart was racing. His cheeks flushed. Happiness coursed through his veins. 

He sighed and relaxed in the position. 

Suddenly, a voice broke him out of his trance. “Oh, don’t mind us,” Cisco giggled. 

Apparently, the movie was over. everyone was standing up and looking at the two of you.

Barry blushed. “Guys, (Y/n)’s asleep.” 

”We know.” Iris smiled as she dug through her purse for her phone. “That’s why you can’t do anything about this.” She took a picture of the two of you and laughed.

“Hey!” Barry shouted. He gasped. Barry lowered his voice. “Don’t do that,” he whispered.

Iris pursed her lips. 

Caitlin smiled. “We’ll just show ourselves out. Come on, guys.” The scientist lead everyone to the door. She whispered to Iris, “Send me that picture, ok?” 

Barry sighed, his head rolling back to hit the couch. He spotted Joe at the stairs. Joe nodded with a smile and gave hims a thumbs-up.

Barry groaned again. 

You moved.

Barry stayed still. Then, when you stopped, he exhaled in relief. He gazed at your sleeping figure. You looked stunning. He kissed the top of your head. He could get used to this. It should get cold more often.

Well, this is something way overdue. Sorry about the delay guys! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! 

Anyway, I will be busy. I procrastinated a lot, so I will have to do summer homework. Hopefully I can stay up late to write another one. If I can’t then, something else will be posted tomorrow night. 

Have a great day guys! Love you all!

As we grow older, holidays gradually turn into study breaks with common tests starting the moment our “holiday” ends. As much as it sucks, we gotta do it. So I’m going to post some tips on how to force yourself to study during the holidays (as much as you don’t want to). 

1. Make a list of everything you have to do

  • It gives you an idea of how much you have to cover in the 4 weeks (or however long your holiday is)
  • And hence how much of each topic you have to do per week
  • You can then make another list of what you have to cover in the week but you don’t have to
  • It’s a personal preference
  • Some people like to make detailed schedules with specific time slots for what to do at each time but I find it super time-consuming and I just wouldn’t be able to follow it due to changes in schedule or procrastination
  • Trust me I tried
  • But if you know it works for you, by all means, go ahead

2. Use your planner

  • Go according to your list and write out what you have to cover
  • You can give yourself a set amount of time to cover the subject OR a set portion of the subject you want to cover
    • The first one works better imo
  • Keep yourself on track
  • Do not be like me and ignore your schedule and make a post about how to study
  • Be sure to give yourself breaks

3. Skype a friend

  • This really helps, especially when the school term killed all your motivation
  • You can keep each other on track
  • And also serve as entertainment
  • But make sure it doesn’t act as a form of distraction
  • It’s like studying with your study group but you don’t have to leave your house
  • How great is that

4. Consult your teachers

  • I realise this has turned into “how to revise for exams over the holidays” rather than “how to study …” 
  • Anyway
  • When you’re studying, you will come across something you don’t understand 
  • Put a tag there/make a list of all the questions by subject
  • And consult your teachers on the last week of the holidays
  • Also, book your teachers early and check their schedule as there are bound to be a lot of students wanting to consult them as well
  • For me, my teachers have online consultation booking
  • But if your teachers don’t, messaging them works just as well

5. Give yourself breaks

  • If you don’t, you’re gonna burn out even before the holidays end
  • Don’t spend every minute of the day studying
  • It just doesn’t work
  • Instead, do that exercise that you have been pushing off till the holidays
  • DO IT
  • Go out with your friends
  • Your family
  • Participate in community events and your extracurriculars 
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Have a life
  • But remember to study
  • You have less time than you think you do

I know it’s hard, but you have your school mates suffering with you as well. But for those of you who do not have exams directly after the holidays, do your homework. You can afford to play more, but revisit the concepts you don’t understand. It’s much easier than if you left everything to your end of years. Honestly, I never really bothered revising over the holidays but I still did fine, but do it anyway because it will help.

All the best! 

Title: Evening Visitor

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat

Word count: 1074

A drabble prize for @crmini. I had more fun with the drabble criteria than I should have. I hope you enjoy it! (Chat Noir is a total attention hog.)

She supposed she should have foreseen what happened next.


“Hello, Princess.”

Marinette nearly jumped out of her skin and spun her chair around to face Chat Noir, who was on the steps leading to the terrace and grinning in amusement. “Don’t you ever knock?”

He dropped from the steps to the floor, still grinning, and approached her. “I wanted to surprise you. It’s more fun that way.” He peeked over her shoulder at the open notebook sitting on her desk. “What’re you working on? Homework?”

“Physics homework,” Marinette answered. She swiveled her chair back around to face the desk. “And I have a lot of it. So you’re going to have to wait if you came here for attention. Or come back later.”

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Impossible (part 3)

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Hi my lovelies! Thanks again for all your comments, your excitement for this story makes me want to write it perfectly, just for you! There is one very smutty scene in this one!

The wonderful people who wished to be tagged: allimidori ; alyssaloca ; angieptt ; anglophileyoungblood ; bitchy-broken ; borntosik ; celestev31 ; ducky17 ; fantasticabflxwxry ; hewittgolightly ; i-dream-of-emus ; ililypop ; kneekeyta ; kristicallahan ; lethallylauren ; llexis ; @milllott ; milymargot ; mirandasmadeofstone ; myfinnnelsonpls ; murderyoursoul ; ninjarunningzico ; tinakegg ; twlokigoose ; voodoomarie ; wandering-soul-7

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“The almost-ditched-performance” - Tayvin one shot

It’s official, I bloody hate thinking up a title. Also ‘Yeah boy’ is my number 1 writing song and I should stop listening to it during homework time because it always results in this. Anyways. Anon, here ya go, I’m hoping this is how you wanted it?

Also I’m really in love with the idea of Calvin/Adam carrying Taylor around in his arms when she doesn’t want to let go, I’m sorry.

Please do send me prompts/ideas and I’ll write them out sometime next week! (currently still drowning in homework and please send help) 

‘What would happen if I just ditched the performance?’ his voice wondered. Their hands were in the air, weaving in and out. Both were looking at it like it was the most fascinating thing. To them, at that moment, it was.

‘You wouldn’t,’ she answered, not really even getting worried about the possibility of him not doing his performance.

‘You’re right,’ he replied, turning over and nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck, his arm wrapped around her stomach. Their hands fell down and she wrapped her arms around him, while still lying on her back on the couch. ‘I just want to stay here, with you.’

‘Hmm,’ her voice sounded. ‘Me too actually.’ He replied by wrapping his arms around her, their faces now in each other’s neck.

‘Well then let’s stay he –’ she suggested until a voice rudely cut her off, saying her boyfriend would have to get on stage in a minute.

‘That’s my cue,’ he announced, as if to make it clear he’d really have to leave now.  

‘Don’t go,’ she whined, clinging her arms around him even stronger.

‘Okay,’ he kissed her cheek. He got up, his girlfriend in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist. ‘You’re going with me.’

‘Adam!’ she screamed, laughter evident in her voice, when he unwrapped one of his arms to open his door. She rested her chin on top of his shoulder, her arms tightly wrapped around his neck. The smell of his cologne filled up her nose, making her feel even more at home.

‘Hmm? You said anything my love?’ he joked, planting a kiss on her cheek. For a moment he pretended to trip and she laughed, screaming out his name and cutting off his airway while clinging too hard. 

‘Calvin, stage in 30 seconds,’ they heard a producer yell out. 

‘I’m on it!’ his voice echoed on the stadium walls. Within a few seconds he reached the stairs to the stage and Taylor made movement to get on her feet again. Her boyfriend, however, was none of it, and calmly stood there with Taylor in his arms, his earpiece being put in by someone.

‘Baby, put me down, you’ve got to get on stage,’ she whined with laughter in her voice, kissing his cheek and making a mess of his hair. 

‘Hmm,’ he pretended to think about it. ‘No.’ and there he went, on the stairs to the stage.

‘Adam, I’m serious, put me down, I can’t go on stage,’ she insisted, worry in her soft voice. By now he’d reached the top of the stairs and put her down on her feet, her hand still wrapped in his. He walked to the middle of the stage, Taylor clinging onto his hand and looking into the audience.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ Adam greeted the loud festival goers, Taylor standing next to him, paralyzed. ‘Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Taylor Alison Swift!’

Slowly regaining senses again, she smiled and waved to the crowd, grabbing her boyfriend’s microphone. ‘Hi guys! Nice to meet you!’

Stepping on her tippy toes, she kissed his cheek, leaving a red lip stain mark. ‘Go and do your thing, baby.’ She whispered into his ear, but hadn’t realized the microphone had caught it and echoed it around the crowd. Both Taylor and Adam’s cheeks flared up with heat. The festival goers became even more deafening, yelling and screaming both their names. Quickly she waved to the crowd and handed Adam his microphone back, skipping off stage.

When she stood next to the stage, watching her boyfriend perform, she knew her blazing red cheeks could be seen by everyone, including the audience. She knew her Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and text messages would blow up within an hour, maybe two. She probably would get an earful from her team and text messages from a lot of her friends how this had been stupid. And quite frankly, at the moment, she couldn’t really care less.