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Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga Florist AU

Sawamura Daichi’s first visit to the “Karasuno Flower Shop” ended with him leaving the store with a beautiful flower arrangement for his mother and a massive crush on Sugawara Koushi, the store’s owner and primary florist. Ever since their first meeting, Daichi has found himself going to the quaint little flower shop on a regular basis, buying flowers left and right until his home is overflowing with plant life. It isn’t until he goes home with a bouquet of purple lilacs that Sugawara had given to him free of charge that he notices the small card with a note attached to it. A phone number and a simple “Call me” are enough for him to go back to the flower shop and ask the beautiful florist working there for an arrangement that would be perfect for a first date

Breathing Underwater - Luke Hemmings AU

So, I love writing, even if I don’t usually have the time (or patience) to write alot, but I wrote this Luke Hemmings One Shot for my friend, I’m changing her name to Amber, and because I loved it so much, I thought ‘why not post it here?’ So I’m posting it here too! Please feel free to leave feedback!! Its a mermaid AU btw. Enjoy! Oh, and really mild smut, if you’re bothered don’t read, but it does contain a very importand detail, so your choice. Anyway continue 😄

Luke was swimming as quickly as he could towards the beach. His blue and gold tail moving powerfully. You might be wondering what he is? Well, Luke is a merman, on his love quest, and has been for a couple months now, since he turned 18. He needs to find a mermaid, or merman for that matter, the community is very accepting of gays and lesbians. What they’re not accepting of, is humans. No, they want nothing to do with them, the creatures that have the ships that carry the oil, that spill and kill so many animals. The monsters that are slowly destroying the environment. Nope, no humans for them. So, Luke thought, as he was still swimming to the shore, he was fucked. You see, Luke fell in love, so technically his quest is over, but the thing is, he fell in love with a human girl. She’s so beautiful… Luke was so lost in his daydream he almost swam into a shark, who glared at him before swimming off.

He finally reached a secluded area of the beach, surrounded by rocks, where no one goes. Except for the girl. She went there every day when the sun is at the bottom of the sky, ready to disappear. He hid behind a rock, and peeked out. There she is, just gazing at the sunset, a smile more beautiful than the sunset itself on her lips. Her brown hair pulled in a braid, and her chocolate brown eyes twinkling in the fading light. Luke didn’t think he could spend another day without showing himself to her. He didn’t have friends anyway, and no family, as was custom of merpeople. When a merchild was born, it would stay with its mother and father for five years, but then they would leave it to himself. It might seem cruel, but it was the way it was. As he looked at her, he made his mind up, he was going to talk to her. Now. He cautiously swam closer and closer to the shore, finally being right next to her.

“Hi.” it came out a lot softer than he intended it to be, but she heard it anyway. Her head whirled around, and when she saw Luke, her mouth dropped open.

“Wha- who are you? Why do you have a tail? Are you a mermaid? What do you want from me?” she asked so many questions so quickly, that Luke was very much taken aback.

“Uh. I’m Luke, I have a tail because yes, I am a merman, not a mermaid. And I, I just, umm, I wanted to talk to you….” he responded to all of the questions, his eyes never leaving the little fish swimming around his tail.

“Ok…” she said slowly. “So wait, mer…people? Exist?” her eyes were bright with curiosity.

“Yeah, and, umm. Well, when we turn 18, we are sent off on a quest to find our life partner. I’m on it now, but I’ve found my partner.” Luke says, finally looking at the girl he had been looking at from afar from months. He briefly considered if it was ok to tell her it was her, if it was too much information at once, but he really couldn’t keep it hidden any longer, so he continued. “Its you.” her face was priceless.

“Me? But, why? And is it even possible?” she was blushing violently, and Luke thought it was the most adorable thing ever.

“Yeah, its possible. I don’t know why, but when you find your partner, something clicks, and you know its them. No denying. Again, its possible for a merman to fall in love with a human, but its not very accepted in the community. I know only of three people who have a human partner. They managed, in some way to transform their partners in mermaids. They’re not fully mermaids though. For example, they have gills, but no lungs so they can breathe underwater but not over the Surface, and their tails are the colour of their hair, not their eyes and spirit colour like mine. They live in a cave together, away from the community. No one really knows about them, or is friends with them, they’re shunned.” She just nods, trying to process everything.

“So, what you’re saying is that I’m your partner, that we would be shunned from your people, and mine, and that the only way is for me to become a mermaid.” She was taking it pretty well, this whole thing. “Oh, by the way, I’m Amber. What’s your name?” Amber. She had a gorgeous name, perfect for her. He hadn’t realised he had zoned out until he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He felt electricity course through his whole body, no joke. He gasped and jerked back.

“Luke. My name is Luke.” his eyes were wide and didn’t leave Amber’s eyes. He was shocked by the intensity of the simple touch. Apparently she felt it too, because she was staring at him, and holding her hand. Amber swallowed.

“I- I have to go now, but listen, I want to know more about you. I want to know about you, I want to know about these three outcasts, about their partners, about your world. I want to know eveything.” she hesitated a second, then leaned down and kissed Luke’s cheek. Again, he felt electricity course through him, and he blushed so red he thought he would set himself on fire. She blushed too, then raced off.

By the time Luke got back to his cave, the moon was high in the sky. Merpeople don’t sleep, so he decided to go find the three mermen that had human partners. For all he new, he could live with them in a bit. He reached the cave, and was amazed by how big it was. He swam hesitantly to the entrance and called out.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” three heads appeared, long flowing hair, blonde, black, and blue, three tails, gold, pitch black, and sapphire. Three pairs of bright curious eyes, emerald green, sea foam, and ice.

“Hey! Who are you?” the mermaid with blue hair asked. “I’m Lucy, blondie there is Angel, and blackie is Emily.”

“Hey, um I’m Luke. Um, are your partners here?” they rolled their eyes.

“Yes, they’re practicing for their band, and kicked us out, again.” Emily said. “Come, follow us.” they led the way, Luke following into a subsection of the cave, where there where multiple instruments. A black haired merman with a deep purple and chocolate tail was playing a bass, a merman with galaxy coloured hair and a green and silver tail was playing a guitar, and a sandy haired merman with an indigo and amber tail was playing drums. “Guys, you have a visitor. Say hi to Luke.” Emily said, as if she was speaking to children.

“Yo!” Said the bass player, waving a hand.

“Dude, since when do you say 'yo’?” Galaxy Hair said, rolling his eyes. “I’m Michael, nice to meet you Luke.”

“I say 'yo’ whenever I want, dipshit. I’m Calum by the way.” said the bassist, whacking Micheal upside the head and then smiling and waving at Luke.

“I’m Ashton, its a pleasure mate!” said the drummer, ending with a 'ba-dum-tshhhh’ on the drums. “So, Luke, why did you come here?” he said, setting down the drumsticks and swimming over.

“Well, I heard that your partners were humans, and how you turned them into mermaids, and seeing that my partner is a human, I wanted to know about the process. How it works.” Luke said, swishing his tail nervously.

“Its a long story Lukey, so we might as well sit down and eat. Sushi anyone?” Michael said, swimming over to get some sushi that was on the table.

The guys and the girls all sat down with a plate of the fish, and started talking. “So,” Ashton started. “I’ll go first, seeing that I was the first one, OK?” seeing no disagreement he continued. “I met Emily a long time ago, when we were both very young. She was so happy, being a seven year old, to know that merpeople existed. It wasn’t until I turned eighteen that the partner process kicked in, and I kept seeing her in a different light. I decided to tell her, one day, and it so happened that she had been feeling the same way, but from a long time. It was perfect, until we realized, that if this continued, she would grow to be old and decrepit, while I would stay immortal, stuck at the age on eighteen. We decided to try and find a way to turn her into a mermaid. I searched every inch of the ocean for a solution. Finally I found a mermaid who had turned her partner in a merman. She said that when merpeople are mating, you know how they turn in a human shape? Well, they apparently also get a venom in their canines. You have to bite your partner, and after a day they turn into a mermaid. It is very important though that they don’t go above the Surface in this day, because it would kill them. The bite only leaves a small scar, Emily, would you show yours?”

“Sure babe.” Emily moved her long black hair and right on her collarbone, was a faded scar, in the shape of a crescent. “Why don’t you show yours?” she said, looking at Lucy and Angel. Angel moved so her stomach was showing clearly and on the side, there was a bite mark. Lucy moved her long blue hair to show a bite mark just above her right breast.

“Michael you kinky shit!” Calum exclaimed. “I’d never seen her bite!” Micheal just shrugged grinning while Lucy blushed. It was well after the sun was up that Luke remembered that he wanted to get Amber a present.

“It was nice to meet you guys and thank you so much for the information, I’d better go back now.” Luke said, waving.

“Wait! Do you sing? We need a singer in our band.” Calum said, stopping Luke.

“Yeah, I do. I, um, I’m not sure if I’m any good. I can come back another time maybe? And sing?” Luke says, a bit shy and embarassed. They nod, and after he said goodbye to everyone, and recieved a fin crushing hug form Lucy, he swam off, to look for the perfect present.

He finally reached the coral reef, and as he was swimming by, a small piece of coral, which ironically was in shape of a heart, fell off. It was slowly sinking down, but he grabbed it. He reached across and found some stringy algae, and strung it through. He raced to the secluded beach and got there just as Amber was. He surfaced, and she jumped a bit, but then laughed.

“Hey.” she said, waving a bit. Luke smiled and waved back.

“Hey. I have something for you, I hope you like it.” Luke handed her the makeshift necklace, and she gasped.

“Oh my god Luke, its beautiful!” she slipped it on, and admired it. It was vibrant red, and looked amazing against her skin. He was mesmerized by her beauty.

“You look beautiful.” Luke said, making her blush. They talked about everything about both worlds. By the time the moon half across the sky Amber knew everything about merpeople and how she would become a mermaid, and Luke knew more or less everything essential about humans.

“Oh my god its so late!! I have to go, I’m so sorry!!” Amber exclaimed, when she looked away from Luke’s eyes and st the sky. Luke just smiled at her before saying,

“When you have an answer for me, about becoming a mermaid, just throw the necklace in the sea. Don’t worry it’ll go straight to me, so it won’t be lost.” he added seeing her look down at her necklace. She smiled, and reached over, grabbing his hand, before standing up and walking away.

It took a couple months for Amber to throw the necklace in the water. The day Luke saw it floating down in front of him, was probably one of the happiest days of his life. He raced towards the beach, and as he surfaced he saw her there, looking towards the city a bit sadly, but in her eyes there was the steely glint of someone who’s made up their mind.

“C'mon. I found a cave the other day, where we both can… umm.. fit comfortably.” Luke said, blushing vehemently. It was awkward, because it was Luke’s obvious first time, and because this was unusual. Besides, Luke is an awkward person. He was nervous, and didn’t quite know how to act. They got to the said cave, and it really was perfect, the water was shallow, but deep enough that they both could comfortably stay in the water. The little light that filtrated in made everything sparkle, and Luke noticed that in the cave there were little crystals embedded in the rock.

They sat down in the shallow water, where the water came to their belly buttons, or in Luke’s case, where scales met skin. Amber was in a white bikini, and she was truly beautiful. Luke reached out, taking her face gently in his hands, and kissing her gently, as if she would break. Almost as if she could sense this, she pulled away and huffed, “I’m not a porcelain doll. I know you can kiss harder than that.” Spurred on by that comment, he moved one of his hands to her waist, and the other on her back, playing with the strings of her top.

It was a wierd feeling that of shifting. He’d never experienced it, but it was very peculiar, seeing that his tail was literally being split into two. Suddenly, he felt his tail completely severed, and he glanced down. “Holy shit I have legs!!” He heard Amber giggle as he wiggled his toes, and moved them around. Then he realised something else too. He was completely naked. he blushed furiously and covered himself.

Stella was blushing too, but she slowly came over, and kissed him. Its slowly escalated, and soon enough both were naked and very aroused. Luke kissed down Amber’s neck, leaving love bites here and there. The night was full of passion and love, and the two soulmates were closer emotionally and physically than they’d ever been. They had talked about where she wanted her bite and she and Luke had decided on where her neck met her shoulder, so that when they cuddled he could always see that she was his. He reached that spot, and licked it once, and then again, before soflty murmuring 'I love you’ in her skin. As they climaxed, he bit her, feeling the venom that would change her seep in her skin. She gasped, sensing it too, and immediately started choking on the air. Having forseen this, Luke pushed her in the water, and settled next to her, as his temporary legs turned back into his tail.

Hours passed and slowly, Amber’s legs were melting into one beautiful golden brown tail, that shimmered with every movement. Luke was mesmerized by her beauty. Sure she was gorgeous before, but now, she was inhumanly beautiful. The though made him chuckle, because it just so happened that she was inhuman. Amber opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“Hey.” she whispered softly. She looked down and saw her tail and immediately her eyes widened. “OH MY GOD I HAVE A TAIL!!! I have a tail I have a tail I have a tail!!!” She grabbed Luke’s hand and swam a cirlce with him, laughing joyously. “This is the best day of my life, thank you!! I love you so much!!” she exclaimed, kissing Luke passionately, and then untangling herself to zoom around the underwater cave. Luke was feeling so many emotions, too many to identify. He was happy, no on cloud nine to see Amber this happy, sad, because she couldn’t see her family anymore, excited for their future together, and so many other things.

“Love, do you want me to show you around? I’ve talked with the boys by the way, and they’re more than happy to have us stay with them. I’ve already moved in my stuff, and what you gave me.” Luke took Amber’s hand, and after she nodded, they swam off into the sea.

They swam for ages, playing, kissing, laughing, talking and having fun and enjoying eachother’s presence. It was the best day of their life, right up there on the list with the day they will have a beautiful baby mermaid, Honey. She’s the first but definitely not last of her kind, seeing that Michael and Calum soon had both a pair of twins. Michael’s were identical and called Ethan and Aiden, and Calum’s were fraternal, called Anna and Jake. They all stopped aging at fifteen, instead of eighteen, but were immortal all the same.

It was a perfect life that Amber and Luke had, with the best friends they could ask for, a beautiful daughter, and love that could last them forever. And forever is what they had.

DCBB - Beta/help needed

Due to life, I’m suffering from a terrible writer’s block right now. I’d love to meet the deadline of August 15th, but am worried I might not finish my story in time because while I could, theoretically, continue writing, it all sounds dull and lifeless. 

I’d be very happy if there was someone willing to help me and provide me with some input. I’m gonna need a beta anyways (as required by DCBB rules), so it’d be great to have someone now already. 

My story is at almost 30k words right now and will probably have another 5-10k more before it is finished. It’s AU, rated NC-17/explicit.

To The Rescue

AU things with my baes cause rain is my inspiration yush.
Alex is a dork who doesnt own an umbrella for some very mysterious reason.

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