anyways hope you make use of it

Just because you can make a boss revolving around instant death attacks, DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD.  FUCK JRPGS THAT DO THAT.  It’s fake difficulty. plain and simple. 

Prime example: Barbatos in the Tales of Series.  Use an item?  Best hope you have an auto revive because that character is fucking dead to No Items Ever.  Try to revive them with an item?  Now the OTHER character is dead, good job.   If you give a boss instant death you better have a damn good reason/an obvious trigger.  Mind you, I’m somewhat willing to make exceptions for optional superbosses.  They cheat anyways.  Example: Elizabeth in Persona 3.  you fuck up and she instakills you.  GG

Long story short: don’t invalidate a player’s setup with instant death spam.  It’s not fun.

Braid Bangs

I managed to make my first hair mesh! Yay! I finally decided to try out meshing! It took forever for me to figure out, but I think I got the gist of things. Anyways I hope you like it!

  • New mesh
  • 18 ea colors
  • Base game compatible 
  • Not Hat compatible
  • Tag me if you recolor this hair!
  • If you use this hair please tag me! I would love to see your creations!

♥  -T.O.U-  ♥

  • Don’t claim as your own hair
  • Don’t upload to any paysites
  • You can recolor but please don’t include mesh and link back to this post

♥  Enjoy!  ♥

Download: Simfileshare   /   Dropbox

*Please notify me if you run into any problems*

remember when before project home kicked off we talked about wanting to make the boys happy and wanting to make louis smile because he hasnt been smiling at all around that time and we talked about it so much and i had so many anons that were like “i hope we can make him smile” and louis waited for his day to tweet and he said thank you for always making us smile so anyway louis close attention to the fandom

BTS Reaction to Meeting Your (S/O) Family and They Make Offensive Jokes/Comments

This would be something awful to experience. A person should not be insulted for their ethnicity or culture. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this reaction!

None of the gifs used belong to me!

-Admin Morgyn

Jin: He was shocked when he heard your family casually making jokes about his ethnicity. However, he didn’t make a fuss about it, encouraged by you squeezing his hand under the table. Instead, he focused on being polite and getting your family to like him.

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Suga: Anger at your family’s insensitive comments was bubbling up inside of him. Struggling to find the right words, he said “I really don’t know what you think is wrong with me, but I love your child, so I’d like for you to quit treating me like a criminal.” Silence fell over the dining room table. He prayed that he made sense, not yet completely fluent in your native language. You wrapped your hand around his for support, both of you waiting for your family to respond.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be heartbroken when your family made offensive jokes about him. Trying not to make his emotions obvious, he played it off by making his own, lighthearted jokes. He would make an extra effort to be polite and funny, desperate to hear the rude words stop.

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Rap Monster: His teeth ground together as he listened to your family making rude remarks about him. Namjoon would probably be the least afraid to speak up, asking politely for them to stop with their offensive comments. If they stopped with their remarks, he would be very polite and thankful. If they continued, he would make his annoyance clear by rolling his eyes or making audible sighs.

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Jimin: His eyes widened when he heard one of your family members make a joke about him. He would keep his cool, calmed by your hand stroking his arm, but inside he would be hurt and angry. Instead of losing his temper, he would ignore their cutting remarks in favor of showing how much he loved their child, feeding you and giving you pecks on the cheek along with sweet comments.

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V: This poor puppy would shut down completely, devastated by your family’s apparent disapproval of his origins. He would rest his chin on one hand while he twirled his fork around his plate with the other, comforted only by your hand gently rubbing his shoulder. Taehyung would be the complete opposite of his usual peppy, sweet self, carrying the burden of the comments even after you two had left.

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Jungkook: He would be shocked into silence at first, pausing while he ate, before quickly snapping back into reality. The only sign of his frustration would be his tensed muscles. Your attempts at keeping him calm would only work to a certain point, leading him to excuse himself to go to the bathroom and cool down.

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Next of my oc’s is this dude Danny, (flame guardian but FG for short) tbh he’s not very interesting at all atm lmfao he’s got fire powers but he lacks the temper to really put it to any use so he’s kind of useless to start off lmfao. anyways he’s the type of guy to legitimate be into coldplay and imagine dragons, he enjoys soccer and making his singly mum proud, hope you guys like him : )

A Level Advice: part i

hi again! so my first masterpost was a massive success with over 1,200 notes at the moment - something I completely did not expect! I also reached 500 followers which is bloody amazing and a massive surprise!! anyway, an anon asked me for advice to give people started A levels (UK orientated, sorry all the international people following me!) as well as supplies to get. I was going to put it all into one post but this is already so long (longer than my first master post and that was long) that I decided I will do a part ii another time. anyway, apologies in advance for this proper long post about school and exams and A levels. hope this is useful!


  • start from the beginning

After sitting my AS exams, I can wholeheartedly say that I wish I started making flashcards/revision material from the beginning of the year. I completely get you if you’re thinking, “But it’s only September - I have tons of time and it’s too much effort”, really, I do. But you will thank yourself when it comes to April/May/June and you already have your flashcards sitting there waiting to be gone through and learnt, or your mind maps ready to be read through, or your shorthand notes reading to be memorised. I personally didn’t even get to finish doing flashcards of army exams because I didn’t even start revising until almost a week before the exam (and even then I was learning new things on the day of the exam! But I’ll get onto that later) and I regretted it because I had loads to write when revision came.

Also, if you start rewriting you notes and making revision material from the beginning, that just further consolidates the things you’ve learnt in class which is great because you are more likely to remember things then.

  • don’t underestimate

I underestimated A-levels so bad. Everyone told me, “A levels is such a big step up from GCSEs” but I didn’t believe it until too late. I’m sure you’re all hearing this anyway and I don’t mean to scare you but the workload is so much bigger for A level. The concepts aren’t particularly that much harder to learn (unless you’re doing maths/science based stuff, I’d say learning humanities and languages is the same but just with more knowledge). However, the things you have to know for the exams are a lot more: if you’re doing science subjects, you have to be able to apply your knowledge into different examples, not like GCSE where you just recited your knowledge. If you’re doing essay subjects, be aware that there is so much more content to learn (in History, I had learn 1951-1979 within a week and you don’t know how many things happened during that time).

Therefore, know that there is a big workload to come with A levels and keep on top of your work all of the time.

  • don’t leave revision til last minute

I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t really start revising until about a week (maybe) before my first exam, and I would only learn as each exam came. I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. I was only lucky this year because my exams were fairly spread out over the 3 weeks, with only 9 exams. I did do some for mocks but I can’t say I did a lot. Therefore, I recommend start making materials from September (the first bullet point) and then revise for your mocks, whenever they may be. After this, I’d say to start revising probably any time from February half term but NO LATER than Easter (especially since Easter falls quite late next year).

  • read ahead

Read ahead on your chapters. I know this tip is often shared around the community at whatever level you’re studying at, but it really is helpful. By reading ahead, you can get a feel for what the topic is about and have any questions you may have at that time answered quickly. Also, by reading ahead, I don’t about you but I feel more productive!

  • get homework done

Literally, do your homework. I don’t care if the teacher is not going to take it in and mark it or check if you’ve done it, that topic could come up on your exam. I’d suggest doing your homework within 1 or 2 days of receiving it because then you are on top of all your work and you don’t have to rush the morning of the due date to try and get it done - especially if it’s an essay. Also, by doing your homework, you are able to highlight any problems you may have and ask the teacher.

  • keep organised

Keep a diary, bullet journal, planner, to-do list, whatever. Just get organised. Please. Write down your due dates, your events, your exam dates, your open days, your work experience dates, when you have to get applications in by just everything. This just helps clear your mind and you can plan around everything you have, including homework. This will come in handy especially if you start to do an EPQ, get a job, volunteer or work experience placement.

Not only will this help you in your A levels, it will help you in your every day life. It is something that you will probably need after school as well, whatever you choose to go on to do, so it will be a useful thing to pick up now.

  • make time and put the work in

Make time to do your work. If you’re someone who’s not going to put in the work at A level, you’re not going to do very well, I’m sorry. You need to be the one to take the initiative because no teacher is going to nag you to get your homework done or start doing revision, and they definitely won’t do that at university or at a job. Basically, don’t spread yourself too thin. I decided not to do Senior Drama at my school because I already had so many commitments and I had to have time to do my schoolwork. If you have a party on a Friday night but you have 5 essays to write in for Monday, are you going to the party or do your schoolwork? Knowing me, I wouldn’t do much on the weekend either and I’m not a sociable person, so I’d go with the schoolwork. However, you should know yourself and if you know you’re going to do those 5 essays on the Saturday and Sunday, then go to the party.

  • don’t overwork

Yes, put your schoolwork before your parties and whatever teenagers do these days, but you need to also make time for you to relax and just chill. There’s no point working so hard in September and then burning out by October for the rest of the year and not doing well in your exams. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve just did no work and just watched films or TV shows the evening (or all day). I have a friend who just have Fridays off from schoolwork just to do her own thing and watch TV and stuff. Find your own flow and when you work best and when you need a break - you know your body the best.

  • use your resources

In this generation, most of us have a lovely thing called the internet and if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have it too. You don’t understand translation and transcription of DNA and proteins? Find a YouTube video of it and try to get a better understanding of it. Ask your teacher about it. Read your textbook. Read some online resources about it. Learn in your own time if you don’t understand. If you’re doing Government and Politics, well say no more. Especially at a time like this, there is so many things that are happening that you can use as examples! (Dare I say that the EU Referendum is probably going to come up on the AS exam next year.) Just research what’s happening in the world around you and you might even be able to apply it to your schoolwork.

  • use your frees

If you’re going to a Sixth Form, you’ll probably have quite a few frees, something you never had in KS4. If you’re going to college, well you probably don’t even have to be in school for half the week. I’d suggest doing some of your homework in this time if you know that you won’t have time to do it that night or later in the week. If you have no work to do, maybe research some places where you can do some work experience or get a job or even look at universities.

  • book uni open days

My school said not to bother thinking about university open days until after the exams (middle of June). Honestly, the booking part does not take long but some universities may only allow a certain amount of people to attend and if you’re going to subject talks that are going to be quite popular, they might already be booked up. (My friend didn’t go to Manchester University because their Medicine talks were all booked up.) I’d suggest looking at uni open days as soon as they are available to book (usually around February/March time). If you can’t go during June, there are some in September/October and there are even campus tours that you can book onto (I did this for Durham’s Queen Campus) or even self-guided tours.

If you don’t want to go to university - which is perfectly fine - or want to go on a gap year, look at some programs that you could try out, e.g. volunteering programs or apprenticeships. If you look at my last masterpost, I have put some volunteering programs that you can do short term, but ProjectTrust also do 8- or 12-month projects for people 17-19.

  • get work experience/volunteer placements

Especially if you’re wanting to go into a competitive course, work experience and volunteering is going to make you stand out. You could go to your local council or law firm if you want work experience to get into law. You could get work experience in your local hospital or GP if you want to go into medicine. Maybe volunteer at the local vets if you want to be a veterinarian. If you want to do psychology, volunteer at an old people’s home (maybe one where there are also people with mental illnesses like dementia), or at a primary school. For example, I want to go into psychology and have an interview coming up with ChildLine to become a volunteer as a councillor.

I’d suggest asking your teachers/mentors in school and see if they have any opportunities to take. If not, you can always go online and see if there are any open spots. You can also go to the place and ask if they want any volunteers or if they can accept work experience placements.


To celebrate the full moon, I reorganized my altar and I’m currently making full moon water to use for teas and blessings ^-^ Also did some pendulum readings and went mini golfing under the moonlight, just chill stuff. Anyway, hope yall are enjoying the full moon and I wish you a blessed night 🌙✨


Video Wednesday No.20 (DELAYED)

Sharpie Lettering #1

This is a great way to use a Sharpie in order to create that contrast between thick and thin strokes without using a brush pen or paintbrush etc. I know a lot of letterers write everything out in a thin stroke first and then add the thicker strokes but I prefer to do that all in pencil to start and letter everything in sections as I go, I find that I’m less likely to make mistakes that way. Anyways, I hope this helps anyone who wants to start lettering with a Sharpie or any fine point pen. If you are going to give this a go then please share your photos with me! I’d love to see what you letter.

I added this to Instagram last week but then I lost wifi/landline for a few days and completely forgot to add it here. My bad!


I made the second part to the male tutorial~!

I didn’t do the different types, because all you need to do is increase the areas of curvature. Basically, make the muscles bigger/make the chubby parts bigger..

Sorry if this one doesn’t look good either–

The heat where i am is killing me- It’s so sudden……

Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial useful!

Shield Sledging

Originally posted by james-nat

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  OMG i just came up with the most adorable thing ever. So Steve x reader and it has just started to snow but in like an hour there is ALOT of snow. And reader wants to go out and play and Steve comes up with the idea of using his shield as a sledge and they have a lot of fun. When coming inside they drink hot chocolate and a lot of fluff happens. :) x

Notes: I tried, i’m not sure how good it is, but I hope you like it anyway!

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We don’t talk anymore - Dan

Anon: somebody that i used to know was gr8 m8. lmao. anyways, can you do a “We don’t talk anymore” (by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez) Dan x reader songfic? ^~^

A/N: I hope this okay, I know the story is a little out there, but I Like to be different where I can. Enjoy! xx


I climbed out of my car and saw the studio ahead of me. Today i was getting a photo shoot done and to be honest, I  was pretty excited. The concept that professionals got to dress me up and place the best that make up has to offer and all I get to do is create photo’s for both myself and my job, It was a very exciting thing.

When I first walked inside, the place was absolutely amazing. There were at least 2 other shoots going on at the time and there was a vacant shoot ready to go over towards the left, so I was guessing that it was where I was meant to be. As I started to walk over to the photographer who is setting everything up, I glance over to the other photo shoots going on, I notice someone, someone that I used to be close to, and now I had a cold sensation running through my body with a slight pang in my heart.

“We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do”

He was currently getting his photo taken with Phil in very strange ways that was not even relatively close to what they normally do in regards to photos.Phil was in a bright red shirt, whereas he was in his typical plain black shirt, he always had a thing with black being that it was one of his favourite colours. I went to look away from the both of them, but I just couldn’t seem to do it quick enough because his once sensitive eyes, turned in my direction and widened as we caught each other in vision. He was now distracted from his shoot, the photographer telling him to look back at the lens. I tried to brush him off, I needed to prove that he wasn’t under my skin anymore, but so far that wasn’t proving successful.

I stopped in front of my photographer who seemed very pleased to see me. I he extended his arm out for me to shake and so I took it with a smile on my face. He talked with such a smooth french accent and I could see the muscles through his shirt, If I wasn’t distracted by Dan right now, I probably would have swooned at the sight of him.

“So Make up will take you just to the seat over there and when they are done, costumes will be ready, then we can get started. We have the whole day so I would rather not rush for perfection, okay?”

“Sounds good, Let’s get to it”

I dropped my bag beside the chair and climbed into it, The make up artist was talking to the photographer about designs, so I just sat there patiently, but for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes away from Dan.

“We don’t laugh anymore, What was all of it for. Ohh, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do…”


I ripped my gaze away from Dan and looked ahead of me, there was a woman who clearly had a knack for dressing up in the 50′s era, but she looked all so pretty. With the click of her heels, she walked towards me and extended her hand for me to shake.

“(Y/n), darling, I’m Cassandra and I’ll be taking care of you in regards to makeup. This is a photo shoot for You tube and they want to experiment with some looks for everyone. For you, we’re going to glam you up for elegance first, and then I’ll ship you off to outfits where they have some beautiful things for you to try on. sound okay?”

“That sounds great”

She smiled towards me and then started opening all the things in her make up kits, brushes, pots, shades that would match my skin tone, it was all a little overwhelming. I hear laughing coming from the distance and I look over in there direction, they’re acting like absolute goofballs, it reminded me of the way we used to be, but not anymore. Dan looked over towards me, and unsettling smile that was fading on his face from the laughter he was sharing with Phil. I sighed and looked away, taking my attention to my phone. I rested my elbow on the arm of the chair then used my hand to hold my chin, Dan being here was really bringing down my mood. This was supposed to be such a great opportunity and experience, but I felt like that feeling was long gone just knowing that he was here too, but I should have at least suspected it, he was one of you tube’s overlords after all.

Cassandra told me to look ahead so that she could focus on my face. She showed me a reference she needed to work with and it was actually really gorgeous. concealed, perfectly highlighted and contoured, a light and shimmery eye shadow with immaculate winged eyeliner and a nice bold red lip that has darker undertones to make the centre of my lips look bright. I was so ready for this. I sat back in the chair and relaxed myself, and before I knew it, We were already at work.

“I just heard you found the one, you been looking. You been looking for. I wish I would have known that wasn’t me”

“Can you turn your face to the left honey?”

I did as she said and watched Dan and Phil as she started to blend out the foundation on my face. Dan stepped out of his photo shoot and behind the camera, I was guessing that they wanted single shots of the two of them as well as together, as much as they had become a brand, they were still their own people. Cassandra tilted my head towards the front again, then moved my head to the right. She blends the foundation around my jawline and around my hairline then works on her blending around the rest of my face, it’s surprising how delicate her touch is as she works on me. When she takes her hands off me for those few brief minutes to grab the next set of things, I look back over to see Dan with her and because of that my heart sinks.

She’s a young blonde,doe-eyed little thing, about 18-19. She has a light touch to her skin, something that looks as soft as silk and I envied her so greatly. Not because of who she was, but simply because she has what used to be mine. If I would have allowed myself to in that moment, I probably would have cried, but because of the situation I was in, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to ruin Cassandra’s work. I took a deep breathe and carefully watched them without trying to be noticed, but when I looked over at Phil, I couldn’t help but give him such a sad look then hang my head down low. I felt pathetic. As Cassandra came back, I lifted my head and just sat there quietly as she started to go over the contour. She was wanting to talk about everything in my life that revolved around my love life, but I just couldn’t talk to her about it, because it pained me so much.

She gave me a mirror when she finished with the contour so that I could see everything so far and I already looked 20 times better than I would on any other day of the week. It surely gave me the confidence boost I so desperately needed in that moment, but I knew I would feel so much better about myself when she actually finished, hell even when I was ready to shoot because I would be so glamorous, but those thoughts soon faded every time I glanced over to Dan and his new girl.

“Cause even after all this time, I still wonder, Why I can’t move on. Just the way you did so easily”

Do you know what hurts more than just knowing the person you love has already moved on so shortly after falling apart? Finding out that it only takes them one week for the love you once shared to become void. And that’s what happened to me. I walked over to Dan and Phil’s apartment to go and collect some of my things, nothing too harmful. A simple task that people do after breaking up.  I walked up the mountain that those two called stairs and knocked on their front door loud enough for someone to notice me. I could hear the patter of feet coming down the stair case, but it sounded more like skipping than they heavy footed nature of two tall boys.

A woman opens the door, and she’s in one of Dan’s shirts. It’s hanging down to her thighs and from what I can see, there′s no shorts underneath. I was devastated. She is looking at me with wide eyes, she clearly has sex hair too, so that isn’t helping the way I feel either. but when she spoke, she had an innocence to her that made it extremely hard to hate her.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Dan”

“And who might you be sweetheart?”

“Just a friend, I’m here to pick up a few things for a friend”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her who I was, it’s not like it mattered anyway. She climbed back up the stairs to go and fetch Dan, and in those few minutes of absence I let out the few tears needed to keep myself standing strong when he arrived.  He looked rather surprised to see me, I don’t think it had set in that I’d seen his new play thing, but I didn’t care at that point.

“(Y/n), what are you doing here?”

“I came to get my things”

“Oh, I’ll go and get them, just wait here.”

I sighed and leaned against his front door. I just wanted to get out of here so I could go a cry into a pillow, I just honestly couldn’t believe that I mattered so little to him. He came back down with a box of my things and I took it out of his hands, I turned around to go back down the stairs, but He stopped me half way down.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry”

“For what Dan, the fact that we didn’t work out in the end, or that it only took you a week to move on?”

He didn’t answer the question but simply looked down and to me, that was already the answer, so I continued down the stairs and didn’t look back, but when I think it over, I can never tell what it was that caused us to separate, we were great together.

“Don’t wanna know, Kinda dress you’re wearing tonight. If he’s holdin onto you so tight, The way I did before”

Dan’s girlfriend, what was her name.. Candice. She wrapped her arms around Dan’s waist and pulled him in. Thank god that my view was pulled away by Cassandra, because I wasn’t sure how much longer I could sit through this. This was torture of an emotional standard and I wasn’t a very strong person. Not anymore.

“Eyes down honey”

I lowered my eyes until they were at a close and exhaled again, I was relaxed at the start of this, but as I continued to think over Dan, I was becoming more and more on edge. I didn’t want to think about him, I didn’t want to think about his girlfriend and I definitely didn’t want to think about the ways that he touched her, it made my stomach churn.

I felt the light taps of the eye shadow, covering my eyes lids and then the soft, light touch of a blending brush, it was actually quite nice. She told me to open my eyes so she could get a look and when I did, she had a bright smile going on. I closed my eyes once more so she could put on the eye liner and then matched with a blush, I was set to go.

I stood up and took the mirror that was on the stand, I looked beautiful, not something I felt I could say too often, but at the moment, I just felt beautiful. A smile washed over my face and I giggled with such glee. My gaze was taken over towards Dan and Phil, they were now swapping positions so that Dan was in front of the camera, and Phil was behind. Phil glanced over towards me and I smiled which apparently signaled for him to make his way towards me. I had to take my seat again so they could start on my hair, but Phil walked up next to me and took my hand, just holding it and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“How are you doing, (Y/n)?”

“Honestly Philly, I’ve been better”

“I’m sorry, I really am”

“Phil, Can I ask a question?”


“Is he happy… with her?”

Phil gave a sad look and then looked down at his feet, shuffling them about. That was all I needed to know.

“I overdosed. Shoulda known your love was a game. Now I can’t get you out of my brain, Ohh, it’s such a shame”

The next woman took over and started to work on my hair, placing it into sections for straightening and then running a curler through the ends.I looked so glammed up, I looked like I was going to be a part of a 1920′s era and I was loving every second on it, just not as much as I thought I would. I started to take my thoughts away from reality again and think about Dan and I. If we were still together, I could be doing this with him, but it just didn’t play out that way.


I snapped from my thoughts and looked up at Phil who was now giving me a concerning look. I squeezed his hand and then looked straight forward.

“Yes Phil?”

“You’re not okay, are you?”

My heart began to beat fast as I thought about everything that’s happened, it was like little pieces of all the bad things in my life were coming together in fragments, but a majority of the flashes were faces of Dan and I in our unhappy times.



“I’m not okay”

“That we don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do”

Phil kissed the back of my hand and then got called back to his set, I knew he had a job to do, so I understood. It didn’t take too long but the hairstylist finished my hair, giving it such volume and life, I’ve never had it feel so soft before. I got up out of the chair and then set course for the outfit department. I took a breath because I needed to walk past Dan. I wasn’t ready for it, but I had to go and get changed. One step after the other, I slowly made my way towards Dan. When I got rather close to him, he managed to catch wind that someone was walking towards him and looked in my direction, his eyes diverting straight to mine, but they looked different, but I just couldn’t read into them. I flashed a small but non-confident smile towards him and then walked away, heading into the change room.

I walked into the room with a sad look on my face, I didn’t feel much like being here right now, maybe I should have just set this up for another time, but it was too late now, they have already put so much work into me that it would be a waste to just go home now. A woman walked up to me with a measuring tape hanging around her shoulders, her skin was dark, it complimented her features quite well, and she had a tattoo of a rose on her arm. Her eyes were dark and warm, they reminded me of Dan.  She didn’t say a word but just got to work, taking in my measurements, around the bust, hips and waist, then shuffled around the outfits to find something suitable. About 10 minutes later she comes back with a whole stack of things in her arms and hands them over to me, pointing over to a dressing room for me to go and try things on.

I walked into the change room and placed everything onto the vacant hooks on the wall. I scanned over the outfits, overalls, jumpsuits, ravishing dresses, there was so much to choose from. I decided to try on a silver dress that went down to the floor, covered in sequins. The dress shimmered and looked absolutely gorgeous. With a deep v neck to the chest, for me it was simply perfect to suit my hair and make up. It took some time but when I eventually squeezed myself into the dress, I looked at myself in the mirror. It fit my body nicely, and I looked gorgeous. I picked up the dress so that I wouldn’t walk on it and stepped out to show the designer

“So what do you think?”

She turned around and looked at me, giving me a soft smile, She put her finger up which I was guessing means wait here, because she sort of just left in a hurry. She comes back with a pair of black heels and a grey faux fur shawl that wraps around my shoulders. I wrapped the shawl over my shoulders and had the designer put the heels on the ground so that I could slip my feet into them. I did a spin around for the designer and she gave me a smile before pointing out the door. I guess it was time to have my picture taken.

“We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? Oh, we don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do”

When I stepped out into that room, it was like slow motion, I felt so amazing. Eyes started to fall on me from all directions as I walked over to my photographer, even the eyes of Dan. My eyes crossed him as I started to get closer and his jaw had dropped, probably because I never usually looked this good, but It was good to see him like this, kind of a show him what he’s missing type moment. I looked over towards Phil who also looked a little bit shocked and gave him a wave with a flash of a smile, who gave me a smile and a wave in return, I was still glad that he was there for me in spite of everything. I mean, normally the best friend sticks with the person they’ve known the longest, so knowing he still cared was nice.

I stood in front of my photographer who looked so pleased to see me. He took my hand and directed me over to in front of the camera where I would be posing for photos.

“Okay, so I’m going too set up the lenses for the camera and we will get started, sound okay?”

“Sounds lovely”

I smiled as the photographer walked away but when I looked a little to my left, Dan’s girlfriend was glaring at me like a cat with sharpened claws, and it wasn’t a very pleasing look. She glanced back at Dan who was still staring at me and then she glared at me, crossing her arms in disgust. I took a breath and positioned myself in front of the camera as my photographer was now ready.

“Okay sweetheart, can I get you to face the backdrop, but then look over your shoulder towards the camera”

I positioned myself as he said with a smile on my face. He took a few photos and then looked above the camera.

“That’s great, keep going, you can move about if you want”

I let the shawl drop slightly so that my shoulders were more exposed, I looked over my shoulder a little more, looking more off into the distance, but when I saw Dan standing behind the Photographer, My smile simply disappeared from my face, making me look sad and rather lost.

“I just hope you’re lying next to somebody. Who knows how to love you like me. There must be a good reason that you’re gone”

“That facial expression sweet”

I snapped out of my gaze towards Dan and looked at the photographer.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something, someone.”

“Sweetheart, keep working with it, because the photos are turning up great”

I decided not to think about Dan and just keep working the camera. I smiled towards the camera and I slowly slid the shawl off my shoulders. I tossed it over behind the camera and turned towards the camera. I closed my eyes and started running my fingers through my hair as I heard the constants snaps of the camera.

“Come on, work it honey.”

I opened my eyes and looked into the camera. giving a small smile. I was enjoying myself despite the fact that Dan was constantly hovering around, it was like I couldn’t breathe without him being there. I would have told him to go away or go back to his own shoot, but honestly I just didn’t even know how to talk to him anymore, I was so shy and hurting from everything that it was even a task to look at him. He had a sad look on his face, something that looked similar to regret, if that was not the look itself, but it was his fault. I wasn’t even the one that gave up on us.

I asked the photographer to stop for a second, My thoughts were becoming to much. I took a breather and came back strong, I was just going to pretend that Dan wasn’t here.

“Every now and then I think you might want me to, Come show up at your door. But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong”

I remember that he showed up at my apartment one day, It was spring and the weather was dreary, raining like normal. I was cuddled up with a blanket, watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate attached to my palms. I was wearing a knitted sweater that was green, like khaki, I remember it because I wore it a lot during those days, the sweater made by my Grandma before she passed.

There was a knock on the door that I didn’t recognize, It sounded so boring and lifeless, I looked at the door pretty confused and pulled back the blanket, getting up from the sofa. As I walked over towards the front door, I placed my mug on the dining table and put on my slippers, it was cold after all. I opened the door and Dan was standing there before me, the umbrella in his hand was dripping from the rain, I invited him into my home and kissed him with a smile on my face, but it didn’t last long before he pulled me back.

“Look I can’t stay long. I just needed to tell you something”

“Oh. Are you okay?”

“Actually no. Look. You and I aren’t working like we used to. And well, I just don’t think we should be together anymore.”

Those words rang through and hit me so hard. I looked away from him and closed my eyes, I wasn’t going to let him see me cr. I took a few deep breaths and then turned back to him, my eyes were slowly starting to well up.

“I uh. What?”

“Please don’t make me say it again”

“Why are you giving up on us?”

“Because we aren’t (Y/n) and Dan anymore. We haven’t been for a while, so we need to move on”

I started to chew on my nails, I did that when I was stressed. I knew it was a bad and disgusting habit, but sometimes I just couldn’t control myself. I told him to leave and so he did. I closed the door behind me and locked myself away in my room where I sobbed and cried, throwing pillows all over the place, needless to say I was now an emotional mess. My eyes were burning from the tears, the sadness slowly boiled over to rage and then I started screaming and crying, punching my mattress until I was out of energy where I then just lay there, rubbing the constant flow of tears from my eyes.

“Don’t wanna know, If you’re looking into her eyes,If she’s holdin onto you so tight the way I did before”

“Are you okay sweetheart?”  

I looked over at the photographer then back at Dan, going between the two of them. I knew I just needed to do this shoot so I could leave him behind, after all. He told me I needed to move on. I smiled and ever so carefully without smudging my makeup, I wiped the tear that was sitting under my right eye.

“Yeah, I’m okay now”

“Do you want to head back and change into a different outfit, We have all the glamorous shots, now we need something fun and playful.”

“Okay, I’ll go and head back now”

He took off the lens that was on the camera and replaced it with another. I walked over towards Dan and stood directly in front of him. I bent down and picked up a bottle of water I had placed on the ground earlier and took a drink out of it before I went and changed my outfit. When I stood up though, Dan was looking directly at me, and When we stared into each other’s eyes, it was like an electric current was running through my body, but there was also the negativity that rolled over afterwards.

I left him without saying a word, he almost looked disappointed but there wasn’t really much I had to say anyway. I quickly made my way over to Phil who was talking to someone and gave him a hug, His arms wrapped around and embraced me for a short time because I had to be on my way, but he promised we would do coffee when we could. I quickly Jumped into the room and grabbed the black jumpsuit from before. The woman wasn’t there to help me, so I put it on and then searched the closet they had for a pair of bright red heels to match my lips. I walked out with flair and style then walked to the hairstylist. I figured if I was going to be fun, I needed to look the part too.

“Do you think you could possibly tease my hair. I know it’s in curls, but for something playful, I think teasing it could make it look great.”

She stood back and looked at me, she hmm’d and haah’d  for a few minutes and then sat me down in the chair. She ran through my hair with the straightener, and then put in tight ringlets, brushing them out afterwards. This was definitely the thing I needed. I gave her a hug and thanked her before telling the photographer I was ready, but as He was about to begin, Dan’s girlfriend stood in the way, directly in front of me.

“That we don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do . We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? Oh, we don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do, Like we used to do.”

“Uh, hello?”

“Leave him alone”


“Leave my Dan alone.”

I sighed. I didn’t have time for this. I walked her over to the side and stood in front of her, I looked over at Dan who was now glaring at the both of us with such widened eyes. Did he ever tell her about me?

“Look, I’m here to do a job, nothing more”

“Then why does he keep staring at you?”

“I think you need to talk to him about that”

I turned around and started to walk away from her but then all of a sudden I felt her hand grab my wrist. I rolled my eyes and sighed, she was honestly the last person I wanted to be around, next to Dan of course.

“Please tell me”

“I have nothing to tell you, Please let me go”

I quickly paced myself over to the photographer and gave him an apologetic look. I cracked on a smile and got to work, giving him pose after pose. The more I got into it, the more fun I was actually beginning to have,  but the next time I glanced over towards Dan and what ever her name was, she didn’t seem to be so happy with him. In fact, their conversation got so heated that everyone in the place could eventually hear them.

“Don’t wanna know, Kinda dress you’re wearing tonight. If he’s giving it to you just right, The way I did before”

“You used to date her?”

He nodded his head whilst trying to keep his voiced hushed, he was trying to quieten her down as well but it definitely wasn’t working. I kept going on with my photo shoot, trying to ignore the argument that was going on in the background but when she said those 5 words, I had to stop and look with the rest of the crowd. 

“Well are you over her?”

Dan looked around and noticed the crowd of people just staring at him, me included. On the inside I hoped that he wasn’t completely over me, but I also dreaded it at the same time, because I wouldn’t know how I could handle it if I knew the truth. I decided to look away and get these shots done, after that I could get changed and get out of here. My insides were going crazy and it was making me feel a little sick. I squatted down, looking towards the camera, the photographer thought I was just trying out new poses, but really this was just the best position for me to breathe in. 

“Are you alright?”

I looked up and noticed Dan standing on the side of the backdrop giving me what I thought  was a concerning look. I took a breathe and stood up, nodding that I was alright. I looked over towards his girlfriend who was now shooting daggers in at me with her eyes, she stomped on over and grabbed Dan’s wrist, pulling him around to face her. 

“So are you over her or not Dan?”

“Of course I am, I’m with you”

“I overdosed. Should’ve known your love was a game. Now I can’t get you out of my brain. Oh, it’s such a shame”

It was like I could feel my heart shattering all over again. It was like I was in my home being told that we aren’t together anymore. I couldn’t even look the two of them in the eye anymore, I just needed to get out of here. I turned and walked to the photographer and told him that I was done and needed to leave, and then I ran to the changing room, well as quick as I could in heels anyway. 

Phil tried to stop me but I couldn’t bare the thought of him seeing me about to cry, not over something like this anyway. I always told myself that I was moving on from Dan but turns out I wasn’t as moved on as I thought. I ran into the change room with my clothes in hand and closed the door behind me, making sure that it was locked. I couldn’t hold in how I was feeling anymore, I needed to let it all out. I slid down the wall with my clothes scrunched up between my hands. I had to muffle the sounds of my crying, so I brought the clothes towards my face and let everything fall as it may. 

Someone was knocking on the door, I knew it was Phil checking that I was okay, but I didn’t have it in me to talk, I just wanted to go home. I took my time in getting up, I reached behind my back where the zipper on the jumpsuit was and pulled it down, I stepped out of it and then put my own clothes back on, it was good to be in the comfort of my own clothes again. I looked at my face in the mirror and fixed up the tear marks that were on my face, then unlocked the door, stepping out of the room.

“That we don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do. We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? Oh, we don’t talk anymore, Like we used to do.”

I walked back out into the main room and Dan was standing beside the door. I gave him a quick look and then kept on walking, but he pulled back into his view. What was it with everyone pulling me back today? I didn’t need or want this. I looked at him with my red, swollen eyes and he instantly looked sad, He knew I had been crying, I couldn’t hide it. 


“No Dan”

I tried to pull out of his grip, but he was both taller and stronger than me, so I couldn’t get out of his grip.

“Dan, please let me go, I need to go”

“But I need to talk to you”

“Why Dan, It’s not like we’ve had anything to say to each other since we’ve broken up. I don’t want to talk to you, you pain me in ways that make it harder to move on from you. I can’t breathe.”

“I shouldn’t have given up”

“But you did Dan, and now you have to live with that, I mean. You’re over me, remember?”

I pulled my wrist from his grip and turned my back towards him. I pulled my bag out and started to dig for my car keys, they must have fallen to the bottom of the bag, because I couldn’t see them anywhere. Past the front doors and back outside, it had gone from day to evening. The sun was in its sunset form, a view I could get used to easily. I used the remaining source of the sun as lighting to search for my keys, clawing through the contents of my bag. I finally found them and pulled them out then walked over towards my car. 

“Don’t wanna know. Kinda dress you’re wearing tonight. If he’s holding onto you so tight, The way I did before”

I got into my car and decided to just stop thinking about things until I got home. A hot bath would do me some good. I put the keys into the ignition and turned the radio on, just so I had something to distract me as I drove, because it was going to take me at least an hour to get home. I started to drive away when I noticed someone coming out from the front door, I decided not to really look in case it was Dan because I think I would go into an emotional crisis. 

The drive home wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but my phone rang a few times, but you know, because I was busy driving I didn’t answer it. When I pulled up into my driveway I picked up the phone and studied the number, It wasn’t something I recognized. I didn’t like to call people with answers uncommon to me so I just left it and walked into my home. I tossed my keys and phone onto my table and threw my jacket onto the sofa, Today has been an emotional roller coaster that didn’t even need to exist. I walked into the bathroom and started to run a bath then took off all my makeup in the mirror. As beautiful as I looked today, I honestly didn’t recognize who I was, and I don’t think I could live like that on a daily basis. 

Make up pad after make up pad, the stuff had finally all come off, I tossed everything into the trash and turned off the taps as my bath was now ready. I was about to strip of my clothes and dip in but I realised that I wouldn’t have a towel when I got out, so I had to go to my linen closet to go and grab one. I picked out one of my fluffy white towels and was about to walk into the bathroom, but I could hear my phone vibrating against the glass table. I left it, there was no one important enough I had to talk to, and I just really needed to relax.  

“I overdosed, Should’ve known your love was a game. Now I can’t get you out of my brain. Oh, it’s such a shame, That we don’t talk anymore”

I spent about an hour in that bath, the quiet nature of my apartment was inviting and after everything it was nice to just not think about anything, it was nice to just sit there, in silence. I sighed and closed my eyes, I should probably get out soon, but as it turns out that just wasn’t my decision to make. Someone started banging on my front door, just over and over, it was actually quite rude, considering that my neighbors wouldn’t be too pleased. 

I quickly hopped out of the tub and pulled the plug, wrapping my towel around my body. I ran towards the door with caution yelling out that I would be there in a second, after that the banging stopped. Yes I was aware that I was only in a towel, but there wasn’t much else I could really do considering that they were going to bang my door down. I opened up the door but my only reaction when I saw who it was, was to gasp and cling to the towel. 

Brown eyes were glaring at me. He was looking down at me. i didn’t say anything but I just looked at him. He paced back and forth, over and over until he stopped, looking back towards me. 

“Okay, maybe I’m not over you”

“Dan, you and I have talked over this. You made the decision. You have to live with it. Goodbye Dan”

I went to close the door, but before I knew it, Dan had grabbed me, slinking his arm around my waist, and our lips were together. He pulled back and gave me a soft smile, letting me go. 

“Then maybe we just shouldn’t talk about it and go with our feelings”

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Hey can u write the prompt please about I'm not listening to this xx lol I don't know how this prompt thing works hope I've asked right

You did just fine! I hope you like this I just wrote it and it’s pretty shit imo but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(Prompt 158)

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Words: 937
Pairing: Riarkle

Except for the Roses

“Okay, I am not listening to this,” Riley moved to the door to be frantically blocked by Farkle.

“No, please!  I’m not done yet..”

“Why would I care?  A stupid letter isn’t going to just make things better for us.”

She really sounded like she meant it – she was right to say it, anyway.  Farkle had no right to say what he did about her to his group of scientist friends, and it was really all because of him that this rumor had spread about her.  But he was desperate to fix things.  So, he wrote a letter.  He had really tried to choose wisely with his words, but he couldn’t get past ‘Dear Riley’ without her trying to walk out.  He flapped the paper out and tried starting again.

“Dear Riley…” he cleared his throat, but she only scoffed and shouldered past him down the hall.  He shook his head in defeat and threw the letter down.  “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”  He called to her in a desperate attempt to bring her back.  Her heels stopped briefly and she twisted around to face him.  But her face made clear that she really didn’t want to hear what he had say.

“I told you, I am not listening to this anymore.”  Farkle sighed.

“Fine,” he nodded somberly, “read it, then.”  He picked up the papers, placed them on the kitchen table, and vanished.

Riley stared at the paper from the hallway, rocking back on her heels.  It was so hard to be mad at Farkle, really.  She didn’t like it.  But she never expected him to spread a rumor about her like that.  They were best friends. But after that kiss, neither of them really knew what they were. Farkle must’ve thought something else, since now the whole school are ooh-ing and aah-ing at them in quite the dirtiest way.  But it might just be because Farkle’s never been good at explaining things.  Or maybe just because he’s never really understood feelings anyway.  But she was still mad.  So was everyone, really.  But she felt especially bad.

She strode over to the letter to find that despite its apparent length, it was actually quite short.  The majority of the two pages were just scribbles and cross-outs, with only a few words left legible.

Dear Riley, it read.  I know that we’re only friends.  We’re best friends, and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.  But I still don’t really have the hang of this whole ‘feelings’ thing… and I guess my feelings got a little confused with my words.  I know I’ve always loved you, but I’ve never really been able to caliber exactly how much.  I’ve tried writing it down, but you see how that went… I guess words don’t really do it justice.  So, I guess what I’m trying to say, in most simple terms, is that I’m…

Riley flipped the paper over, upside down, and backwards.  What did Farkle ‘…’?  It simply just ended.  She threw the paper down and looked around her, expecting to see him standing in the doorway to the apartment, ready to explain it, give her the answers and let her know the secrets of the universe, like he alway did. But she was alone, and he was gone.  Her heart lodged in her throat while her stomach sank, and she felt a deep dark hole in her body with no one to hug it away.  

She stared at the letter as she walked down the hallway to her room, growing more confused with each word.  What did he mean by ‘how much he loved her?’ And what was the ‘I’m?’ She kicked her bedroom door open, repeating the word.  ‘I’m… I’m… I’m…’

And when she looked up, she gasped.

Lining the walls, hanging from the ceilings, scattered on the floor, were countless bouquets of violets.  It was a sea of purple overflowing from her room, with violet petals on the bay window, on the bed, on the carpet.  The sun filtered in through the windows, reflecting off of the flowers, and so even the walls were a deep shade of purple.  And Riley was still alone.

Except for the roses.

Hidden in the display of purple were delicate orange roses that caught the light and shone.  It was a sky.

Riley walked around the roses to find that they had small notes tied to their stems.  On the papers were single words written in a small scrawl – Farkle’s.

“Sorry,” said one.

“A little embarrassed,” said another.

“Totally regretful,” was the third.

Riley sat down on her bed, looking at the notes in silence.  While she still felt breathless, she couldn’t help but be confused.  It’s quite a bit of a set-up for just three notes.  There must’ve been something else to it.  But Riley was still alone.

And she started to cry.  Tears poured out of her, onto the letter, the notes, the petals on her bed.  She couldn’t stop it.  She should’ve listened.

The sun set, dousing the room in a brief orange, before darkness settled in.  Riley still sat there, reading and re-reading Farkle’s letter, trying to decipher all of it.  She just wanted him to be there.  She wanted to know what they were.

And then he was.  Just like he had vanished, she saw a pair of shoes – his shoes – standing in front of her, and he was there.  It was really him, holding a single orange rose in the dim light, with a small note tied to its stem.

Dear Riley, it read.

In love with you.

Steve, Buck, and Peg goofing off for the camera.

(10 seconds later, Bucky is all “Jesus, Steve, how much brylcreem do you use, anyway?”)

happy belated birthday to @diminutive-fox!

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Hey, just wanted to say that I hope you were able to go to whatever washroom you want and that ppl didn't do anything mean to you. 🌼 best wishes from an internet stranger.

I went to the men’s room and used a stall and it was fine, nobody makes eye contact in those places anyway.  Thank you, obviously Canadian internet stranger. <3

Sim Request - Zack XJ9

An alien fuckboy for an anon who challenged me to do something out of my comfort zone! I never make aliens so I think I did pretty good, also got to use some CC I never use as well. Anyways, I hope you like him ✨


  • Romantic
  • Self-Assured
  • Non-Commital

TOU: Don’t claim as your own. Not for use as a base sim. Tag me if you use him!

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something that pisses me off is that the racists are going to get their way. They've been cheering for Glenn to die this way even though hardly anyone gets their comic death and that it's the peak of his character/he deserves it. The fact that the comic fans who wanted this death for him will be jerking off to this "comic canon" as an underdeveloped moc gets his head bashed in is downright disgusting. I hope s7 sucks ass

Jesus christ, don’t even get me started. Actually, I’m about to start anyway

You’re so right and it makes me fucking SICK that from the moment Glenn “fake died” right up to the finale Glenn fans had gross ass racist anons in our inboxes on a daily basis first telling us how stupid were were for thinking Glenn was alive and under the dumpster, and then when he did survive I had them saying the same thing, criticising me for believing he wasn’t gonna get Lucilled and ever since I made that theory about Glenn surviving the hit (which I’m still holding out hope for, I’m ngl)

They can honestly go fuck themselves and if they feel happy and content that Glenn is gonna get beat (maybe to death) then so be it. But it’s disgusting and I don’t want those kinda people anywhere near me. 

Worst yet, it’s gonna be hell if it does happen because all of us are gonna see a return of these people in our inboxes laughing in our faces telling us how wrong we were like being right and excited for Glenn to die is something to be proud of??? 

I might be biased, obviously, but Glenn is by far one of the best characters they have on the show and he’s been fucking wasted. They haven’t even bothered with him and it makes my blood boil. Not only is he genuinely just an amazing character, he defies SO MANY gross Asian male stereotypes. Glenn is appreciated because he doesn’t abide by tropes put in place to make him “that one Asian guy who does Asian things”. He’s so much more than a stereotype and there’s so many aspects to him that, yes, may have been touched upon over the past six seasons but no way has his full potential been explored and yet here we are and he’s probably gonna be killed off to satisfy fuckboy comic wankers and for shock value that makes zero sense which’ll help Scott Gimple’s ego for giving us such a shitty cliffhanger that no one wanted. 

God bless Steven Yeun and may he get so many other opportunities in the future where he’s actually appreciated for being the amazing actor and person he is. Lord knows my love for this man, and I’ll be following his every step supporting him no matter what. Nothing will change there. Also, congratulations on him for getting out that shitshow, aka the only thing I’m happy about. 

So we all would like to thank you for all your support and for all the nice messages we received this past week. We wanted to reply to each one of your asks but we thought it would be easier doing this after having so many messages stuck in our inbox. 

Like some of you suggested, we try to ignore all the negative things but there are times when it turns to be a lot that we kind of explode. Negative things are good sometimes because that way you can see what you need to improve but like this time there are some case when you need not only yourself to overcome it but the cooperation of others, and this is exactly what got us so messed up. 

But anyways, we are still here and hope to start soon with all the request that we still have to cover. Many of you also told us how much you enjoy reading the reactions, scenarios and just everything and like we’ve seen so many times before seeing how much this blog does to you all makes our hearts content. You all don’t have an idea of how much we love our followers, surely we don’t know you all personally and we are close to just a few but each one of you is important for the blog and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. The simple fact that you clicked ‘follow’ is more than enough for us to feel loved and welcomed. This fandom is surely wide, and we love it and hope we all can stay united no matter what. There’s this one anon that caught my attention that said “I’m just one person” and I know what she/he meant because I would have said the same to EXO, but believe us when we said you aren’t just one person, you are important and value to us and we hope one day we can be close. 

Also thank you for all whom understood our reasons for this small hiatus and for those who also were worried about our health and asked us to rest all the time we needed. We surely need to rest sometimes but like you all know we do this because we love it and if exhaustion were a problem, we wouldn’t be here at all. But yes we also need to clear our minds sometimes and seeing you all were worried about this helped so so much. 

We send you all virtual hugs, hoping one day the can be real hugs maybe, and just like you are so thankful to us we are also so thankful to you, we love you all so so much like we mentioned before and as long as we can we’ll be here for you, to support you and bring you nice things to read. 

Again we wished we could have replied to all your messages but we didn’t want to spam you all and we thought it was better writing a long post than fifty short responses, we hope you all understand and don’t think we didn’t read your asks, because we did, everyday. Thank you so much.

Admins ABC. 

@frittercrittern says:

Hi there! This is the Asriel(-cough- Enigmatic Rogue -cough-) drawing I was talking about earlier in the tags. I hit my daily post limit, so I’m sending this on anonymous. Sorry about that.

Thanks for letting me use the reference– I know not all of the details are the same, but I hope you like it anyways. I was halfway into the drawing when you sent me the ref, and I was too far gone into the design I made to really edit that much other than colors. A speedpaint will hopefully be coming out soon, if Youtube doesn’t die on me! I’ll send you that one too. :d

Your comic is really awesome, and please keep making more! You rock.



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getting to your level of art skill seems impossible to me. yeah sure i know the whole 'keep on practising until you get there' concept. but i never feel motivated enough or capable of what i want to draw. how on earth did you get to no-art-skill to where you are now?

Confession: getting my art to the level of professional animators seems impossible TO ME. every level of art is so relative, making us feel small and untalented in comparison to those above us. So please, just keep going and hope it’s possible. That’s all I’m doing, anyway.