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Do you have any favourite blogs that you perhaps don't mention a lot?

i’m not sure nonnie i have a few favourites lot’s of which happen to be my friends so i mention them a lot but i’ll list a few people that make me smile whenever they appear on my dash

@sunshinerosende  @daddarios  @f-f-f-fight  @phildrawsfanart  @snowscharming  @lightwoodes  @willjtudor  @harry-daddario  @alecsplushpillow  @lesbianalinex  @hufflebee @raphaelsantiago @alberto-rozende  @alxanderlightwood  @tessacarstairs  

and i can’t not give some love to

@softshumjr @catharinaloss @alexanderglghtwood  @magnificentbane  @jamescarstairs

these are the people i could think of off the top of my head but most of the blogs that i follow are my faves honestly

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Companions reactions to the first time they see/meet Sole. (from the storyline) thank you :)

M’kay, so I think I’ve already said I haven’t met X6 yet, so I had to go on youtube and watch their first meeting so it might not be that great… Anyway, here you go Nonnie, Enjoy <3


The raiders that had been in the Combat Zone on that particular night had been rowdy enough as it was, cheering and hollering towards Cait in her cage.

Cait had watched in mild amusement as the first raider spotted Sole as they walked in, and began shooting in their direction. She contemplated laughing as Sole began to shoot back, knowing that there was no way that this vault dweller was going to be able to survive this; they’d just walked into a death trap.

But Sole was good with their gun, and soon, there was only three raiders left, two up stairs shooting from above, the other hiding around the back of the cage. Cait was impressed; a few people had tried to kill the raiders that frequented the Combat Zone, however none of them had survived. Until this one walked along.

The three remaining raiders were quickly exterminated, and soon the locked door to the cage was being opened. Tommy was pissed.

Tommy had explained to Sole that they wanted to be there, but since Sole took away their business, Cait was now owned by Sole.

Sole had stuttered and mumbled about not wanting to OWN another human being, but Tommy was having none of it. Cait was now owned by Sole.


Curie had been in in her labs for decades after finishing her research and developing the cure.

She’d waited for 83 years for a member of security to come and let her free; she’d spent too much time alone with herself- she didn’t really count the Mole rats as her true friends.

Her laboratory was usually filled with silence- Curie had gotten used to the slight hums that the machines that sat in the room produced- so when their was the clanking sounds of the doors opening outside her room, she went to the window to investigate.

The blue vault suit was the first thing she saw of the person who had just entered the room. There was small splatters of blood across the front of the suit- Curie’s eyes processed quickly to figure out if it was the person’s blood or if it was the blood of someone- or something- else.

The blue stranger walked up to the window and began to talk to Curie. They lied through their teeth- Curie knew that they were not vault-tec security, however she just wanted a way out of her room.

Curie listened to the stranger as they spoke of a little boy with the mole rat disease- luckily the stranger was able to avoid getting it- and Curie handed over the cure for the child.


They’d been in the Commonwealth for months, and luckily Scribe Haylen had been able to detect readings that would certainly be of interest for Elder Maxson.

The attack of ghouls had been unanticipated- it seemed to come wave after wave. Knight Rhys was down, and Scribe Haylen was attending to the fallen soldier. Danse was the only one who was up shooting down the enemy, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was outnumbered. He stayed silent in his mind for a second- he apologised for his failure of his team.

A ghoul latched itself onto Danse’s power armour, and was quickly pulled off by a dog. For a second Danse’s mind panicked- what if raiders had been attracted to the noise?

He then turned to see the dog bounding over to a person who wearing mismatching armour and shooting at the ghouls. He returned to the task of eliminating the ghouls, noting in his mind to watch out for the civilian- he didn’t want anymore casualties.

He was astounded by the skill the civilian had- they loaded their gun, aimed and shot- only needing one bullet for a headshot that killed the ghouls. They were periodic and precise.

Just what the Brotherhood liked in a soldier.


Deacon had been watching as the Sole survivor of Vault 111 emerged from their underground tomb. They’d fallen to the floor at the blinding brightness of the post-apocalyptic sun.

He’d followed them- whilst cloaked with a stealth boy- as they made their way to Sanctuary and met the Mr Handy that had been cleaning every time he’d snuck by. He’d listened to their conversation, the watched from afar as they made their way around the houses looking for the baby.

He’d followed behind them as they made their way over the bridge- still cloaked by the stealth boy- and met up with the dog (and molerats), and followed as they made their way down to Concord.

He’d been on a roof-top providing help as they helped out the minuteman, and his heart dropped to his stomach when he heard the roar of the Deathclaw. Before he’d got a chance to provide support, Sole had turned their minigun on the overgrown lizard and killed it before it got a chance to advance on them. He departed soon after that.

He was stood in the shadows as they walked into Diamond City, Piper Wright in tow; he was stood outside Daisy’s discounts when they stepped through the door of Goodneighbour; he’d been leant against a building as they made their way into the trading town of Bunker Hill.

He’d just returned from HQ when Tinker excitedly exclaimed that someone had made their way through the catacombs. He’d ran to the meeting, then acted seuve when he walked through the door to stand next to Desdemona.

He grinned, happy that he could finally stop following Sole- but he knew that he would still follow them, Intel he’d tell himself.


He’d been stood leant up against a wall talking to Fahrenheit when the Vault Dweller had walked through the doors to Goodneighbour.

His eyes had strayed to where Finn was standing, ready to start talking to the newcomer. They took a few steps into Goodneighbour, and their eyes had instantly strayed to Finn, who had began speaking to them about ‘insurance’.

The newcomer had laughed in Finn’s face when he told them to buy insurance, then they proceeded to tell him to ‘fuck off’. Hancock knew he was gonna like them a lot.

Hancock watched as Finn reached for his concealed blade, and although he knew that this newcomer could handle themselves, he knew he had to step in.

Hancock walked over, ignoring the tug on the back of his coat that Fahrenheit gave him. The look in Hancock’s eye made it clear to Finn what was going to happen to him; but he had to push Hancock’s buttons.

A very small side of Hancock felt bad that the newcomer had to witness that; however the wink and grin that he received when he began to talk to them told him that everything was fine.


MacCready knew that it was only a matter of time before dumb and dumber came a-knocking at his door. He was tired of sleeping with his one eye open at night, so welcomed them with a sarcastic remark.

They were prattling on- MacCready wasn’t really listening (he was good at that)- when a person walked in through the door and took a seat on the sofa behind them.

He sat up straighter, trying to get a proper look at the stranger that had just walked through the door.

Dumb and Dumber said something and MacCready- once again- replied something sarcastically, and Dumb and Dumber left, huffing about putting a bullet through the man-child’s brain.

With the two lumps gone, MacCready was able to get a proper look at the stranger sat opposite him.

Eyes glistening with mischief, hair tucked under a helmet stolen from what looked like a Brotherhood patrol- but what stood out the most was the bright blue Vault suit that adorned their body, hugging their curves in all the right places.

He took a deep breath, before beginning to speak…


It was embarrassing that the first time that Sole met Nick was when they had to save him. Dino, the dumb triggerman that was sat outside the door, had been taunting him for about half an hour now.

He spotted Sole behind Dino down the stairs as soon as they opened the door- the glass was good enough to see that far through. He watched as they lifted a sighted rifle onto their shoulder and lined up the shot.

Pre-war Nick Valentine would have been a little grossed out at the sight of a head exploding over the window- however in the Commonwealth it was a normal sight.

Sole quickly made their way up the stairs to the side of the room, and began to make their way through the pockets of the dead body- trying to look for either the key or the password for the room.

Once the door opened, they made their way into the room, grinning at Nick who stood inside. If they were shocked at the sight of the synth detective in front of them, they didn’t show it.

Nick knew he was going to like this person.


The thought of being locked out of the -relative- safety of Diamond City scared Piper. And also made her very pissed off.

She was basically shouting at Danny through the speakers when she heard footsteps behind her. The footsteps were too light to be Diamond City security- they liked to clump around a lot- but they were not light enough to not be heard.

Piper turned around, waving frantically to get the attention of the newcomer. They stared at Piper- alternating between her and the entrance to the ‘great green jewel’- before slowly making their way over to her.

They stood side by side as they managed to get Danny to open the gate, then they told Piper they would follow her in.

Whilst Mayor McDonough berated Piper- and embarrassed himself trying to get Sole on his side, Sole stood to the side, answering when spoken too, otherwise just observing the conversation.

Once McDonough gave a speech about this being Piper and Nat’s last chance, Piper invited the stranger- Blue- to come for an interview. Piper wanted to know all about Blue’s life- specifically their son.


Preston could have kicked himself. Within a short space of time, they’d somehow managed to lose over half of the people that was travelling with him; and they now faced losing more.

He stood out on the balcony shooting at the raiders that were trying to join the fight inside, and he knew that he couldn’t win.

Out the corner of his eye at the other end of the street he saw a flash of blue. He watched as someone discreetly made their way up a floor of stairs, and laid flat to the ground. They placed their sniper rifle on the ground, and stared down the barrel, sights set on one of the raiders on the ground.

When the raider dropped to the ground dead, Preston let out a sigh of relief. This blue stranger wasn’t here to kill him or the settlers inside. Hopefully.

They stayed high on their vantage point, shooting down raider after raider until they were all dead, then they quickly made their way down and across to the entrance to the Museum of Freedom.

Preston knew that with this stranger hopefully came the good luck that they were after.

And good luck did they bring.


X6 was waiting for the parent of Father at Nahant Wharf. Father had told him to wait for them and that they were going to arrive by 08:00, yet they still hadn’t arrived and they were an hour late.

He’d already cleared the immediate area of all hostiles, and he was now what you could consider ‘bored’.

He heard ruffling 20 minutes later and raised his gun, pointing it in the direction of the noise. He’d heard from father what their parent looked like, and the person that had just walked in matched the description. He gave them a stoic nod in their direction before directing them towards where they needed to go.

He didn’t appreciate their lateness.


The arrival of the Prydwen was strategically planned. Elder Arthur Maxson knew that the Brotherhood’s presence within the Commonwealth was needed; the Institute needed to be wiped out.

When a Paladin knocked on the door of the command centre to alert their presence, Maxson was stood at his window watching as the Vertibird carrying one of his best friends and the newest recruit docked.

He turned to face the awaiting soldiers, and mentally prepared himself to give his speech. There would be plenty of time to stare at the new recruit later.

At some point during his speech, Danse and his initiate quietly snuck into the back of the room. They listened to the end of the speech, and within minutes the soldiers had been dismissed.

Maxson turned towards his window, but kept his eyes on the newest recruit. That Vault suit they were wearing did wonders for all of their curves.

He turned to them, and began his rehearsed speech once more.


Drummer boy came running up to Desdemona to alert her that someone had just entered the front door of the Old North Church and were making their way down stairs to HQ.

She called for Glory then made her way to the entrance of HQ where their visitor would be meeting them.

They stood in silence- and pitch black- and listened to the sounds of the stone dials turning just outside the door. The person on the other side was muttering to themselves, but Desdemona could barely hear what they were saying.

The door to HQ opened and Des motioned for guns to be raised. They heard tentative steps being made into their direction- Des ruled out this stranger being a raider or gunner- they liked to be loud.  

The floodlights brightened the room and the stranger flinched away. Des got a good look at the person; Blue vault suit (Vault 111 she noted- project wanderer), gun that looked out of place, dog growling by their side.

Project wanderer screamed in her mind, yet Des couldn’t not be careful- they’d lost too much recently.

She began to speak to the stranger.

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Some cute boyfriend Nic headcanons :D

Gosh I suck at fluff, I hope this is cute enough (。•́︿•̀。)  But anyway, I had fun writing this nonnie! Thank you for sending, here you go~

  • Whenever his partner cooks for him, Nicolas will wrap his arms around their waist and bury his face in the crook their shoulder. He can stay like this for hours, reveling in the smell of the food and the back of their neck. If his partner ever tried to give him a simple cooking task, he would just grumble and hold them tighter; more than enough to get away with it.
  • If what his partner is saying annoys him or doesn’t interest him, he will forthrightly ignore them; looking at their moving lips without making any efforts to actually read them. It can be frustrating sometimes, and his partner tends to get mad at him when they realize he hasn’t been paying attention. To avoid this, Nicolas will just shut them up with a kiss.
  • Sometimes, if they have to go somewhere together, Nicolas will get bored of walking at a normal pace, lift his partner onto his shoulder, and start jumping from one rooftop to another. He does this without warning or consent and his partner always complains, but he brushes the matter off with one of his amused, crooked smiles; knowing deep inside they like it and think it’s a lot of fun.  
  • His favorite thing to do with his partner is to snuggle on the roof of a high building at night and watch the city together. Usually, he would sit cross-legged and his partner would sit in the hollow of his legs, he would wrap his arms around them and rest his chin on their head. There would be no words, only the cozy warmth of each other’s body; the soothing motion of each other’s breathing. He doesn’t say it, but his purpose with this is to have his partner appreciate the cold breeze brushing their hair back and the beautiful landscape of the city’s lights at night, and know this is how it feels to be him all the time; lost in a silent world.

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best hair?

oh i wasn’t doing these i was just agreeing with god aka intenselouis but i’ll do this for you anon

best hair though really???? as much a i love my tiny son his spouse takes this one hands down

i mean look

i am offended

the way it moves tho

and he loves messing with it

bonus points for perfect bun


but he loves it so i love it

case closed, thanks for messaging me!! .xx