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Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people. (TWENTY?)

1. Drink: Coke (this answer will almost always be Coke its my addiction (a-cola))
2. Phone call: best friend- victoria
3. Text message: cool dude named Jack
4. Song you listened to: i was rewatching weekly idol so probably Never Ever?
5. Time you cried: like a couple days ago (i dont usually cry this was just good timing)

6. Dated someone twice: i guess 
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: a little but only because he SUCKS at kissing
8. Been cheated on:  Nope
9. Lost someone special:  like a death in the family? yes
10. Been depressed: im in the part of my life when adult reponsibilities become a thing so yes of course 
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: HA unfotunately yea

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing

All credits (and motivation, because she and her beautiful arts needs it 8)) goes to the greatest @willczek-art and her masterpieces of Colin and Ryan from Whose Line is it anyway because i just couldn’t find photos that are in good quality to draw those two dorks :D So i drew this looking at her arts :D
Bruh, plz don’t kill me for this xD Your little miracles of them are just the best references c: And i love them >u<
Hopefully i’m gonna see you in the next post, if i don’t be dead :v xD

Hidden Hearts | collegeau! Kihyun

requested by anon~ 

dialogue: “Why dont you make me ?”

Ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

Genre: AU | angst (?) fluff (i guess idk idk guys) 

Word count: 2,358

Hi guys! I hope you guys enjoy this and I would like to apologize to anon for the long overdue of this request ;u;’’ Anyways, I apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar. I hope you guys like it!!


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All of your recitals will be held at the MX Stadium. Expect a number of 1500 or maybe more than that as your audience. I hope that each and every pairing there is in this room will be able to wow all of us with the performance you’re gonna show. Alright, see you in three weeks. If you don’t pass this recital, there’s still a lot of years for you guys to stay in this campus. Anyways, good luck!”

Looking up at the person sitting right across you, you took a deep breath and avoided eye contact. The room was awfully quiet, neither one of you dared to speak up. Both of you knew that this day would come where the two of you would finally work with each other for both of your dreams as musicians.

The clock ticked and tocked and the time was obviously wasn’t going to wait for the two of you to speak up. You fingers nervously fiddled on the hem of your shirt, large beads of sweat forming in the corner of your temples and your throat was already going dry.

This whole thing wasn’t going anywhere until one of you speaks. Swallowing up your pride, you cleared your throat and looked at him, only to meet his gaze. Your breath hitched as you didn’t expect him to be looking at you. “S-so, what do you think of the melody?” you stammered, cursing yourself under your breath for being so obvious.

“I like it but we need to tweak some of the parts to make it more pleasing to the ears and maybe touch the hearts of our audience.” As usual, Kihyun knew how to choose his words. Confidence was seeping out from him and you were the complete opposite of him. 

Yoo Kihyun and you go way back during high school. Both of you were best friends who had mutual feelings but even though the two of you felt the same, you were to scared to confess and so was he. No one really dared to confess until it reached to a point when both of you were hurting each other. The two of you knew about each other’s feelings through other people and it was already too late for the two of you to reconcile and clear things up.

Now, the two of you are block mates and are both graduating students under the same department. You did everything to avoid him.. Whenever you passed by each other, it’s either you look at the opposite direction, act like someone is calling you or just think that it was just the wind that passed by.

Anyway, back to reality, you nodded your head in response and looked intently at the music sheet that the two of you made. Grabbing the pen right beside your bottled water, you looked up to meet his gaze once more. “Which part do we need to change?” looking back at the music sheet, you could still feel his stare boring on the top of your head.

Kihyun, on the other hand, felt restless. He knew how both of you were badly affected by each other and when the time came for the two of you to make up, you decided to just ignore it which made his blood boil in anger. “We need to change the fourth measure and twelfth measure. And also, we need to change some of the sharps and flats this time. If you can see at the fourth measure, when you play it on the piano it sounds off key so instead of having four sharp notes, we can either change two of it into flats or just change the whole thing.”

“Alright.” needless to say, you didn’t need to argue with Kihyun which actually bothered Kihyun. There was a long pause before Kihyun reacted, “Alright? That’s it? Alright? That’s all that you can say?” He scoffed and looked at you in disbelief. Each and every word that came out from his mouth somehow didn’t make any sense to you. Eyebrows slowly meeting each other, eyes furrowed, you didn’t know why he was reacting like that.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” You asked, clueless enough to notice the redness of Kihyun’s ears. “Dammit, [y/n], for almost four freaking years and that’s how you’re just gonna respond to me?” Annoyance was present in his tone and you’ve got to admit, you’re baffled by his actions.

“Well, what kind of response do you want from me? Do you want me to argue with your suggestion? If that’s what you want, I can’t give that to you because I know how you’re a lot more skilled and talented than I am.” you retorted. You did not know what he meant, and it was really obvious. Kihyun ran one of his hands through his black locks and heaved out a deep sigh.

“That’s not what I meant, [y/n]!” 

“Well, would you mind telling me what you meant by ‘that’s it?’ that’s all that you can say?’ because I reckon that you know that I clearly didn’t get what you were trying to imply, Ki.” you remarked, leaning your back on the back rest and crossed your arms.

“Is this how it’s going to be, huh?” Kihyun lets out an exasperated sigh and continued, “Tell me [y/n], do you want to forget about what happened a long time ago and not reconcile?” Just hearing the word ‘reconcile’ made you stiffen. 

You wanted to reconcile with him but there was just a part of you that does not allow you to. Without any notice, you lost yourself in a train of thoughts, making Kihyun wait for your response as he impatiently tapped his foot on the floor. It was useless to deny that you’ve missed him, his presence, his attention, his honeyed voice, his smile, his everything and how your heart still beats a hundred kilometers, and you’d get that weird feeling in pit of your stomach as if its doing some back flips when you see him, or talk to him.

“I…” your voice trailed off. You didn’t know how to respond. Blank. Your mind went blank as soon as you repeated the same question over and over. The palms of your hand started to get clammy real quick and now, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes. “You?” Kihyun raised a brow at you, waiting for you to spit out what you wanted to say.

The air inside the room became tensed and it just suffocated you. You knew you had to answer him. You knew that if you’d waste this opportunity, you’d regret it. Taking a deep breath, you shakily sighed and gathered up the bits of courage left in you.

“I… I don’t want to talk about this Ki.” Your hands unconsciously gathered up all of your things and you rose from your seat with your head down, not wanting to meet his gaze. Pushing the chair aside, you were about to leave the room when he spoke up.

“Why? Why do you not want to talk about this? What did I do wrong, [y/n]?” The tone of his voice made your heart ache. “You did nothing wrong. We were both young and dumb and let’s…. I can’t do this Kihyun. I just can’t… just thinking about the possibilities that could’ve happened between us… it haunts me. It has been haunting me throughout the whole year and I just want it to stop…” you were now facing him and he’s just a meter away from you. 

“Ki, let’s stop and do both of us a favor… please.” holding his hand and looking straight into his eyes didn’t help. It just made him more persistent and determined to bring that two of you back to those happy days when neither of you were hurting. “Just… forget about me. Let’s just do this final recital and forget about each other and be happy with our lives.” you continued and you could feel a lump in your throat as you tried to fight back the tears from spilling.

“Forget about you? That’s funny.” Kihyun’s face contorted in disbelief. A sarcastic laugh left his mouth and tucked a finger under your chin and lifted it slightly, making you look at him. “If that’s what you want then…” he paused for a bit, sadness clouded his features, “Why don’t you make me?” 


The was the initial thought that crossed your mind. “Why don’t I…?” you repeated and looked at him in confusion. “Why don’t you make me forget about you?” He challenged and now, his lips turned into a smirk. Your bottom lip quivered and looked down. “H-how?” 

A soft chuckle came out from Kihyun’s lips, he knew you too well. You didn’t want to forget about him and you didn’t want him to forget about him. Feeling his arms wrapping themselves around you, you looked up and saw him faintly smiling at you. Kihyun pulled you close to him and tighten his hold around you. The scent of his perfume filled your nose and that was enough for you to bury your face into his chest.

“Do you really want me to forget about you?” Kihyun asked while straddling you in his arms. You shook your head in response. “I missed you, [y/n].” Kihyun blurted out of the blue, making you look up to him with eyes wide as saucers. “Funny, isn’t it? To see the Kihyun that you know soften up and blurt out these kinds of stuff.” He lets out a sarcastic chuckle and gazes down to meet your gaze.

“But then, I admit it that I missed you…. Did you miss me too?” Your gaze softened and smiled, “It’s be stupid for me to say that I didn’t when I missed you so much.” Just looking at your smile melted him, what more if you were smiling beside him in front of the altar?

Slowly running his hand through your chocolate brown locks, he continued to gaze at you with such loving gaze which you were oblivious to notice it. “So, what now? Best friends?” you asked. “How about more than best friends?” He suggested which literally made you laugh. 

“I’ll think about it. But first, let’s worry about our performance shall we?” You pulled yourself away from the hug and flashed him a smile. "Alright.” Walking back towards his seat, he grabbed the music sheet and started making some changes.

“Hey, instead of just playing the piano… how about we do a duet?” 

The sound of hands applauding filled the whole stadium. The spotlight was focused on both Kihyun and you, who were holding hands with a big smile plastered on both your faces. Standing in the middle of the stage with microphones on the other hand, the two of you waited for the judges’ remarks.

“Before we give you guys our final verdict, I have to ask one question to our audience.” The whole stadium went quiet and the only thing that you can hear was your heart beating loudly. “Was this performance the best one so far?” With just that question, the whole stadium went wild. A loud ‘yes’ echoed throughout and you’ve never been so overwhelmed by it. Kihyun gave you a light squeeze, making you look at him. 

His smile was radiant as light, and you’ve got to admit that it made your heart skip a beat. The sight of your pale cheeks flushed with a tint of pink that matched the color the small gem hanging around your neck made Kihyun smile wider. “Alright, alright– well, what do we have here? Let me ask the two of you,” both of your heads snapped towards the head dean, “Yoo Kihyun, [y/fn], tell me, do you both like each other?”

The question literally made your cheeks turn into another shade of pink, but a bit darker. “Well, I don’t there’s a need for me to hide this.” Kihyun started, “Yes, I’ve liked her ever since the day we met at the opening ceremony in High School. Wait no, scratch that, I’ve loved her to be exact.” 

“Well, how about you Ms. [y/n]?” Everyone anticipated for your response. Each and every heart present in that room was beating really fast, nervous and excited for your answer. “I….” you paused and took a deep breath. Glancing towards Kihyun’s direction, you smiled and announced.

I’d be denying myself if I said that I did not have any feelings for this man beside me. I’ve loved him ever since we became best of friends in High School and I will still love him until the very day when I’d turn into ashes.”

That was the final blow for everyone. They’ve cheered so loudly that it was so unusual to see during recitals and such. “Well then, what are you waiting for Kihyun? Ask her to be yours!”

“Ask her to be yours! Ask her to be yours!”

The crowd chanted and the two of you could help but shyly laugh. “Will do after this. It wouldn’t be nice if we’d just tell the whole story without any cliffhanger.” Kihyun winked at you and you couldn’t help but let out a fruity laugh. “You’re right but then, be sure to update us okay?” The two of you nodded and finally received their final verdict, which was the two of you passed and are ready to graduate.

“We did it!” You squealed and threw both of your arms around him, making him chuckle and hug you. “We finally did.” Kihyun chuckled and couldn’t help but smile at your cuteness. “Say, [y/n]…”

“Hmm?” You looked up, a big grin still plastered on your face. Kihyun scratched the back of his head and shyly asked.

“Every single thing that came out from my mouth just moments ago were real and sincere and…. I was wondering if would you go out with me, starting this day, as your boyfriend?” Kihyun’s eyes sparkled with hope, his arm still wrapped around you. There was a long pause before you said your final verdict.

Hmm…. I would love to.” 

Hello Nest Eggs!

Just a friendly reminder that the next chapter of An Owed Debt will be up tonight!! I usually don’t post until 8 pm est, but (Because I have a date with the Hubbs) I’ll be posting around 5 pm est! Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t … ya know, hate me. 


pairing: you x kim taehyung


warning/s: cursing

word count: 1010

“I WILL KILL YOU KIM TAEHYUNG” I exclaimed chasing my soon-to-be-dead boyfriend.

“YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME” I continued to chase him around my apartment and let me tell you chasing someone who is hyperactive is simply impossible. Until an idea popped in my head.

“I c-can’t b-breathe” I said acting that I couldn’t, yeah that’s right, he’s not the only one that can act.

“Yah! Jagi!” he exclaimed immediately running to my side, I smirked and I pushed him down so he was laying on his front and I sat on his back, he groaned  and I laughed at him.

“What’re you going to say?” I asked in a teasing voice. He sighed “I'm….” he trailed off, but then he suddenly stood up, grabbed my waist then threw me over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that you forgot that I’m stronger than you” he finished his sentence and I sighed in defeat.

“Bastard” I muttered then pounded my fists on his back. “Let me down!” I whined I crossed my arms then pouted.

“This is unfair; you already ruined my sleep for god knows why”

Taehyung being the little shit that he is suddenly plopped me on the couch he then laid down with his head on my lap. 

“Today’s the photo shoot for Hwarang” he informed me and my eyes went wide, then jumped on my seat excitedly, making him sit up.

“Jinja?! Why aren’t you getting ready?” I asked worried that he was going to be late; he groaned then pulled me to his lap, burying his face on my neck.

“Hey” I said softly, “What’s wrong?” I asked running my hand through his hair.

“I don’t want to go, I feel so out of place, they’re like professionals and then there’s me, I mean I don’t even know if I can do it” he said it was slightly muffled, I smiled sadly at him then grabbed his face.

“Don’t you ever doubt yourself okay? You can do it, just believe in yourself” I said trying to encourage him, I pecked his nose and he smiled lightly. He hugged me and I rubbed his back.

“Come with me to the shooting” he proposed breaking the hug.

“Huh? Why? Am I even allowed to?” he nodded and excitedly.

“Please jagi, it’d make me feel a whole lot better and more comfortable” he pleaded and I got off him.

“Well you better get ready then” I said he did a fist pump and headed to the door. “I’ll be back to pick you up in like 30 minutes” and then he was gone. It was a good thing that I already took a bath, I just fell asleep after before taehyung decided to ruin it.

I rummaged through my closet, and decided on (I’ll let you choose the outfit since we all have different styles, so it’s up to you guys to imagine the clothes) I put on my shoes and just in time Tae arrived.

“Let’s go” I said grabbing my bag, he gave me a blank look,

Originally posted by dont-touch-my-faceuh

I sighed, “Don’t be nervous Tae” I said fixing his hair.

“I’m not, seeing you there is enough to make my nervousness go away” he replied giving me a cheeky grin, I rolled my eyes and laced our hands.

We exited my apartment and went to the venue.


“Did you know that Minho is my bias at SHINee?” I blurted out.

“WHAT?!” Taehyung burst

“Taehyung!” Someone exclaimed, I turned around to see Choi Minho, my eyes widened and I stared down at my shoes.

“And who’s this?” I heard Minho ask; “This is my girlfriend (y/n)” I looked up and did a little wave, my cheeks reddened when he smiled.

“Sorry for being awkward, I’m a fan” I said sheepishly, he chuckled and was about to reply until Taehyung suddenly started walking pulling me with him.


“Sorry Minho hyung I have to get my makeup done and I need (y/n) with me” he said whilst walking.

Taehyung sat on a chair and a stylist started to put makeup on him.

“You don’t have to be jealous” I teased and he gave me a playful glare. “I was not jealous” he crossed his arms and I chuckled.

“Whatever lets you sleep at night” he pointed his tongue at me and grumbled.

“Don’t worry you’re the only one for me” I smiled cheekily.

“Help me put this wig on” he said holding up a shoulder length wig, I nodded and help him slip it on; I fixed the strands a little bit.

“You look good with long hair” I winked and laughed lightly. “I’m going to change” he kissed my cheek and walked away.

I started to play on his phone, filling his gallery with selfies.

“Hey” a voice caught my attention; I turned around to see Minho.

I gave him a light smile “Hi, sorry about earlier, you know with Taehyung” I apologized.

“Ah! I would do the same too if I was in his place” he winked and laughed, I blushed but soon laughed with him.

“You better talk to him; I can already see the smoke coming out of his nose. Anyways, you guys make a great couple, good luck on your relationship!” I thanked him and went back to Taehyung.

“You look handsome” I complimented, he huffed and turned away.

“Awww, jagi, don’t be like that, he was just wishing our relationship good luck and that we make a great couple” I explained pouting; he glanced at me and sighed then apologizes.

“Like I said you’re the only one for me” I wrapped my arms around his neck, he grinned. I gave him a peck but then he smashed his lips on mine, I smiled at his eagerness but soon broke the kiss.

“Now go to your shoot and make me proud” he gave me a salute then started to walk to the photographer, but he suddenly turned around and ran to me, he pecked my lips and gave me a grin.

“Forgot my good luck kiss" 

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 sorry if there’s any wrong grammar ✌ sorry if it’s bad too, i tried my best okay 😂 

requests are open ✨

everyones sulking over the fact that you might have to kill the outsider or that he might die even if you do clean hands, but personally ill be pretty surprised if we show up to stab him and his first reaction to dying wont be: “yeah IDK im kinda curious to see what happens too 😂👏👏 daud you did shit job at getting rid of delilah but to be fair her return was like 40% my fault anyway im definitely leaving a huge mess after me good luck guys 😅🙌👋 terminator.png *dies*”

anonymous asked:

I'm a Certified Libra Anti™ but I caught feelings for a Libra guy and now I am terrified. Send help and prayers pls.

Don’t be against any sign at all! I know that’s most likely a meme, but really, not every person of the same sign is exactly alike and you should give people an equal chance to prove themselves, you know? ANYWAY GOOD LUCK; my Leo sister is dating a Libra guy (they’ve been together for two years I think) and he’s very kind, not all Libras are terrible, who knows how it’ll go!

REQUEST 72 ~ Secrets revealed

3 months, 3 months of dating Dan Howell in secret. In all honesty it had been fairly easy to keep things under wraps. I did spend nights at his but if he was filming anything the next day we made sure to hide all evidence of the relationship. The same went with my fans, i made sure that my fans believed that nothing was happening between us. 

However secrets are difficult to keep. Recently we had been considering making a video about our relationship but we had only gotten to the point of filming it, never making it public. We had multiple attempts at it but each time we ended up stopping because of my nerves and over thinking built up.

But now was Vidcon, one of the biggest youtube events of the year. Dan and i had managed to take the same flight together on our way to the convention. Everything had been smooth sailing. 

This year i had two panels and Dan two and a main stage performance. Through out the flight Dan had been explaining to me his main stage act, it was perfect. He was going to do a live challenge with Phil on stage and for the challenge they had to guess what video the clip was from. 

I finished up my meet up and checked my phone, It was about 20 mintues until their performance and i had time spare. I decided to head to the main stage to support them. As i arrived they were just finishing their set up. 

“Hey guys.” I spoke up making my presence clear. 

They turned quickly to face me and both of them greeted me. 

“Hi y/n. Did you have a good meet up?” Phil asked.

“Yeah it was lovely, anyways good luck guys, you’ll do great.” I smiled up at them. 

Phil returned the smile while Dan smirked and winked at me.

I watched as they headed out, a wave of cheers and screams echoed through the room. It was almost deafening.

“Hello everyone! We are Dan.”

“And Phil.”

Another cheer erupted making both of the boys laugh slightly. They both took a seat on the stools set up for them and began to start their show.

“Ok so let’s start. So if you can guess which video the clip is from, you win the point. What video is this clip from?” Phil announced. They had been given the memory card from each other’s camera and they had chosen a few clips from it.

‘Hello Internet so today I have a special guest, someone that you should hopefully know. My girlfriend y/n.’

My stomach instantly dropped ad my heart rate increased. Oh crap. Why didn’t Dan delete that, fuck, fuck, fuck.

But to my surprise the audience were actually cheering and clapping, I looked towards Dan who was blushing and smiling at the insane crowd.

“Um, so, I guess the cats out the bag. It’s true I am in fact dating y/c/n.” He announced to the crowd then turning towards me. He signalled me to come over and join him, I hesitated before walking out. As I set foot out of the wings another round of applause sounded making me blush at the positive reaction.

Dan stood up and engulfed me in a loving embrace, calming my nerves down. “So here is the lovely lady in question.” He said kissing my cheek. I waved to the audience before heading to leave the stage but I was stopped by Dan pulling me back towards him. I looked at his face and saw his smug smirk apparent on his face.

“Wait before you leave I just want to tell you something.” He sighed happily.


Dan looked into my eyes and held my hands in his, “I love you y/n”

“I love you too Dan.” I kissed his cheek and walked off stage leaving them to finish. The secret is finally out.

A/N: This was kinda crap I’m sorry anon

Hi hi, everyone ~! Like stated in my other giveaway (here), I was planning on doing a tiny giveaway. It is not much compared to my full giveaway, but its still something ^^ The rules will be a little bit different, so please read them ~ 


Rules and info:

  • Giveaway is open to everybody
  • Unlimited times to reblog (just please don’t spam)
  • You don’t have to follow me for this one ~
  • You must be a k-pop fan (dont necessarily have to reblog kpop, but please at least be a fan)
  • Likes do not count
  • Winner will be messaged through tumblr. Once I get everything shipped and delivered, all messages will be deleted (ex. messages with address, names, ect)
  • The prizes will be shipped to me first, then I will be sending them to the winner

PRIZE: like i said, this giveaway is very tiny due to the short time spam that this giveaway is open. There is only 1 WINNER

  • 1 Kpop album of your choice ~!
  • Random holiday gifts from me ~!
  • Random kpop gifts from me ~!

There is no extra prizes for this one OTL anyways, good luck everybody, and happy holidays ~! 

cool. good to know arthur pendragon is coming back to britain soon to save y’all’s asses. you’re gonna need it once the civil war happens.


Hey guys! So I just got a kindle reader so I have no need for hard copies of book so yeah a Tumblr give away sounded like the best way to go! 

Here is the list of books I am giving away: 

  • John Green Novels: The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska & An Abundance of Katherine's 
  • The Vampire Academy Series: Book 1 - 6
  • The Fallen Series: Book 1 - 4
  • The Mortal Instruments Series: Book 1 - 4
  • The Hunger Games Series: Book 1 & 2
  • The Hush, Hush Series: Book 1 & 2
  • The House of Night Series: Book 1 - 8 
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Novels: Book 1 - 8
  • Intertwined Series: Book 1 & 2
  • Other books: Halo, The Lucky One, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


  • Must be following me and yes i check.
  • Likes don’t count.
  • Reblog as much as you want but I’m only considering your URL once
  • Reblog by April 1st as that is when I am picking out the winners
  • This has to get at least 200 notes other wise I’m not doing it

The winners will be picked with a random generator so it’s all up to luck. Here is what the winners shall recieve: 

1st Place: 
A choice of 4 book series. I include the John Green Novels as a series as well as the ‘other books’ in the list that don’t belong to a series. I’m almost going to throw in a kick ass book mark and a Samulet necklace. This is valued between $100 and $300 based on which novels you pick!

2nd Place: 
A choice of 2 book series that remain after the 1st place person chooses which ones they want and a kick ass book mark. 

3rd to Place: 
A choice of 1 book series from the remaining books after 1st and 2nd place people have chosen the series they want.

The other 2  book series remaining will be given away to 4th and 5th place and yeah this will be drawn on April 1st! Postage is all paid for and stuff so yeah it’s completely free. ANYWAY Good luck guys and if any one has any question feel free to inbox me! :)


Drawing giveaway!

In celebration of hitting 300+ followers (i dont even remember to tired) Ill be doing an art giveaway!
Ill choose 3 winners for this. 
The best examples of drawings that are actually really crappy I have done are: 

A like = 1 entry,
A reblog = 1 entry
You have 2 chances to win! 
I will do any character of your choice, but let me just say I am still fairly new to drawing so it may take a bit to complete, but I will do it as soon as I can. I will do any fandom, oc, whatever. Just please no NSFW!
Ill end this on April 9th at 5pm PST.
EDIT: May I please ask that you be following me in order to enter. I will take new people who follow me but I would like to give more of a chance to those who have put up with me throughout my time with this blog. Thanks!

Calling Taylors attention👀

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