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I hope you're still taking requests, all of the prompts sound so great that I had a hard time choosing. But I am now stuck between 5 (Wait are you, jealous) and 32 (I think I am in love with you, and I am terrified) both sound so perfect for Manorian, that I decided to just send in both as I will be happy with reading either of those prompts.

im literally the worst fic writer ever cause i never write shit for anyone so im seriously sorry for just now writing this ;(

#5 “Wait, are you jealous?”

To be entirely honest, he knew there was nothing to be worried about. Manon is a beautiful woman whose downright terrifying personality is just so captivating for some reason beyond him. But Dorian couldn’t help but be jealous of the young man dancing with her and whose hand keeps slipping just a little further south than he’d like with every passing song. He knows he’s not being subtle about his staring. Both Aelin and Aedion have stopped by to jab at him and Manon has shot him a few looks herself. But who cares.

As yet another slow song came to an end and the young man very obviously asked for another dance, Dorian’s uncharacteristically thin patience snapped. He stood abruptly from his throne at the head of the ballroom, passed the smug smirks of just about everyone, and stopped directly beyond the young man. Manon wore a bored look but looked on anyways, secretly hoping for some kind of interesting spectacle to occur.

Dorian tilted his chin up slightly to look down at the young and cleared his throat heartily. The man whipped around and his eyes went wide when he realized who was not even inches away from him with an icy look in his eyes.

“Perhaps I can have the next dance? I’m sure you’ve had your fair share for the night don’t you think?”

The man gulped rather cartoonishly and nodded quickly before ducking around Dorian and nearly bolting in the opposite direction. Dorian watched on in satisfaction before turning back to Manon. She still looked bored but he could see the interest there in her eyes.

“I was actually enjoying his company, you know.”

Dorian smirked before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her close as the next song started. He moved then to the rhythm without a moments hesitation.

“I’m sure you did but let’s be honest with each other, you’d much rather prefer my company over his.”

Manon’s eyes narrowed only slightly before the realization became evident.

“Wait…” she stopped moved abruptly but moved her lips to Dorian’s ear and drawled, “are you… jealous?”

Dorian schooled his face into impassivity but he knew that he was caught even before he interrupted the previous pair. But like hell would he admit to it.

Moving to start leading them again, Dorian went to grab Manon’s hand and waist, but she stepped back and away from him wearing an expression that could only mean she was ready to play.

“If you won’t admit it then I’m gonna go find a new dancing partner. I like my partners to be forthcoming about what they really want,” she said with a glint to her eyes before sauntering away. Leaving Dorian without a dancing partner in the middle of the ballroom and ignoring the snickers he could hear gliding around him.

He watched her make her way back to the young man in the corner. He watched her deliver a perfect smile and grasp that poor man’s heart in her nails. He watched the man nod eagerly. And then he stomped across the ballroom, whispered just the right words in her ear, and let himself be dragged out of that treacherous ballroom.



okay so I maaaaaay have gotten Super Inspired by @the-euglassia-watsonia‘s “the Ian in the Televoid is actually Very Evil” concept and I… kind of decided to try and draw my own version, I guess?

I like to think that this is the same version of Ian who sends those omnipotent jerkass letters to Caddicarus, honestly. it just kinda seems fair.

Broken bones.


So, hey, I had this really small possibility of my toe being broken but ITS NOT! YAAAY

And so I started talking with some people cuz I said I needed to talk about it and a conversation was just so good that I had the inspiration to do this. ( @just-an-iruni-zeleno)

I need to say that in this fic, every character is a human cuz, a skeleton breaking their bones seems most likely to kill them (we’re talking about Sanses sooo)

Also, this actually doesn’t tell the story of HOW I got injured so yeah. U can ask me later.



Sci was bored, on his house, having nothing to do. He just lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling.

It was two pm already, and he stayed all day lying on his bed and only moved for lunch, and as his room was SO FAR AWAY, he stayed in the living room.

He wasn’t in the mood for reading, watching a movie, cooking, playing videogames, ANYTHING. Boredom hit him and he apparently let it set.

“Are you going to do anything at all brother? it’s two pm! don’t you have any Sunday plan?”

Sci shook his head in response

Paps sighed “Why don’t you go do something like, idk, sports?”


“Go take a bike road or something!”

“Wait… That actually sounds pretty good…”

“See? there’s always something you can do!”

“Yeah yeah. I’ll go on a ride.”

“See you later brother!”

Sci changed from his pijamas to more suitable clothes for the activity, then grabbed his bike, and left.

The wind quickly hit his face. A rush of happiness run across Sci’s body. He was actually enjoying the ride. He pedalled towards the park. It was autumn and a combination of pastel tones of orange, red and yellow flooded the place.

Some loops around the lake, and he was ready to go back. it was already four o'clock, and he was feeling tired.

As he started heading back, he found himself getting lost in his thoughts. His friends, his family, he was in a nice moment in his life, young and so full of opportunities.

Apparently, he was so lost in his mind, he didn’t notice where he was riding.


He snapped back into reality to see a family skating just in front of him. His reflexes worked fast enough for him to avoid hitting them and change direction…


But not fast enough to avoid the tree he ran into.

Before hitting it, he tried turning, but that didn’t work at all, and his foot got trapped between the tree and the bike.

The family ran towards him and checked if he was ok, to which Sci answered, “Yeah! it’s ok. Are YOU ok?”

“Yeah. Be more careful sir”

“S-sure! I am so sorry!”

“No problem.” So they stood up and left.

Sci took off his shoe, cause his foot hurt and a lot. It seemed fine, nothing superficial. He tried to stand back up, struggling a bit, then grabbed the bike and started riding back home.

The pain was almost unbearable, but Sci didn’t care that much. He remembered going through similar things, and the pain going away soon after.

He finally arrived home, parked his bike, opened the door, and collapsed on the couch. His foot felt like it didn’t fit on his shoe. Something was off. His foot was swollen. He removed his shoe immediately just to see it was bigger and redder than the other one


“Uh… hey Paps… I… I think I need a bucket filled with cold water and ice… please?”

Papyrus facepalmed. “OH MY GOD SANS!” You know he’s serious when he calls his brother by his real name.

Some time passed and Sci’s foot didn’t seem to be any better.

Papyrus was getting changed for a party he had that night. “Sci, I think you should call dad. He knows something about medicine even though he’s a scientist”

“But he lives far and its late…”

“It’s seven pm…”

“Isn’t your party at ten?”

“But the party is 80 miles away.”



“OK fine geez.”


Me: Hey dad…

Dad: What’s wrong Sans?

Me: How do you know something’s wrong?

Dad: You answering like that

Me: Oh…

Me: Well… today I went bike riding and I crashed against a tree and hurt my feet?

Dad: 1: What did you do, 2: What are you doing? 3: How does it look?

Me: 1: I got back home on my bike

Me: 2: I placed my foot on a bucket of cold water and that’s where it is now, of course, taking it off not to freeze my foot

Me: 3: Purple and Swollen


Dad: I’m on my way.

Sans: Ok.


Gaster appeared, a few minutes later, holding a first aid kit. His expression turned to shock to see how bad his son’s foot looked like.


“Uh… I thought that described my foot perfectly?”


Gaster proceeded to take Sci’s foot off the cold water, and started checking it. Sci complaint at every movement Gaster made, so it was not necessary for him to ask the classic “Does this hurt” cause his answer was given as soon as he tried to do something.

“Ok. It’s most likely to be broken.”


“I think you should go to the hospital”

“N-No… it’s ok.”

“You yelled at every damn time I touched it”

“I was overdoing it!”

“… Really?”

“… Y-YES! If it makes you feel better, I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow!”

Gaster looked fed up of Sci’s bullshit, so he grabbed the kit, opened it, and covered Sci’s feet in bandages.

“DO NOT, take them off, DO NOT, walk and DO NOT make anything stupid.”


“Get someone to keep you company.”

“You’re not staying?”


“Wow thanks.”

“I’ll come and look for you tomorrow at lunchtime to get you to the hospital. See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow Sci” Said Papyrus who was also leaving. “ I’ll go see you in the hospital!”

“Ok… bye guys”

Sci stayed there, with his foot over the table. He couldn’t do much really, but he just wasn’t going to stay there. He managed to stand up and walked towards the bathroom, completely ignoring what his father said, but in the bathroom, he kicked some cleaning products by accident, making his foot hurt even more.

He went back to the couch, grabbed his phone, and checked who could stay in company with him…













Me: Hey Edge

Edge: Sup.

Me: Can we talk?

Edge: Mhmm

Me: I think I broke my foot

Edge: WHAT?

Me: Yeah… my dad told me I needed company and that I shouldn’t walk, but I accidentally kicked some cleaning products…

Edge: JFC Sci…

Me: And coming back to the couch, I hit the couch?

Edge: OH MY GOD! Do you need me to go and take care of you?

Me:… That would be nice

Edge: Going. I’m bringing you cookies



Not so long after, Sci heard a knock on on the door. Again, ignoring what his father said, he stood up, and opened the door.


“Hello Edge”

Edge hugged Sci, and Pulled him for a kiss. When they drew back, Edge stared at him in disbelief.

“Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, NOT WALKING?”

“Don’t you have the key?”

“Oh… Nope! I left those at home”

“You idiot.”

Sci sat back and pulled his leg up to the desk again

“That looks pretty bad”

“I know… I hope it’s not broken…”

“Who told you it could be broken?”

“My dad”

“It’s definitely broken”


Edge sat next to him and threw his arm across Sci’s back.

“Thanks for keeping me company”

“Yeah. I am your last choice”


“Right. wasn’t everyone else busy?”

“No! I don’t know how everyone else is! I only messaged you!”


“My brother went to a dinner, my dad didn’t want to stay, I didn’t want Blue, bugging me about how distracted I was thinking of you, which I kinda was by the way, and I don’t trust other people to come and keep me company ya know?”

“That’s good.” Edge grabbed Sci Again and kissed him. “So, what do you want for dinner?”

“So you’re cooking for me?”

“I am NOT letting you move from there, unless it’s an emergency”

“Ok. I want… Some salad.”

“You’re LAAAAME!”

“I want salad! It’s not that hard!”

“Is there something in the fridge for me?”

“There’s some chicken.”

“I’m eating that.”

After the dinner, Sci looked very very tired. Edge just slid one of his arms behind Sci’s back, and the other under his legs

“Uh, Edge?” Sci’s face turned red as Edge used all his strength to lift him up, and carry him all the way back to his room upstairs. He placed Sci on his bed and made sure his foot wasn’t on a bad position, then sat besides him

“Are you tired Sci?”


“Don’t you want to do anything else?”

“Hehe, I don’t think I’m in the best condition to do anything”

“So now your foot matters”

“It hurts like heck! I just didn’t want to go to the hospital”

“Fine! I get it. Should I get the cookies?”

“Nah. I’ll eat them for breakfast.”

“Do you want to sleep just yet?”

“Is not like I can do anything else…”

“Well, we can just” Edge took off his shirt, as it was warm inside Sci’s room “Cuddle”

“Yeah, that’s fine, tho, you really had to-”


“Well ok then” Sci proceeded to the same, then laid back.

Edge laid by his side and snuggled onto Sci’s chest. Sci wrapped his arms around Edge, then close his eyes, and fell asleep.


The next morning, they woke up due to a knock on Sci’s door.

“Hmmm, what’s that sound bae?”

“Probably my dad…”

“Does he have any keys?”

“Yes, thought we have to go downstairs, cause he’s driving me to the hospital.”

Edge growled, refusing to get up, to what Sci decided to tickle him. Edge started laughing and kicking stuff, including Sci’s foot.



“It’s ok. Put on your shirt and hand me mine.”

“Ok. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yes! I am fine! it’s just a probably broken foot”

They both got changed, and walked down the stairs. Sci has grabbing himself from Edge’s back while jumping in one foot.

When they got down, Gaster was already sitting down in the couch.

“Dad! I didn’t hear you open the door.”

“Didn’t you hear me knock? By the way, hello Edge”

“Hello Doctor.”

“Yes, that woke us up.”

“Good. you two, into the car. I hope you followed my instructions Sci”


“You didn’t…”


Gaster glared at him.

“I told him not to move, but he did anyway”

“Edge you’re not helping…” Sci replied.

Sci, Edge and Gaster drove up to the hospital, where Sci got a radiography made, which shown that some of his bones were indeed broken. He was given a plaster and some crutches to be able to walk. The treatment lasted two months, in which, all of his friends, visited and kept him comfort.

Maybe now he wasn’t in the best situation or moment in his life, but his family and friends always kept him up, reminding him that even in the worst of situations, he would never be alone.

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Casual Prompto! Look at him wearing his boyfriend best friend’s clothes
D’awww how gross, they match ahahaaha!
Here we go something that isn’t quick this time!
Sister piece to the Noctis one I did a while back